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Standing in the new studio Christy Erica and Jenna look around.  First they were amazed with the speed of the construction and the quality of the work.  The studio was perfect.  The platform for the drums the outlets and then the sound room looked great.  It looked like one of the large studios from The Hit Factory in the city. 

"All we have to do now is set up the stuff and we are set.  This place looks great," Jenna said as she looked around.

"Yeah it is awesome.  I want to play with everything so bad.  Lets get the stuff and have some fun," Erica said with a childish tone and a gleam in her eye.

Christy smiled and said, "Lets do it".

As the girls headed for the door in a rush the door opened and they all crashed into Vic who had opened the door.  Vic went backwards and landed on his ass.  Christy, Erica and Jenna laughed as they watched Vic pick himself up.

"Thanks for knocking me down.  I haven't been attacked by anyone in awhile I was getting nervous," Vic said in a sarcastic tone as he stood up.  "Well I come bearing news.  Some good and some bad and the bad news is not really bad if you look at it from my point of view."  Vic looked around at his friends waiting for a reaction.

"Well are you going to stand there or are you going to tell us?" asked Christy. 

Vic smiled and began to speak, "Well first the good news.  I got the house in the Hamptons from April 25 to May 4.  Then after that we will be in California for the Xena Con".  Vic paused to make sure they were following him.  "So now for the bad news," Vic noticed the changes in his friend's expressions as they were preparing them selves for the worst.  "I will not be going to the Hamptons with you".  Vic stopped and watch the expressions change again to shock.

"What do you mean you are not going with us?" questioned Erica.

"You have to go you are the New Yorker.  We will be lost out there," Jenna added.

"We are a team we do everything together," Christy pleaded.

Vic knew it hasn't been that long since they had gone away left some one behind and the horrible experience that had turned out to be.  Vic stayed calm and reassuring as he began to explain what was going to happen.  "I have thought about that and I have made arrangements to help you guys out.  Some one is taking my place for the week.  Also she knows the area and will be able to make the most of your time there".  Vic watched his friends look at each other trying to figure out who it could be.  Vic smiled and was about say who it was when Erica cut him off.

"It better not be your cousin Emily," Erica growled as she gave Vic a look of warning that he better not say it was Emily otherwise she would have to rip his lungs out.  Christy and Jenna nodded and looked at Vic daring him to say it was Emily just to see Erica trounce him.

Vic smiled and gave a short chuckle and began to say, "Why would I send you to the Hamptons with Emily?  That would be insane.  I think I am the only person on this planet who can bear to be in the same room with her for more than an hour.  I love my cousin dearly but I love you guys and that just would not work.  So Emily is not going".  The look of relief swept across his friend's faces as Vic told them it wasn't Emily.  Then confusion quickly replaced the look of relief.

"Well then who is it?" asked Jenna

"Well I had to make a few calls and finally I got some one," Vic paused to torment his friends.

"Just tell us before we all beat you like a redheaded step child," Erica said in a low tone, as it seemed she did not like the little game any longer.

"Okay the person who is going in my place is Hudson," Vic said in a casual tone as he saw Christy's eyes light up and Jenna and Erica looked a little stunned.

"Does she know the area?" asked Jenna.

"It turns out she spent several years in the Hamptons doing pretty much what she did for us.  She admitted nothing like that had happened in the Hamptons mostly Colonial spirits and fisherman who had died at sea.  So she does know the area," Vic answered.

"That is so awesome thanks Vic," Christy hugged Vic and kissed him on the cheek.

"Yeah I am so glad that you're happy I am not going," Vic said in a sarcastic but humorous tone.

"I am not happy that you are not going but Hudson will help me get over it," Christy replied with a devilish grin.

Jenna and Erica looked on in mock disgust.  "Please I am going to be ill," Erica said as she looked at Christy.

"So what are you doing that you can not go with us and we have to go with Hudson," asked Jenna

"Well I will be in the Caribbean that week," replied Vic.  He knew he was about to get blasted and awaited the onslaught of berating comments.

It didn't take long cause Erica unleashed on him.  "What do you mean you are going to the Caribbean?  You get a house in the Hamptons then sneak off to the Caribbean with out us that is really bad.  Maybe we all would have rather gone to the Caribbean instead of the Hamptons.  Did you think about that mister one way?"

  "Vic couldn't help but have a slight smirk on his face that he knew was infuriating his friends more.  So Vic began to explain how it all happened.  "Okay here is the story.  I had booked the house and put the down the deposit.  Which is non-refundable.  Then one night I was bored and emailed a slightly fabricated story about the weirdest place I had had sex to Night Calls.  The story was about how I had sex with a woman in a director onboard Iowa.  They loved the story and read it on the air".

"What does this have to do with the Caribbean?" asked Jenna.

"I am getting there so don't interrupt," Vic said as he looked at Jenna.  "Okay so they read the email and then it went into the drawing for the night.  Well it turns out that at the end of the show they pull a piece of paper out of a tumbler thing and it is my name.  So now I am realizing I just put a deposit on a house in the Hamptons and I won a week in the Caribbean for two.  The key is for TWO.  Now I realize I am in a bind."

"So why aren't you taking one of us with you?" asked Erica.

"I am getting to that Erica.  Okay so I got a trip for two to the Caribbean and then I realize it is not just the Caribbean it is Hedonism III.  I say to myself you can score big time down there.  Then I realize I have to bring somebody.  Now if I brought any of one of you the other two will be upset.  Plus it is Hedonism and going with one of you would be like bringing your sister to the prom, so very wrong.  So that ruled you three out," Vic explained and watched his friends reluctantly agree.

"So now I had to find some one to bring.  Exgirlfriends were out.  There is not enough time to get a girl to agree to go with me.  So I asked Hudson," Vic said as he looked at Christy.  She immediately scowled and hit Vic.

"You better not have!" Christy screamed.

"No I didn't.  She was scratched off the list just after you three.  Then for a moment Lucy and Renee came to mind but that is a hole other story.  So I called up about the trip and made some extensions to the stay to coincide totally with all our plans.  I also changed rooms from one room to two smaller rooms".

"Okay this story is dragging on way to long.  Whom are you going with already?" Jenna demanded.

"Okay I am going with Ted," Vic answered.

"Ted?  What the hell are you thinking?" asked Erica.

"It is quite simple two fairly pathetic single guys in Hedonism one of us has to get lucky.  That is my rationalization of the situation," answered Vic as he looked at his friends who seemed to be speechless.  "Plus there are going to be some hot pornstars down there.  So I am looking forward to the week in paradise," Vic said with a smile.

"Ten bucks says you and Ted both don't get laid while you are there," Jenna said as she laughed.

"Your on.  I am getting lucky down there it is almost a sure thing," Vic responded and shook Jenna's hand to seal the bet.

Christy and Erica laughed at Vic as they moved past him finally to get their stuff to put in the studio.  "You aren't getting any Vic you might as well give Jenna the ten bucks now," Erica said.  Vic grumbled to himself and followed the girls and helped them move all the equipment.

Two hours later all the equipment was in place and ready to go.  Vic had ordered a pizza and picked it up and brought it into the studio.  Everyone sat down and had a beer and ate some pizza.  It was relaxing. 

"I still can not believe we have a studio," Erica said.  "Look we are eating pizza and drinking beer in our studio.  Do you know how much money we would be wasting if this wasn't our studio"?  Erica laughed as she took another bite of her pizza.

