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The alarm clock rang out its annoying buzz.  Vickie reached out her hand from under her covers to silence the alarm clock.  Slowly Vickie rose from under the covers and forced herself to sit up.  Vickie rubbed her eyes and took a deep breath and reached across her night table to turn on a light.  As Vickie's eyes adjusted to the light she looked about trying to figure out what she had to do first.  After a moment she got her thoughts together and stood up from her bed and stretched to get rid of the kinks in her back and neck.  The sudden thought of not having to dance again made her happy and her knees were going to love it.  This brought a smile to her face.

Vickie moved about her room and grabbed her robe and headed out of her room to the bathroom.  Vickie knew her roommate had not gotten in till rather late last night so she tried to be as quiet as possible.  The shower was one thing she couldn't help but her roommate's room was far enough away from the bathroom that it should not wake her.  So Vickie quietly closed the bathroom door as she turned on the light.

The hot shower had felt great but Vickie was now in her room drying her hair and brushing it.  In a few minutes her thoughts drifted from what she was going to wear to wondering what Vic was doing.  She knew she really did not know him that well but the talk they had, the night they met made her feel connected to him some how.  Vickie finally realized that she was smiling and she had that warm fuzzy feeling she had always attributed to love.  She knew it was way to early to be sure if she really felt that way about Vic but she knew that she wanted to find out.

As Vickie put the finishing touches of make up on and adjusted her hair.  She then looked at the time; it was nearly ten minutes to seven.  Her mother should be pulling up any second Vickie thought.  So Vickie rushed and grabbed her coat that went with the skirt and blouse.  Vickie then picked up her purse and briefcase and checked to make sure her shoes were in there for the interview.  Vickie headed out the door and she saw the sun coming up above the trees.  The waning days off summer were still here and the day looked gorgeous.  Vickie took a deep breath and could not help but smile.  That is when her mom pulled up in the driveway behind her roommate's car.

Vickie's mom pulled up to the front of the Babylon station and looked at her daughter who was about to exit the car.  "Good luck with the interview Victoria," her mom said with a smile.

Vickie looked back at her mom and replied, "Mom you know I hate that name".

"I know dear but Vickie is for family and friends Victoria is your professional name so you better get used to hearing it," her mom answered with a serious look in her eye as she waited for her daughter to protest.

"I know mom," Vickie meekly replied as she leaned over to her mom and hugged her.  "I love you mom"

Vickie's mom held her tight and released and as she looked into her daughters eyes she answered, "I love you too, Vickie.  So knockem dead".

 Vickie smiled and got out of the car.  She made sure she had her briefcase and purse before she waved to her mom who was pulling away.  Vickie headed into the Station to wait online to get a ticket to Penn station for the 7:33.  Vickie wanted to get in a little early to calm herself before the interview.



The morning was not a particularly happy one for Vic since he suffered through the Giants getting beaten by the Broncos on Monday night football.  So Vic sluggishly climbed out of bed.  He moved to the bathroom and growled at his reflection in the mirror.  Vic positioned himself in front of the toilet then relieved his bladder, which was rather full from the drinking that he had done the night before.  When Vic had finished he flushed the toilet and moved back into his room and put on a pair of shorts and changed shirts to one that he had chosen as his workout shirt.   Vic put on socks and his sneakers then headed out of his room and downstairs.

Vic walked into the kitchen and turned on the light.  He moved to the cabinet above the fridge and grabbed a small bottle that was his liquid creatine.  Vic took two drops under his tongue and closed the bottle and put it back.  The liquid creatine was awful tasking liquid that Vic hated but it helped get him ready to lift and it was showing some results.  As Vic swallowed the liquid he shook his head hoping that it would get rid of the bad taste but it never did.  So Vic opened the fridge and grabbed the large bottle of water he kept in the fridge for his workouts.  Vic's preworkout routine was now done so he headed out of the kitchen and moved to the basement.

