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It had been six hours since Vic and Ted had talked to agent Ryan.  Nothing has happened since they talked to agent Ryan.  Vic had tried to work but Ted was watching him and then he tried to watch TV.  That did not help.  Christy Jenna and Erica did go down to the basement and jammed for some time Ted did go done and watched so Vic did relax for some time.  Now Vic and Ted found them selves pacing back and forth in the living.  Occasionally Ted would walk into Vic and this would just made Vic tenser.  Vic was wound up tight and ready to explode especially after trying to be strangled by his friend twice in the same day.  Then finally Vic exploded as Ted walked into him again. 

"What the fuck is going on here!" Vic screamed into the air as he raised his arms and clasped his hands into tight fists as the veins popped out in his neck.  Ted looked at Vic scared for his life at the sudden outburst as he backed up and fell backwards over an ottoman that was just behind him.  Vic saw this and the tension seem to ease as his arms dropped, his shoulders slumped and his hands relaxed and hung loosely at his side.  A slight smile appeared across Vic's lips.  Ted was trying to stand up and but was having problems since he still seemed unnerved by Vic and wonder if he was going to kill him.

Vic moved over to Ted and offered him a hand to get up. Ted reached out tentively and grasped Vic's hand and Vic pulled Ted up.  "I am sorry," Vic apologized.  "It is getting to me I guess.  I can't relax.  I think it's this pacing I am doing it is driving me crazy"

"Well why don't you do something that relaxes you," Ted answered.

"Yeah you might be right.  Where did the girls go anyway?" asked Vic as he looked around trying to remember when he had last seen them.  He knew they weren't playing since it was quiet down in the basement.  Also they were not watching the construction guys since they had left a couple of hours earlier.

"I think they are in the kitchen getting something to eat," Ted said as he walked to the kitchen to see.  Ted peered into the kitchen and saw the girls sitting at the table eating.   "Vic they are all in here," Ted announced.

Jenna looked up at Ted with a questioning look and turned to Christy and asked, "What is he still doing here?"

"I don't know I guess Vic never told him to leave.  He is like that annoying party guest that just won't leave," Christy responded.  All the girls laughed.

The doorbell rang and all three girls looked out the kitchen towards the direction of the front door.  Even though they could not see who was there they had a feeling that it was agent Ryan and agent Muir.  With any luck they would be able to help Eric and end this as quickly as possible.

Vic looked at the door as he heard the doorbell then looked at Ted.  Ted had a blank look on his face that Vic thought Ted maybe a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal.  Vic turned his attention back to the door and walked over to answer it.  Vic opened the door to find three women standing there.

Vic's eyes quickly made contact with the three women as he said, "Can I help you?" Vic said as he looked at the three women standing before him.  Vic looked at the tall dark haired woman with radiant blue eyes that cold melt your heart are stare you down.  Then Vic looked over to the shorthaired blonde with her innocent look but extremely revealing outfit.  If that was a contradiction he didn't know what is.  Vic then noticed the third woman with the dark eyes and wicked grin.  Vic looked quickly changed focus to appear that he wasn't staring but at the same time he was hoping they were three nymphos looking some sex.

 The dark haired woman spoke in response to Vic's question.   "Yes, I am special agent Lucy Ryan and this is Special agent Muir," Ryan pointed to the woman standing right next to her with short blonde hair.  Ryan continued, "And this is Hudson".  Vic looked confused as was expecting a last name. Ryan finished the introductions.  "Yes she has only one name".

"Yes it makes it simpler to remember," Hudson said over Ryan's shoulder.  Vic then noticed an unusual gleam in her eyes.  It sent chills up his back but at the same time it was real enticing.

"You must be Victor Carmece then," Ryan broke in giving Hudson a look.

"Yeah thatís me but please call me Vic.  I hate being formal it unnerves me.  Oh please come in," Vic waived for his guests to walk in Ted smiled as he watched Ryan and Muir walk in then his smiled disappeared when he saw Hudson. 

"Hello Ryan, Muir.  Glad you could get her as quickly as you did," Ted said avoiding to say hello to Hudson.

"Hello Ted," Hudson said slowly almost drawing the words as if each syllable tormented Ted.

"Hello Hudson, good to see you," Ted managed to get out as he was visibly shaken by her presence.  Vic noticed this and that only made her more attractive to him. 

Jenna, Christy and Erica made their way into the room as Ryan and Muir returned hellos to Ted.  Vic moved over to his roommates and introduced them, "This is Christy Carlton.  This is Erica Burstyn and this is Jenna Jenkins".  Vic stood behind each of his friends as he was making their introduction.  They all smiled then watched as Hudson started to walk about the room with her hands out in front of her as if she was trying to feel something in front of her that was not there.

