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A man is found passed out on a park bench in the middle of Central Park.  This doesn't shock many people it is a common occurrence in New York.  Except this man is dressed in a fine Italian fitted suit.  Most of the time these guys are coked out and looking like hell.  This man has a well-defined body that is plain to see even in the suit.  The man sudden jolts around and with a violent explosion vomit starts to spew forth from his mouth. His body convulses several times till he is spitting and dry heaving.  He then tries to get to a seated position and he notices he is still holding a quarter full bottle of Jack Daniels.  With another violent explosion he throws the bottle across the way and it shatters violently against a tree.

                The man starts sweating and rubbing his hands on his face.  Then realizes his head is pounding and lets out a low guttural groan much like an animal.  Then sits back and slowly goes through his pockets hoping for some aspirin or something.  After a few minutes of searching he finds a folded envelope in his outside jacket pocket.  He opened the envelope and found a note and 4 extra strength aspirin.  He immediately swallowed the aspirin.  He then opened the note to read it.




                If you are reading this you are still alive and suffering an extreme headache.  Hopefully you have taken the aspirin.  Well once you get up and feel good enough to shower and get your ass over to the bar we can calmly talk about Melissa.  It can not be that bad.  You were not making much sense last night anyway.  You were already half in the bag when you got here.





                Vinny wiped more sweet from his face and shook his head and thought that guy knows me way to well.  He looked at his watch and took about a minute to focus on the dial and hands to realize it was 4:30 in the morning.  Then as if a light bulb went off in his head he realized he was in Central Park.  He was truly shocked and amazed he even survived the night.  He looked around knowing he was still not able to move about.  He just sat there and tried to make sense of the night.  He was devastated and she was the cause of it all.  Why did she do this to me he thought, what went wrong.  He could not figure out why she just turned on him like that.  He thought everything was great then last night.



                Vincent Souvrumano the latest New York Ranger to be elevated to hockey legend.  He started as rookie of the year, then was on pace to be a Norris trophy winner till he suffered a season ending injury the following season that seemed to deflate the Rangers playoff run.  Now he returned as a more dedicated player elevating his game to another level.  He led the Rangers in assists and points as well as the league.  He raised his game and the team rallied with him and the leadership of the captain Mark Messier.  They marched the team trough the playoffs like a hot knife through butter.  Then as if the team still hand another gear they shifted and both Messier and Souvrumano helped sweep there way to the Stanley Cup.

                During all this Vincent was seeing a fine woman by the name of Melissa Pierce.  She is an attorney for the distract attorney's office in New York City.  They actually met in college briefly when she did a stand in sports interview for a friend.  At that moment Vincent was smitten but did not find Melissa for two years.  She actually visited him in the hospital right after surgery from his injury he received.  It wasn't long before they began dating.  It was a long and tedious courtship because of Vincent's habit of being very frank and his several appearances on the Howard Stern Show.  Not to mention the many trips to the famous men's club called Scores.  This caused several heated arguments between the two of them 

                At this particular night Vincent was prepared to make the big commitment.  He took pain-staking efforts to assure that this night was perfect.  He bought the perfect ring he had the restaurant reservations taking care of and dropped the ring off at the restaurant.  He picked up a new Armani suite and shoes.  He was going to look smooth.  Now he was just praying he did not screw anything up.







The time came and Vincent prepared himself and headed out his posh upper eastside Manhattan apartment.  He caught a cab to Melissa's Soho apartment.  He paid the cabbie and head up the stairs.  He felt more nervous then he has ever felt before.  He rang the buzzer and said its Vinny.  He was buzzed up and Melissa's tone when she said come on up was rather dry and distant.  Vincent immediately new something was wrong and was even more nervous then before, if that was even possible.  He did a quick mental check to see if he could have possible done anything wrong.  He could not come up with anything.  He had been on good behavior considering he had just help win a Stanley Cup, President's trophy for the Rangers.  None of antics should be coming back to haunt him this late. 

He arrived at the door and knocked.  The door slowly opened and what he saw stunned him.  Melissa was wearing one of his jerseys he had given her, long with a pair of cut off shorts that she made from an old pair of Levis.  Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing no make up.  Vincent then did a quick mental check o see if he had even told her about going out tonight.  He was sure he had told her and remembered when he mentioned it.

She asked him to come in and he causally moved into the living room/dining/kitchen area of the apartment.  She motioned for him to sit and asked if he would like a drink.  Inside he was being torn apart but he waited for her to explain not forcing anything.  Then she spoke and his heart was shattered.