Since the sound studio had been built the basement had now been converted to a gym, sauna and tanning salon.  Vic moved to the stationary bike and turned on the large screen TV they had set up across from the bike and treadmills and steppers.  Espn was on and Vic watched for a moment as he was setting up the bike to the program he wanted to run.  Then it happened.  The Monday night fiasco.  It seemed like the announcers took turns ripping the Giants a new asshole and for some reason it seemed like they were talking directly to Vic.  Vic felt his blood start to boil and knew he could not watch anymore espn.  At least not without getting violent.  So Vic quickly grabbed the remote and changed the channel to the Playboy channel.  At least they wouldn't be interrupting him with how bad the Giants did on Monday night.  So Vic settled in on the bike and peddled away while watching the action on the screen.

As Vic finished on the bike Christy was making her way down into the basement.  "What the hell are you watching?" Christy asked as she looked at the TV screen.

"Nothing just watching some motivational TV to get me through the ride," Vic answered as he fumbled with the TV remote.  He turned the TV off and half smiled awkwardly at Christy since he knew she had busted him watching the Playboy channel.

"Yeah I know you need to get the blood pumping while working out but it's not going to get any bigger no matter how much you work it out," Christy shot back with a smile as she moved towards the stereo.

"Thanks, wise ass," Vic replied dryly as he grabbed a towel he left down in the basement from the day before.  Christy powered up the stereo and pressed play on the CD player.  In seconds the basement was filled with music.  Vic looked over at Christy and shook his head.  "I can't work out to Melissa.  I need something uplifting and aggressive.  I don't want to be sitting here crying," Vic told Christy who was getting into the music.

"What do you mean?  This CD is awesome," Christy replied as she looked at Vic who had moved himself over to the rack of dumb bells.

"I know it is a good cd.  I bought it didn't I," Vic droned on.  "I need something that kicks ass.  I watched that Monday night fiasco so I need something to help me release some of that anger."

"Yeah like the Playboy channel was helping you do that," Christy shot back.

"That numbed my mind for the bike ride.  It served a purpose and now I need something more uplifting okay," Vic explained to Christy as he grabbed a 40-pound dumb bell.  Vic then moved to a bench and positioned himself to do some kickbacks to work his triceps.

"Okay I will play something else."  Christy pressed the stop button on the CD player and changed the cd out for Staind.  "Is this better?" Christy asked as she looked over at Vic to see if he approved.

Vic finished his first set with his right arm and looked over at Christy and smiled.  "This will workout just fine."  Vic then positioned himself to work his left triceps now.

Christy went over to a stepper and climbed on and began her morning workout routine.  Vic continued his routine and looked over at the clock on the far wall.  It was nearly seven in the morning.  Vic took a moment and wondered what Vickie was doing at that moment.  He knew he was going to meet here later that morning.  Then the thought of Vickie lathering up in a hot shower came to mind.  Vic took a moment to let the vision dance about in his head.  Vic realized he had drifted for a bit and looked over to Christy to see if she noticed him daydreaming.  Vic shook his head to clear his mind but he realized he must have been watching way too much Playboy channel.


The alarm clock buzzed and groaning noises could be heard from under the large mass under the covers.  An arm reaches out and aggressively slams off the noisy alarm clock.  The arm recedes back under the covers and the pile moves and shifts about.  "Hon it is time to get up," a muffled voice is heard saying.

"I know but I don't want to move from here.  I am so comfortable here in your arms," another voice responds.

"I wish we could just stay like this but we have a job to do today."  The mass moved a bit and giggling was now heard.  Followed by several protests of stop.  Then the covers were kicked off and it revealed two scantily clad women holding each other laughing.

"Renee how about you jump in the shower and I will get us something to eat," The dark haired woman whispered into her lover's ear as she held on tightly to her

"Sounds good as long as you don't cook.  My stomach can't handle another egg surprise," Renee replied as she giggled in her lover's ear.

"It's a deal," The dark hair woman climbed out of bed and smiled at her lover and grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

"Lucy don't make the coffee so strong today okay," Renee added as she stood up and moved towards the bathroom.