"This is going to be fun.  We will be able to play all night since the place is sound proofed," added Jenna.

Yeah I can also use it to create sounds for my company to give my graphic art another dimension.  We have opened a whole new world of endless possibilities here," Vic commented. 

Vic finished his slice and looked at his friends.  "Did I mention that a film was being shot two houses over from the one you will be staying at in the Hamptons?" asked Vic.

"No you did not mention that," Christy replied.

"Okay then.  There is a film being shot two houses over from where you are staying.  From what I was told it is a movie about two college interns getting caught in the middle of a drug transaction gone bad.  The stars are Eliza what's her face and that girl who played Darla".  Vic grabbed another slice and saw Erica and Jenna's eyes light up.

"You mean Eliza Dushku and Julie Benz are going to be there in the Hamptons while we are there?" asked Erica in an overly excited tone.  Jenna was also exited and waited for Vic to answer.  Christy did not seem to phased by the news.  At least not to the degree that Jenna and Erica seemed to be.

"I think so?  I can not guarantee it though but there is a chance they will be there," Vic answered.  Jenna and Erica seemed to bursting with excitement.  Vic looked on and continued to eat his pizza and drink his beer.

"I think I am going to be sick now," Christy commented as she looked at Erica and Jenna carry on.

"So, we are going to meet Julie and Eliza," Erica said and gave Christy a Bronx cheer.

Christy looked back at Erica and smiled.  Vic smiled and continued to eat.

Everyone finished eating and cleaned up the mess.  They all spent another few hours playing around checking the acoustics in the room.  The place sounded great and they were all quite pleased with the sound.

"Well guys I have to go pack and get ready for tomorrow," Vic announced.  "I got an early plane to catch and you girls have to get ready for the trip out to the Hamptons.  Oh and Christy you have to pick up Hudson at MacArthur at 10 am".  Christy's face seemed to glow with excitement of the news.

Suddenly everyone started moving and getting ready for tomorrow.  Vic went to his room and was packing Christy went to her room.   Jenna and Erica went to their room and started to move things about trying to get ready but both had something on their minds.  The awkward silence between them made tension mount.  Each did not know where to start or even how to bring it up.  Then they looked at each other and they began to speak simultaneously, "I got something to tell you".

They looked at each other and once again they started to talk at the same time, "You first".

"Hold on we are never going to get anything done.  You go first Erica," Jenna said taking charge.  "What did you want to say?"

"Well this is kind of odd and extremely unusual.  Well we are going on Vacation and it just happens that Julie Benz and Eliza Dushku might be in the area," Erica managed to get out as she looked at Jenna.  "Well we do have our lists and both of them are on our lists so I was wondering?"  Erica asked as she was looking to see if Jenna was going to freak out on her.

"I was going to ask you the same thing," Jenna said in a relieved tone.

"You were?  That is a relief.  Well what do you want to do about it?" asked Erica.

"Well as long as we are in the Hamptons we are single women on the prowl looking for the big hook up," Jenna replied.

"Cool," Erica said as she smiled.  Jenna and Erica then began packing their bags and the mood in the room seemed much lighter. 

The evening came and everyone was relaxing and anxious for the following day.   Vic was playing the PS2 EA sports hockey game on the new large screen plasma 50 inch TV he had to get to replace the old one that got lifted and destroyed about a month ago.

"Messier comes down on the off wing and unleashes a devastating wrist shot that freezes the goalie.  Rangers win!  The Rangers win!"  Vic starts cheering for himself as he holds up his hands in victory as the Rangers hold up the cup and the game goes through its victory sequence for the Stanley Cup.  His friends stare at him like he has gone insane.

"You need a girlfriend Vic," Christy said.

Vic looked over at Christy then over to Erica and Jenna who were laughing.  Vic shook his head and smiled.  "Yeah whatever, I am going to have some fun starting tomorrow," Vic said as he stuck out his tongue at Christy.

Eventually the night wore on and everyone made their way to their beds to get some sleep.  They all new that the morning would bring a new day, which held the promises of new adventures or at least a chance for, hot sex in strange places.  Everyone knew Erica was thinking that.

Early morning came and Vic quickly showered and grabbed all his stuff and seemingly snuck out of the house like a thief not waking anyone.  He started his car and he pulled out of the driveway.  Vic cruised down the street and out of sight. He was on his way towards his adventure.

A couple of hours later at a respectable hour Christy walked down to the kitchen to get something to drink.  As she got to the fridge she saw a note that Vic had left just before he had left.  It read:

Hey guys,


If you haven't guessed I am not here and I may have forgotten to tell you that Kristen the Realtor will be waiting at the house at 1 pm.  She will have the keys for you guys so try not to be late.  She does have a slight snobby attitude.  Have fun don't get arrested and keep the hospital visits down to a minimum and play nice with the neighbors.  They might be bigger and meaner then you.


                                                                                                                Hugs and Kisses and Acid

                                                                    Filled lollipops



Christy finished reading the note and laughed to herself.  Where the hell did acid filled lollipops come from Christy thought to herself.  Vic was just a little off kilter.  Christy put the note down and grabbed a can of Dr. Pepper from the fridge cleaned the top and began to drink it. Christy looked at the clock and quickly moved out of the kitchen and back to her room.  Christy put the soda down and headed to the bathroom to shower.

After turning off the shower and toweling off Christy wrapped the towel around her and went back into her room.  She started her morning dressing ritual, which began with applying lotion all over.  Then deodorant and finally she started to actually put on clothes.  Today she was feeling a little adventurous since she was going to pick up Hudson so she put on her lacy black bra and panties.  Well that is if you could actually call the micro sized piece of clothing panties.  Then Christy slid into jeans and a low cut white blouse, which showed off her tremendous assets.  To complete the outfit she put on her favorite Doc Marten boots.  She was dressed to impress. 

Christy went back to the bathroom to finish her hair.  Which only took another ten minutes and she was ready to go.  Christy then grabbed a leather jacket out of her closet and headed out of her room to see if Erica and Jenna were up.  Jenna was drinking a cup of coffee as Christy walked into the kitchen.

"Morning.  You are looking rather easy this morning," commented Jenna, as she looked Christy over.

"Well it's better then looking cheap," Christy countered with a smile as she tossed her empty can of soda.  "Did you see the note?" asked Christy.

"Yeah we saw it and Erica is taking a shower now.  I am next and we should be set to go by the time you get back from the airport with Hudson," answered Jenna as she continued to drink her coffee.

"Cool, I am heading out then to pick up Hudson then I will talk to you when I get back".

"We will be ready".

Christy grabbed the keys to the Durango that they had purchased earlier in the month.  Christy walked outside and looked at the newly painted van.  Solan, it is going to take some getting used to seeing that but she knew that it was part of the moving on.  Christy got in the Durango and pulled out of the driveway.

Christy made a few turns then crossed over Sunrise highway and headed for Veterans highway.  Christy turned left onto Vets and headed to Johnson ave and turned right on Johnson.  Christy followed the signs for arrival parking and parked the Durango.  Christy looked at the clock in the Durango and realized she was right on time.

Christy made her way into the airport and looked at the arrival flight schedule and saw Hudson's flight was on time and arriving at gate seven.  Christy went through the security checkpoints with no problems and watched Hudson's plane come to a stop and eventually let all of the passengers out.  Hudson was the last person off the plane and when Christy saw her she felt her heart start to race.  Christy felt like a child at Christmas.

