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The bell sounded and two large men stalked each other about the ring and with an explosion both men charged each other and start throwing roundhouse punches at each other.  The larger man simply known as Pete Chaos starts to get the upper hand and continues to pound his opponent down to the canvas until the victim of the assault lays motionless at his feet.  Pete drags the body to the corner where his brother Ken is waiting with an out stretched hand to make the tag.  Pete makes the tag but holds on to the fallen man till Ken climbs into the ring and delivers several kicks the midsection.  Pete releases his hold and climbs out of the ring as the fans cheer on the Chaos brothers.  Ken continues the assault but gets hit with a low blow that drops him to the canvas, which allows his opponent a chance to escape and make a tag he needed.  The fresh partner came in an immediately landed several kicks to the midsection.  He then dragged Ken up and set him up for a body slam but Ken blocked the move and reversed it.  Ken held his man on his shoulder and drove him into the canvas.  Ken fell to his knees after this and crawled over to his corner to make a tag.

Pete reached over the top rope stretching as far as he could so Ken could make the tag.  As Ken made the tag the other team was about to make a tag of their own.  Pete moved quickly charging the opposite corner and clothes lined both men sending them both down outside the ring.  The crowd roared.  Pete was stomping in the middle of the ring screaming like a madman who had just been placed in a straight jacket.  The referee began the ten count and by the count of eight one man climbed back up into the ring. Pete moved and flung the man into the opposite ropes.  He then threw his body at the man as he came off the ropes.  The moved connected and Pete could have gone for the cover instead he left his man lying on the mat.  Pete stood up and screamed for the crowd.  They responded with a loud scream in return.  Pete moved to Ken and made the high five tag.

Ken climbs in and charges the opposite corner and lands a roundhouse right to the side of the head of the other tag team member sending him down to the arena floor.  Ken turns his attention to the guy in the ring that is making his way to his feet to make a tag to his partner that isn't there.  Ken grabs him and sends the guy across the ring into the ropes and as the guy bounces of the ropes Ken grabs him using the momentum off the ropes power slams the man into the canvas causing a loud thud.  The fans reacted with a thunderous cheer.

Ken stood up from the move and was screaming to incite the fans even further as he stomped about the ring occasionally kicking the fallen man.  The fans started chanting "Chaos drop!  Chaos drop!"  Ken looked out at the fans with a crazed look in his eyes.  Pete was jumping up and down shaken the rope and screaming.  Ken lifted the fallen man and pulled him towards Pete and made the tag the ref signaled a tag was made.  Pete climbed the ropes and Ken moved toward the center of the ring and hoisted the man up as if he was going to power bomb him.  Pete then leapt from the top rope and turned his body in the air to deliver a cross body block.  As Pete made contact Ken slammed the man toward the canvas and Pete followed and landed on top for the pin.  The crowd went crazy making more noise than before.  The ref raises their arms in victory.  Ken and Pete jump about the ring shaking the ropes and screaming.  Cameras are flashing all around as they given their championship belts that they have had for several years now.

The year is 1992 and we find Peter Giani saying good-bye to his best friend Kenny Carlton.  They have spent the last five years as roommates and teammates at Hofstra University on Long Island.  Pete was an offensive guard and Ken was a defensive tackle.  Both men received business degrees specializing in contractual agreements.  They wanted to be able to understand and potentially negotiate their own contracts at sometime.  Possibly becoming an agent at some point.

Pete was catching a flight to Detroit for rookie camp with the Lions.  Ken had a later flight to Atlanta for rookie camp with the Falcons.  They were not high draft picks so they knew they would only get rookie minimum salary.  They did not press the issue they were just happy they were getting a chance to play football. 

One week into rookie camp they were in shoulder pads and helmets.  By some freak coincidence both guys were lining up for a play in different cities and different sides of the ball.  A booming clap of thunder echoed in the sky and the ball was snapped and the bodies made contact and helmets crashed with helmets.  Both men were wearing a new helmet and mask that was being tested.  The mask snapped on both men and cut into each mans face.  Pete laid out bleeding from the right side of his face.  Ken was down bleeding from the left side of his face.

Within three days both men were lying in hospital beds next to each other at NYU hospital.  They were having reconstructive surgery to their eyes.  NYU has had some new procedures for eye surgery.  After several weeks and surgery both men felt this was some weird omen as they lay in their hospital beds recovering.