"Vinny I love you more than anything in the whole world but right now I feel like I need some space."

The words hit like a crosscheck to the head.

"I think we may be getting to involved to quickly and we might smother each other and that would be wrong."

He sat there listening and yet not totally believing what she was saying.  He went slowly because he new she was in some bad relationships before.  That is why they are not even living together.

"I can't go out tonight I have to much work to do for a trial on Monday morning."

Vincent slowly stood up and looked at her and he could tell that this was hard for her to say but still she was able to almost casually crush him.  He stepped towards her and spoke softly

"If that is the way you want it I will live with it but since you are calling the shots I will only wait so long for you to come to your senses.  I am not every other guy you dated or were involved with.  I am Vincent Souvrumano.  If you cannot see that yet, maybe you never will.  I love you with all my heart and would gladly die for you.  Call me when you come around."

Vincent walked out of the apartment and down the stairs as quickly as he could before he could stop himself.  He hailed a cab and was on his way to the one spot were he knew he could relax.  In the cab his brain was trying to make sense of what just happened.  None of it really made any sense to him.  He tried to calm himself down but could not.  His emotions were on end and raw.  The only logical thing to do was to numb the pain.  As he looked out the cab window it was pulling up in front of Scores.  The cabbie congratulated Vincent on the Stanley cup win as Vincent excited the cab and gave the cabbie fifty dollars for the fare and the rest as a tip.

The huge neon sign hanging above the door that read Scores sports bar and gentleman's club was Vincent's own oasis away from the troubles of the world.  When ever he needed to relax this place was always here and welcomed with open arms.  Inside the drinks were always cold and the dancers were amongst the best.  Joan the massage girl had definitely worked her magic on his back and shoulders on multiple occasions.  She was so good she got her self several Rangers as customers at her practice in Manhattan.

Vincent made his way in and was immediately escorted to the V.I.P. section.  He normally refused and stayed with the regular paying customers since most of them were his people who enjoyed the way he played Hockey and gave them something to put a little happiness in their lives.  Tonight was different his mood was definitely darker.  He sat down in a far corner table an ordered picture of Molson Ice.  Immediately two dancers made their way over to Vincent.  Lonnie the manager also appeared out of nowhere a hug wad of Scores money.  Vincent smiled and would not take a freebie so he paid for the paper money and sat it on the table in front of him. The girls smiled as they saw the huge stack of Scores cash.  He recognized the girls as Sahara and Cara.





"Well girls I am not ready for any entertainment just yet, but can either of you tell me if Joan is working tonight?"

"Do mean Joan the massage girl or Joanie the dancer?" said Cara

"Joan the message girl" replied Vincent

"I think so, I saw her about 20 minutes ago" added Sahara.

"Well if one of you can send her back this way I would sure appreciate it" Vincent grabbed to fifty-dollar bills and handed one to each girl.

"No problem Vinny one of us will send her back to you as long as we can dance for you later" purred Cara.

Vincent smiled and watched both girls walk away and spotted his pitcher of beer heading this way.  He rolled his head to relieve some tension and awaited the beer.  The waitress saunters over and deftly pours his beer in a tall iced pilsner glass.

"Run a tab for me will you and here this is for your troubles"

Vincent hands her a twenty from his pocket and tries to smile through his pain.  He grabs the glass as the waitress thanks him and turns and walks away.  He gulps down the beer in several large swallows.  He begins to pour another and repeats the process several time till the pitcher is empty.  At this point he motions for another pitcher and he sees Joan making her way over to him.  She has huge smile that lights up this dark room and body that would rival any dancer in the bar.

As she reaches his table she drops her huge bag to the floor and sits looking at him with a questioning look upon her face.

"What are you doing here aren't you supposed to be proposing right now?"

Vincent had been speaking to Joan on just how to propose and setting up the plans so she knew everything.  She was the only woman who Melissa was not jealous of, that was probably due to her sexual preference.

"Well all that got put off.  For how long I do not know.  We never made it out of her place when she dropped the bomb on me.  She said she needed more space"

"I am so sorry my last girlfriend pulled the same thing on me.  It turned out for the best we are still friends instead of hating each other."

"I don't think it is like that.  She has a checkered pass with guys and doesn't trust her feeling s anymore since she has been burnt one to many times.  I guess she just needs some time to think.  I have to wait but I will not wait for ever."