Hudson seemed to casual stroll to the terminal like she owned the place looking about almost as if everyone around was beneath her.  The calm almost emotionless expression suddenly changed to an almost wicked grin and a gleam in her eye as she spotted Christy waiting for her.  Hudson picked up the pace slightly but still moved gracefully towards the terminal.

Christy watched every step that Hudson made soaking in every movement every look.  Christy watched as Hudson's mid length sundress flowed in the wind and the leather jacket hung open showing a slight tease of her figure.  The outfit was topped off with black leather boots with shiny buckles on the outside of each boot.  Christy also noticed some of the men waiting for friends or families were noticing Hudson too.  That only made it that much more exciting that Hudson was here for her.

As Hudson cleared the terminal door Christy moved in and gave her a long hug and whispered in Hudson's ear, "I've missed you so much".

"I know," Hudson whispered back as she hugged Christy.

Christy and Hudson broke the hug and looked into each other's eyes and smiled.  Words did not need to be exchanged.  They communicated their feeling in that one look. 

"Well lets get my stuff," Hudson finally said breaking the silence and trying to avoid any unnecessary leering from other on lookers.

"Good idea," Christy agreed as he led the way to the baggage terminal.  "Vic said that the realtor will be waiting for us at the house at one this afternoon.  So once we get back to my place we will get Jenna and Erica and head out to the Hamptons," Christy explained.

'Sounds like you thought of everything," Hudson commented as they reached the baggage terminal.  The luggage was just starting to be sent out from the back.  Hudson moved in and was able to quickly get her two bags.  Christy grabbed one and they headed towards the exit to the Durango.

"So how well do you know the Hamptons," asked Christy as they avoided several cars on their way to the Durango.

"I am pretty familiar with the area cause I did a lot of work out there for two years straight," answered Hudson as they stopped at the back of the Durango.  Christy popped the back open and they piled the luggage in.  "It seemed like I went from house to house living with the owners to tell them about the history of the house.  The old houses out there still have plenty of spirits who haven't given up on their lives.  The one good thing is they are harmless.  They are nothing like what we experienced at all," Hudson explained as they got in the Durango and started to leave the airport.

Christy paid for the parking and was leaving the airport area.  The place we are staying at is fairly new and was once just a wooded area.  I did stroll through that area with a client a few times trying to find a lost boy.  It turned out he was now where near that area but in a hospital in New York City.  He had run away and was hit by a taxi," Hudson continued to explain to Christy.

"That is horrible," Christy exclaimed.

"No, that isn't the horrible part.  I told Social Services that child should not be returned to his parents.  I had no proof that the parents were abusing the child only vague feelings and lingering scared images that remained in the house.  Social Services did a slight investigation but the parents had money.  Two weeks after the boy came home he was found dead.  The parents both went to jail for murder," Hudson finished telling the story and looked over at Christy with a solemn look on her face.  Christy just looked horrified by the story. 

"Just because people have money doesn't make them great parents.  I just wanted you to realize what lurks beneath the fun and the excess there in the Hamptons.  There are plenty more stories like that out there," Hudson looked back out the front window and was quiet.

"Why do people go there then?" asked Christy.

"It is a status thing.  When you made it you get a place in the California hills a place in the Hamptons and now a place in Miami.  The parties are always excessive.  The drink and drugs flow freely as well as what Hollywood likes to call it the 'liberal lifestyle'.  That just means that guys that you think are studs are really talking it in the pants by some drag queen cokehead," Hudson said with a rather sarcastic cynical tone.

"The place seems like a mad house no wonder Vic wanted us to go," Christy remarked with a smile.

"It sure is and one week is more than enough time to see all the craziness.  Right now is when the hard-core nuts are out.  Plus there is a movie crew in town it will be extra special," Hudson said as she laughed.

Christy pulled into the driveway to find Jenna and Erica loading the van up with all the music gear.  Christy looked at Hudson and shrugged her shoulders.

"Hey Christy we packed two guitars for you and the rest of the stuff is also loaded," called out Erica.

"I did not know we were taking our gear?" Christy yelled back as she got out of the Durango.  Hudson climbed out and looked around as if she was trying to pick up on any residual energy or new energies here.

"Hey Hudson glad to see you," Erica said as she loaded another bag into the van.  Jenna came out of the house with two more bags. 

"I think that is everything Erica," Jenna said.  "Hey Hudson, how was the plane ride?" Jenna asked.

"Not bad.  It was a direct flight so no layovers or stops," Hudson casually answered.

"Hey Hudson help me get my stuff okay," Christy called over to Hudson.  Hudson nodded and smiled then followed Christy into the house.

"I think she is warming up to us," Erica joked as she looked over her shoulder to make sure Hudson was in the house when she spoke.

"Yeah I think you're right," Jenna laughed. 

Jenna and Erica headed into the house and passed Christy and Hudson who had a bag each.  Christy headed out to the Durango and put her bag in there.  Then took the bag Hudson was carrying and placed in the Durango also.   Christy shut the door and smiled.  "We are all set now.  Hopefully Erica and Jenna are done," Christy told Hudson.

"Hey we are all set here," Erica called out to Christy.  Erica moved out of the house with Jenna.

"Yeah we are done here also," Christy responded.

"Cool lets get going then.  We should get there just in time," Jenna said as she moved to the van and was about to get in.  "Oh Christy catch".  Jenna tossed Christy a two-way radio.  Christy caught the radio and handed it to Hudson.

"Hey, I am driving so you are in charge of the radio and getting us there," Christy said as she smiled at Hudson.

"All the responsibility, I can not handle it.  I am going to go insane," Hudson said as she then shrieked and grabbed her head.  Christy looked at Hudson who was shrieking.  Just as quickly as the shrieking started it stopped and Hudson calmly climbed into the Durango like nothing had happened.  Christy laughed to herself.

Erica and Jenna saw and heard everything and were amused as they climbed into the van.  "Who new Hudson had a sense of humor.  Not to mention a warped one," Erica commented as she started the van and waited for Christy to pull out so she could follow her. 

"That was funny though," Jenna replied as she turned on the radio.

In a few moments they were on their way east.  The drive was fairly smooth.  There wasn't too much traffic on Sunrise then on the two-lane road that took you into the Hamptons.  The house was huge and Kristen was waiting out front as they pulled up.

Erica was the first one out to meet Kristen and after a few moments everyone introduced themselves and Kristen took them on a tour of the house.  Kristen explained how to use the sauna the hot tub and the gym.  She also showed everyone the security system and how to work the lights for outside.  Then she began to explain that tomorrow the film crew would be filming in the back yard.  It should only be for the day.  Kristen explained Vic was aware of this and said it would be no problem.  Jenna and Erica both nodded and agreed that it would be no problem at all.

Kristen did turn over to sets of keys before she left.  Christy and Hudson went to the kitchen and checked out the fridge, which was fully stocked.  Kristen had explained that a maid came twice a week and stocked basic foods and beverages.  Christy grabbed a beer and gave on to Hudson.  Erica and Jenna were running about the house in total disbelief that they rent such a cool place and the girls of their dreams were next-door and possibly filming in the back yard tomorrow.