Renee turned on the water an adjusted the temperature so it was nice and hot.  Renee took off what little clothes she was wearing and climbed in.  The water was soothing as it ran over Renee's face as she thought about last night.  A huge smile crept across her lips and she couldn't help running her hands up and down he finely toned body.

The sliding door to the shower opened and it startled Renee as she quickly turned to see her lover climbing into the shower with her.  "Is there enough room in here for me?" Lucy asked as she stepped in and closed the sliding door.  Lucy embraced Renee and kissed her as the steam from the shower started to encased them.

After Renee and Lucy finished showering and dressed they made it to the kitchen.  Renee pulled out two mugs and poured the coffee into each.  Lucy grabbed the milk from the fridge and poured the milk into the coffee.  Renee spooned in some sugar into her coffee and passed the sugar to Lucy.  It was oddly quiet and Renee and Lucy felt there was something wrong but neither was sure what it was.

"Do you think Hudson will be able to help Colonel Branson?" Renee finally asked breaking the silence.

"I am not sure but I think she will be the best shot we have to deal with this," Lucy replied as she took a sip of her coffee.

"You are probably right.  I just wonder what she will reveal to Colonel Branson," Renee added.

Renee and Lucy finished their coffees and headed out to Lucy's car.  Lucy unlocked the car and they both got in.  Lucy started the car and drove off to go pick up Hudson from the hotel not far from the Pentagon.  Something just felt wrong but Lucy couldn't put her finger on it.  Lucy looked over at Renee who seemed calm and not to worried about what was going to happen with Hudson and Colonel Branson.


Vickie clutched her purse and briefcase as the train was pulling into Penn Station.  People started to stand and move towards the doors.  Vickie sat there and waited a moment for the train to unpack.  After a few moments Vickie stood up and started moving along with masses and was quickly swept up and moved from the platform to the station.  Vickie quickly moved from the main station and headed towards the A train subway station.

As Vickie headed towards the subway station she noticed that the overall mood seemed subdued and quiet.  People seemed to be huddling around TV's and the news feed above one of the stores.  Vickie just headed towards the subway station.  Vickie used her Metro Card and made it to the platform for the A train as it arrived at the station.  Vickie climbed onboard and the doors closed and she was on her way downtown.

Vickie clung to one of the poles on the train and looked about the train people seemed concerned and worried.  Vickie overhead people talking about some plane crashing into the World Trade Center.  There were also people saying it wasn't a plane it was a missile.  Vickie was a little concerned but she knew she would see what was going on herself as she got of at Chambers street.  Vickie was planning on getting a coffee and bagel at little Italian deli she found the other day when she had her other interview.

The subway train stopped and Vickie exited the train.  She made her way out through the turnstiles and up the flight of stairs to the city streets.  As she reached the top of the stairs she saw people moving about hurriedly and pointing towards the familiar towers that made the famous New York skyline.  Vickie moved from the top of the stairs to get a better look of the World Trade Center and she was shocked at what she saw.  One of the towers was smoking; she could not see the damage from her position but knew something was wrong.

Then as if everything was happening in slow motion Vickie saw a plane.  A plane flying over Manhattan seemed odd and terribly wrong.  Vickie could never remember seeing a plane fly over Manhattan in her life.  Then her face went pale as she realized what it meant.  Almost at the instance she realized what was going to happen the plane just slammed head first into the tower burying itself into the building.  A huge explosion followed and Vickie stood still just taking in what was happening.  Her brain tried to process everything that she was seeing.  For a moment it seemed like too much to comprehend but something inside her just clicked and she started running towards the World Trade Center.


In the living room Jenna and Erica were watching TV.  It was their Tuesday ritual.  They would make coffee and watch espn for the morning analysis of the Monday night game.  Erica was curled up on one of the couch clutching her coffee as if her life depended on it and Jenna was sitting on the other end casually drinking her coffee.  Rich Eison and Stuart Scott ran through several sports highlights then they turned to the Monday night game.  Jenna slightly flinched as they began to talk about how poorly the Giants played.