Months passed and it seemed that football had passed them both up.  The scarring was minimal for both of them but they had blind spots that would prevent them from playing pro ball.  The only comfort they had was that they got a settlement from the helmet company for 2.6 million each for their injuries.  A good portion of that did go for hospital bills. 

One particular evening Pete and Ken were in a local bar on watching TV having a few beers when they noticed a new Monday night wrestling show.  Pete was immediately drawn in by the crazy antics and the fact that some of the guys were ex football players.

"Ken I think I got our next career".

"Have you figured out a way to get our agency the funding so we can become high profile agents?"

"Well, I figured a way of getting us some money and staying fit at the same time".

"What is it then," Ken said as he took a long draw on his beer.

"We become pro wrestlers," Pete said with a serious face.

"Pro wrestlers?  What do we know about pro wrestling?  The only thing we got is size and strength," Ken questioned.

"Well that is all we need, to start with that is.  I heard from some guys about a training facility in Georgia run by some former wrestler.  We go down there and go as a tag team.  We could be big," Pete said with a crazed look in his eye like he was totally committed to the idea.

"How long has this been going on in your head?"

"I just put it together.  I was inspired by the new show that they have on TV.  We watched it all the time.  I think we could make this work," Pete said with a pleading look in his eye.

"You have lost your mind haven't you?"

"If I haven't I will if we don't find something to do soon.  Working out and drinking beer is fun and all but I need to do something else with my life.  This might just be the thing to start us off Kenny".

"Lets get the info and try it.  You know we will need some gimmick to get us a run at any success".

"Yeah I know I will work on something.  This is going to work I just know it".

Two months later Pete and Ken find themselves in a vicious training camp environment.  The mornings are early and the workouts are tough but the in ring falls and drills just leave bruises in place that Pete and Ken haven't bruised before.  Their big problem was keeping the smaller guys from trying to make a name by putting one of them out.  On several occasions Pete and Ken found themselves tossing smaller men that have just cheap shotted them across the room or out of the ring.  This usually resulted in a lot of screaming and harsh punishment for both men involved.

Towards the end of the time in camp they had to come with their gimmick.  Pete could only come up with 'The Chaos Brothers'.  They would dress in black shorts and black cut up t-shirts.  Also they would paint their faces that would make them look gloomy.  Pete and Ken spent several hours getting their faces painted in a way that it was easy and looked okay.  The final results were awesome both men looked liked crazed giants.  They were ready to unveil their look to the training camp.

Their look was considered edgy and the act they had were they came out like two crazy lunatics screaming.  It was the best of everyone that was there.  They looked intimidating with their 6' 7" frames weighing in at 300 pounds each, and the painted faces and the clothes.  They graduated from the training camp and were immediately picked up by a southern wrestling organization.

Ken and Pete negotiated the contracts themselves and got several concessions that they wanted like they were exclusive a tag team and they would not turn on each other.  The money was not good but they knew it was a start.  The wrestling was edgy and not very clean.  These audiences wanted blood and a lot of it all the time.  So it seemed that at least once a week on them was bleeding for the audience's entertainment.

Several months later Pete and Ken found themselves in the new offices of the World Championship Wrestling offices.  They had become more familiar with wrestling contracts since they had negotiated several contracts for other wrestlers.  They were called in to Eric Bischoffs office and three hours later they had a three-year deal that was actually paying them 2500 dollars per appearance.  Their schedule was packed and Ken and Pete could not be happier.  They were able to negotiate travel and hotel expenses also that they are exclusively a tag team combination and they would not turn on each other.

The Chaos brothers were an instant hit.  The fans loved their act and cheered then on everywhere they went even though they were bad.  They were matched up against all comers in the ranks of WCW.  There were t-shirts and posters of the Chaos brothers.  Pete and Ken knew that they were a hot commodity for the WCW and when their contract was up they would be in a good position to negotiate a good contract.

By the year 1995 their first contract was up and they negotiated a contract that guaranteed a title shot and had the same stipulations from the previous contract only the money was much better and there were additional incentives that meant more money and they would receive a cut of the gross of the merchandising.  They also negotiated several other contracts for other prominent wrestlers and became entertainment agents.  So they were visiting the main offices a lot more then before.

Several months into their second contract they had their title shot in Madison Square Garden.  Ken and Pete stayed in there apartment that they maintained in upper Manhattan that the got from a rich aunt who was dying.  The best part was that it was a rent control apartment and the rent was only 400 dollars a month.  Which was a major steal since it had three bedrooms and a huge living and nice kitchen as well as two bathrooms.