"Wow you really do love her.  Boy you are whipped and whipped hard.  I have never heard a guy come in a place like this and talk like that before," said Joan as stood up and adjusted his chair so she could get to his back.  "Well take off your jacket so I can get at those shoulder to help relieve some of you tension"

As he pulled off hi jacket and sat it across the other chair hat was not being used his next picture arrived.  He tipped the new waitress twenty dollars also as she filled his new glass and removed the empty pitcher and glass.   Joan took off her shirt she was wearing to reveal a sports bra and a huge bandage on her left bicep.

"What happened to you?" Vincent asked as he spotted the bandage and gulped down his beer.

"Since we are in the V.I.P. area I am able to take off my shirt and show you my new tattoo".  Joan pulled the bandage away and there was the number sixty-nine in blue with red trim.  Above the number was the name Souvrumano all in capitals and blue with red trim.  It looked like the back of Vincent's Home jersey.  " Well what do you think?"  Joan asked.

"I think it looks great but what happens if I get traded and what does your girlfriend think?" Vincent said as he poured another beer.

"It doesn't matter what she thinks, but she likes it since the name is Italian and means super human.  Plus the number is sexy.  The traded thing will never happen you will be Ranger for life you mean too much to this team.  You, Messier, Leetch, Graves, and Richter have left an impression on this team that can never be forgotten.

"Thank you that means a lot coming from you" Vincent said as he was taking some long sips of his beer.






Joan moved in behind him and started to massage after she finished placing the bandage back over her tattoo.  She vigorously worked his neck and upper back.  He tried to relax but just couldn't he could not stop thinking about her and it only made things worse.  After 45 minutes and two more pictures Joan gave up.  Nothing was relieving his stress she could feel the muscles tighten under her touch.  She moved in front of him and straddled his lap like she had seen so many dancers do.  She grabbed his face on either side with both hands and looked into his eyes.  "You need to go home and sleep.  The beer is just causing more problems and I hate to see you like this.  You are my friend my client and the one guy I admire almost as much as my farther.  So please go home everything will be okay in the morning."  Joan kissed him lightly on the lips and got up. 

Vincent grabbed the Scores money in front of him and handed it to Joan.  She tried to refuse but he stood up and glared at her.  He had a serious look that you just did not question it was normally used while he was playing or in the dressing room.  He gave it to Joan and she did not fight it.

"Okay I will get out of here" Vincent said in a slow deliberate manor.

Joan walked him to the bar were he paid his tab and then to the door and they exchanged goodbyes.  Joan felt a slight twinge in her stomach and questioned herself on the kiss she had given Vincent.  She had never done that before but she wasn't sorry she had.

Luckily there was a cab outside the bar and Vincent jumped in and said "Thirty eighth and seventh ave."

Joan watched as the cab pulled away then walked back inside.  The twinge was still there but chocked it up to the kiss.

Vincent got out of the cab and gave the cabbie fifty and told him to keep the change.  He strolled down the avenue till he got to a bar called "After the game".  He walked in and saw a lot of familiar faces and at that moment all the beer that he had drank was starting to hit him.  He was feeling rather good now but still he felt the pain the event from earlier in the night.  He checked his watch and saw it was nearly midnight.  He strode over to the bar and several people called out his name and raised a beer and gave a cheer to him.  He smiled and waved in there direction.  As he made it to the bar he saw his buddy TJ making sure everything was going okay.  Jenna came over and brought Vincent a cold bottle of Molson Ice even before he could ask for one.

"Vince surprised to see you here alone were is Melissa?" Jenna asked.

"She is at home she has a lot of work to do this weekend for a case on Monday" he casually replied as he looked around the bar.  "Hey tell TJ I need to talk to him in the office okay Jenna"

"No problem Vince, I will let him know" she smiled and took a few more drink orders as she made her way to TJ.

Vincent turned away from the bar and saw and heard the live band starting to play.  He noticed that they were an all girl band playing something that was real familiar but he couldn't place it.  Vincent walked towards the office and opened the door and took a seat on the couch and finished his beer.  Vincent then got up as he was waiting for TJ and opened his private stock.  He poured a tall glass of bourbon and started drinking.  It was not going down smooth but all the beer had helped.

Two glasses later TJ made to the office and saw Vincent sitting on the couch looking all disheveled and drunk.  TJ made his way in carefully and watched Vincent to try to get any idea of what was wrong.  He has not seen his friend like this since they were in high school when they first started drinking.  Vincent rarely drank anymore so TJ was worried about what was on his mind right now.