Ryan broke the momentary silence and introduced herself, Muir and Hudson.  Ryan looked over at Hudson who was aimlessly walking about still.  "You getting anything Hudson?"

"Oh yeah I am getting some strong residual energy here.  There is a more than one spirit that has been here.  One hates everyone but one person and the second one cares for all the people in the house.  The third one cares about one but has never met the other three before but it knows who they are," Hudson spoke in an eerie tone as she kept walking about the room.

"There are three, Hudson are you sure," asked Muir sounding very skeptical.

"Don't doubt me Renee I can see through you," Hudson shot back as she glared in Muir's direction.

"Did we really have to bring her?" whispered Muir to Ryan.

"Yes we did," replied Ryan. 

Muir looked back at Hudson and was not happy and slightly shaken by the words Hudson had said to her.

"Three? How can there been three?  We have only seen signs of one and we know who that is," questioned Christy.  Jenna shook her head in agreement and Vic looked over to Hudson waiting for her to give some crazy answer.

"It is simple.  The one that you know about has been able to control you for short periods of time and that is because the other two won't let it take you over completely," Hudson spoke in a slow quiet tone as she still looked about the room.  "The other two are the only reason that you all aren't dead already.  The one who has so much hate inside is stronger than the other two.  Hate is a powerful tool".

"What can we do then?" asked Erica. 

"Child, that is the problem.  We can not do anything until you have become truly possessed by the one that hates," Hudson answered.

That wasn't an option any of them wanted to here.  Vic looked at his friends they all looked at each other.  Ted looked frightened and Muir moved a little closer to Ryan who stood unmoved by the news.  It appeared that she expected the news and that is why she brought Hudson along.

Ted sat down with a plop and he looked over to Ryan for some answer.  Ryan wasn't ready to offer any yet since she stood there silently.  Hudson stopped walking about the room.  Her arms dropped to her sides and she looked at everyone. 

"You didn't expect this to be easy did you?" asked Hudson in a sarcastic tone.  Hudson looked to each person in the room with a hard glare as she waited for some answer.

"How could it be simple, nothing has been simple for us in some time it seems," Eric replied in a dry tone.  Jenna and Christy looked on shaking their heads slightly.

"Good it's not going top be fun but it will not start tonight.  Tonight we are safe," Hudson said as she sat down in a one of the recliners.

"How do you know that it is safe for the night?" interjected Muir.

"I can feel that the hateful one is locked up and will be held for the night.  The two should have no problem," Hudson spoke in a dry tone as she looked directly at Muir.

"Well Hudson what do you suggest we do for the night?" asked Ryan as she moved closer to Hudson. 

"Well I know you have a lot of questions so I suggest you start asking them," Hudson told Ryan as she casually looked at everyone and made eye contact with Ryan.

"Okay Hudson," Ryan said as she looked back at Hudson's gaze.  "Okay I guess we should have a seat and relax cause I have some questions for everyone," Ryan said as she turned to everyone else in the room.

Jenna, Christy and Erica sat on one part of the sectional couch near Ted.   Vic sat near Hudson on a recliner and Ryan and Muir sat on a smaller section of the sectional couch.  Ryan looked around the room and was trying to think where she should start.  The only thing she could do was start at the beginning.

"Okay, I guess the best place to start is the what I would consider the beginning," Ryan started talking as she looked about the room.  Everyone but Hudson seemed to be listening intently.  "Well that would be that November night when you were involved in a major accident and walked into a gunfight.  So Vic did you feel anything unusual when you moved closer to the gunfight?" asked Ryan.

Vic looked at Ryan and tried to remember anything unusual.  "I don't recall anything unusual that night other than nearly dying in a car accident," answered Vic with a confused look on his face.

"Well according to several agents reports they saw a glowing light about you as you stiffed armed that member of the Ares cult," Ryan told Vic as she looked at him for his reaction.

"Well I was in a different state of mind but it wasn't because something was controlling me," Vic argued.

"Are you sure?" questioned Ryan.

"Yeah I am sure.  I was fed up with everything that was happening.  My best friend blew up in his car in my driveway earlier that week.  Then I was shot in a gas station hold up.  So I just snapped," Vic explained trying to emphasize that he was under some real stress.  "Oh and not to mention after the Limo rolled the first sight I saw was the Limo drivers body with no head.  That is enough for some people to break down," Vic replied seemingly annoyed by the question.