They took a cab to the Garden and went into the dressing area where they began their ritual of putting on their make up and dressing for the nights show.  They were going to be filmed entering the Garden in full make up and they would tear apart several areas that were set up for them to destroy.  This was typical when they did a large pay per view event.  There was al kinds of behind the scenes footage that was shot earlier and edited into the show.  Also there were interviews scheduled for the evening that they would have to do.

Pete and Ken got into place for their entrance footage and went into character and barged into the Garden and destroyed the props that were set out and screamed like animals as the walked passed the cameras and went on there way to the dressing rooms.  The segment director yelled cut and Pete and Ken just waved and kept walking back to the dressing room to relax before the interview.

Waiting was always the hardest part.  Pete and Ken hated the waiting.  They knew it was all about entertaining the crowd but still they had to go out there and perform and the waiting just ate at them but it also gave them a meaner edge.  They were usually wrapped so tight that released the frustration of waiting on their entrance and the fans would go crazy.  The promoters knew what the fans wanted and the writer scripted the contents accordingly.

During the interview just prior to the match Pete and Ken were ranting about how it was their time to rise to the top and take the belts from those pathetic losers they were about to fight.  Pete was so into the rant he turns around and saw a nearby locker and destroyed it on camera.  Ken laughed and looked into the camera and said, "This is our night.  It is or destiny to be the champs and nothing will stand in our way!!!"  He finished the interview by laughing in a very evil and sinister way as he pulled Pete from the remains of the locker.

Pete and Ken headed for the entranceway.  "Pete you okay you smashed that locker up pretty good but I don't think it was a prop?"

"I know this place has got me way too pumped up.  I can feel the energy surging through me.  This place is magical," Pete replied as he rubbed his hands and then tried to shake out the anxiety he was feeling.

"I know what you mean.  I got veins bulging out that usually only rise after a hard chest work out.  It is crazy."

Suddenly the arena's explodes with the Chaos brother's entrance song.  Pete looked at Ken and his eyes were wide open and that crazy gleam that Ken saw quite often.  Pete and Ken walked out and the Garden erupted.  Even though the good guys were in the ring.  Ken and Pete jumped up on the apron of the ring and jumped about shaking the ropes and screaming.  Pete and Ken jumped the top rope and attacked their opponents and the ref signaled for the bell.  Pete tossed his guy over the top rope and screamed.  Ken landed overhand rights and clobbered his man and power slammed his man.

Pete stepped out of the ring and Ken kept his assault on the man in the ring.  His tag team partner climbed up to the apron and tried to regain his composure.  Ken moved to his corner and tagged Pete in and he jumped over the top rope and delivered a head but that dropped the man.  Pete then dropped an elbow.  He repeated this two more times.  Pete stood up and screamed.  He then rushed the opposition corner and delivered an elbow to the head of the other guy and he dropped to the Garden's floor.  Pete walked back to his corner and tagged Ken in with a high five.

Ken climbed into the ring and picked up the man threw him into his corner.  His tag team partner had just climbed back up on the apron and tagged in.  He moved into the ring and Ken let him circle left and Ken charged him.  Ken hit him with a clothesline that dropped the man like a sack of potatoes.  Ken stretched out his arms and flexed and screamed.  Ken picked up the man and dragged him over to Pete and tagged Pete in.

In the opposite corner the other man tore off the turnbuckle cushion.  As he got the cushion clear the other man was able to reverse a toss into the corner so Pete went face first into the exposed turnbuckle.  Pete fell down to the canvas and his hands went to his face and blood seemed to pour from his forehead.  Pete suddenly stood up and the blood was pouring down his face.  Pete had been busted wide open and he was screaming like a lunatic.  The blood and the way Pete jumped up stunned the opponent in the ring.  Pete charged and speared the man into the opposite corner.  Then he picked the man out of the corner and picked the man up over his head and tossed him into the guy's partner.  Pete held his arms out and looked upward and screamed.  He then tagged Ken in who waited for one of the guys to enter the ring.