After everyone settled down they unpacked the vehicles and put everything away.  Erica and Jenna found a cool room with several large glass doors that opened to the large deck in the back.  From the deck you could see into the neighboring yard where the filming was going on.

As Jenna and Erica were setting up the gear, with out Christy's help cause she was busy with Hudson.  "You know if we start playing in a little while I bet we can get a party going on," Erica said with an evil grin.

"I was wondering what are we going to play we are sort of limited with some out keyboards or bass, which ever we are not going to use," Jenna questioned.

"I have thought of that and awhile ago actually.  I have been programming the keyboard with almost every song that we do cause I don't want to be stuck behind they keyboards all the time.  So as long as we do not improvise and we stay steady the keyboards will be there and I can play bass," Erica answered Jenna.

"I think we got a plan then.  It might just attract a crowd and with any luck Julie and Eliza will be part of the crowd," Jenna said with a smile.

"We are so hooking up.  This plan can not fail," Erica said.  Then Erica's face went blank and she stared off for a second then she looked at Jenna with a concerned look.  "What if Christy is to busy to play with us?  We are screwed then," Erica muttered in a trembling nervous tone.

"She has got to play we need her.  She has the whole week to get freaky with Hudson," Jenna said as she tried to soothe Erica.

"Yeah your right she will help us.  She better or I am going to make her week so miserable," Erica joked.

Finally all the gear was set and they tested everything and it was working fine.  The cool ocean breeze was blowing in the doors that they had opened early.  Jenna looked out from the balcony and it looked like everyone was winding down and putting stuff away at the neighbors.  Erica and Jenna quickly set up the bar that was out on the deck.  The bar was stocked all they had to do was unlock it.  Then Erica and Jenna quickly ran around looking for Christy and Hudson who were curled up on one of the love seats in the study.

Christy immediately noticed Jenna and Erica enter the study.  She looked at her friends and could tell they were planning something.  What they were planning some how involved her and she was not to sure if she really wanted to know.  So Christy waited for one of her friends to break the silence as held on to Hudson who was ignoring Erica and Jenna.

"Ah, Christy we got a huge favor to ask you," muttered Erica in a nervous and extremely polite tone.  Christy just looked up at Erica and waited for her to continue.  "Well we set up all the gear and we were wondering if you would come jam with us?" Erica finished and looked at Christy with pleading eyes.

"What are you two up to?  There is more to this then just wanting to jam," Christy question as she looked back and forth between her two friends trying to read their facile expressions.

"Well the filming crew is next door and if we play we might attract attention and get an impromptu party going on," Jenna answered hoping Christy would go along with the idea.

"This probably the first of a long list of ideas that you have to attract those girls attention over there isn't it," Christy said.  "If I don't help you thing will just escalate and most likely I will land up bailing you to out of jail for doing something really stupid".

"Yeah most likely," Erica agreed.

"Yeah I wouldn't rule it out," Jenna chimed in.

"Okay, I will be there in a few," Christy said as she shook her head.  Jenna and Erica ran out of the study and back to the room where they set up.

"I know we were planning on being alone but if I don't help my friends now we will never get any peace," Christy said as she looked into Hudson's eyes.

"I know.  Don't worry we will have the rest of the week to ourselves," Hudson answered with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"How do you know that?" Christy asked as she stood up.

"I can feel it in the air.  I am getting the impression that whom ever they are seeking will come and we will have peace for the week," Hudson responded as she stood up and cupped Christy face with her hands then lightly kissed her.  "Go help your friends," Hudson whispered. 

Christy's knees went weak but she managed to walk away and look back at Hudson who was smiling.  Christy managed to find her friends by following the noise of the drums.  Christy entered the room and saw the set up and it actually looked so much better than some places they had played over the years.  The huge glass doors opened to the back and it just made for an awe-inspiring view to play by.

"Well what are we going to play/?" asked Christy as she moved to her guitars and picked her jet black Gibson Les Paul.

"Well I got a short list that should attract some attention," Erica showed Christy the list.

Christy looked at the list and asked, "How are we going to play some of these songs they require bass and keyboards?"

"I programmed the keyboards for all the songs all I have to do is start it," answered Erica.

"I am impressed.  That sounds good," Christy answered.

Out on the deck Hudson appeared and Christy watched her move towards the bar and look out to the neighboring backyard.  Hudson then turned and looked into the room where Christy, Erica and Jenna were talking.  "Excuse me ladies but if your plan is going to work I think you should start playing right about now.  Otherwise you will miss your opportunity," Hudson said casually as she opened a bottle of water and started drinking.

As if Hudson said there was a fire Erica went scrambling for her bass and got behind the keyboards.  Jenna counted down and with a thundering boom they started playing.  Christy walked about to see if any one could hear them over at the neighbors.  Erica followed right behind playing bass and singing.

Erica and Christy continued to play.  Erica was quite happy they invested in the head set mikes.  It made it so much easier to move about.  The sound was real good from the mikes also.  Amazingly the sound in the room carried quite well and there were no adjustments to the board needed.

Christy and Erica moved back in and went into the second song and were having fun.  Hudson looked out and saw people taking an interest to what was going on.  At about the fourth song people started to gather on the deck.  Erica looked to see if Julie or Eliza had gotten there but did not see them yet so they kept playing.  By the tenth song there was a huge crowd and Erica and Jenna couldn't tell if Julie or Eliza were there.  Christy lost track of Hudson

At the end of the song Erica addressed the crowd and said, "Hey we got a party happening here".  The crowd cheered.  "Well we are Solan and we are going to take a ten minute break.  Please stay enjoys the bar". 

Erica put down her bass and took off her mike.  Christy did the same.  Jenna put her sticks down and moved from behind her drums and moved into the crowd.  The crowd was fairly large not all were from the set next door some seemed to have heard the music and drifted in and everyone seemed to be having a good time.  Erica switched on a tape from the soundboard so music continued to play while they were taking a break.

Christy Erica and Jenna immediately gravitated to the bar where Hudson seemed to take up tending to everyone's beverage requests.  Hudson grabbed three bottles of water and handed one to each of them.

"Thanks Hudson, I am parched," Erica said as she opened the bottle and took a sip.

"Thanks," Jenna added as she also opened her bottle and took a drink.

Christy smiled and looked at Hudson but did not say anything.  Hudson smiled back with a mischievous grin and then pointed behind the three women.  Christy, Erica and Jenna saw Hudson pointing and they knew some one was behind them hoping top get their attention.  Erica and Jenna hoped it was Julie and Eliza.  All three turned around to find a group of guys who immediately started to compliment them on their playing and looks and anything else they could think of to get one up on the next guy.

Christy, Jenna and Erica played along for a few minutes as they made their way back towards the their instruments.  The group of guys followed till finally Christy stopped the guys.  "Hey guys we got to play okay.  So go get something to drink and enjoy the show," Christy said as she bent over sticking her ass in the guy's direction and which immediately got their attention.  Jenna saw what Christy was doing and shook her head.  Erica was laughing as she was hooking her self back up.

After a few moments they were all ready to play so Erica stopped the tape and started to address the crowd.  "Okay is everyone having a good time?"  The crowd cheered.  "Sounds like you are having fun.  I know these guys are enjoying the show," Erica said pointing to the guys who had just checked out Christy's ass.  "Well we are going to play some more for you so relax and enjoy the sunset.  It looks really cool from here," Erica finished and started the keyboards and they began to play.