"Okay Vic I see your point but it still doesn't explain the light," Ryan said thinking what could have caused the glow.

"It could have been from the many car fires that were burning not far behind Vic," Jenna added as an explanation to the glow.

"Car fires?" asked Muir.  "They never mentioned car fires in any of the reports".

"Well most of the fires were out before any emergency vehicles showed up," Christy mentioned.

"Yeah I don't recall seeing any fire trucks.  Just a lot of wreckers moving vehicles off the road and ambulances," Erica added.

Ryan looked at the Vic and said, "Well I guess the fire could have caused the glow but that would be strange for so many agents to claim to have seen a glow and not one to mention that it may have been a car fire that had caused it.  Not that it couldn't happen but it seems odd".

Hudson started to stir and her eyes went wide.  Everyone seemed to look over to her at the same time.  Hudson then began to talk, "My bud Vic wasn't controlled by anyone he laid that guy out all on his own.  I was there.  The stiff arm impressed me.  Then I was gone and then I was there for the eulogy.  Vic that was touching," Hudson looked over at Vic who was in shock.  Oh and I am so upset with you for keeping those fine women away from me".  Hudson looked at Jenna, Christy and Erica and smiled.  Then Hudson went limp and her eyes shut.

"Holy shit that was Tony," Vic exclaimed.  "I never let him get near them," Vic pointed a finger in his roommate's direction as he continued to talk.  "He would have been making the moves on all of them and it would have been a nightmare for me".

 "That would be your friend that died just before the accident that we are talking about?" asked Muir.

"Yeah thatís him," Vic answered.

Hudson was still slumped in the chair but no one moved to check on her immediately.  Vic finally moved over to her and held her hand as he crouched near her chair.  Suddenly her eye opened and she glared at Vic and hissed like a cat like warning.  Vic rocked back slightly as he raised an eyebrow not knowing what was going to happen next.  He felt her hand grip tight around his hand and she gave a quick tug that brought him forward on top of her. 

No one moved over to Vic to help him.  They all sat there looking on like they were watching some horrific accident and they couldn't help themselves.  Then Hudson hands quickly moved to Vic's face and she guided his head towards her.  For a second everyone thought she was going to kiss Vic but she guided him past her lips.  Hudson's lips gently brushed Vic's left ear as she whispered to him.  No one but Vic could hear what she had said.  Hudson then released Vic and he slowly stood up.  He had a look of disappointment and shock on his face as he sat back down in his seat.  Hudson just had a crazed smile across her lips as she watched Vic sit back down.

Ryan glared over at Hudson who returned the glare with a rather innocent look like she had done nothing wrong.  Then Hudson adjusted herself in the recliner and crossed her legs.  "You okay Hudson," Ryan finally managed.

"Yeah I am fine," Hudson casually spoke as she leaned back into the chair to get even more comfortable.  A slight smile replaced the innocent look on her face and she looked back over at Vic.  Vic seemed to regain his composure and looked back at Hudson and gave her an awkward smile.

"You okay Vic?" Ryan asked as she looked over at Vic.  Vic gave a nod and Ryan turned her glance towards Ted.  It was as if she knew he was about to do something wrong and she was right.  Ted had stood up and he tripped over the end table as he was walking away.

Ted fell with a loud thud and everyone but Hudson looked in his direction.  "Sorry just had to go use the bathroom," Ted meekly said with a slight laugh at the end.  As Ted got up he was able to make it out of the room without a further incident.

"Okay so now we know that the night of the accident Vic was not being controlled by anyone thanks to Tony," Muir tried to sound convincing but she always had problems dealing with the so called spirit world and anything dealing with the Ares Cult.  It was as if they could not escape this one assignment.

"If Tony was near you he could have been the one causing the glow brought on by the fires from the cars that were burning," Ryan tried to rationalize the reported events more for herself then anyone else.

The room went quiet as everyone just looked at each other.  The momentary silence was cut short by the sound of a flushing toilet.  Vic smiled and laughed to himself.  Muir was shaking her head.  Ryan just ignored the noise and tried to move on by asking another question.

"Do you know the identity of the entity that is trying to control you?" Ryan looked at Erica for an answer.

"Yes at the last attack I was able to regain some control of my mind and I was able to recognize her," Eric answered in a low voice.  "Her name is Chris Newman".

"Yeah Chris was stalking Erica for several months," Jenna added.  "She killed quite a few people along the way," Jenna continued.  "There was a big investigation it was just a nightmare.  I landed up shooting her when she broke in and was beating Erica and pointing a gun at Vic".