Finally some one entered the ring and Ken continued the assault. Finally Ken had the man battered enough he signaled the crowd it was time to end it all.  The crowd was going crazy.  Ken Tagged Pete in but picked the man up and had him up in a power bomb position. Pete had climbed to the top rope and stood there for a second and the crowd was going crazy.  Flashes from cameras were going off like crazy then Pete leapt into the air.  He turns his body to hit the man with a cross body block.  As Pete made contact Ken drove the man down to the canvas and Pete followed and landed on top of the man and hooked a leg for the cover.  Ken went to the opposition and threw a flying elbow sending the other man back down to the Gardena floor.  The ref made the three count and Ken and Pete were now the WCW tag team Champions.  The crowd was going crazy.  Pete and Ken were jumping up and down on the ropes holding the belts up and screaming.

Just over a year later and what seemed like countless title defenses Pete and Ken found themselves on a long hiatus.  They headed back home to Manhattan for their time off.  Ken and Pete instead of relaxing they went to work on their post-wrestling dream.  They still felt that they would be sports agents once they had enough of wrestling.  So they tracked down some office space, which turned out to be in the Empire State Building.  There were three offices on the same floor that were available for lease.  Ken and Pete negotiated a price and they had an office.  The name on the door was Carlton and Giani Sports and Entertainment Agency.  Pete and Ken had made the next step.

The next step was leasing furniture. This took several days but they got a look that they liked.  The furniture was delivered and set up in the days to follow and Ken went about to start hiring a receptionist and Pete called several other agents that were starting out and wanted some security and had agreed to join in a company set up by Ken and Pete. 

Three weeks more had passed and there was a receptionist and an office manager as well as several agents.  Pete and Ken hung pictures of clients on a wall in the conference room and it seemed to be the perfect way to start their new business venture.  Pete and Ken took everyone out for dinner.  They spent the night talking of the future and what each expected for this company. 

Later in the night Pete and Ken headed to the ESPN Sports Zone.  It was a nice restaurant bar set up by ESPN.  They avoided the WWF bar since they had a bad contract dispute with Vince McMann and his lawyers.   At the bar Ken and Pete were enjoying a beer when Ken noticed two ladies sitting alone at a table.  He pointed them out to Pete and Pete looked over curiously.  Pete saw a stunning blonde hair woman looking to be in her mid twenties.  She was wearing a clingy black dress that was cut low in the front and showed ample cleavage.  The other woman was a fiery redhead who was wearing a dark blue dress that was also low cut in the front and showed off her assets.  She looked to be in her mid twenties also.

"What are those ladies doing alone here?" Pete questioned as he took a sip of beer as he gazed over at the women looking for signs of dates.

"I don't know.  I have been looking for any signs of dates but I haven't seen anything.  I think we need to make a move before some one sneaks in there and beats us to them".

"Yeah you are right let's take a walk over there," Pete responded as he picked up his beer and led the way.

As they made there way over to the women Pete and Ken noticed several guys that had the same idea but changed their minds when they noticed Pete and Ken's size and the direction that they were heading.  This did not go unnoticed by the women sitting there watching the whole room.  They smiled at each other as the watch the two exceptionally large men make their way towards them.

"Excuse us ladies but my friend Pete and I would like to buy you a drink and join you if you don't mind?" Ken said with his gracious and humble tone that he puts on to impress the ladies.  "My name is Ken," he offered his hand to the ladies and shook their hands Pete followed suit and shook hands

"My name is Melinda," said the blonde woman, "and this is Lisa".  Melinda motioned to her friend.

Ken and Pete sat down at the table and Ken sat near Melinda and Pete sat next to Lisa.  They all started talking and it turns out that Melinda and Lisa are physical therapists and fresh out of school trying to get started.  Actually they were here trying to get some tips on possible jobs that were available.  Then a booming clap of thunder rang out and it seemed to shake the building.  Pete looked at Ken and with out saying a word they new that there was something familiar about the sound and what it meant.

They went along and Pete and Ken told Lisa and Melinda about their new agency that they started and that they would be welcomed to come up and see if they can locate a job with some organization.  Melinda and Lisa were pleased have been fortunate enough to meet two nice guys and get a possible job lead out of the evening.

"Pete I have had this nagging feeling that I have seen you before somewhere but I can not for the life of me remember where," Lisa said, as she looked deep into his eyes trying to spark some flame of recognition.

Pete looked over at Ken with 'a what do I do know look'.  Ken returned it with a 'tell her' head motion and shrug.  Pete nodded his head slight and began to speak, "Well you might have seen Ken and I on a commercial on TBS." 

Lisa looked a little confused and said, "No I don't think so.  I would remember you in a commercial."

