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Lucy Ryan lay in a hospital bed from the injuries she had received from the plane crashing into the Pentagon.  Luck she only sustained three broken ribs and had some internal bleeding which was caused by the rib injury.  She was admitted to the hospital for observation overnight, to make sure the bleeding had stopped.  Standing by Lucy's bed was Renee who only had several cuts, contusions and some burns from the fire, which required some stitches and bandaging.  Lucy grumpily flipped through the channels on her TV from her bed and could not escape the news coverage of the tragedy.

Having lived through part of the attacks on America only made Lucy angry and helpless.  "I can not handle anymore of this," Lucy stated as she turned off the TV and looked over to Renee.  "I want to get out of here".  Lucy took in a deep breath and let it exhale slowly.

"We are waiting for the results from the tests before you can leave," Renee said as she reached out a hand and caressed Lucy's cheek.  Lucy smiled slight as she looked into Renee's eyes.  "Just before I got here I had gotten word confirming what we already thought would be true.  Hudson did not make it through the explosion".  Renee paused a moment as she looked into Lucy's eyes waiting for her to react from the news.  Lucy smile disappeared and was replaced by a grimace as if the news was causing her a great deal of pain.  Renee continued to speak, "The doctors feel that she died almost instantly after the explosion.  I know that doesn't help but we can only hope she did not suffer much after the explosion".  Renee let the last words just sit there as she felt the lost and realized that she would miss Hudson even though she did not feel comfortable around her.

"We need to get in touch with Christy Carlton," Lucy managed to mutter after a few moments of silence in the room.

Renee looked at Lucy with a puzzled look, "Who?" Renee asked.

"Christy, Hudson's girlfriend," Lucy told Renee as she looked at her not believing she did not know who she was talking about.  "Remember the woman from Long Island, with the three roommates," Lucy paused for a moment to see if Renee was remembering whom she meant.  Renee still looked puzzled as she tried to recall who she Lucy was talking about so Lucy kept on giving her clues.  "The well endowed brunette who we visited with Ted.  We closed the Ares cult case there".  Finally Renee eyes lit up and she looked at Lucy a little stunned.

"I didn't realize they were a couple?" Renee muttered.

"Well they weren't till after it was all over.  I thought you knew?" Lucy questioned Renee.

"I had no clue," Renee replied.  "How are we going to get in touch with her?" Renee then asked as she lightly stroked Lucy's hand.

"Well from what I understand she lives with Vic Carmece and I have Vic's number on a card in my wallet," Lucy replied as she pointed to her clothes that hung in a closet across the room.

"Why do you have his number in your wallet?" Renee asked a little concerned that her lover had a man's number in her wallet and she new nothing about it.  Renee felt many feelings bubbling up as well as many questions for her lover.  So Renee took a breath and cleared her head and knew she had to trust Lucy.  There was nothing going on that she did not know about she kept thinking.  There must be a perfectly good explanation for the number and Lucy would tell her eventually.

Renee managed to get Lucy's wallet out and browsed through the wallet and she found a business card.  The card was rather plain.  The card stated for graphic design and web site authoring.  The card had an email address and fax number as well as a phone number.  Renee turned to look at her lover and asked, "Graphic design and web authoring?"

"Well Ted recommended him since Vic Carmece deigned Ted's logo and later helped design several pages and layouts for his web site," Lucy replied.

"You aren't planning a web site are you?" Renee asked a little confused.

Lucy looked at her lover and finally realized that Renee was all panicking about her having Vic's number and Renee knowing nothing about it.  So Lucy quickly put her mind at ease.  With all that has happen in the last twenty-four hours she did not need to have Renee thinking that her girlfriend was thinking of cheating on her.  "No, I am not planning on starting a website but Ken Simmons is working on one with his kids and wanted some help so I asked Ted and he sent me Vic's card.  Ken has been on vacation and I wanted to give it to him in person and explain who Vic is and what he has done," Lucy told Renee.  Renee seemed to become relaxed with her explanation and she moved back to Lucy's side. Renee did recall Ken talking to Lucy about a project that his kid was working.

Renee held the card out to Lucy as Lucy reached out for it.  Lucy took a moment and looked at the card and then to Renee.  "Can I borrow your phone?" Lucy asked in a low tone.  Renee reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out her cell phone and handed it to Lucy who turned the phone on and punched in the numbers.