"Okay we have two out of the three anyone think they may know who number three is?" asked Ryan

Ted came back into the room and said, "Hey I am thirsty anyone want a drink?"

At that moment it seemed that Muir had had enough.  Muir jumped up and grabbed Ted by the arm and walked him out the front door where she unleashed her pent up frustration on him.  "I spent the last four hours traveling in close proximity to a raving lunatic now I have to deal with your bumbling.  I just can't do it.  Please go home before I lose what is left of my mind," Muir managed to grunt out with out throttling Ted.

"Your funny Renee but I have just as much right to be here as you do.  Also may I add you look quite attractive in that outfit," Ted replied trying to sound tough and smooth all at once.

"I can't believe this!" Bellowed Muir as she hit Ted in the arm. Ted backed up and she hit him again.  Ted kept backing up and Muir kept hitting him.   "You have the nerve to try to hit on me!"

Ted started to cover up more as the hits were becoming more violent and he protested.  "Alright, alright.  I am going but I'll be back in the morning then," Ted said as he realized he was standing by his car. 

"Fine come back tomorrow," grunted Muir as she walked away from Ted.

"Yeah I will be back tomorrow," Ted, said again trying to sound manly and it would have worked if he hadn't fallen as he opened the door to his car.  Muir kept walking back to the house as she heard his car start and he pulled away.

As Muir walked into the house again all eyes turned to her.  Muir looked back at everyone and said, "What?  Like he wasn't annoying anyone else," Muir shrugged and made her way back towards where everyone was sitting.

"Well not exactly he kind of broke the tension in the room," Jenna answered.

"Well he'll be back tomorrow," Muir said as she realized she might have overreacted to the situation.  "Is anyone hungry?" Renee asked to change the subject.

Ryan shook her head slightly and looked over to Muir.  Then Ryan stood up as suggested, "Maybe we should take some time get something to eat.  Then we could try and find out the identity of the third entity".  Everyone seemed to agree even Hudson.

It was a mix crowd on what everyone wanted to eat so a compromise was made.  Christy called in an order for pepperoni and mushroom pizza.  Then she place a call for hot and sour soup, sweet and sour chicken, General Taos chicken, shrimp fried rice and two orders of steamed dumplings.  Luckily the Chinese take out place was right next door to the pizza place.  Vic told Jenna he would pick up the food and get some drinks.

Vic grabbed his keys and started out the door when Hudson quickly followed.  Ryan protested but Hudson ignored her and followed Vic out the door.  Vic unlocked the doors and climbed in the car.  Hudson climbed into the passenger seat.  As Vic pulled away he felt Hudson's eyes staring at him.  He tried to ignore her but she seemed determined to get under his skin.

"Is there a reason you came with me or do you just want to drive me crazy?" Vic asked as he was driving.

"No, why would I want to drive you crazy?" Hudson responded coyly.

"Well first you whispered in my ear earlier that you like girls now you sit there staring at me like I was the catch of the day.  How else should I feel?" Vic replied almost franticly.

"You intrigue me," Hudson almost purred as she shifted in the front seat and turned her body so her back was against the door and her knees were up in her chest.  "You don't scare to easy do?" Hudson continued, as she finally got comfortable.

"Not anymore it seems.  That whole weekend with me being shot and losing two close friends and just loosing it at the big bust kind of made me numb.  Let me give you an example of what I mean, this morning I am getting out of the shower," Vic was saying.

"Did you relive yourself in the shower?" Hudson interrupted in a coy tone as she was rubbing her left index finger over her lower lip.

Vic looked at Hudson and saw what she was doing and he had a confused look on his face.  "What the hell do you need to know that for?"

"Cause you live with three lovely young women and I was wondering if they are taking care of you or are you taking care of yourself?" Hudson said as her eyes bored into Vic's as he looked at her.

Vic looked away and replied, "We are friends".

"Oh your gay then," Hudson said in an almost mocking tone.

"You did come just to drive me nuts," Vic retorted and Hudson just laughed.  "No I am not gay.  I am just one screwed up guy who happens to live with three gorgeous women.  To answer your first question, no I did not jerk off in the shower," Vic told Hudson in a serious tone as he looked over at her as he finished talking.

"Okay, then what were you saying before we got sidetracked?" Hudson said trying to act innocent.

"Lets see I was getting out of the shower and Erica jumped me.  She had one of my ties and started to strangle me.  I didn't panic.  I just reacted.  I think if that happened before November I would have been dead".  Vic finished then looked over to Hudson.  She looked at him with a slight wicked smile.  Vic turned away and pulled the car into the parking lot of the restaurants.  He found a space and pulled in.

