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It is late summer 1994 The New York Rangers are still enjoying their Stanley Cup victory but it is time for the coaching staff to evaluate new talent that was brought to camp to see if they would make the team in the preseason.  Victor Gaeta was one of those prospects but after an evening practice and dinner in one of Mark Messier's favorite restaurant.  A BMW cam around the corner and people scattered out of the way as they realized the car was out of control and heading for the sidewalk.  Victor moved a near by woman out of the way.  He did manage to get out of the way of the car but was hit by the no parking sign in the face, which damaged his eye and shattered his dreams of playing hockey.  He did manage to settle the accident lawsuit, which gave him twenty two million dollars.  This was thanks to the lawyers for the New York Rangers.

Well three years later Victor had returned to college and finished with a business major and a psychology major and tripled his earning from the lawsuit.  His eye was healed and he lost some peripheral vision.  He decided to return to Long Island to follow another dream he had.  Vic bought a house and warehouse in a business park in Holbrook near Macarthur airport.  Vic check with the zoning regulations found he would be able to do what he wanted to.  He also called his uncle Paul Calmisso to see if he would be intruding on some ones business.  He explained what he wanted to do.  His uncle said he would get back to him in a week.

Vic also contacted his college buddy Joshua Weinstein.   Josh was a wiz with numbers it would make sense that he would become an accountant.  Josh did not have the capital Vic had so it was hard to get his foot in the door to any accounting firm that had the reputation he was looking for.  Josh was working in some firm as a lowlife number cruncher.  So he immediately jumped at a chance to manage the books of an operation as big as Vic was promising.

Just over a week went by and Vic heard back from his uncle who gave him his blessing and assured him there would be no trouble.  Vic thanked his uncle and his plan was set. Now all he had to do was come up with a name for the business.  He spent several hours in a bar with Josh trying to think of a name.  When the waitress who has been catching bits and pieces of the conversation offered a suggestion.

"Why not call it Dreams, it seems like that is what this business is for you two anyway."

Josh and Vic looked at each other and smiled they knew they finally had the name.  The next morning they got in touch with a several sign makers and neon light designers.  They were dreaming big and it seemed everything was falling into place.

The first snag in the plan reared its ugly head, health insurance.  Employees had to be full time employees to get medical coverage and to be covered on the life insurance plan.  Vic and Josh spent a week working on the how they could get all the employees and part timers and such covered by the plan when they came up with the solution.  When the store was not open to the public have it listed that the part timers were working. It covers all the bases legally for the insurance and somebody would actually be there in the store during those times anyway.

The next problem was getting all the permits to do all the work they wanted to do.  It took two weeks to get everything in line and Vic had to ask his uncle not to intervene on his behalf to make all his problems disappear.  Vic and Josh wanted everything to be on the up and up.  They wanted to owe no one any favors for anything.  This business was going to be theirs with no attachments.

The racks came in for the videos and the light were being put in place as well as the surveillance cameras.  The stage was being built and the all the video booths were being assembled.  Vic was happy and did not mind signing all the checks.  Then the stock started to come in and Vic and Josh knew it was time to hire personnel for the company.   They placed several adds in the local papers and well as the bigger papers.  They were looking for dancers and video clerks.  The ads promised a unique opportunity for young people looking for a career not just a job.   It was a big promise but something Vic and Josh thought they could offer.

Three days after the ads ran the Vic and josh received numerous responses.  They set up several interviews and could not find anyone they thought was worth hiring.  The people that applied for the clerk job seemed like lowlife slobs that were showing up to make job interview quotas so they could get unemployment.  The dancers were strung out losers.  Vic thought they would have to go out and actively seek dancers.  After a week and countless interviews they thought it was hopeless.  Then their luck changed.

Vic and Josh were admiring the work and how everything was looking when they heard the front door open and a woman walked in.  Vic and Josh turned and greeted the woman.

"Can we help you?" asked Vic as he smiled at the woman.  He noticed she was a very attractive woman and was wondering if she was a dancer he had forgotten about.