The large screen TV was on and it was displaying the continuing coverage of the tragedy of the World Trade Center.  The confirmed death toll was considerably low while the missing list was exceptionally high.  The scene in the living room hasn't changed much since the previous morning.  All four roommates were on the couch.  Jenna and Vic were awake.  Christy and Erica were still sleeping as they shared a blanket and were leaning into each other.

Vic stood up and looked over at Jenna and said, "I need a break.  I am getting something to eat".

Jenna looked at him and nodded and followed Vic into the kitchen.  In the kitchen Jenna started getting the coffee maker ready to brew some coffee.  Vic opened the fridge and stared for some time searching for something to eat but nothing seemed appealing.  So Vic grabbed the milk and then a glass from the cabinet and poured himself some milk.  Jena finished setting up the coffee maker and set it to brew.  Jenna sat down at the kitchen table and waited for the coffee to brew.  Vic put the milk on the table and took a seat across from Jenna.

"I am hungry but I have no idea what I want to eat though," Vic announced and he took a large gulp of his milk.

"I just want some coffee and a break from the news," Jenna responded.   "It is really sickening to see what has happened," Jenna said as she looked over to the coffee maker to see if it was starting to brew yet.

"My stomach is in knots and I am just praying that the phone will ring and it will be Vickie saying she is alright," Vic said as he looked over at Jenna who nodded her head understanding what he meant.

"I hear you.  I cannot believe how well you are holding up.  I would be freaking out if it were me," Jenna replied as she looked back at Vic trying give him support with a smile.

After sitting for a minute or so in silence the coffee machine finished brewing.  Jenna stood up and fixed herself a cup of coffee.  Vic finished his milk and poured himself another glass.   Jenna and Vic just sat there saying nothing as they each drank their drinks.

The phone began to ring and Vic looked at the kitchen door waiting for Christy or Erica to shout out that the phone was for him.  There was no one yelling for him, which did make Vic's stomach knot up.

"I am sure it is someone from Virginia just checking if we are okay up here," Jenna tried to ease the tension that started to show on Vic's face.

"Yeah you are probably right," Vic answered as his face relaxed.

Vic stood up and picked up the milk and his glass.  Vic put the milk back in the fridge and his glass in the sink.  Jenna followed Vic with her eyes and watched him walk out of the kitchen.  Jenna took another sip of her coffee and closed her eyes and tried to relax.

As Vic entered in to the living room he saw Christy with the phone.  Erica was watching Christy and Vic looked at Erica and back over to Christy.  Now Vic saw the eyes start to well up and tears pour steadily from her eyes.  Christy's face turned pale and she just released the phone as it fell to the floor. 

Erica moved quickly to Christy and held her as she started to sob uncontrollably.  Vic moved closer and picked up the phone and looked over to Erica and Christy.  The feeling of dread came over him and at that moment he knew what the phone call was about.

"Hello," Vic softly said as he waited for a response.

"Vic?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Yeah its me," Vic answered as he recognized Lucy's voice since he had talked to her not to long ago.

"Is Christy okay?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah she is okay just shaken by the news you just gave her.  Are you okay?" Vic asked in a solemn voice.

"Renee and I are doing okay.  Is everyone else doing okay up there?" Lucy then asked.

"Yeah we are doing as well as can be expected after seeing the tragedy unfold and being constantly reminded through out the day," Vic replied.

"I understand.  I am going to let you go so you can give Christy some comfort.  She is going to need it," Lucy told Vic.

"Thanks for calling Lucy.  I hope you and Renee are doing okay." Vic replied as he waited for Lucy to answer.

"We are doing okay.  We will be in touch about the funereal.  Take care," Lucy answered Vic.

"You too and thanks again," Vic hung up the phone.

Erica held on to Christy as she shook and sobbed.  Vic could hear her mumble, "Why her?  Why her?  Why did she have to die?"

Vic looked at Erica and Christy as they rocked slowly.  Vic felt useless, he could not come up with anything to say to make it better or even ease the pain that Christy felt.  Vic gaze shifted about the room hoping something would inspire him to say something.  Nothing was coming

Jenna entered the room from the kitchen. Vic head turned towards her and his eyes met hers.   Vic tried to convey what had transpired with just a look and it seemed to work.  Jenna was silent and slowly moved over to Vic As Jenna stood along side of Vic she whispered into his ear, "Something happened with Hudson?"