Vincent watched his friend move into the office and spoke in a slightly slurred manor "My life is over she doesn't want me."  Then he broke down and started to cry.  He sobbed uncontrollably for several minutes as TJ sat silently waiting for his friend to regain his composure. He took the opportunity to write a short not and placed it in an envelope with some aspirin in it.  He moves to his friend and placed an arm around him and placed the envelope in his jacket pocket.

"Vinny everything will be okay.  You need to go home and sleep it off.  We can talk it over in the morning."

"You know you are the second person who told me that tonight." Vincent slurred as he tried to look at TJ through his glazed eyes.

"Well that person was correct you should have listened to them."





"I think that is right, I will get home and sleep but first I am going to sit here for a few and get myself together."

"Okay stay as long as you need and when you are ready I will get you home."  TJ patted Vincent on the back and stood up and left the office.

Vincent waited for TJ to leave the office when he stood up and stumbled to the private stock.  He grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels and started drinking again.  He then made his way out of the office trying not to be seen by TJ or Jenna as he tried to leave when he got sidetracked by the band.  He was captivated by the music. After several moments of listening he realized he was trying to sneak out of the bar with a bottle of Jack.  He got himself heading in the right direction and headed out the door.

As he entered the night air his head was spinning and that was the last thing he could remember clearly.  This brings it all back to Vincent sitting on a park bench sweating like a pig with his head in his hands.  He realizes he has got to get out of the park before his luck runs out.  He pulls out another packet from his inside jacket pocket.  It is several vitamins in a package he carried with him.  He forced down all the pills and stood up.  His head was spinning and he grabbed his head to get the world from spinning.  It took several minutes of deep breathing nut he got everything under control.  It was time to take the first step out of here.

Vincent took a step, followed by another and another.  With each step it was getting easier to walk.  The blood was flowing and the throbbing in his head was a constant dull pain that reminded him of the pain she caused him. He kept walking along the path when he heard noises that sounded like a struggle.

Vincent immediately stopped and tried to concentrate and listen for the sounds and where they were coming from.  It took longer than Vincent had hoped for to pinpoint the sound.  The throbbing in his head stopped him from being able to pinpointing the sound quickly.  He turned his head and slowly made his way towards the noise.  The throbbing in his head increased and he could feel his heart begin to beat faster.

Vincent move off the path and quietly mad his way by a tree and toward some shrubs.  He peered over and saw four men starting to tear the clothes off a female jogger.  Vincent shrunk down to almost a ball in horror of what he was witnessing.  He knew he had to do something but what he was one man.  One very hung over man.  Yet he did have the element of surprise, so maybe he could cause enough damage to get the girl out of there.  He quietly reached into his pants pocket and grabbed his keys.  He positioned the keys between his fingers and prepared himself for his attack.  He heard the woman scream again and more clothes rip away, followed by one of the guys growling your gonna get it now bitch and you aint never had it like this.

Vincent took a deep breath and leapt into the area and swung his left fist and connected with the closest guy.  Then just letting his body and instincts to take over moved in and started punching furiously as he screamed out into the early morning hoping there is a beat patrol team.  Vincent managed to get all of the attackers off and to one side of the area where they attacked the woman.  He looked over and saw one guy was bleeding and the other three looked shocked.  Then the sound of a knife blade springing free as well as sight of a 9mm pistol now had Vincent worried.

The only thought now was to survive.  He once again went on instinctive feeling that if he tied on guy up there would be no gunshots.  Also he thought this would give the woman a chance to run.  She did not run as Vincent lunged at the closest attacker. The moment carried them sent them falling to the ground and the struggled for a few seconds when Vincent felt the knife come slashing across his arm.  At this time the other guys gathered closer to the melee and were kicking Vincent anytime they had a free shot.  Out of sheer desperation Vincent flailed out an arm and caught one of the other attacker legs knocking him down.  The man who wielding the knife took the opportunity to break free to get a better angle to stick Vincent with the knife and the attacker who was knocked down began to flail about.

The knife was being thrust toward Vincent's gut as the flailing attacker moved his leg into the way and took the entire blade into his calf.   An ear-piercing scream rang out and Vincent looked up and saw that the two other attackers had pulled a knife and a gun.  The man gunman raised the gun and growled.

"Enough is enough now you will see what happens to people who interfere with shit that doesn't concern them!"





At that moment the world seemed to slow down for Vincent.  He heard the words but it seemed like the y rang out forever as he watched the gunman start to pull the trigger.  At the same time the attacker who stuck his buddy stood up right in the line of fire.  Three gunshots rang out and another attacker went down. 