"I hope so" she responded.  Then she continued to speak "I work in a nearby office and I seen all the work you have been doing here and I saw your ads in the paper and was intrigued with the opportunities you said you had for the employees.  I am a single mom and I need a good paying job that can offer good benefits and pay with flexible hours".

"Well first of all my name is Vic Gaeta and this is Josh Weinstein," they offered their hands and she shook both of them.

"I'm Chris Sandler" she smiled.

"Well Chris we can offer you all that since we are nearing crunch time for us.  We have no employees yet and we are about ready to open this money pit," Vic said as he gestured with his hands turned his head to kind of show off the place.  Chris laughed and they all moved towards the office that was in the rear corner.

Once in the office Josh got Chris some water and Vic began to explain what the business was and what they would expect from her and what she could expect from them.  "The job would be managing the store checking in and out the videos.  Also maintaining the videos in the video booths and the projection rooms.  Also when we finally get dancers you will be in charge of scheduling the dancers.  So if you have not guessed by now we are an adult play land" Vic explained and waited for the woman to walk out.

"I knew that when I walked in here.  That makes no difference to me.  I want to know about the hours and the benefits and pay," she asked.

Vic and Joshed spent the next thirty minutes going over benefits and Chris was happy and they had their first employee.  She would give her current employer her two-week notice and start work then.  Vic and Josh saw some light and closed everything up and went to celebrate.  Things were looking up and they would be opening at least part of the business in three weeks.

Several days later Vic made his way to a local strip club and was unwinding and drinking a few beers.  Vic noticed the dancers talking and pointing in his direction.  He knew something was up. Finally a fiery redhead approached him for a lap dance.  Vic agreed and off they went to the designated area.  She led Vic by his tie.  She pushed Vic down in the seat and started her dance and removed her miniscule coverings that were posing as clothing.  Vic took a sip of beer and watched the girl work.  She was quite skilled and Vic's thoughts were wandering, when she brought him back to reality.

"I here you are looking for some dancers to work your new place you are building," the redheaded dancer whispered in his ear as she grinded her pelvis into his.

Vic heard this and he was all business and was thinking about work and replied, "Yeah I am looking for several dancers to fill the spots I have open".  Vic looked into her eyes and as he spoke and continued talking, "are you interested?"

"I may be interested," she coyly whispered as she continued to grind and move her hands up and down her body.  "How about I show up at your place and we can discuss what you are looking for," she said as she pouted.

"That sounds great," Vic replied.  "What is your name though"?

"You can call me Brianna right now," she purred as she moved her hips faster.  She suddenly stopped and looked into Vic's eyes and said, "You are sure not excited with my dancing anymore".

"Well its all business now sorry but you are sure a very beautiful woman and I will see you tomorrow about one," Vic responded.

Brianna pouted and said, "One it is then".  She got up as the music stopped and she walked with Vic back to the main area. Vic tipped Brianna a twenty and finished his beer.  Then he left the bar and was thinking he may have his first dancer.  He jumped in his car and tore out of the parking lot and called Josh from his cell phone with the news.  Josh was excited about the prospect of finally having the first dancer but he knew it took more than one to get started.  Well the meeting at one will be a big one josh thought as he hung up the phone and opened a beer and watched the rest of the late sports center.

The morning came Vic and Josh opened the place up as the workers showed up to put finishing touches on the place.  It looked amazing. The lighting gave the place a friendly feel as you walked in.  The aisles and racks did not jump at you, as you walked in they seemed to gently flow upon you as you walked in to the store.  This was something that Vic designed using his psyche major degree for the first time.  Also instead of having huge signs hanging over the aisle to tell you what was in the aisle they had the signs at the front of the aisle.  The racks were for the clothing they were going to sell for the dancers and the for people fantasies. 

So Vic and Josh got to work putting video boxes in sections and trying to figure out the best way to group things.   This wasn't as easy as they thought it would be.  They looked at each other with lost expressions as if they had the same thought that things were hopeless and they would never be able to open in two weeks.  Then Vic broke the silence, "We need software and scanner software and some data base stuff.  You know so we can check in new stuff and check videos out to customers and make sales."  Vic looked at Josh for some sign of agreement but Josh still had the blank look on his face when Vic continued in hopes to get Josh on the same page as he was thinking, "The software will also need to be able to export info to your accounting package".