"Well Ken and me are only in it for a second or so and we don't look exactly like we do now," Pete tried to explain.  Lisa still looked confused so Pete continued, "We are usually wearing crazy make up and black clothing.  Does that clear it up for you?"

Lisa's eyes seemed to bulge out of her head as her mouth opened wide.  "You guys aren't?  You can't be.  Those guys are crazy, they scream and jump around the ring like lunatics," Lisa said in a shocked tone.  Melinda was looking on confused and Pete was smiling and so was Ken.

"What are you talking about Lisa?" asked Melinda who was trying to figure out what had just happened.

"We are sitting with the Chaos brothers," Lisa said as she looked at Melinda waiting for here reaction.

Melinda's face went pale and she looked at Ken and Pete and could only manage to say, "Oh my god."  She repeated it about four times when she finally was able to form another sentence.  "My last boyfriend was a wrestling fanatic and dragged me to several matches in the area.  Naturally I did not want to be there by myself so I forced Lisa to go with us.  We must have seen you guy's wrestle about five or six times.  Then we broke up.  That was the best thing we ever did together."

Pete looked at Lisa and nodded his head.  "That is us we are the Chaos brothers."  Pete then saw that Lisa and Melinda's facial expressions went blank.  He knew that they were thinking that the whole job thing was a scam to get into their pants.  "Lisa, Melinda just because we are the Chaos brothers doesn't mean we were not serious about the job help.  We did just open an agency here in New York.  Wrestling is not something we always wanted to do but it was the way to get started since football did not pan out the way we had hoped."

The look dissipated and everything was back on track.  They all left the bar about three in the morning and took a cab ride down to Lisa and Melinda's place in the village.  The area was run down but the rent was affordable.  Pete and Ken walked the ladies up to the apartment door and kissed them goodnight.  Pete and Ken got back in the cab and headed up town to their place and finally called it a night.

Ken and Pete had a few more weeks left of their hiatus and started to work out a little harder to get back in shape for the ring.  They put valuable time in at the office and managed to see Lisa and Melinda as often as possible.  Pete and Ken were able to get Lisa and Melinda and interview with the New York Liberty.  The Liberty ownership was looking for some training staff personnel such as conditioning trainer and PT.  Lisa and Melinda sold themselves as a team and got the job.  They were set and Pete and Ken had to go back on the road.

Pete and Ken picked up right where they had left off by terrorizing the tag team ranks and beating all comers.  Some nights it was a battle all the way through but the Chaos brothers were always victorious and the fans loved it.  WCW loved it also.  The merchandising alone was making a killing.  Pete and Ken were getting richer and they kept a watchful eye on the amount of money that was coming in and how they were spending it.

The girls finished the season with the Liberty and were immediately hired back for the next five seasons with a new contract, which was negotiated by the Giani, Carlton agency.  Also the girls have moved from their apartment to live with Pete and Ken.  It was easier transition since Pete and Ken were not there that often and it seemed like they were dating and just staying over when the guys were in town.  Then finally there was another break for Pete and Ken.  They were coming home for a whole six weeks and their return was scheduled for the Garden so there was no travel just a cab ride downtown.

Pete and Ken showed up at the apartment and walked in.  They knew the girls were out of town and they would have the place to themselves for a while.  Ken went to the kitchen after dropping his bags in the living room.  Pete headed to the bathroom.  "Pete do you want something to eat?" asked Ken

"No I am doing fine I think I am just going to watch some TV," Pete yelled from the bathroom.

Ken opened the fridge and found only healthy food and no snack food.  Things need to change Ken thought as he searched for anything to eat.  Finally Ken found something to eat and grabbed a tall glass of milk.  Pete was channel surfing and could not find all the movie channels that he thought he was paying for.  "Hey Ken what channel is the playboy channel on?" asked Pete from the living room.

"Its in the 90's I think."

Well I do not see it.  I think we are missing a lot of channels we used to get.  I think we have been away to long," Pete said.

Ken came into the room and took the remote and noticed all the porno channels were gone.  Now they had all the women channels and those shopping network channels.  Ken looked at Pete and shook his head, "Things are changing my friend and there is nothing we can do about it."

"So what you are saying is that we are doomed."

"Yes Pete we are doomed and I think we knew it the day we met those soulless she-devils."