Hudson then told Vic, "You might be right cause I do sense that you have been through a serious change but it isn't outwardly evident.  You are going to be a big part of the plan to end this you know," Hudson told Vic as they both got out of the car.

In the house as Vic and Hudson pulled away Christy looked out the window and asked, "Is Vic going to be okay with that psycho?"

"Yeah he will be okay.  Hudson really is harmless.  She just looks scary," Ryan answered.   Christy still looked a little concerned as she looked at Jenna and Erica who looked back at Christy to reassure that it would be okay.  Christy moved back into the living room at sat back down.

"Well not to seem like we are badgering you but while we are waiting do any of you ladies know who the third entity might be?" asked Muir as she looked at each of the roommates.

"Well we can only guess since none of us had any idea that there was even three until you arrived and Hudson was babbling," Christy said, as she seemed to think about who it could be.

"Well by taking into account what Hudson told us and finding out the identity of the second one, I guess we could assume that the third one is Ginger," Jenna surmised.

"Do you think it really could be Ginger?" asked Erica.

"Yeah it could be.  Since Hudson said it was someone who cared for all of us," Jenna said trying to sound convincing.

"Is Ginger the roommate who died that weekend down in Virginia?" asked Ryan.

"Yeah, but how did you know she died that weekend?" asked Christy.

"Well I read about it in a report," Ryan answered.

"The government has reports about her?" Christy questioned.

"No it is actually a report on Vic.  It started with the accident and what the agents reported to have seen.  Otherwise there would have never been a report at all," Ryan added.

"What kind of report is it on Vic?" asked Erica.

"It is not a detailed report on Vic.  It is more of highlight of that weekend and what the agents at the scene reported.  Then it deals with a little of the stalker incident.  It is more of an open file, which will be added to if there are any more unnatural occurrences.  Murders that the individual has some involvement.  So this will be added to his file and become a file of its own," explained Ryan.

"I guess that makes sense," Christy said.  "What do we do know?"

"Well we wait for the food to get back first.  There is no need to get all worked up yet we will find a way to stop this," Ryan said as she tried to sound confident.  "Excuse me for a minute".  Ryan stood up and walked out of the room and into the kitchen she had pulled out her cell phone.

"Well how is the food here?" asked Muir trying to keep it light.

"It is real good.  Probably a lot better then you are used to in DC," Jenna said.

"I have dying for some good Chinese food," Muir said as she looked like she hadn't eaten in a long time.

"Don't worry you won't be disappointed.  You should try a slice of pizza it is also great," Erica added.

Ryan came out of the kitchen as Vic and Hudson returned with the Chinese food and pizza.  Vic also had a twelve pack of Molson bottles. Jenna Erica and Christy jumped up to help with the food.  Jenna grabbed the beer Erica grabbed the Chinese food and Christy grabbed the pizza from Hudson who made eye contact with Christy and smiled.  The smile did not go unnoticed by Vic who smiled to himself and slightly shook his head.

It took only a few minutes to set the food down and get it ready to serve.  Plates were taken out as well as silverware.  Everyone got themselves something to eat and moved to the living room.  Vic turned on the TV and put on the Ranger game.  No one seemed to notice cause they were busy eating.  The conversation was light and centered on food.  Hudson engaged Christy in a one on one conversation and they seemed to be getting along fine.

After everyone finished eating they brought the dishes into the kitchen.  Vic quickly loaded the dishes into the dishwasher.  Jenna and Erica put the left over Chinese food into Tupperware to put in the fridge.  Christy was still talking to Hudson and Ryan seemed to notice that they were getting close.  Vic finished with the dishes and made his way back to the game not saying much to anyone.

"Wow that was some good Chinese food," Muir said as she sat back on the couch looking content and ready to go to sleep.  Jenna Erica and Ryan walked back into the living room.  Christy and Hudson followed shortly after laughing about something.

Ryan looked around and noticed everyone was in the living room.  "Can I have everyone's attention please?" asked Ryan.  Everyone seemed to stop and look but Vic who was still watching the hockey game.  "Excuse me Vic but I think you should pay attention to this," Ryan sternly said getting Vic's attention.

Vic looked up sheepishly but still kept looking back to keep tabs of the hockey game.  Ryan began to speak, "Okay we know that the hostile entity could be back in the morning or anytime there after.  So this will be our best opportunity to catch it and destroy it".