"Oh yeah," Vic quietly replied to Jenna.  "I don't have the details but only that Hudson is no longer with us," Vic continued to whisper to Jenna.

"Oh my god this cannot be happening again," Jenna replied in shocked dismay.

"I got a feeling there is going to be more bad news soon," Vic added.

Jenna looked at Vic a little confused and asked "What do you mean?"

"I haven't heard from Vickie yet and she was in the city yesterday," Vic said calmly to Jenna.

Jenna's eyes went wide as Vic told her about Vickie.  Vic just nodded and looked back over to Erica and Christy.  Now it was Jenna's turn to stand there dumbfound with nothing to say to make Vic feel better.  There was nothing that came to mind that would help.

In mid shake Christy tensed up and tried to compose her self as she sniffled and wiped her eyes.  Erica looked at her trying to see if Christy was okay.  Christy then quickly shot up and almost fell as she was a little of balance.  The three roommates could see her face was puffed out from crying and tears still flowed from her eyes.  Christy turned and looked at each one of them in turn and said, "I got to get out of here".  Christy then quickly shot out of the living room and headed down the hall towards her room.  No one else moved as they heard a door slam in the distance.

"This can't be happening again," Erica told her roommates as she was trying hard not to believe what was going on.

"I am afraid it is," Vic replied solemnly.

"I am worried how Christy is going to take this, "Jenna sai as she looked at Erica and Vic.  "She was amazing with Ginger's death, but I know it effected her pretty bad.  Look how long it took for her to pick up her guitar again.  She loves playing the guitar.  It is a release for her," Jenna continued.

"I know," Vic meekly replied.

"I wish we could do something but I think we can only be there to support her," Erica said as she stood up from the couch.

The TV seemed to call out the roommates as they all turned to watch.  The screen showed a cut away look of one of the towers.  The narrator was explaining the design of the towers.  Then in an animation demonstration of a plane hitting the tower and demonstrating what occurred when the explosion happened.  The animation showed the fire and the narrator explained what the temperatures must have reached.  Which then caused each tower to collapse.   The screen changed from the animation to the taped shot of the north tower collapsing.

Knowing why the towers collapsed did not make it okay or ease the pain that they felt but it was somewhat comforting to know that the design of the towers actually worked.  The design allowed the building to collapse upon itself, which minimized damage to lower Manhattan.

"Holy shit," Vic muttered more to himself then to anyone else.

"Yeah you can say that again," Erica replied as she looked over to Vic.  "That is horrible seeing those building collapse over and over again".

"I am tired of seeing the death toll and the shots of the planes crashing into the buildings.  It turns my stomach and pisses me off every time I see it," Jenna angrily stated as she reached for the remote and killed the TV.

As the TV went blank the phone rang.  Jenna looked at Vic hoping it would be good news.  Vic just stood there not moving as his face went pale.  Erica noticed Vic freeze and she moved to pick up the phone.

"Hello," Erica said as picked up the phone.  Erica was quiet for a moment and her face eased as she realized it was Cynthia calling from Virginia checking on how everyone was doing.  Erica chatted for a few minutes as Vic and Jenna talked to each other.

"Do you think Christy is going to be alright?" Jenna asked Vic.

"She will in time right now she is probably hurting pretty bad.  We are just going to have to be there for her," Vic answered as he shifted from foot to foot.  Vic felt uneasy for some reason.  He heard Erica talking and knew everything was fine on the phone.  Vic turned his attention down the hall.  He could hear anything happening from Christy's room.

"I think I am going to go check on her," Jenna told Vic as she turned to walk towards the hall.

"I don't know you might want to give her some time," Vic said as he reached out and took hold of Jenna's arm to stop her from going down to Christy's room.

Erica hung up the phone and that drew the attention of Vic and Jenna.  Erica then announced, "Cynthia and Nicole send their regards.  Also they said that it has gotten crazy down there as well".

"Yeah since they have those bases all over the area.  I can just imagine the over reaction that they are going through right now," Vic answered.