After the second song Erica realized that her list was almost finished.  Luckily the last song had no keyboards and Erica moved to Christy and told her to stretch out the guitar solo a bit.  Erica then moved behind to let Jenna know what was going on.  Erica quickly moved behind the keyboards and began working on a new list.  She made a copy for Jenna and hung other copy on the keyboard for her and Christy.  Erica moved behind the Jenna again and taped the new list over the old list.  Jenna was laughing and then point out to Christy who was just wailing on the guitar and teasing the guys in the front.

Erica moved back out to the front and was still watching Christy who was down on her knees that were spread apart.  Her guitar split the distant of her knees.  Erica had seen Christy do this numerous times and knew what was coming next.  Then suddenly she arched her back and lightly licked the neck of the guitar to the top and smiled enticingly to the guys who seemed to have exploded where they stood.

Christy sprung up to her feet and spun away and moved back toward the drums.  Erica was laughing slightly cause Christy never got that reaction at HB's.  Christy saw Erica was ready and brought the solo to a close and seamlessly worked right back to the next verse.  Then finally they finished the song and went into the next few songs.

Finally Erica spotted Julie then Eliza who walked up right next to Julie.  Erica moved behind the drums and pointed out that they were here to Jenna.  Jenna nodded and watched Julie and Eliza enjoying the show and having a drink.  Erica moved out front again and also kept checking what the girls were doing.

After several more songs the sun had gone completely down Hudson had found the controls to turn on the outdoor lighting.  The crowd did thin out quite a bit but Eliza and Julie were still there.  Just as they finished a song, Erica looked at out the crowd.  Erica turned to Christy and Jenna and said, "Last song, Dancing".  Jenna and Christy nodded.  "Okay follow my lead we are going to something different here so just go with it," Erica continued.  Jenna and Christy looked at each other with a concerned look but they nodded in agreement.

Erica quickly took off her base and unplugged herself and moved behind the keyboards and addressed the crowd.  "Well everyone I want to thank you coming over and hanging with us for a bit.  This is going to be our last number and we need a little help".  Erica started playing the opening for Dancing in the Moonlight.  "Okay so Jenna and Christy go out there and get some dancers for us".  Jenna looked at Erica and got what she meant. 

Christy and Jenna moved out and Christy went right to Hudson and dragged her from behind the bar and Jenna grabbed Eliza and Julie.  Christy grabbed a few other women and Jenna did the same.  "Okay this looks like a good set of dancers," Erica said as she kept the intro going.

Jenna moved behind her drum kit again and Christy was lining up the dancers.  "Okay this is going to be real simple we just want you all to dance as we play.  Just let it all hang out," Erica told the dancers and the crowd closed up a bit and was watching everything that happening.  "Okay is everyone ready, cause here we go," Erica said as she moved the song along and everyone started dancing. 

The whole scene became a giant mass of dancing bodies.  The crowd tightened around the dancing women and who almost seemed like they were all strippers except for Julie Eliza and Hudson, who managed to move behind Erica and her keyboards.  As Erica watched the dancers she noticed clothes started to be removed.  The group almost looked like a giant orgy with people grinding and groping.  Christy watched on as the group seemed to lower themselves to the floor.  Christy moved back to watch the crowd from a safe distance.  Hudson, Eliza and Julie looked on amused looks.  No one could believe what was happening. 

As the song came to an end the crowd that had been in what appeared to be a sexual frenzy began to cheer.  Christy looked over at Hudson who was smiling and shaking her head.  Jenna stood up and waved to the crowd and pointed to the people on the floor some of the guys were still groping at each other and the women.  Erica turned the keyboards off and addressed the crowd.  "Thanks again for coming by, I hope everyone is having fun.  I see those two guys are having fun".  The crowd cheered and people were laughing.  Erica continued as she was trying to stop laughing, "Well just because we are done doesn't mean you have to go, so hang out have some more to drink and relax".  Erica took off her mike and turned to greet Eliza and Julie.

Christy moved to the soundboard after she took off her guitar and put in another tape and pressed play to keep some music going for the crowd.  As she was doing this she watched Hudson walk back to the bar.  Then Christy looked back towards Erica and Jenna who were talking to Eliza and Julie.  Christy laughed to her self and walked to the bar avoiding the group of people who on the floor who were starting to break up.  Christy managed to avoid all the guys from earlier but they were right behind her.  Christy immediately hugged Hudson tight then looked in the direction of the guys and slightly smiled and shook her head.  The guys realized at that moment they had no chance.

Erica, Eliza Julie and Jenna seemed to be hitting it of real well.   Erica was talking to Eliza and Jenna was talking with Julie.  "You sounded really good and that group seemed to enjoy themselves," Julie said as she pointed to the where the crowd had been and now was just several guys and one woman.

"Yeah that has to be the craziest thing I have seen while playing," Jenna remarked and smiled.  Eliza looked over and so did Erica. 

Eliza broke the momentary silence and asked, "You all look familiar.  Did you play under the name Jace at one point?"

Erica and Jenna were shocked that Eliza Dushku knew that they were once Jace.  "How did you know that?" asked Erica.

"I have a cousin Samantha who I am fairly close with and she was in the Navy up until last October.  She had told me about Jace and sent me cds that she picked up at your shows.  The music was great.  I enjoyed them and I was playing your last one for Julie," Eliza said as she pointed to Julie who nodded.

"Yeah it is great.  The artwork is really cool.  The cover to the cd Eliza has been playing for me is really good," Julie added.

"Yeah Vic will be glad to hear that some one out there is enjoying his work," Jenna said with a smile as she remembered how proud Vic was when he completed the artwork for the last cd.

"Is Vic a friend of yours?" asked Julie.

"Well actually we all live together now out in Sayville.  We are just vacationing out here for the week.  We moved up here after some problems back in Virginia," Erica answered.

"I was wondering why we haven't seen you around.  We seemed to have met almost everyone I this community," Eliza commented.

"Yeah everyone has been great but we did not realize how freaky they could be under the right circumstances," Julie added.  Everyone laughed as they looked over to see if anyone was left on the floor.  No one was left on the floor but people were moving about still and enjoying the music.

Over the next few hours Jenna and Julie broke away from Erica and Eliza.  Erica and Eliza hit it off quite well and were talking like they had known each other for most of their lives.  Jenna and Julie seemed very comfortable talking to each other also.  Christy and Hudson looked on as more and more people left.  They watched Erica and Eliza and Jenna and Julie.

"It has worked out perfectly.  They have made contact and they can play out their little twisted games.  We can have peace and quiet for the rest of the week," Christy said as she took a long drink from her beer that she had been drinking.

Hudson looked at Christy and said, "The last of our guest have left lets close up and call it a night.  I think Erica and Jenna have things well in hand".

Christy smiled and put her beer down and moved closer to Hudson and spoke in a coy tone, "Lets go to our room and call it a night".  Hudson and Christy moved into the house and disappeared into their room.

The morning came and Erica and Jenna were in the kitchen early getting some coffee and looking out the window to see if the film crew had started filming.  They had not yet begun so Erica and Jenna drank their coffee and sat in an awkward silence.  Both were anxious to get out to the set and see Julie and Eliza.  Jenna looked out the window again and saw some movement and lighting being moved around.

"Hey I think we better get out there I think they are setting up," Jenna said as she looked at Erica.  Jenna put her coffee cup in the sink and headed out to the back.  Erica quickly followed.