"Whoa catch and destroy.  How do we do that?" asked Erica in a rather concerned tone.

"Well, it is not going to be easy.  First the entity has to take complete control over Eric," Ryan was saying.

"Yes!  Way to go Mess!" Vic screamed as he shot up from his seat and pumped his right arm celebrating the goal.  Vic realized that he interrupted Ryan as she was telling everyone of the plan.  Vic slowly sat back down.  "Sorry, The Rangers scored.  Please continue," Vic meekly said as he looked over at Ryan who gave a slight smile.

"Okay, like I said the entity has to take complete control of Erica.  That is the only way we can trap it," Ryan said as she looked about the room. Everyone was looking at her but Hudson who seemed to be admiring Christy.

"Well isn't that a little dangerous?" asked Jenna.

"Of course it is but at the same time it is our only course of action.  When the entity takes total control it will no longer be in what we see as the spirit realm.  In our world it is pure energy".  Ryan paused to see the reactions of the others.  Everyone seemed shocked but said nothing.  "Well to do this we will need the help of the entities Tony and Ginger".

"You discovered that the third one was Ginger?" Vic interjected as he looked over at Jenna Erica and Christy.

"Not exactly we took all the that Hudson said about the three entities and we took a guess.  It seems like the most plausible choice," answered Jenna.

"Oh, you could be right," Vic, said as he took a second to think about it.

Ryan looked about and started again, "Ginger and Tony are going to need have to help us drain Chris's energy to a level in which we can trap it.  Ted has a device that will absorb her energy and then dissipate it.  That will end it all.  The big problem is getting her to drain energy with out getting anyone hurt or killed," Ryan finished.

"So what is the plan for us staying alive Ryan?" asked Muir.

"Well that is something that will have to be played off the cuff," answered Ryan.  No one looked happy about that except Hudson who hasn't paid much attention to Ryan.

"Tomorrow I will contact the other two entities as everything starts to go down.  Two of you will have to release control and invite the entities in to help us.  They will wage a psychic war against each other.  With any luck it will all go as planned and be over quickly," Hudson told everyone in a serious tone.

"Which two of us are going to be controlled?" asked Jenna.

"Well Vic will be one of them.  I am not sure who the second will be.  We will just have to wait till the morning," replied Hudson.

Everyone was silent and remained silent for several minutes.  Suddenly Vic broke the silence as he shouted, "Yes!"  Vic looked around again and everyone was staring at him except Hudson who was laughing slightly.  "The Rangers scored again".  Vic looked at everyone with a serious look in his eye and began to speak again, "I understand the seriousness of the situation.  I understand that we may not make it to see tomorrow night.  Right now I am alive and I am watching my hockey team play one hell of a game.  I am going to cheer when they score.  My suggestion to everyone then is to relax cause tomorrow may really suck," Vic explained as he looked at everyone.  Muir seemed confused but everyone else seemed to understand.

"How can you be so casual about what we have to do?" asked Muir.

"I am not being casual.  I am actually very scared but there is nothing I can do.  I have to wait till the morning and the chips will fall where they may.  From what I understand this fight is not ours.  We are merely pawns," Vic said in a low tone as he looked directly into Muir's eyes.

Muir backed down and she seemed to understand what Vic was feeling.  She only knew that it was going to be hard to relax tonight for anyone.  Vic continued to watch the game and then Jenna and Christy set up the guest room for Muir and Ryan.  Hudson was going to sleep on the pullout in the couch.  Christy set up the bed for Hudson.

The end of the game left only Vic Hudson and Christy in the living room.  Vic watched the post game show and then stood up to leave.  Christy and Hudson were talking and laughing as they sat on the couch.  Vic looked over in their direction and smiled.  "Goodnight.  I will see you guys in the morning," Vic said as he waived a hand and headed out of the living room and down the hall and up the stairs and headed to his room.

The morning came and Lucy woke up and walked down to the bathroom to freshen up.  Renee was still asleep and would be until Lucy forcibly woke her.  Lucy washed her face and headed back to the room.  She was wondering how much time they had till all hell broke loose.  Back in the room Lucy looked at Renee and couldn't help but watch her sleep.  Part of her wanted to lie back down and hold Renee.  The other part of her was thinking wake Muir up and get ready for the day.

The more logical side won out and Ryan woke up Muir.  Muir fought back not wanting to get up.  It took some time but she eventually rose up out of bed and she saw Ryan getting dressed.  She couldn't help but watch.  "Hey what wrong Muir?" Ryan asked as she noticed Muir watching her.