"Yeah I think your right.  I am not even mad that the porn is gone and I know that is so wrong.  I feel like part of my manhood has been stripped from me and if you repeat this to anyone else I will kill you."  Pete eyes popped wide open and he jumped up and ran out of the living room.  "They better not have gotten rid of them," screamed Pete.  "Ah they are still here.  My precious little magazines, those evil demons haven't found you."  Pete was holding up his collection of Playboy magazines and kissed several issues.  "They must never touch you my little pets," Pete gushed as he looked around for another hiding spot.

Ken entered the room to find Pete dashing about looking for a place to hide his collection of Playboys.  "Pete you need a break.  They will not throw out any magazines like Playboy with out asking yet.  Now after you get married that is another story."

"Don't even kid about that.  They can here you my babies have feelings you know."

"You are losing it my friend.  I would check your puck collection she may have gotten rid of them."  Ken walked out of the room and barely got out of the way as Pete went charging out of the room to check on his puck collection.

"They are all here.  Mess, Manon, Brian, Marty, Wayne, and Adam you are all okay.  They better not get rid of either my Playboys, Hockey pucks or my.   My comics!"  Pete went tearing back to the room that had the Playboys to check his comic collection.  They were all there.  Pete finally calmed down and sat down to watch TV.  "At least we still have the Cartoon Network," Pete said as he watched Sailor Moon.  Ken shook his head and laughed at Pete.

The evening came and Pete and Ken had made reservations at Baraonda, an Italian restaurant on second ave that they liked to go to when they are in town.  Lisa and Melinda arrived home and were stunned to see Pete and Ken in the apartment watching TV.  Lisa and Pete embraced and kissed and Ken and Melinda did the same.

"Lisa you got to promise me never to through any of my personal stuff away when I am gone okay," Pete said in between kisses."  Lisa looked at him strange and then over to Melinda and Ken.

"Lisa never mind Pete he is having a minor personal crisis," Ken said as he looked at Pete.

"Yeah, I guess you are right.  Never mind Lisa I am glad to be home with you now."  Pete kissed her again and she could not answer but she gave him her answer as she kissed him back.

The evening was going smooth and Pete seemed to have forgotten his collectibles for now and acted like a rational human being.  After dinner they went for a few drinks.  They had a nice quite evening and back to the appointment for what they called dessert.   With in moments of entering the apartment the couple adjourned to their rooms and closed the doors.

Several hours later Pete made his way to the kitchen for a drink of milk.  Ken happened to be in the Kitchen sucking milk from the container as Pete walked in.  "Hey get a glass you animal!" Pete laughed as ken handed him the milk and Pete took a long chug.

"I hope the girls don't catch us doing this," Ken said as he got the milk back and drank some more.

"Yeah know Ken I love being around Lisa.  I love when she is near and I love listening to her talk.  The sex is great but that is because I am the man."  Ken started to laugh and milk came out his nose as he put the milk down and grabbed a paper towel to clean himself up.  Pete grabbed the milk and took another drink.  " I guess what I am saying is that I love her and I never want her to go."

"I know what you mean Pete.  Melinda is great.  I love her so much and I think I knew that from the moment we met.  It is almost like we were destined to be together."

"Ken I think we got to marry them then."  Pete took another drink of milk and looked at Ken waiting for him to answer.

"I think your right Pete.  You know things will change a lot for us if we do this."

"I know but it is time for a change.  We can't just date these women and live with them we need to get control of them and make them our slaves."

"Don't you mean so they can tie us down and own us like we are property?" Ken replied with a smirk.

"A guy can fantasize can't he," Pete laughed and he put the milk away and headed back to his room where Lisa was sleeping.

"We will have to talk about this tomorrow at the office," Ken said as he followed Pete.

"Your right.  I will see you in a few hours bud. G'night."


During the week Pete moved all his stuff that he was concerned about into his office and set it up.   Also during the week Pete and Ken talked about wedding plans and things to do.  They decided to take the girls out to the west coast.  They would propose to them out there.  It was going to be perfect.  They also could meet with some clients while they were out there.  So the trip could be written of.  They were men in love but still cheap.

They manage to get out to the west coast in the L.A. area and they enjoy several touristy things like Disneyland, Universal Studios and Spagos.  One evening one client of theirs from the Anaheim Mighty Ducks got them seats for a game.  Even though Pete and Ken were Ranger fans they did not mind watching the Ducks play especially since they were playing the Redwings.  They got there early and sat down with a few beers and a pretzel the girls were sitting and talking about the shopping they did. 