As they walked through the house to the area where they played they saw the mess that they had not cleaned yet.  There were half filled glasses empty beer bottles and water bottles all about.  In the back there was a lot more empty bottles but there was also cigarette buts all over.

"I don't remember it being this bad when I went to sleep last night," Erica said as she looked around.

"I know.  Christy is going to be pissed if we don't help clean up," Jenna replied as she kept walking looking about.

"Yep, we will take care of this later.  How many times do we get to see a film being made," Erica added as she moved towards the film crew.

Erica and Jenna were greeted by several crewmembers that had been at the party last night.  After telling them how great they sounded and how cool it was to just have a get together like that last evening they told Erica and Jenna that they were expected down at the trailers.   Jenna and Erica thanked the guys and made their way to the group of trailers and then an intern who was running about with a headset and clipboard intercepted them.

"You were great last night," the intern said with a slight lisp.  Erica looked and Jenna and they realized he was one of the guys in the mass of bodies last night.

"Thanks, it was fun," Erica said with a smile.

"No prob.  Eliza and Julie said that I should keep an eye out for you two.  They wanted me to tell you that you should go right to their trailers.  I don't know who is going where but Julie's trailer is over there and Eliza is just a little further down," the intern finished as his hands finally settled down.  It seemed he could not say anything with out his hands fluttering about.  Erica and Jenna watched in amazement.  "May I add that you two look fabulous today".

"Thanks we just threw this look together this morning," Erica said not knowing what to think since she was wearing worn jeans and a Gabrielle t-shirt.  Jenna was wearing jeans and a t-shirt also. 

Jenna and Erica continued to the trailers that the intern had pointed out.  Jenna stepped up to Julie's trailer and Erica continued to Eliza's trailer.  Jenna knocked on the door and Julie answered the door and invited her in.  Jenna looked over and saw Erica knocking on the Eliza's trailer.  Jenna stepped in and saw the inside of a movie stars trailer.

Julie asked Jenna to sit.  Then she offered her something to drink.  Jenna politely refused and looked around as she sat down.  The trailer was amazing.  This was the life she thought to herself.

"Last night was fun," Julie said as she sat next to Jenna.  "It was a great break from filming.  Yesterday we filmed some intense scenes so getting to unwind and talked to some one new was great".

"I had a good time also.  I did not realize how you have another whole side to you other than the one we see in interviews and onscreen," Jenna said as she turned to face Julie as they talked.

"Yeah there is only so much you really want to reveal to the public.  Everyone needs some privacy and being an actor you lose a great deal of your privacy so I try to hold on to some of it.  Fans sometimes want to much from you and at some point it gets weird," Julie answered.

"I am just a local musician and I had seen some crazy fans that cause problems," Jenna said softly agreeing with Julie.

The room went silent and Jenna and Julie just looked at each other and something in that moment clicked.  In that instant by the looks in their eyes they had bridged the gap that separates friendship and relationship.  There was a fire now burning between them.

"I never had been attracted to a woman before but there is something about you," Julie said as she moved closer to Jenna.  Jenna moved closer and they met halfway and began to kiss.  At first it was a soft kiss.  Both women pulled away slowly, feeling slightly breathless and they gazed into each other's eyes trying to see if each other is feeling the same way.  A passion was burning in their eyes and they quickly began kissing again this time harder and longer.  They held each other and then hands started to slowly wonder and explore.  Suddenly they found themselves on the trailer's floor still kissing.

Erica looked over and saw Jenna walk into Julie's trailer as she knocked on Eliza's door.  Suddenly the door opened and Eliza had a wicked smile on her face and grabbed Erica and pulled her inside Erica stumbled and found her self be pushed onto the couch.  Eliza climbed on Erica who was sitting.  She was on her knees with either knee on either side of Erica's legs.  Eliza's ass was resting on Erica's thighs as she pinned Erica to the back of the couch.  Erica was a little startled but at the same time was excited by what was happening.

"I wanted to do this since last night.  I couldn't sleep thinking about you all night you little tease," Eliza said as she moved in closer to Erica and almost kissing her butting she quickly moved away.  "Now it is my turn to be in charge of this little game".  Eliza spread Erica's arms wide moved her face so her nose was pressing against Erica's nose.  Then Eliza slowly began to say in a low sultry voice, "You always get you way don't you.  You take advantage of everyone with your slutty little walk and the way you dress.  I can tell you want me but you're not going to get me on your terms.  I am going to take you on mine".

Eliza finished speaking.  Erica was quaking with desire but at the same time she knew what Eliza had said was entirely true.  The part about Erica wanting her on her terms was dead on accurate though but Erica was willing to be taken.  At this moment she wanted nothing more then to be taken.  She said nothing but her eyes spoke for her they were giving herself up in complete surrender.

Eliza saw the look in her eyes and moved slightly and their lips touched and they began to kiss.  Eliza kept pressure on Erica's arms keeping them pinned and used leverage to force Erica's head back so she could take full advantage of Erica.  Eliza shifted her body closer to Erica, which pinned her to the couch even tighter then she pulled her lips away from Erica's.  Eliza looked down at Erica and saw the pleading in her eyes.  Eliza smiled an evil grin and traced her tongue around the outline of Erica's lips.  Erica was shaking.

Then on a table a beeping noise was heard then followed by a voice.  "Eliza we are just about ready for you on the set so we need you to go get your make up touched up".  The voice was gone and Eliza kissed the tip of Erica's nose got up and straightened herself up.

"Well they are calling for me, so I got to go.  So get up and lets go," Eliza said with a wicked smile.

Erica was sitting there trying to make sense of what just happened.  She managed to look up at Eliza who was acknowledging the call on a small Nextel phone.  Erica stood up and readjusted herself.  She realized that her breathing was a little labored.  Erica did follow Eliza out of the trailer.

As Julie and Jenna were still rolling on the floor a beep was heard followed by a voice saying, "Julie we are just about ready for you on the set so if you could head to make up for a touch up.  We will begin shooting shortly".

Julie and Jenna stopped and looked to the table where the voice came from.  Julie and Jenna untangled and stood up.  Julie walked to the table and picked up the small Nextel.  "Okay I will be there in a minute," Julie answered.

Jenna stood looking over at Julie.  "I guess you have to go to work," Jenna said.

"It seems that way but we are done yet," Julie said in a low voice.  "Well why don't you come out and watch for awhile?" asked Julie.

"I wouldn't miss it," Jenna replied as she smiled and moved over to Julie and lightly kissed her and they made their way out of the trailer.

Jenna looked towards Eliza's trailer and saw Eliza and Erica coming out of the trailer.  Julie waved to Eliza. And Eliza waved back smiling. 

"See you in make up," Julie called out.

"Yep I will be right there," answered Eliza.

Erica and Jenna spent the next two hours watching the how a film crew works and what has to be done to film one scene.  They watched Eliza and Julie do take after take.  Each time they had to change camera angle reset the lighting.  Then they had to shoot close ups.  Erica and Jenna finally left letting the intern that gave them the directions earlier that they had to go and let Julie and Eliza know.  The intern assured them that he would give them the message.

Erica and Jenna made their way back to the house.  There was no sign of Christy or Hudson.  "I guess they haven't made it out of bed yet," Erica joked.