Vincent took the opportunity to make another desperate move. He dove toward the gunman as he was watching his buddy drop.  Vincent hit the man with a crushing check that would have even been horrify in the NHL.  The gunman's arm that had the gun flung out and some more shots rang out as both men went crashing to the ground.  Vincent's head was pounding and was expecting to be stabbed at any moment.  The expected attack never came.  He looked down and the gunman was out from the landing.  The second knife-wielding attacker was down and blood gushing from his neck.

Vincent crawled off the gunman and pulled the gun from his hand.  He still heard the cries from the woman and the attacker who had a knife logged in his calf up to the hilt.  Vincent slowly made it to his feet and went over to the woman who was in the fetal position on the ground crying.  Vincent reached out a hand and could feel the woman trembling.  She instinctively flinched from the touch of his had and tried to scramble away when she realized who it was.  She looked up and saw the man who had just saved her.  Tears were streaming down her face.

"Everything is going to be alright," Vincent said to the woman to calm her down.

She was still crying and quivering as Vincent wrapped his jacket around her in order to get her settled down.  She finally was able to make eye contact with Vincent when she looked past him and let out a blood-curdling scream.  Vincent turned his head to see the only remaining attacker standing over him with the knife that he pulled from his calf.  He drew back to slash Vincent when more gunshots rang out.  The attacker fell forward on Vincent and the knife logged into Vincent's neck and ripped across as the attacker fell from gunshot wounds from two police officers.

Hours later in Melissa Pierce's apartment where just fourteen hours earlier stood Vincent Souvrumano, Melissa turned on her TV to her the shocking news of a New York hero who gave his life to save a jogger from being raped.  The story went on to tell of the hero's rise to fame in the hockey world and how he just recently helped bring the Stanley Cup back to New York.   Melissa was crying and cursing herself for being selfish pushing him off the way she did.  She spent the next several hours on the couch balled up in Vincent's jersey and cried.

There was a knock at Melissa's door and she pulled herself together enough to manage a teary "Who's there?"

"It's Joan I came to check on you. I wanted to make sure you were okay.  Some guy let me up as he was leaving the building."

Melissa made her way to the door and opened it after releasing several locks.  Joan stood there in a pair of sweats and a baggy shirt that had belonged to Vincent.  Both women immediately embraced each other and began crying anew.   They tried to console one another, as they seemed to cling on to each other for dear life.  After several moments the gained enough composure to move in the apartment and tried to make conversation.  Joan let Melissa know that she saw Vincent last night.  She also dug in her pocket and pulled out a small ring case and handed it over to Melissa.

"I know Vincent would still want you to have this.  I picked it up from the restaurant just before I came over.  He was planning on proposing last night " Joan said in a calming voice as she put her arm around her shoulder to comfort Melissa.

Melissa opened the box and gasped and cried.  It was a ring just like the one her great grandmother had.  She took the ring out and looked at the inscription, it read "My Love For You Forever".  In the box there also was a note "This is for the only woman who could make hockey take a back seat in my life.  I love you with all my heart Vincent".

Melissa was in tears and clinging to Joan As she dropped the box and cried and moaned "Why him, why him.  He did not deserve to go out like that."

Both women sat on the couch and clung to each other for hours and shared stories about Vincent.  It was a slow healing process but both women grew closer and over the following years they became the best of friends.

It turned out that the victim that Vincent saved was paralegal working in the DA's office.  With a few strings being pulled and some more college Melissa Pierce and Maria Sanchez were running the Sexual





Assault department.  There was also a fund started to help victims of sexual assault.  It is called "The Souvrumano Fund".  Both women claimed that Vincent had a hug e impact on their lives and he ids the reason they are doing what they are doing today.

                The New York Rangers did remember Vincent by retiring his number in a heart wrenching tribute to him.  They had Vincent's family out on the ice as they raised his number and played a video tribute.  Several Rangers mad short speeches, Messier was the last to speak.  He talked of Vincent's heart to play the game.  His desire to meet all challenges and come out on top.  When Messier finished the crowd stood up and cheered.  The applause was thunderous and lasted for several minutes. 

                Out at center ice Vincent stood and looked around and saw the people cheering.  A bright light shone down on him and Vincent looked up. A smile came across his face as he rose upward to the light as the crowd was cheering.  Vincent Disappeared into the light and Joan and Melissa who were in a luxury box felt a sudden sense that everything was fine with Vincent and he was okay.



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