The door to the basement opened and Vic and Christy walked through and Jenna and Erica looked away from the TV screen at them.  Vic noticed what they were watching and began to bitch, "You watched the whole game with me last night do you really need to relive every horrible moment again?"

Jenna shrugged and answered, "No, I don't it is more of a habit to do this".

Christy moved past Vic and went into the kitchen.  Jenna changed the channel and Erica just sat there still clutching her coffee.  Vic finished what little water that was left in the bottle he had brought down to the basement earlier.  He moved a little closer into the living room as Jenna settled on a channel.  It was Good Day New York the local Fox morning news program.

Erica finally moved and took a sip of her coffee and then said, "The weather guy is a geek".

Vic and Jenna looked over at Erica and they both laughed.  Vic then said to Erica, "He is a weather guy.  What do you expect?"

Erica looked over at Vic and she shrugged her shoulders and took another sip of her coffee. 

Christy then walked into the room again and saw what her roommates were watching now.  She then announced, "That weather guy has some serious issues".  Everyone started to laugh and Christy was confused and asked, "What?  You don't think he has got problems?"

"Yeah he does have problems," Vic muttered as he shook his head.

Vic saw the time at the bottom of the screen it was nearly 8:40.  He thought for a moment that Vickie should be in the city soon.  Vic then moved towards the kitchen. 

"So Christy what is the plan for the day now that you are finished working out this morning?" Jenna asked.

"I don't know.  Vic is heading into the city to meet Vickie for lunch after her job interview so he is going to be getting ready to go soon.  I need to shower before we do anything anyway," Christy explained to Jenna.

"Well we all need to shower but I was thinking beyond that," Jenna then added as she looked at Christy and then over to Erica hoping she had something to add.

It was silent for a moment then Erica spoke up and said, "How about we head out east to the outlet stores.  We could do lunch at one of the Vineyards out there.  They just said it is supposed to be beautiful out there today".

Jenna looked at Christy looked back at Jenna and they both looked at Erica and they nodded in agreement.  Thatís when Vic strolled back into the living room from the kitchen.  He looked at the TV and saw it was now 8:46.  Vic took a moment and watched the traffic report and waited to see how the traffic was doing and seeing if anything was wrong with the trains.  The woman reported on various delays along the roadways but none on mass transit.  Vic seemed happy then the camera quickly changed over to the news guy.  Something was wrong.

"We just got a report that a plane has crashed into Tower One of the World Trade Center.  We have a camera crew heading there and as soon as we have more to report we will keep you updated.  Once again there has been a confirmed report that a plane has crashed into Tower One of the World Trade Center".

The room was dead silent as everyone listened to the announcement.  Everyone looked at each other trying to see if they had actually had heard that announcement.  Vic broke the silence by saying, "Holy shit.  How the fuck can that happen?"

"How can you fly a plane into a building like that?  The sky is clear they had to be able to see the building?" Erica protested as she looked about trying to understand what happened.

Jenna had the remote and changed the channels.  She stopped on ABC and they had a live feed from the World Trade Center.  One tower was smoking and there was a large gaping hole in the upper quarter of the tower.  The roommates stared at the horrific site.  As the reporter was explaining what had happened seemingly out of nowhere a plane came into view.  Everyone's stomach knotted up, because seeing that plane coming into view was pointing to inevitable doom. 

Vic stared at the TV Jenna was locked into the unfolding terror Christy moved in closer and Erica just huddled and watched the scene.  Then as suddenly as the plane appeared it disappeared.  Unfortunately the plane disappeared into Tower Two.  It was horrify to see that large plane crash into the tower.  Smoke and fire came billowing out of the hole in the tower.  Debris cam flying out of the hole and heading down to the ground or a top the other buildings that made up the World Trade Center.

No one could speak Vic dropped to his knees as he continued to stare at the TV.    Jenna also stared as tears streamed down her face.  Christy dropped down in a chair and was wiping the tears that were running down her cheeks Erica was still curled up on the end of the couch as she sobbed and cried from the site she had just witnessed.

