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Renee sat at her desk behind her laptop and opened her personal journal she has been keeping.  Upon opening it the program came up asking if she wanted to make a new entry or open a previous entry.  Renee opens the last entry and looked at the date and what she had written.  It was the night before she had left for Long Island.  The last entry was over 3 weeks ago.  Renee shook her head and she began to type:

I have been neglecting entering what has happened over the last three weeks because I am not quite sure what has happened to me or with the case that I was just on.  It all seemed like another just another odd case that had no explanation but some how was tied into The Ares Cult case that Lucy and I had worked on months earlier.  I felt as we were leaving for Long Island that we would never see and end to the Ares Cult and it would be an ongoing nightmare.

As the events unfolded and all hell broke loose it came down to friendship and loyalty that saved us all.  I did not see it myself since I was tossed aside like a rag doll and was unconscious.  I was told it was a three-way struggle and what ever was controlling Erica Burstyn almost dropped a large screen TV on Christy Carlton and Hudson.  Some how Jenna Jenkins was able to stop Erica.  The next thing I recall as I came to was feeling the intense heat and the blinding light that last for several seconds.

Thatís when everything suddenly changed for me.  I saw Lucy sitting over me looking concerned and she looked so beautiful.  The only thing going through my mind was how do those lips taste.  I did not care who was there or what anyone thought I wanted those lips to touch mine so I could taste them.  I took a big leap and asked for a kiss.  I saw the hesitation at first in Lucy's eye then it melt away and I was totally lost in her eyes as our lips met.

I lost a part of myself that day but at the same time I found a whole new side of me that I never knew existed.  I will continue to explore my newfound self-cause I think I love Lucy who is helping me along the way.

Renee stopped typing and closed the program and turned off her laptop.  Lucy walked in with two glasses of wine.  "Am I interrupting anything?" Lucy asked as she came closer to Renee.

"You are never interrupting anything," Renee answered as she stood up and moved towards Lucy.  Lucy handed her a glass.  Renee looked up into Lucy's eyes and Lucy looked back into Renee's.  They seemed to loose themselves in the gazes when both smiled.

  In the basement Erica, Jenna, Christy and Vic were sitting around drinking a few beers and eating pizza.  They had finished practicing and were taking a break from playing.

"You know we really can't use the name Jace anymore," Erica said as she looked around at everyone.

"Yeah I know we aren't Jace without Ginger," Christy agreed.

"Well then what do we call ourselves then?" asked Jenna as she looked at Erica and Christy.

"Well it seems we have a new bass player so maybe he has an idea," Erica responded as all three of them looked at Vic.  Unfortunately Vic was stuffing his face with a slice of pizza and wasn't paying attention to what was being said.

"Well Vic you have any ideas?" asked Christy as she watched Vic take another bite.

"Huh, you talking to me?" Vic managed as he quickly swallowed what was in his mouth.

"Yeah, do you have any ideas for the name of the band?" asked Erica.

Vic took a large gulp of his beer and sat back as if he was going into deep thought.  His friends new he was just play trying to look like he was actually thinking.  "Well I think since there are only four of us why not Penalty Kill," Vic said in a serious tone.

"Are you nuts?  Why don't we just call ourselves Buck Naked then," Christy retorted sarcastically as she looked over at Vic.

"Whoa, I think some one hasn't gotten a phone call today," Vic replied as he held his hands up.  Erica and Jenna laughed until Christy shot a look at them then they quieted up real quick.  "Okay, I was only joking about Penalty Kill anyway so calm down," Vic said with a smile, as Christy seemed to calm down.  "Since Ginger is no longer a part of the band but a huge reason why we are all still here why not name the band something she wanted it to be called?" Vic said as he looked at his friends.

"Okay, that sounds good but does anyone remember what Ginger wanted as a name?" asked Jenna.

"Don't look at me I wasn't there for the naming of the band," Vic said as he picked up his slice and began to eat again.

Jenna Erica and Christy looked at each other trying to remember what Ginger's suggestion for the band name was.  Like a light bulb turning on Christy's face seemed to brighten.  "She wanted the name to be Solan," Christy smiled and Jenna and Erica smiled.

"Then Solan it is then," Erica said with a huge smile on her face as she grabbed Jenna and Christy in a hug.

Vic managed to avoid the group hug as he was finishing his beer.  He then saw the devilish look in Erica's eye and fear came across Vic's face.  Erica leapt over the table that the pizza was on and landed on top of Vic.  Vic managed to get his arms up to cushion the blow, as he was helpless to prevent Erica from smothering him.  Jenna and Christy leapt on top of Erica and began tickling Vic.  Everything seemed to be back to normal.


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