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What are you doing?

I am just sitting here watching some TV trying to relax.  What are you doing?

I am taking a break from looking at my laptop.  I think I have been staring at that thing for too many hours straight.  I think I am going crazy.

You canít go crazy when you are already there.

Ha-ha very funny and I was looking for some compassion.

Wow did you call the wrong place.  All I have is light hearted jokes and sarcasm.

I guess I did call the wrong number then.

You would think that wouldnít you but you really just wanted a bit of a distraction and I can give you that.

You can?

Yes I can.


What are you wearing?


Tell me what you are wearing.

Well uh, I have on that black dress.

The one that clings to your womanly curves like a second skin?

Yes that is the one.

What else are you wearing?

Well I have on these opened toe shoes that I picked up on sale.

I donít need to hear where you purchased your shoes.  Tell what else you are wearing.

Well I have on a black lacy bra and black silk panties.

You like the way the silk feels down there donít you.

Yeah I do.  It makes me feel sexy.

I bet that bra makes you feel really sexy too.

It does.

The thought of you sitting at your desk in that black dress with your lacy bra and silk panties is getting me excited.  I remember how much of your lovely breast is exposed in that black dress.  I also remember how much leg you show off.  I bet that dress rides up pretty high when you have been sitting there for a long time.

It does tend to ride up a bit.

Do you ever touch yourself while sitting at your desk?

No, there are usually people coming in and out of here all the time.

Is there anyone there now?


Well then I think you need to gently stroke your fingers over your panties for me and tell me how it feels.

I canít do that.

Why not?  You wanted a distraction a break from what you were doing.  Just go with it.  Now gently stroke your fingers over your panties and tell me how it feels.

Okay.  I am lifting my dress up a little further so I can have better access to myself.

That is good.

Now I am gently running my fingers over my panties.  It feels so good.

Of course it does.

I am rubbing a little harder now but still slowly.

Can you feel yourself getting hotter?


Can you feel your pussy getting wetter by each passing moment?


Keep rubbing yourself and with your free hand I want you to caress your breasts through your dress and bra.  I want you to make your nipples nice and hard.

Okay, I can do that.

Can you feel your nipples straining against the bra and dress as you rub each in turn?

Yes, yes I can.

I remember that they stood out like large pencil erasers craving attention.  Each was jutting out begging to be touched, kissed and sucked.

Oh, they are begging right now.

Good.  Now I want you to move your panties aside.  Donít take them off.  Just push them aside.  I want you to now rub your clit.


Slowly rub it with one finger.  I want you to feel it as the blood rushes to it as you rub it.  Can you feel you clit starting to stand out?

I can feel it.  I want more.

Okay, you can rub a little faster and use two fingers now.

Thank you it feels so good.  I am getting so wet touching myself.

I know I can hear it in your voice and how you are breathing into the phone.  It has got me very hard.  I am laying here slowly stroking myself thinking about you in your chair caressing your breasts and rubbing your clit.

Is it nice and hard?

Oh quite hard and begging for the touch of your lips.

I would love to kiss it.

I know you would.  I want you to picture me walking into your office right.  I see you there rubbing yourself and I can see how wet you have made yourself. 


You look at me but you donít move you keep on rubbing your clit.  I move around your desk and push your chair back from your desk.  I kneel down and grab hold of your hand that has been working your clit and I gently suck your two fingers.  I can taste your juice on them.  It is sweet.


I remove your fingers from my mouth and guide your hand up to your breasts.  Now both your hands are caressing your breast and teasing your nipples through your dress and bra.  I then focus on your lovely lips and clit.  I slowly lick the outline of your pussy and I can feel you start to quiver.  I move past your clit with out licking it at all.  I can hear moan and beg for me to lick it.  Instead I continue to lick your lips and kiss around your clit.  I can sense it is driving you crazy.  So finally give in and spread your lips and give your clit my full attention.  I feel you move around in your chair moaning deeply.

Oh my god.

Thatís right you can feel it canít you?

Yes, yes I can, keep going donít stop!

My tongue rubs your clit with long strokes followed by a few quick flicks and then I just suck a little on your clit.  I alternate my actions to keep you guessing on what kind of stimulation you are getting.  I can tell you are about to cum.

Oh yes! Keep going!

So I grab hold of your ass and bury my face in your pussy giving full contact with my face as my tongue works on your clit.  Suddenly I feel you spasm and let out a scream as I taste your sweet juices flowing onto my tongue and into my mouth.

Oh my god Iím cummmming!!!

I know I am lapping up your juice as I can feel it on my goatee.  I move away to look at you as you are breathing heavy and you look like an angel with that big content smile. I give you a smile back and tell you that you are not done.