"The local governments have a tendency to have a knee jerk reaction and it is not always the smartest reaction," Jenna added.

Just as Jenna finished speaking the phone started to ring.  Everyone turned to the phone.  Erica moved to pick up the phone.  Christy then appeared from the hall with a suite case and a determined look as she moved toward the front door.  Vic saw the look and the suite case and moved to block Christy.  Jenna looked on as she saw Vic move to intercept Christy.

With out missing a step Christy raised a knee into Vic's groin.  This caused Vic to buckle forward and grunt in pain.  Then Christy followed that move with an elbow to Vic's nose, which sent Vic backwards stumbling as he lost his footing and fell square on his ass.  Vic's nose started pouring blood and Christy kept walking to the door unphased by what she had just done.  Jenna stared on in disbelief.  The sight of Vic on the floor and Christy just walking by was almost mind blowing for Jenna to understand.  Erica also saw what had happened and just held the phone away from her ear in shock.

Vic stood up not realizing that blood was pouring out of his nose and no one moved or said anything as they heard the Durango's door open and slam shut.  Then the engine turning over and squealing tires followed the slamming sound.   

Erica broke the silence and mumbled, "Vic it is for you".

Jenna ran into the kitchen and got a towel for Vic and Erica looked out the window to see if she could see what direction Christy had gone in.

Vic got on the phone and said hello and listened to the voice on the other end.  Jenna handed Vic a wet towel as she reappeared from the kitchen.  Vic continued to nod as he listened to the voice on the other end as he applied pressure to his nose with the towel.

"I understand.  I will.  See you in a bit," Vic answered as he clicked the talk button on the mobile phone to disconnect the line as he put it down on the coffee table.

"Everything okay?" Jenna asked as she looked at Vic who looked pale and slightly disorientated.

"Yeah everything is okay," Vic muttered as he pulled the towel from his nose.  The bleeding has seemed to stop.

"Where do you think Christy went to?" Erica asked as she moved away from the window.

"Well she is not going to get to far.  I forgot to get gas for the Durango and it is nearly empty," Jenna added as she looked from Vic to Erica.

"Okay that gives us a chance to catch her then," Vic said as he dropped the towel to the floor.  "Lets go".  Vic motioned for Erica and Jenna to follow him as he made his way quickly to the front door and grabbed his keys from his front pants pocket.

In a matter of minutes Vic had the Intrepid speeding down Sunrise highway heading west towards the Southern State Parkway.  He was dodging in and out of traffic like a mad man.  Jenna and Erica remained quiet as the held on praying that Vic knew what the hell he was doing.

Vic stayed to the right as he entered the service road that lead to the Southern State.  "There she is," Vic announced as he pointed to the Durango that was parked at a pump in the last gas station before the highway.

"How did you know she would be at this gas station?" Erica asked as Vic sped into the gas station and pulled right behind Christy.

"We always stop here," Vic said as he turned the car off and looked back at Erica who was in the back seat.

"Oh, yeah," Erica muttered in reply.

Jenna quickly got out of the car.  Vic was not far behind and Erica was bringing up the rear as she opened the back door and stepped out.  Jenna moved towards the Durango and did not see Christy and saw the pump handle was back in its cradle.  Vic then saw Christy at the counter paying for something and he pointed her out to Jenna and Erica.

Christy turned from the counter with a Dr Pepper and headed for the door.  As she walked out of the doors she noticed Erica Jenna and Vic standing by the Durango.  Christy slightly winced and was hoping that she could have gotten away from all this.  Then the memory of asking Jenna to put gas in the Durango the other day came back to her very clearly.  Only if Jenna put the gas in She would have been clear.

No one moved from the Durango.  They let Christy move from the building to them.  Christy was moving a little slow but eventually mad it over to her friends.  There was the uncomfortable silence when Christy stopped and looked at her friends.  Then in a sudden out burst of emotion Christy broke down and started crying.  Tears streamed down her face as she dropped her drink to the ground.  Erica and Jenna quickly closed the distance between them and held onto Christy who was now shaking.

"Get her in the Durango so we can get out of here," Vic calmly said as he turned to get in the Intrepid.