"Ken look over there," Pete said as he pointed to a guy with red hair wearing a Redwings cap.  "Isn't that Rob Tapert?"

"I think your right.  That means if he is here she may be here too."  Ken added as his eyes lit up.

"Who is she?" asked Melinda as she saw Ken get way to excited as he said she may be here.

"Yeah who are you guys talking about Pete?" demanded Lisa as she crossed her arms and scowled at Pete.

"Oh that may be Rob Tapert and if he is here so may Lucy Lawless," Pete said as he looked around.  Then a woman walked out to Center Ice with a patriotic jacket and an Uncle Sam hat.  Pete's eyes bugged out as he realized it was Lucy.  The PA system introduced Lucy as the singer of the National Anthem.  Ken and Pete Stood up and intently watched Lucy as she sang.  Just as she finished she pulled of her jacket and raised he left fist into the air and gave a Xena yell and in the process exposed herself for the countless people here at the stadium and who were watching on TV.

Pete and Ken looked at each other and the looks they both had said it all.  They quietly sat down and turned their attention to their girlfriends because they knew that in a moment on the Jumbotron would be a proposal.  Ken and Pete drew the girl's attention to the screen and on it read: 


Lisa and Melinda, Pete and Ken

Would like to ask for your hand

In holy matrimony?


We are all waiting.


Ken and Pete produced rings for the girls and waited for the answer.  A woman from security waited with a walkie-talkie.  Lisa and Melinda started crying and finally they were able to manage a squeaking yes each.  The woman radioed up to the Jumbotron operator with the answer and it read for the stadium to see:

They said yes!!!!!


The crowd went crazy.  Ken and Pete hugged their girlfriends and kissed.  Ken and Pete looked at each other and they knew that they would not be grilled about what happened with Lucy Lawless and their reaction to it.  If only they could propose every time they did something wrong.

Actually during the game Lucy lawless and Rob Tapert came over to congratulate them.  Lucy actually knew that they were the Chaos brothers from the WCW.  Pete and Ken were amazed that she knew this and they exchanged autographs.  Lucy invited them down to the set anytime they were in New Zealand and they were shooting.  Pete and Ken were nodding like two schoolboys.

Months passed and a date was set for the weddings they were going to do a joint wedding.  The date was set for the third weekend in June.  That was under a year form now.  It would also be the end of their second contract with WCW.  Pete and Ken did decide to give it another two years after this contract ended and that would be it.  Then they would settle down as agents exclusively.

The months breezed by and Pete and Ken negotiated their next contract for two years and got one hell of a raise since their popularity was at a hole new high.  They did not change the percentages for merchandising and got the WCW to send them to New Zealand for a show in 1999 and 2000.  WCW did agree since wrestling was popular down under.

The amazing wedding went off with almost no notice at all.  A lot of people were in attendance most were friends and family.  The reception was held at Tavern on the Green. It was a picture perfect event and the happy couples actually went on separate honeymoons there was a bet going on that they would go to the same place and have adjoining rooms.

Pete and Lisa went to Curacao and Ken went to Cancun.  They spent two weeks in heavenly bliss before they came back into the reality of wrestling and physical therapy for the Liberty.  The honeymoon was over and work consumed their lives now and so did looking for new places to live.

Just before Christmas Ken and Pete found some nice homes.  They were across the street from each other out on the Island.  They showed the girls and they fell in love with the houses and just after the new year they closed on the houses and moved out of the apartment in Manhattan.  They did not leave the apartment but kept it as a place to crash if they were in the city and did not feel like going home.

By spring they were finally all set in their new homes and Pete and Ken were leaving for New Zealand.  They were doing six shows in just over a week and a half.  Pete and ken have made several calls to Rob Tapert to make sure it was still okay to show up at the set.  Rob assured them it would be fine and Lucy would be happy to see them.

As Pete and Ken finished there last show in New Zealand and it was the closest to the area sets for the Xena episodes that they were using.  Pete and Ken made their way back to the dressing room and in this arena they actually had a dressing room to themselves.  Pete and Ken were sweating and Pete had a slight cut above his left eye and some blood was trickling down his face.  They both had their title belts slung over their shoulders. Ken opened the door and was shocked to see Lucy and Renee watching the matches on a monitor in the dressing room.