Josh's face lit up as if an imaginary light bulb lit up above his head.  "Your right   I know what you are saying and I know the person perfect for the job.  Kaitlyn Goldberg is her name she is a programmer and has been working in accounting firm in the IT department.  She was part of the team that wrote and designed some new software that dealt with scanning and worked with the accounting software we are using here," Josh blurted out in an excited tone.  Then as suddenly as his face lit up it went dark and his tone was sad as he spoke, "She just got a raise and it will be hard to lure her away from the job".

"Hey we can do it we have gotten this far, and the way you came up with that name so quick and the look in your eyes as you spoke her name you like her.  I am right ain't I?  Ahhh you know I am right".  Josh's face started to turn red.  "She is a Jewish woman and you are a single Jewish stud looking for his little princess.  So turn on the charm and if that doesn't work match the money".

"You are one fucked up person but we need her.  With her here I would have a better chance of getting to know her better," Josh retorted.

"Get to know her better.  This can't be the same guy who called me while he was nailing those twins back in college," Vic joked, as he knew his friend had it bad for this woman.

Well Vic went to the office and straightened things up as Josh headed into Manhattan to talk to Kaitlyn.  As Vic finished and opened a bottle of water he noticed it was one and Brianna was standing at the door to his office.  She looked a lot different then last night Vic thought as he motioned her into the office.

"Glad you could make it Brianna," Vic said as he walked over to her to shake her hand.

"You have quite a place here" she responded.

"Thanks, it still needs work but we are hoping to open in about two weeks.  Here let me show you around".  Vic took Brianna on the whirlwind tour of the place.  Brianna turned quite a few heads as they walked about and Vic pointed at what was planned to happen at each area.  Brianna seemed quite impressed with the operation.  As they finished the tour they sat down in the office to talk business.

Midtown Manhattan the converging point of every commuter who enters Manhattan by train, Josh was no exception to the rule.  He got off the train and made his way to the surface and walked pass Macy's and walked to the Empire State building.  He entered and made his way up to the 23rd floor where Kaitlyn's office was.  He entered the lobby and asked the receptionist that he was there to see Kaitlyn Goldberg.   The receptionist buzzed Kaitlyn's number and Josh was praying she was in.  Luck would have that she was there and would be out to see him. 

A few minutes passed and Kaitlyn appeared and was quite happy and surprised to see Josh, especially with out a tie.  Josh realized he was wearing a polo shirt with a sports coat and casual slacks, which he was now regretting.  He always came dressed when he visited here.  He managed to ask her if she was free for lunch and she was.  They went to her little cubicle area and she checked out and they were off.  Josh was hoping his luck would hold out and he would be able to enlist her for the sake of the business he and Vic were setting up.

"Lets go to Lindy's," Josh suggested.

"Sounds great but that is not like you.  We usually go for pizza and coffee, what's up?" asked Kaitlyn as they made there way to the elevator and rode it down.

"I feel like doing something different today," Josh replied.

"You are full of surprises today aren't you.  First the new look and now a nice restaurant, did you get a new job?"

Josh knew that he was in the drivers seat now and it was purely coincidence he placed himself there.  He did not realize the change in clothes and the different choice in places to eat would benefit his cause as much as it was.  "Well you can say that but I will tell you more when we get to the restaurant.  You do look lovely today though".

Kaitlyn smiled they got off the elevator and made small talk as the walked to the restaurant on eighth avenue.  As they were seated she asked, "So tell me about this new job".

"Well actually I am a partner in a business with Vic Gaeta, a friend of mine from college.  We started a small business that has real potential to explode and be a huge success.  I am keeping the books and Vic is the innovator and dreamer.  We make a great team and the place looks fabulous.  We plan to open in two weeks".  Joshed paused and looked at Kaitlyn. 

"That sounds great I got to come check the place out some day," Kaitlyn said.