After a few moments they were back on the road heading home.  Jenna was driving the Durango as Erica once again held onto Christy comforting her and reassuring her that they would all go down to DC to be there for Hudson's funereal.  Vic was following them alone in the intrepid and he placed the Linkin Park cd in and cued up the song 'In the end'.  Vic turned up the volume and stayed behind Jenna all the way back to the house.

As they made it back to the house Vic picked up the phone and dialed the LIRR information line that has been flashing on the TV screen all morning.  After a few minutes Vic hung up the phone after hearing that the trains from the trains from the Ronkonkoma station were running on schedule.  Vic watched as Erica and Christy sat down in the living room.  Jenna went into the kitchen and got several drinks to settle everyone down.  Vic stood there looking around not sure what he was going to do when Jenna remerged from the kitchen.  Jenna looked at Vic as she handed Erica and Christy their drinks.  Jenna slowly moved over to Vic.

"You look a little lost," Jenna said as she looked at Vic curiously.

"I have to go to the city," Vic softly replied to Jenna.

"It is about the call before isn't it?" Jenna asked.

"Yeah, it is," Vic, answered as he started to move away.

"Need some company?" Jenna offered.

"No, but I know that isn't going to stop you from coming is it," Vic replied as he looked back at Jenna.

"No it is not," Jenna replied with a smirk.

"Lets go then," Vic headed towards the door again.

Jenna moved quickly to Erica's side and whispered in her ear what she was doing with Vic.  Erica looked over to Vic who happened to be looking back to see if Jenna was following.  Erica just nodded her head and looked at Vic conveying her concern with her eyes.   Vic just turned and walked out the door.  Jenna quickly followed behind him.

The ride to the train station was quicker then Jenna would have hoped for but they made it there alive.  The train was waiting at the station and Vic hurried Jenna along.  They had no time to purchase a ticket at the station so they boarded the train and took a seat.  The train was empty which did not surprise them at all.  After sitting down the train's doors closed and the train pulled out of the station.  The conductors never past through the cars to collect tickets or charge passengers for the train ride.  Vic remembered the MTA doing this several times during minor crisis like snowstorms.  He thoughts this definitely would qualify as a crisis.

The train pulled into Penn Station and Vic led Jenna out of the train and up to the main floor.  Vic then followed the signs for the exit onto 7th ave.  As they followed the signs and made their way onto the street they crossed over and headed to 6thave.

"So what hospital are we going to?" Jenna asked as she tried to keep pace with Vic who was moving very quickly through the people walking on the sidewalk.

"St. Vincent's on 11th," Vic answered as he turned to head down the stairs to the subway.  Vic picked up two Metro passes for Jenna and himself.

On the subway Jenna and Vic got a seat and rode in silence.  The 8th street station came up quickly.  Vic led Jenna off the train and out of the subway station. 

"Vic," Jenna started as she waited for him to answer.

"Yeah," Vic answered as he kept walking towards 11th street.

"Do you know what condition Vickie is in?" Jenna finished asking.

"No, I was just told she was asking for me and I should get there as soon as I could," Vic answered.

"That doesn't sound to good," Jenna muttered more to herself then to Vic.

"No it doesn't," Vic answered, as he seemed to start to move faster along the sidewalk.

As they approached the hospital they could see that the hospital was extremely busy, people moving in and out and the tension in the air was almost overwhelming.  Vic led the way in and got in line to the visitors check in desk.  It took almost twenty minutes before Vic was helped, the line was huge and the volunteers were working as fast as they could under the circumstances.

"I am here to see Victoria McMurphy," Vic told the volunteer.  The elderly woman punched in the name and looked through the card file for visitors. 

"I can only let one of you up though," The woman said as she pulled out one pass.

Vic looked at Jenna and before he could say anything Jenna told him, "I will be in the cafeteria waiting for you when you are done".

"Thanks" Vic said quietly as he took the pass from the woman and then followed the signs towards the elevators to get to Vickie's room.

As Vic stepped off the elevator the rushing of nurses and orderlies had him stunned for a moment as he tried top get his bearings.  The entire floor seemed to be in utter chaos due to the tragedy that has befallen the city.  Vic then followed the signs to Vickie's room.  Just as he neared the room he saw several people standing outside the room.  Mostly they were older men with worn faces like they have had the weight of the world on their shoulders. 