All that could be heard in the room was "Why? Why?"



At the hotel parking lot Hudson looked to the sky with a concerned look.  Renee watched Hudson with some concern then she looked at her watch for some reason.  It was 8:45.  Lucy noticed the strange behavior and asked, "Everything okay over there?"

Hudson looked over the roof of the car at Lucy with a serious look and answered, "Something terrible just happened.  I am not sure what but I don't think we are out of the woods yet".

Renee was getting a little unnerved by the look on Hudson's' face and what she was saying.  Lucy remained stoic and got into the drivers seat.  Renee climbed in the passenger side and Hudson slowly followed by getting into the rear passenger side.  Lucy started the car and looked over at Renee who was trying to remain calm.  Lucy could tell she did not like this one bit but she knew it was the only way to help end this case.

As Lucy pulled onto the main road she noticed Hudson looking skyward out the rear window as if she was searching for something.  Lucy watched for a moment through the rear view mirror then decided to say something to Hudson.  "Beautiful day out there today," Lucy said trying to get Hudson to meet her gaze with out scaring her partner any more then she already was.

Hudson looked forward and met Lucy's gaze.  "It sure is but it won't be for much longer," Hudson replied dryly then she continued to gaze out the window searching.

Renee then asked, "Is there a front moving in bringing bad weather?"

Hudson looked forward again and caught Lucy's gaze in the rear view mirror and said, "Something like that.  You might want to turn on the news station".  Hudson went back to looking out the window.

Renee looked over at Lucy and turned on the radio and quickly dialed in an AM news station.   As Renee turned the volume up the news reporter was talking about breaking news from New York.  The station then switched to a feed from New York.  Lucy's stomach knotted for some reason that she could not explain Renee sat waiting for the news Hudson sat and waited.

"At 8:45 AM on September 11, 2001 a commercial airliner had struck Tower One.  The Fire department and police are on the scene trying to restore order and handle the crisis as fast as they can.  Unfortunately there has never been an accident of this magnitude".  The reporter went on and on saying absolutely nothing of importance just trying to fill time.

"Oh my god I can't believe that," Renee mutters as she looked at Lucy in shock.  "How can something like that happen?" Renee quickly asked.

"It wasn't an accident," Hudson said dryly and it is not the last".

"What do you mean?" Renee turned to face Hudson with a panicked look on her face.

Renee's question was answered but not by Hudson but by the news reporter as he began to shout, "Oh my god! Oh my god!  I cannot believe another plane has struck Tower Two.  Flames are shooting out and debris is falling to the street.  People are screaming and running about trying to get away from the area".

Lucy looked at Renee and then to Hudson and with out saying a word she floored the gas peddle and was tearing off down the street to the pentagon.



Vickie had closed the distance to the World trade center in great time.  She was glad she had put on her sneakers like her roommate had told her to do the week before and carry her good shoes in her briefcase.  As she arrived on the scene she saw fire trucks ambulances and police cars lining the area.  Vickie made her way to what looked like a staging area that was being set up for the injured from the buildings.

Vickie quickly searched the area and found the battalion chief barking orders and trying to get the scene under control.  Vickie then headed to the staging area for the injured.  Vickie quickly grabbed her EMT certification card. 

"I am certified EMT how can I help?" Vickie asked the paramedic who was dealing with a person with a head injury.

The paramedic looked up at her and then at the familiar card and replied, "Find some who isn't being help and see what you can do.  The supplies are being brought out and we have some stuff around for us to use".  The paramedic pointed out several bins and several guys bringing supplies in.

Vickie found a guy who had an arm injury and she began to apply her training that she thought she wasn't going to use in a situation like this.  Actually Vickie never intended to use her training ever.  She only became a qualified EMT to appease her father who was a retired fireman and his father and uncles were firemen.  So getting her EMT certification was the only way to make her father happy.

