Well I have written some stories and I will better organize them so you can read the one shot stories when ever you want and so you can see the sequence to read the story that is more like a series.

These are the one shot stories

Sick Twist: This is a story that I had originally wrote back in 1990 it has been updated to account for changes.

Then and Now:  This story was originally written back in 1986 to 1987 time frame. It has also been updated to make more sense in today's world.

PetereusThis is a story I wrote back in High School for a Mythology class. I did correct most of my mistakes and updated the story a bit.

Spicy Italian Before Bed:  The title to this story was chosen by my friend Karen.

Tag Team:  This is an oddball story about 2 guys and what they do with there lives.

Dreams:  This is something I just wrote.  There is no explanation for it so just read it

Choices:  This was written back in 1988 not many changes other then making it a little longer cause it was really short originally

Phone Call: This is something different and intended for mature audiences.  So if you are easily offended by mature subject manner and strong sexual content ignore this link.

Hello:  This is another story intended for a mature audience.  So if you are easily offended skip this link


Here are the stories about a group of friends and their crazy lives.  So if you plan on reading them start at the beginning and work your way down.  They are posted in order and at times there are references to moments in previous stories.

The Weekend:  This is the first story and it was written as a request by Karen since a group of us were heading to Atlantic City for a long weekend.

Winefest:  The follow up to The Weekend

Rocky Horror Weekend:  This is the third installment and gets a little dark.

Voices:  This story was inspired by my friend Karen, so I give her full credit for the idea.  It was my twisted mind just went with the idea.  The story is dark and violent so be warned.

Unwanted:  Once again I have to give credit to Karen for the idea for this story.  This story is lighter and fun.

The Return Part 1:  Here is the first part of a 3 part story.

The Return Part 2:  Here is part 2 and I introduce 2 new characters.

The Return Part 3:  Here is part 3 of the story

Epilogue:  Here is a little more closure for everyone who felt a little cheat at the end of the last story

The Hamptons:  Here is a fun story

Xena Convention - Vic's Vacation Part 1:  Here is just another story which is fun

Xena Convention - Vic's Vacation Part 2:  Here is the conclusion

Before:  Beginning of a dark trilogy

During:  Part 2

After:  The conclusion of the trilogy.

Changes:  Another story

Reality: The latest story

Interview: Another new story


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