"Yeah, they must be real tired," Jenna said sarcastically.  "I guess we should start cleaning up out here," Jenna said as she walked inside.

"You are right. Lets get started," Erica agreed.

Inside they found the garbage bags and headed outside.  They started picking up all the trash that was scattered about.  After about an hour Christy and Hudson appeared and lent a hand cleaning the mess.  After about another hour the mess was finally clean and everyone sat around and relaxed.

"You know we haven't had anything to eat.  I am starving," Erica said as she looked at everyone hoping some one would agree with her.

"Yeah I am pretty hungry myself," Christy added.

"Well what are we going to do about it then?" asked Jenna.

"There is a nice little dinner not to far from here," Hudson mentioned.  "It is to early for any of the main restaurants to be open.  Oh there is a pizza place also".

"Pizza sounds great," Christy said.

"Okay lets get some pizza then," Erica agreed.

The doorbell rang and everyone looked at each other trying to figure out who was at the door.  Christy got up and went to the front door.  The doorbell rang again and Christy opened the door.  She was shocked to see a team of men with food platters.

"Yes we were told to deliver this food here from Eliza Dushku and Julie Benz," said the lead man with a large platter.

"Oh okay," Christy stammered.

"We will set up for you in the dining area," said the man.

"Do you know where that is?" asked Christy.

"Yes we do.  We have done numerous setups here over the years," answered the man as he walked past Christy.

"Great cause I have no idea where it is," Christy joked.

Christy left the door open as the parade of men came in to set up what looked like a huge spread of food.  Christy then walked back in to the room where everyone was sitting around.  Christy looked at everyone and said, "I don't think we will be ordering pizza".

"Why not?" asked Erica

"Cause Eliza and Julie had ordered a huge spread of food," Christy answered.

"What are you talking about?" asked Jenna.

"Well I answered the door and it was a catering service and they are delivering a large spread right now.  They are also setting up right now," Christy added.

Erica, Jenna and Hudson stood up to find where the food was being set up.  As they were heading to the food Eliza and Julie came walking through the front door.  "Hey I see the food has gotten here," Eliza said as she walked in and followed one of the servers.  Julie followed right behind.

"Yes the food has made it here and we were on our way to take a look at what you ordered," Erica replied.

"Well we ordered a little of everything so with any luck there will be something there that you will like," Julie added as they all entered the room that the food was set up in. 

"Wow this looks great," Jenna said as she saw all the food.

Over the two hours everyone sat and talked and ate.  The conversation was all over the place ranging from talking with the dead to where to by shoes.  Everyone was having a good time and Eliza took the opportunity to tease Erica through the meal.  Julie was much shier about letting her feelings show but she had made eye contact with Jenna letting her know she was very much on her mind.

As everyone finished and the servers cleared the plates and started to pack everything up.  Julie and Jenna stepped out to the deck area in the back yard.  Eliza and Erica moved to the den.  Christy and Hudson moved into the living room.  The caterers finally finished and they left.

The sun was getting lower in the sky and Jenna and Julie headed to the beach for a walk they grabbed a blanket and the car keys.  Erica and Eliza broke out a bottle of wine and made there way to the hot tub.  Christy and Hudson were relaxing in front of the TV.  It looked like a nice peaceful evening.

Erica gave Eliza a pair of shorts and a tank top.  Erica put on some shorts and a bikini top that really showed off her assets.   They climbed into the hot tub and poured the wine.  After a few glasses and some racy conversation Eliza quickly pinned Erica in her seat in the hot tub.

"You are my bitch tonight," Eliza said as she looked at Erica with an evil look in her eye.  Erica looked a little shocked but at the same time was excited.  Eliza moved over and climbed on Erica so Erica could not move away.  "Now let see where was I early.  Oh yeah, you were about to be tortured for being a little tease," Eliza whispered as she moved her face to meet Erica's.

Eliza took the glass of wine from Erica and put it on the deck.  Eliza then grabbed the back of Erica's hair and pulled it forcing Erica to look up to the sky.  Eliza pressed her body up closer to Erica's and slowly was grinding her body against Erica.  Eliza took her wine glass and dripped a little wine in Erica's mouth.  Then Eliza dripped a little more wine on Erica's forehead.  The wine trickled to either side of he forehead.  Eliza moved in closer and lightly licked the tracks of wine.  Erica couldn't believe the feelings that were washing over her.

 Eliza put down her wine glass but still held onto Erica's hair.  Eliza held Erica's head in the same position and lowered her mouth to Erica's.  Upon contact Erica move her hands up Eliza's back slowly moving up and down feeling the softness of her skin. Eliza's hands cupped Erica's face and as they kissed and their tongues intertwined.

Julie and Jenna got out of the Durango and looked at the sun as it was sinking lower in the sky.  Jenna grabbed the blanket and followed Julie to the beach.  They walked for a few minutes talking about the day and the night before.  They made their way up into the sand dunes to get a good view of the sun as it drifted lower in the sky.  Jenna laid out the blanket and Julie sat down and Jenna sat right beside her.

As the sun began sink on the horizon Julie and Jenna were quiet just looking at the sun and the brilliant colors of the waning daylight.  Just as the sun was gone Julie and Jenna looked at each other and slowly moved closer and softly kissed.  Each woman pulled slightly back and looked into each other's eyes and they could see the intense desire for more.  Their mouths quickly met but this time the kiss was more passionate and longer.  Each of them seemed to fight for control of who was kissing whom.  As the their kiss seemed to consume them with passion their hands and arms started to move about holding and squeezing and caressing till finally they were laying down on the blanket groping each other like there was no tomorrow.

The sun rose up into the sky and it's light crept into the open window of Erica's room.  Then birds started singing.  Normally Erica would never notice any of this but as she lay in bed and opened her eyes the flood of memories from last night rushed into the front of her mind.  The hot tub, the floor, the bed, the shirts and panties used as restraints.  Erica realized she still had a pair tied around her ankle.  Eric rolled over to face Eliza but all that was there was a note.  Erica picked up the note and read it:


I had to leave early to get to the set you were looking real peace so I did not want to wake you.  Stop by my trailer cause I want to thank you for last night.




Erica put the note down and lay back down.  Erica stretched on the bed trying to get motivated to actually get out of bed.  She lay there looking at the ceiling and thinking about last night and whose panties were tied around her ankle and did she have any more clean one left if they were hers.  Then her thought drifted to Jenna.  Erica was wondering where she was and what she did last night.

The sun hasn't risen yet and Julie was just getting out of the shower.  Jenna was looking around in the bedroom as she sat up in the bed.  Jenna was impressed with the décor of the room since it was a rented cottage.  The movie studio did all right for the stars.  They have a large trailer and a cottage.  That is the life Jenna thought.  Julie came out of the bathroom wearing a silk robe and a towel wrapped around her head.

Jenna sensed that something was wrong by the look on Julie's face.  Julie looked at Jenna and tried to speak but she couldn't find the words.   She started to look frustrated as Jenna patiently waited for her to say something.

"It's okay go ahead and say it," Jenna said calmly hoping to make it easier for Julie to say what she wanted.

"Julie looked at Jenna and smiled a crooked smile and began to say, "Last night was great and I would not change a thing about it.  I am not ashamed of what we did but," Julie paused.  Jenna knew what was coming since she had seen this happen to friends of hers back in Virginia.  "I am married and I love my husband," Julie continued.