"Well I was hoping for something else," josh paused and looked at Kaitlyn and saw the hesitation in her eyes and he could tell she was hoping he was not going to do something stupid.  "I was hoping that you would come to work for us".  He could see the relief in her eyes as she heard what he had said.

"What would you want me to do for you guys?"  She asked.

  "Well we need a programmer to write us a program that will track our inventory and allow us to scan products being sold rented and returned.  Also able to track and bill customers and export to the accounting package we have.  Also we would like you to recommend what items we would need to buy to make all this happen," Josh explained and waited for a reply.

"You came here to ask me for a job?"  Kaitlyn questioned Josh with a slight smile.  Josh knew then this was going to be a piece of cake and looked at his menu and smiled.  The waiter showed up and took their order and lunch was going to be good.

The train ride back to Ronkonkoma was short and Josh was thrilled Kaitlyn had said yes and was working for less than he thought she would.  She told him she was not being appreciated at her job and there were to many guys trying to take advantage of the fact that she was a woman in a mans job.  She gave notice at lunch and they said clear your desk and a check would be mailed to her.  They waited at the Penn Station together and he helped her to the train to Babylon.  She had a lot of stuff they could use for the program she would need to create back at her apartment.

The train pulled into Ronkonkoma and Josh got off and walked to his car and hoped Vic was still at the place even though it was near six in the evening.  As luck would have it Vic's car was still parked outside.  So Josh parked his car and made his way in.  He walked into the office and Vic was sitting with a big smile on his face.

"I got great news," they both exploded with at the same time.

"You first Josh what's your news," Vic asked

"Well we have a new employee, she will be here tomorrow.  It turns out she was not that happy with her job and her boss let her go on the spot.  What an idiot he is.  She said it won't be easy to get everything running in the time frame we have set but it will be fun," Josh said as he could not help but smile the whole time.

"That is fantastic, just fantastic.  We have our first dancer and she is going to talk to some other girls.  Also I hired a security force for the dancers and the place.  Remember the Franzini brothers.  They were all on the college hockey team while we were there and I was playing well they knew they would never be NHL players but they channeled their aggression into a security business.  They are now the security team.  We have Jimmy, Danny, Steve and Anthony Franzini supplying security," Vic was laughing as he finished talking.

"Man, are they still nuts like in college?"

"Yep and they are bigger and licensed to carry."

"Wow that is scary just to imagine."

"Yeah I know but they have good credentials and the police also recommended them.  So I figure we got the best"

"Yeah I guess you're right.  It's just funny though I thought they would all be behind bars by now for something," Josh said as he chuckled and Vic nodded and laughed.

"Lets lock up and call it a night here we got a long two weeks ahead of us," Vic said as they walked out of the office and made their way out and locked everything up and turned on the new security system that was installed that day.

The two weeks seemed to fly by, but during the time Vic was able to hire ten more dancers, five clerks and several guys that come in and keep the place clean.   Kaitlyn was able to get the sys tem up and running in just over a week.  Then she ran multiple tests with Josh and Chris.  Everything was going well.

The inventory came in and was placed out on the floor and in the stock room.  The videos were checked in with the system and placed in their proper location.  They were just about ready to open the doors for business on Monday.  Chris was setting up the schedule and making calls Vic was checking out the booths.  Josh was with Kaitlyn in the office celebrating their software triumph. 

That night Vic took them all out to dinner to celebrate their achievements.  They dinned in at Vic's favorite Italian restaurant and talked about the hopes for the Monday grand opening.  It was over all a great evening.  Vic noticed the sparks between Josh and Kaitlyn and it was evident that they had gotten closer.   Vic thought it was only a matter of time before they were an exclusive couple.

Monday came and the day was slow but they did not expect a big crowd and only had a mild crowd at night for the dancers.  During the week Vic and Chris designed an ad that would help draw people in.  The ad ran in the Post, Newsday, and the Daily News.  The crowd did pick up slightly as the week progressed but the ad had not run yet.