Oh my, what now?

Well your pussy is nice and lubricated and I am quite aroused.  My cock wants a little taste now.


I stand up and move you out of your chair.  I quickly clear off your desk and drop my pants.  You try to remove your panties but I stop you.  I sit you on your desk.  I let you grab hold of my cock as you gently stroke it a few times.

Itís so hard

Yes and it wants to be in you.

Give it to me please give it to me.

I will.  I gently push you back on your desk so you are laying there with your legs dangling off the end.  I move your panties aside and guide my shaft slowly in to your quivering pussy.  As it slides in I can feel your walls quiver even more and grab hold of my shaft.   I look into your eyes and see that they are glazed with excitement.

Oh yes.

I slowly start to stroke my cock in and out of your sweet pussy.  With each stroke I can feel your passion building.  I start to increase my tempo.  Your breathing is becoming harder as your head thrashes from side to side.  You then start begging me to fuck you harder. So I comply and start thrusting into you harder. 

Yes, yes fuck me harder

I grab your left leg that you had wrapped around my back and moved it so it is resting on my shoulder.  I leave your right leg where it is and hug your left leg with my right arm.  I start to increase my thrusts again but this time I move my left hand so it is resting on your small patch of hair above your pussy.  I can feel my cock moving in and out of you with my left hand but that is not why it is there.  My thumb slowly moves to your clit.  When it finds it home I feel you squirm and moan a little more.

Oh yes fuck me.  Rub my clit and fuck me.

I keep thrusting in and out of you and my thumb is moving rather erratically on your clit and the sensations are becoming too much for you to bear.   You begin to moan loudly begging me to keep fucking you and I continue with out question.

Oh yes I am almost there keep going!

With each thrust I can feel your impending orgasm.  I keep the pace up thrusting into you as I feel the tidal wave of you orgasm on my cock.  I hear you scream and you back arches and your hands ball up into clenched fists as your orgasm rocks your body.


It feels good doesnít it?

Oh god yes it feels good.  Did you cum too?

No not yet

You didnít cum with me?

No, I wanted you to have all the pleasure.  I have other plans.

Like what?

Well now that my cock is covered with your juices I want you to taste it


I want you to suck me off.  I tasted you now I want you to taste me.

I guess that is only fair.

It is more then fair.

Well what do you want me to do?

I am going to release your leg and watch my cock slide out of your pussy.  Then I sit myself down in your chair and wait for you to move over to me.

Okay, I feel you move away and I slowly sit up trying to regain my senses from that second orgasm you have given me.  I see you sitting in my chair with your pants around your ankles and your cock standing tall and glistening from just coming from my pussy.

Thatís right

I stand up and fix my panties and pull my dress back down and move over to you and kneel between your legs.  I grab hold of your throbbing cock and slowly stroke it.  It is so hard and I can feel your heart beat in your cock as I hold it.  I fight the urge to immediately swallow your shaft instead I slowly lick up and down your cock tasting my own pussy juice.  I canít believe how hot this is making me feel.  I cup your balls and stroke your cock a little more aggressively as I stare at it. 

Oh take it your mouth please.

I hear your begging and I slowly comply with your request.  I gently ease your head into my mouth and I flick my tongue around it.  I feel your cock twitch in my mouth and I slowly take more of you into my mouth as my tongue rides along underneath it.

Oh I can feel the warmth of your mouth it is great.

I slowly begin to stroke your cock with my mouth and gently caress your balls.  I can feel your hands on my shoulders and I move slightly to give you better access to my breasts.

Oh they are so big and your nipples are just begging to be pinched.

As I move my head up and down on your shaft sucking harder on your cock I can feel it getting harder.  I know you are nearing your own orgasm.  I canít believe how I am feeling.  The throbbing of your cock is making me feel even more excited.  So I keep up sucking your cock.  I move my tongue along the underside of you shaft with each stroke.

Oh yes keep going. I am ready to shoot.

As I feel you stiffen in the chair I bury your cock deep in my throat as I feel you unload blast after blast of your hot semen down my throat and that triggers another orgasm for me.

Yes I can feel you swallowing my load.  Oh it feels so good.

Yes and it taste so good as I swallow every drop that you have to offer.   I gently pull my mouth from your twitching cock.  I canít believe it was just shooting in my mouth.

Yes and you took it all. I take your hands in mine and guide you to your feet.  I slowly stand up myself. And hold you close to me.  I look into your eyes and give you a kiss as I hold you tightly to me.

Wow that was incredible.

Yes it was.

I am exhausted now.

How was that for a diversion?

That was amazing.  I think it might be awhile before I can get back to work but it was sure worth it. Thank you.

No problem, call me any time.

I will.



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