"Wow I can't believe you came out to see the match.  We are honored to have you here." Ken said as he wiped his hand on his pants to dry it off to shake hands with Lucy and Renee.  Pete did the same and shook hands.  Pete grabbed a towel and tried to clean up the blood on his face.  They discussed the match and what they all have been up to recently.  Pete and Ken talked of their wedding and how they were adjusting to the new life.  It was odd that they could talk so freely as if they have known each other for sometime.  Lucy and Renee left and Ken and Pete showered and headed to the hotel since they were done.

The next day Pete and Ken made their way down to the set and met up with the staff.  And were escorted to the area that they were filming at. Pete and Ken were watching the scene were Ares was fighting some woman in golden armor.  Pete and Ken found out Later it was supposed to be Athena.  The filming was amazing and fun to watch.  Even though Pete and Ken's agency had numerous actors that they represented they never been on an actual set like this they had only been part of wrestling sets.

During the day Pete had talked to numerous people and entertained many more and at one point he lifted Kevin Smith up over his head like he was a rag doll.  Ken noticed and told Pete to put him done and Pete complied and the crew cheered and laughed Kevin was laughing since he had never been hoisted up in the air like that.  Everyone was taking pictures and Pete and Ken were asked to come back again next year because they might have a role that they would be perfect for.  Pete and Ken agreed to be back and said they would do it and donate their salary to some local charities.

Pete and Ken returned to the states and went right back to work.  They continued to wrestle with what seemed with renewed vigor and determination.  They electrified the crowds and were doing public appearances to increase TV ratings and Pay Per View Event sales.  Things were going good for Pete and Ken.  Their wives were also venturing out and opened their own little office.

Lisa and Melinda opened a Physical therapy office on Long Island.  They had a good base clientele that they could count on when they started.  They were not ready for the amount of people that wanted help with in six months Lisa and Melinda had to double their staff.  They spent a lot of time at the office and fortunately they had husbands that were almost never home.

When Ken and Pete headed back to New Zealand for another six shows it was coincidently the time that they were needed for their roles in the Xena episode.   The shows went fine and Pete and Ken showed up at the beginning of the week.  Ken and Pete played cannibals they shot their first seen with Lucy and Renee.  They would attack a canoe from the bottom and pop up on either side.  There was many takes to get the best shots.

Later Pete and Ken played various cannibals with pig heads so you could never tell if it is the same guy or not.  Ken and Pete were told to crouch a lot since they had so much size.  The week went fine and Pete and Ken had a lot of fun on the set and at times held up shooting due to their antics.  One particular thing was when Pete had found Joxer's helmet in wardrobe.  Pete hid it under his clothes and during shooting he put it on his head.  The camera was panning about the cannibals and there was Pete sitting there and the director was screaming cut and questioning who gave him that helmet everyone realized what happened and laughter broke out all over.

The shooting was complete and Pete and Ken said their goodbyes and left for the airport to head to the states.  During the flight Ken and Pete talked about the remaining months on their contract.  They new that their last match on the contract was in the Garden and it would end there.  Pete and Ken seemed happy about that and they would finally be able to spend time with their wives.

The crowd was screaming and Pete and Ken held up their belts in victory the hometown crowd was going crazy.  Ken and Pete screamed for microphones.  They finally got them and Ken started talking, "Thank you New York!  We love you.  Me and my brother have something to say to you all."

The WCW announcers were not sure what was happening and they could do nothing but watch as Pete started talking, "We have had some good times here in the WCW.  We especially loved the competition level here.  It is the best in the world.  We were also glad to keep the belts for the last few years."

"That's right Pete the athletes here are the best in the world.  So right now we are at the top of our game and no one has been able to stop us."  Ken paused and the crowd seems to know what was coming and the announcers were going into shock.  Ken continued, "So this is tough to say."

"What my brother is trying to say is that we are number one and we will always be number one.  This is because as of right now we are officially retired."  The crowd groaned and started to cheer cause they knew that they had seen one of the best tag teams ever. 

Pete and Ken dropped the belts and left the ring and held a hand up as they walked out of the ring area.  Back in the locker room area WCW reporters tried to ask them questions, Pete and Ken refused to answer questions.  The head guys from the WCW asked what was going on.  Ken and Pete calmly explained this was their last match as per their contract and this was no ploy to get more money.  They would negotiate a new contract that would be a non-wrestling contract but a merchandising contract for the use of the name 'Chaos brothers'.

Pete and ken headed home after showering and dressing.  Ken dropped of Pete and drove across the street to his place.  Both men went into their houses and went to their wives and gave them a big hug and kiss.



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