Vic neared the door to the room and one of the men approached him.  Vic could see the resemblance to Vickie so he assumed he was her father.  "Are you Vic?" the man asked with a solemn tone and a serious look.

"Yeah that is me," Vic replied softly as he tried to get a read on how Vickie was doing on the man's face.

"I am Dan McMurphy her father," the man said as he held out his hand for Vic to shake.

Vic shook the hand firmly and replied, "Vic Carmece".

"My daughter came to several hours ago.  Since then she has done nothing but asked for you," Dan told Vic.  Vic looked a little unnerved by the story Dan was telling him.  Dan continued to say; "This has been hard on her mother who has been by her side since yesterday.  The doctors are amazed that she was able to regain consciousness at all.  So when you go in there be prepared".

Vic looked at the Vickie's father and replied, "Okay". 

Vic stepped into the room and was immediately shocked by what he saw.  Vickie was hooked up to several different machines.  The only thing that she wasn't hooked up to that Vic expected was a respirator.  Vickie was bruised and cut and Vic noticed she was missing both of her legs.  Vic felt himself start to shake and tremble as he moved closer.  Vickie's mom noticed Vic and stood up to whisper in her daughter's ear. Vic then saw Vickie's eyes flutter a bit.

Vickie's mom moved over to Vic and hugged him.  "Thank you for coming as quick as you could," She held onto Vic and she was crying as she spoke to Vic.

"What is the prognosis?" Vic asked.

                "The doctors are amazed she lasted this long.  I have been asking god why is he taking my daughter.  Then I thought that I was being selfish and only thinking of myself since so many other parents were loosing sons and daughters.  The only thing that makes this even bearable is that she has given her life saving a child".

"She is an amazing woman.  I have only known here for a sort time but we had talked and made a connection that I will never forget," Vic told Vickie's mom as he held her.

"Please go talk to my daughter.  I told her you are here," Vickie's mom back away letting Vic go to her daughter.

Vic slowly moved over to Vickie and knelt by her bed. Vic leaned over to her and whispered in her ear.  "I am here Vickie," Vic slowly spoke into her ear.

Vickie eyes fluttered but she couldn't keep them open.  Vic watched as she tried to speak.  It was starting to tear at him to watch her struggle like this.  Vickie managed a few words to Vic.  She said, "I was hoping you would come".  After several moments she managed to add, "I have been asking for you.  I haven't much time I know".

Vic's heart was pounding and he was trembling waiting for Vickie to continue to talk.  He whispered into her ear, "They couldn't keep me away".

"I just want to tell you that I love you.  Laying here since yesterday I was able to realize that I love you.  My mind is working even though my body is giving out," Vickie managed to brokenly mutter.

Vickie started to speak again but Vic could not hear her so he moved his ear just above her lips.  Vic was able to hear her and slightly nodded his head.  When Vickie was done talking Vic moved his head away from her lips and stood up.  "I will Vickie and I love you too".  Vic said as he touched her hand.

Suddenly the heart monitor flat lined and the alarms started to go off.  With in seconds teams of nurses and doctors ran into the room and ushered Vic and Vickie's mother out of the room.

"She is finally resting peacefully Dan," Vickie's mother told her husband as she moved to him and held on.

"I know Deirdre, I know" Dan replied as he held his wife who was now crying.  The other men surrounded the Dan and Deirdre and started to consol them.

Vic stood by awkwardly as a doctor came out of the room only to announce what everyone else already knew.  Vic then gave Dan and Deirdre his sympathy and let them know he will be there if they needed anything.  Vic then made his way to the elevator so he could get a hold of himself and think about what has just happened.

Vic got off the elevator and found the cafeteria and sat down next to Jenna who was having a cup of coffee.  "That was quick," Jenna said as she looked at Vic trying to gauge what had just happened to him.

"Yeah.  You ready I want to get out of here," Vic replied as he stood up.

"Yep I am done," Jenna, replied as she stood up and took her cup of coffee with her.  Vic led the way out of the hospital and down the street to the subway station again.  Vic and Jenna used the Metro cards again and took the subway to 34th street.  Once they got out on the street Vic found a pub.  Vic looked up at the pub and over to Jenna.

"I need a drink," Vic announced as he looked at Jenna then he headed in.  Jenna shrugged her shoulders and followed him in.