The endless stream of people that have been coming through in such a short time was staggering.  Vickie took a moment to look around and the chaos had seemed to be out of control.  Then suddenly what seemed like an explosion caused huge amount of debris to rain down out of Tower 2.  The debris caused a change in action of what the firemen were doing suddenly the area was being totally evacuated.

People were being moved further up Rector Street.  Stores were being closed and the staging area where Vickie was working was also being moved.  Police kept people moving and Vickie was moved closer to the buildings to help with a few people who were having trouble moving out of the area.  Then it got unnervingly quiet.  Vickie looked up in horror.

Tower 2 rumbled and creaked.   Heads turned to look up at the tower but many would find out that may have been a mistake.  Tower 2 came rumbling down collapsing upon itself.  Debris was falling everywhere and the ground shook and the shock wave dust took over the streets.  Screams were drowned out by the noise of the tower collapsing.  The dust clouds poured through the streets like a tidal wave streaming in-between the buildings causing serious damage to store windows cars and people that were running.



In the Pentagon the building was buzzing.  Everywhere people were watching news feeds about the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center.  Lucy led Renee and Hudson through the halls and finally they reached Colonel Branson's office.  Colonel Branson was watching the unfolding drama on a TV in his office as Lucy Renee and Hudson were shown in.  Colonel Branson immediately stood up and walked around from behind his desk.  "Hello, you must be Agents Muir and Ryan".  The Colonel offered his hand to shake.

Lucy took his hand shook it and Renee did the same.  Lucy then said, "This is Hudson," Lucy introduced Hudson who was looking about the room.  Lucy then continued, "Hudson is going to see what is happening with the apparitions you and your wife have been seeing".

"That is great but what is she looking for?" asked Colonel Branson.

"She is trying to get a feel of the room and see if she can get some sort of feeling about the apparition.  There was not much, what we call residual energy left in your home.  Hudson was hoping there would be something she could feed off of if she met you".  Lucy explained as she watched Hudson walk about the office.

Hudson's eyes went wide open she looked out the window and there it was.  A free floating apparition.  It appeared to be a woman floating there.  Hudson spoke calmly and said, "There is an apparition outside of the window".

"I don't see anything," Colonel Branson stated as he looked out the window then over to Lucy.  Lucy did not see anything either.  Renee looked but she did not see anything as well.

"It is asking why did you not warn everyone of the attacks," Hudson stated as she waited for an answer.

"I was never warned about the attacks," Colonel Branson replied trying to remain calm as he was confused by the question.

"They have been warning you for the past several days," Hudson continued to tell.

"I never heard anything.  My wife and I were just frightened by the sight of them.  We never heard them say anything," Colonel Branson protested.

"I know," Hudson replied.  "The apparitions don't realize that you can not hear them.  This one is very upset and is saying that a great many people have died and will die," Hudson continued.

"What did it mean will die?" Lucy asked.

"I am not sure," Hudson replied.  "The apparition is gone but the last thing it said was odd," Hudson told Lucy Renee and Colonel Branson as she turned from the window.

"What did it say?" asked Renee.

Hudson looked a little confused as she said, "Duck".

As the word cleared her lips the room exploded.  The wall by the window was now gone.  The room was destroyed and Lucy was the first to move under the debris she was under.  She heard several explosions as she tried to sit up.  She felt blood running down her cheek and realized she may have some broken ribs.  "Renee are you okay?" Lucy managed to get out.  Lucy then heard some movement.

"I am here," Renee muttered.  "I think I am okay.  I can feel several large cuts that are bleeding but I don't think anything is broken.  Is everyone else okay?"

"I don't know?" Lucy answered.  Lucy tried to stand and it confirmed that she had broken at least two ribs on her right side.  Lucy looked over in the direction that Colonel Branson was standing.  Lucy saw his legs and noticed he was not moving.  She dug out some of the debris and found Colonel Branson had a part of the window stuck in his chest and neck.  Blood was pooling around the debris.  Lucy left Colonel Branson there.

Renee was looking for Hudson but she could not find her in the destroyed room.  Renee started to dig through the pieces of the wall that were piled up.  That is when she saw the large hole in the floor.  Renee immediately grabbed a small flashlight she kept inside her coat pocket.  It was an item she rarely went anywhere with out especially since she has been teamed up with Lucy.