"I know," Jenna said in a low tone.  Jenna knew this and knew that they had no real relationship but it was a great night to remember.  "Well we can hang out the rest of the week and just enjoy our time together," Jenna finished saying.

Julie looked down and then back at Jenna, "Well we can't spend anymore time together.  My husband is flying in today and will be here this afternoon.  I just think it would be to weird for me to be around you both," Julie managed to say.

Jenna knew this was another way of saying get out I am done with you but it sounded more polite and there was a little emotion involved so you won't hate the person saying it.  "Okay, I understand," Jenna, said as she got up out of bed and was watching the sun creep up over the horizon.

"You don't have to leave yet," Julie said closing the gap between them.

"Yes I do," Jenna replied.  " I don't want to make this harder on either of us.  If I leave now it will be okay," Jenna added.

Julie stopped getting closer and realized that Jenna was right.  "Last night was really special for me," Julie said as she turned and walked back to the bathroom.

"For me too," Jenna responded in a low tone as she put on her clothes.  For some reason Jenna started to think about what Erica was doing.

Jenna drove the Durango back to the house they rented.  Jenna parked and walked to the house.  The sun was climbing higher in the sky.  Jenna headed straight to her room once she walked into the house.  The house was quiet as she made her way to her room.  In her room Jenna sat on the bed and looked out the window.  She shook her head and just fell back on the bed.

The morning was just about over and Jenna was still in her room.  Erica finished showering and was feeling good.  Erica was getting ready to head over to see Eliza.  Christy and Hudson had taken off earlier to tour some of the local vineyards.

Erica left the house and headed towards the area that the trailers were set up for the actors.  Several people recognized Erica and waved.  Erica made her way to Eliza's trailer.  Erica climbed the stairs to the door and knocked.  Erica heard some scrambling and then Eliza opened the door to see who was there.  Erica saw Eliza clutching her robe closed and the look of relief came across Eliza's face.

"Hey Erica you made it.  We are breaking for lunch.  Why don’t you come in and join us," Eliza held the door open for Erica who stepped into the trailer.  As Erica steeped into the trailer she noticed the intern was sitting on the couch with another guy that Erica thought she recognized from the bodies of flesh the other night.  Both guys were nearly naked and a bit too close to each other.  Erica thought that the intern was gay but what was he doing here in Eliza's trailer with another guy Erica wondered.  The answer to her question was quickly answered when Eliza moved to the couch and dropped her robe. 

Immediately seeing Eliza standing there in nothing but panties and heels stunned Erica.  Eliza forced herself between the two guys and they began to grope and fondle Eliza.  They also began kissing each other and Eliza seemed to enjoy every moment.

"Hey Erica why don't you join us I could use another set of hands and mouth over here," Eliza said in a sexy tone as she winked at Erica.

Erica stood there and finally she was able to speak, "I am going to have to pass".  Erica tried to remain calm as she continued, "I am going to go".  Erica turned and was making her way out the door.

"Okay I will give you a call later then," Eliza moaned out as the guys were working her over.

Erica just walked out and headed back to the house.  The walk did not help her to figure out what had just happened.  Erica walked into the house and headed to her room.  As she reached her room she walked in and closed the door.  Erica drew the curtains closed and crawled into her bed.

Later in the afternoon Christy and Hudson made it back from their excursion to the vineyards.  Christy and Hudson were laughing as they walked in suddenly Hudson stopped and got a real serious look on her face.  "There is definitely some bad vibes here," Hudson said as she looked around.  Hudson walked about as if she was trying to get a better read on the bad vibes.  "You got some problems.  Your friends are having some problems and they are going to need to talk with you," Hudson said in a low calm tone.

"Yeah what else is new?  I knew nothing good would come of this.  Is that what you are sensing?" asked Christy.

"No there is something else going on I can not feel something else," Hudson said when her cell phone began to ring.  Hudson looked at the phone then to Christy.  Christy then realized that the phone call was the problem.  Hudson answered the phone.  She was short with answers and finally agreed to whatever the party on the other end asked.

"That was Ryan and Muir.  They need my help on a case.  They say it is urgent," Hudson spoke solemnly.

"Well you need to go then.  I know they would not have called you if it wasn't important," Christy said sounding a little dejected.

"Yeah I know," answered Hudson.

"Lets get these bottles put somewhere and get your stuff together so we can get you to the airport then," Christy said as she moved with the bottles to the room they were staying in.

About a half hour passed and Hudson was all packed and Christy had the van ready to go.  Hudson got in the van and they were on the way.  Hudson called Ryan and told her that she was on her way to the airport.   Hudson was told that she would have tickets waiting for her once she got there.  Hudson turned off the phone and they rode silently all the way to the airport.

Almost three hours had passed and Christy was walking into the house feeling very alone.  Christy then headed to the kitchen and she found Jenna and Erica sitting and talking.  Christy could only hope that they were working out what was ever wrong.  Jenna and Erica looked over at Christy and both tried to smile but the smiles did not look quite right.

"Christy where is Hudson?" asked Jenna.

"She got called away to help Ryan and Muir on a case," Christy answered.

"Sorry to hear that," Erica said.

"It puts a damper on the week here," Christy commented.

"Yeah well Jenna and I were talking and we want to call it a week," Erica said.  "We packed all the gear up and were waiting for you to get back with the van so we could pack it all in the van," Erica continued.

"Sounds like a good Idea.  I don't want to stay any longer either," Christy agreed.

They spent the next hour loading all their stuff in to the van and the Durango.  Christy put the keys on the Kitchen table with a note thanking Kristen for the house.  Jenna, Erica and Christy went through the house one last time and made sure everything was locked up.

Just over an hour later they were pulling up in the driveway of their house.  They headed into the house without even unpacking any of the stuff.  Christy headed to her room and Jenna and Erica headed to their room also.

Jenna and Erica took turns in the bathroom and dressed for bed.  They both climbed into bed staying on their sides.  Both felt a little strange and there was an uncomfortable silence in the room.  Finally Jenna broke the silence.  "Erica I am sorry about this week," Jenna said.

"Why are you sorry?" asked Erica in a low tone.

"I think we were looking for something that we already had but didn't realize it.  So when we were out there looking we both landed up getting hurt," Jenna explained.

Erica turned towards Jenna and said, "I think you are right.  We had preconceived notions of what we thought would happen and then we got a dose of reality".

"Yeah, you got it," Jenna agreed.  "You know my list?" Jenna asked.

"Yes," Erica replied.

"Well it is gone.  I have no list anymore.  I don't want to play games like that anymore," Jenna explained.

"Neither do I," Erica said as she kissed Jenna.

For the rest of the week Jenna and Erica and Christy unpacked and went about their lives like it was any other week.  Friday came and they knew Vic was due home that evening.  They were anticipating his return and they were anxious to see if he got lucky and how many times.

At about ten thirty Vic came through the door and he saw all three of his roommates sitting in the living room.  They all turned to look at Vic.  Vic immediately dropped his bags and reached into his pocket.  Vic pulled a ten-dollar bill out and tossed it in Jenna's direction.

"Here's your ten bucks," Vic said grumpily.  "I don't want to talk about it," Vic grunted as he picked up his bags and walked out of the living room and up the stairs and headed to his room.  Erica, Jenna and Christy began to laugh hysterically.  Jenna did manage to go pick up the ten-dollar bill.



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