"Oh nothing just lost myself for a moment," Muir gave as an excuse.

Muir and Ryan did manage to finish dressing and they made their way to the living room.  Hudson and Christy were talking on the couch.  Vic came out of the kitchen with a glass of milk and was walking over to one of the recliners.  As Muir and Ryan walked into the kitchen Jenna and Erica were sitting at the table drinking coffee and talking.  Ryan looked over at Erica who looked scared and Jenna was comforting her.

"Well it is good to see everyone is awake," Muir told Ryan.

"Yeah it will make it a little easier but we have to hope Ted gets here in time.

"Do you ladies want anything to eat or drink?" Jenna asked as she stood up.

"Just a little coffee would be great," Muir replied.

"Yeah a cup of coffee would do fine," Ryan agreed.  Jenna took out two cup and poured some coffee into both cups and took out the milk and sugar.  Ryan and Muir fixed then fixed their coffee to suite themselves as Jenna backed away.

"Hey this is good coffee," Muir commented after taking a sip.   "What brand is it?"

"I really just point at the bag cause it is one of those designer blends.  You know the French vanilla, hazel nut, Columbian picked something or other," Jenna said as she got the bag of coffee down from the cabinet.

"Oh okay it does taste real good though," Muir said as she read the label of the bag.  The different types of bean used seemed ridiculous but the coffee was good.

Jenna Muir Ryan and Erica finished their coffees and were headed back to the living when Hudson called out for them.  "It is go time Ryan.  I can feel the Chris entity making it way into this realm.  The other two are trying to still stop it but it won't last," Hudson cried out.

Christy looked shocked and Vic turned off Sports Center that he was watching.  Ryan Muir and Erica came rushing into the living room.  Ryan looked around as if she was getting a battle plan together.

"Okay we got to move the furniture to the walls.  We are going to need some room to work," Ryan barked out the orders.  Everyone seemed to jump to and started moving the furniture.  Hudson waited for the center of the room to clear.  Hudson then sat down on the floor and crossed her legs and began to chant.  Suddenly she seemed to be in a trance and she was motionless. 

Then suddenly Hudson seemed to be knocked backward by an unseen force.  Christy immediately ran to Hudson to see if she was okay.  There was already swelling on Hudson's nose and blood was flowing down from her nose.  Christy immediately removed her t-shirt that she had put on last night and tried to stop Hudson from bleeding.  Christy tried to get a response from Hudson but she was out cold.

Ryan was looking about and yelled, "I hope Hudson made contact otherwise we are in some serious trouble".

"What about Ted when he is he getting here?" asked Muir in a panic.

"I hope real soon," Ryan spoke in a worried tone.

Just as Muir was asking her question to Ryan, Jenna was near Erica when Erica's eyes bulged out.  Jenna looked on in fear realizing that Chris was taking control.  Jenna moved away and headed over to Vic.  Vic was trying to take everything in that was happening.  Jenna then saw that look in his eyes that he had the night of the accident.  Vic was crouched down but he stood up and removed his t-shirt and moved over to Christy.

"Hey kiddo put this one," Vic handed Christy his shirt.

"I got a sports bra on," answered Christy as she looked up at Vic.

"Yeah but Ted is coming by and he doesn't need any distractions if everything is going to work.

A loud crash was heard and Ryan went flying across the room.  Vic and Christy immediately looked to see what was happening.  Muir and Ryan seemed to have stepped in front of Erica and Ryan was tossed across the room.  Muir stood motionless.  Then she was slightly lifted off the floor.  Muir's arms seemed to be pinned to her side and she was taking a beating.  Muir's head was swinging from side to side blood was flying from her mouth.  Then Muir was tossed aside like a doll.

Hudson seemed to come to and softly said, "It has been done".  Hudson then passed out again.  The bleeding did stop though and Christy put on Vic's t-shirt.

Vic looked over to Jenna and yelled to her, "It is up to us".  Jenna looked scared but knew he was right.  Vic looked up to the ceiling and mumbled to himself, "Tony we need your help buddy and if that is Ginger with you get her too".

Vic looked at Jenna and Jenna looked back at Vic.  Their eyes were wide open and seemed dark.  Vic spoke, "Ginger is that you?"

"Tony is that you?"

Both Jenna and Vic smiled yet it wasn't Vic and Jenna anymore it was Tony and Ginger.

"The two of you can not stop me.  I am to powerful for even the both of you," Erica screamed.