Two hours later Vic emerged from the pub looking a little unstable as he stepped out on to the sidewalk.  Jenna moved behind him to steady him as they headed to Penn Station.  Jenna followed Vic as he amazedly led them to Penn Station and to the correct track and onto the right train.  Jenna was impressed.

As they took their seats on the train Vic turned to Jenna and slurred, "She is dead you know".

"I assumed that is what happened. Especially with the way you were drinking," Jenna answered.

"Yeah I guess that was a good give away," Vic slurred.   "She saved a child and lost her life," Vic added.  "This whole thing sucks.  Why did this have to happen!?" Vic screamed as he slammed his fist into the window.

"I don't know Vic.  I don't know," Jenna said as she moved closer to Vic and put her arm around him.  Vic rubbed his fist as it started to hurt from smashing into the window.

"I feel like my whole world is starting to fall apart around me.  Why must everyone around me suffer," Vic grumbled and growled.

Jenna pulled Vic closer to her and told him, "You have always been there to support us and help us when ever we were down.  So we can be there for you".  Jenna stroked Vic's hair as he fell asleep in her arms.

The following morning Vic came down stairs from his room looking a little haggard.  Jenna and Erica were sitting on the couch watching the news that was now forty-eight hours of nonstop crisis coverage.  Vic shook his head and walked into the kitchen.  Christy was in the kitchen eating some cereal at the kitchen table.

"Morning," Vic mumbled as walked further into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

"Morning Vic," Christy replied as she looked at Vic trying to see if he had a black eye from her hitting his nose yesterday.  "I just wanted to say I am sorry about yesterday," Christy continued.

"No problem I understand what you were feeling," Vic quickly replied to her to try and ease her mind as he grabbed the milk from the fridge.

"Your nose didn't swell and there is no signs of a black eye or anything," Christy said as she stood up and took a closer look at Vic's face.

Vic smiled and made a slight mmmph sound and said, "I am a bleeder from the nose.  Everywhere else I bruise like crazy".

"Well I am sorry," Christy said looking very sad that she hit her friend.

"I know," Vic put his free arm around her and held her close. 

After a moment Vic moved away from Christy and put the milk on the counter.  He grabbed a glass from the cabinet and poured himself some milk.  Christy sat back down and moved the spoon around in her cereal.  Vic finished filling the glass and put the milk away in the fridge.  He then quickly picked up the glass and drank it down with three large gulps.

"I needed that," Vic muttered as he put the glass down on the counter.  Vic wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked over to Christy who was still playing with her cereal.  "I have a message for you.  It's from Hudson," Vic said in a low tone.

Christy turned towards Vic with a questioning glare.  "How?"

"Hudson some how met Vickie.  I don't know how but I know I did not mention Hudson to Vickie at all," Vic told Christy as he tried to remain calm.  Christy stood up and her eyes started to well up so Vic moved closer to her and put his hands on the outside of her shoulders as he continued to tell her Hudson's message.  "Hudson wanted you to know that she loved you very much.  You made her happier then she has ever been".  Vic paused as he tried to get the words right.  "She knew it was her time and everything had been prepared".  Vic stopped and looked into Christy's eyes and tears were flowing and Vic pulled her closer and held her tight.

"I still can't believe she is gone," Christy managed to get out in-between sobs and sniffles.

"I can't believe it either.  There is one thing left.  Hudson wanted me to give you something from her," Vic whispered into Christy's ear as he held her tight.

The news kept reporting updates on the confirmed dead and explaining that the US was not the only country to loose people in this tragedy.  The news kept pointing out that the World Trade Center was the center for world trade just as the name suggested.  There were multiple countries that had offices in the building so the attack on the World Trade Center was really an attack on the world.

Erica and Jenna just watched the TV almost mindlessly sitting there taking in the sights and sounds and information that was being fed to them.  Erica shook her head as if to clear it from the entire mind numbing information.  "I need another cup of coffee," Erica announced as she stood up.  "You need anything?"

"No I am good," Jenna replied as she reached for the remote control.

Erica moved from the couch and opened the kitchen door.  Jenna flipped to through the music channels on the eight hundred channels when she heard Erica scream, "OH MY GOD!!!"  This was followed by the crashing sound of a coffee mug.


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