As Renee looked down the gaping hole with the flashlight she smelled a faint hint of gas.  Renee ignored the smell and kept searching and suddenly there was some movement.  "Hudson is that you," Renee called out trying to get a better view as she looked into the hole.

"Yes, I think I broke my leg from the fall.  I am also pinned under some of the floor and ceiling so I can not move," Hudson weakly replied.

"Okay we will get you some help give us a second so don't move," Renee tried to sound calm and keep Hudson informed.

"I don't think the ceiling is going to let me move so I will be here," Hudson answered with a groan.

The smell of gas got stronger and Renee looked over to Lucy who was just turning and walking over to her.  "Hudson is alive but she may have a broken leg and she is trapped under the floor and ceiling," Renee informed Lucy as she got closer.  Lucy looked down the hole in the floor and then looked back at Renee.

"We better move fast there is a gas leak some where down there," Lucy said as she try to make her way to what was once a door.  Renee was still looking down the hole when a door seemed to open and she could see the emergency lighting from the hall.

"Is there any one here," a voice called out.

"Yes there is a woman trapped down there," Renee shouted back so the person could here her.

"Where?" the voice asked.

"Just below this hole in the ceiling," Renee answered.

"Okay just let me," the voice started to say.

Renee stomach twisted as she screamed, "Nooooo!"  It was too late the voice disappeared and the room exploded in a huge fireball as the person lit a lighter to get a better view.  Renee managed to avoid part of the blast that shot up through the floor but it caught part of the room on fire and was blocking her path to Lucy who had just managed to open the door to the hall area.

"Holy shit what just happened?" Lucy exclaimed.

Tears were streaming down Renee's face as she tried to answer Lucy.  "Some one lit a lighter to see better and it caused the explosion".

The fire was spreading quickly and Renee tried to find a clear path to Lucy but none was available.  Lucy made it to the hall and found a fire extinguisher and brought it in and lit it off as she swept the base of the flames.  This gave Renee a chance to get to Lucy but the fire was too much for the extinguisher.  So as Renee reached Lucy they head for the doorway and followed the large groups of people evacuating the Pentagon.



In the living room Erica Jenna Christy and Vic sat and watched the drama unfold on their TV screen.  The questions of how this could happen and why were the two most important questions.  It seemed so unreal that two commercial planes could be flown into the World Trade Center and another plane flown into the Pentagon.  Then the news of one plane crashing eighty miles south of Pittsburgh capped off the disasters.  It seemed that the passengers had fought back but could not save themselves but possibly save Camp David from being a potential target.

The news was unrelentless with it its updates of the tragedy finally Vic stood up and move to the phone and tried to call Vickie on her cell phone.  There was no service available.  Vic tried her roommate and she was not home.  Vic then made several calls to friends to see if they were doing okay.  All the conversations were quick since they were all doing the same thing checking with friends and family.

As Vic finished he took the mobile phone and handed it Christy.  "Cell service is down but you may want to get in touch with other people," Vic said as he watched Christy take the phone from his hand.

Christy tried several numbers but could not get through to anyone.  "Long distance seems to be down," Christy muttered in frustration.

"I wonder if the net is down?" Vic said to himself more then to anyone in particular.  Vic moved down the hall and into his office and turned his computer on.  I a matter of minutes later he was up and on the net.  Vic went through a list of emails and let everyone know that they were all okay.  Erica walked into the office and placed her arms around Vic from behind and held him.  Then several friends from Virginia popped up online.  Vic placed a hand on Erica's hand and patted it gently to let her know everything would be okay with out having to say a thing.

Vic stood up and motioned for Erica to sit down and talk to her fiends.  Erica began to type away in a frenzy letting each of friends know she was online.  Vic grabbed Jenna and Christy and brought them into the office.  They spent the next several hours typing and talking trying to ease the pain of the tragedy they had witnessed.


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