Ryan started to move and she saw Muir laying on the coffee table near the front door.  Ryan moved as quickly as she could since she felt like she may have some severely bruised ribs or cracked ribs.  Ryan made it over to Muir and cradled her head in her arms.  Ryan checked for a pulse and it was still there.  Ryan checked Muir quickly for any other signs of broken limbs.  Ryan assumed that Muir was already unconscious when she was tossed aside.  So she did not break anything when she landed.  Ryan moved here aside

Ryan held on to Muir and could only watch the battle that was being waged.  The sound of crackling energy was heard and all participants seemed to be getting blasted.  Ryan quickly grabbed for the cordless phone and quickly dialed Ted's cell phone number.

After two rings Ted answered the phone and Ryan immediately started yelling.  "Where the hell are you?  All hell is breaking loose here and we need that device.  Hudson is down and so is Renee is down," Ryan screamed.

"I just turned onto the block.  I mad a wrong turn," Ted answered meekly.

"Just hurry up".  Ryan hung up the phone and looked over to Christy who was tending to Hudson.  Then Ryan thought to herself, "We got to get through this".

The sounds of a car screeching to a halt and a door opening was heard Ryan tried to see if it was Ted but couldn't see if it was him.  Then suddenly Ryan heard some one fall on the front stoop and she knew it was Ted.  Then the doorbell rang.  Ryan cringed and screamed, "Come in you idiot!"

Ted stepped in and tripped over the ottoman that was moved near the door and the device he was holding went flying into the middle of the room as he landed on hi face on the floor.  Ted looked up at Ryan and gave a weak smile and meekly said, "Sorry".

Ryan quickly asked, "Is that the device?"

Ted managed to get up and move over to Ryan.  "Yeah that is the device".

"Well how do we work it?" asked Ryan.

"Well it is quite simple.  When the energy level of the entity gets done to the red level on this meter we can activate the trap.  Then in theory it will dissipate the being in the form of light and heat," Ted explained.

"In theory?" Ryan questioned sounding very angry with Ted.

"Yeah it is not that common to have entities to test this stuff with," Ted responded.

"Oh shit we might be in trouble then," mumbled Ryan.

"No I think it is going to work but we have to have the entity standing above it," Ted added as he was looking at the meter

Ryan shook her head and looked down at Muir and mumbled, "Don't worry Renee we will get out of this".

In the center of the room a horrific scream was unleashed as Vic's body dropped to the floor and was smoking.  The room was filled with the smell of burning hair.  Erica seemed pleased as she let out a laugh of triumph over Vic.

"Ryan the energy levels dropped almost low enough to trap it," Ted shouted.

Ryan looked at Ted and looked concerned but there was a glimmer of hope.  Just then Erica zapped Jenna and sent her flying across the room.  Erica turned her attention towards Christy and she started sending CDs flying at her as she laughed.  Christy covered up Hudson as the CD's hit her back.  Ryan and Ted ducked hoping they would not be next.

"You have all failed. Your device will not work on me!" Erica shouted.

 Ted looked over at Ryan after looking at his equipment.  "The energy level is going up".

"There has got to be a way to get her to dissipate the energy," Ryan grunted then she grabbed her gun and started firing at Erica.  The bullets stopped just inches from Erica's body and dropped to the ground.

"You can't stop me with bullets," mocked Erica.

"The energy levels fluctuated slightly but not enough to make a difference.

Erica looked at the large screen TV and it started to raise and move over towards Christy and Hudson.  Erica was laughing when suddenly the TV slammed into the wall.  Erica turned behind her and saw Jenna standing again.

"You're not going to win that easy Chris.  Your time is over," Jenna screamed as she charged Erica and grabbed her.  Sparks seemed to fly and both women were screaming.

"The energy levels are dropping," Ted yelled to Ryan.  "They are set we can trap her now".

"Ginger get away from Erica we are going to trap her," Screamed Ryan.

"I can't cause she will escape.  Open the trap it will be okay," Jenna screamed back.

Ryan looked over to Christy and Christy nodded.  Ryan then looked at Ted and said, "Hit it".

Ted activated the trap and then suddenly a flash of light and an enormous amount of heat was released.  Then everything was quiet Jenna was still holding on to Erica.  Vic was starting to move where he lay.  Christy was holding on to Hudson who opened her eyes and looked up to Christy and smiled.  Ryan held onto Muir.  Ted raised his head to see what happened.

"Lucy is it over?" Muir managed to whisper.

"It is over Renee.  We did it," Lucy answered her.

"That is good," Renee managed.  "Lucy can you do me a favor?"

"Yeah sure Renee anything," Lucy answered.

"Kiss me," Renee whispered as she smiled.



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