The ad ran and the crowds picked up at night and more people rented videos.  The ball was rolling and the money started coming in.  Suddenly the dancers were complaining they were working to hard but it was more of a joking complaint.  Guys seemed to pour money in their directions and they did not have to share a percentage with the house or the other dancers.  It was great people were actually happy and that is what Vic had wanted all along.

Three more years had passed.  The place had made money hand over fist.  They had Porn Stars guest dancing.  Penthouse pets making appearances as well as Playboy centerfolds.  They number of employees had doubled Chris was now the senior manager.  There were now three other managers all women.  Most of the staff was women except for the cleaning guys and a few clerks.  The security did increase since more dancers were working and alcohol was being served.

The big changes occurred in another warehouse next door.  That is were they have offices for the software company that Kaitlyn and Josh set up.  It was inventory software that they designed to work with almost any accounting software and windows.  The software is in demand since it used scanners and had a fairly easy setup and user interface.

Also in another part of the warehouse there are four bedrooms, four kitchens, eight bathrooms, six living rooms and ten kitchens.  Vic has started another company that produce amateur porn videos that deal with subjects that people want to see as requested by customers from the video store and the internet.   Amazingly it was not hard to find people who wanted to make amateur videos.  Some requests were scary and others were illegal but most were fun to make.

One day Vic was sitting in his office and surfing the net for info on the Rangers to see whom they had picked up on free agency.  When Josh and Kaitlyn walked in.  Vic noticed the goofy look on Josh's face he knew he had something important to say.

"Vic we wanted you to be the first to know That Kate and I are going to get married," Josh managed to get out as he held on to Kaitlyn

"That is fantastic.  It about time Josh I thought you were going to screw this up and let her get away," Vic said as he stood up and moved around the desk and hugged them both.

The moment end as quickly as it started.  Vic looked out the door of the office and noticed a suspicious man and checked the monitors in the office and saw several guys that did not belong milling about. Hold on you two we may have trouble here.  Vic moved toward the front and Chris happened to be working the front counter and was being threatened by some guy in an over priced suit.  Vic broke in and recognized the guy as some one who worked for his uncle and has been at his home several times when Vic was there.

"What's the problem here?" Vic demanded.

"Well Mr. Gaeta I am here to deliver a message to you".

"Well what is it?"

"Well it is quite simple you haven't been paying protection and you have been costing us a lot of money."

"Last I heard I was good I was not infringing on anyone's turf"

"Well you are so we got to teach you a lesson.  Okay Vito light them up".

"Okay boss," Vito responded then talked into a radio, "okay boys light this place up".

The goons started knocking stuff down and light boxes on fire and cans of gas were being poured on the racks.  Vic looked at the bastard who ordered this and in one fluid motion he went to his knees and landed a left cross to the knee and it snapped like a twig.  Vic then stood up as the guy dropped and he drew back his left and landed a solid punch into the guys nose and shattered it.

Thatís when all hell broke loose the fire was going and the guys lighting it knocked out Josh Kaitlyn and Chris.  Vic fought of two guys when finally another guy smacked him on the head and Vic dropped to the floor.  The flames set off the fire system and alarms were going off like crazy water was spraying and caused chaos through out the rest of the building.  Vic came to just as Josh and Kaitlyn started to stir.  The fire was pretty much under control and Vic was amazed the fire system worked as well as it did but so much damage was done.  Everyone did manage to get out with out serious injuries.  

The fire department arrived and went through to make sure the fire was completely out.  The police also showed up to ask questions.  Vic checked the other warehouse and found that no damage was done to the building or anything inside.  They were unaware of what happened until they heard the fire trucks come barreling down the street.  Vic was quite pleased about that.

Vic did not want to talk to the police, he told Josh to handle everything because he had some business to take care of.  Josh knew what Vic meant and did not stop try to stop him.   Vic jumped in his car and tore out of the parking lot. 

During the drive Vic looked in the rear view mirror and noticed the blood from his nose and down the corner of his mouth.  He also realized he smelled of smoke and was still quite wet from the sprinklers.  Vic brushed back his wet hair and pulled off his tie and gunned the engine as the rage in him swelled with each minute that passed.  Vic turned off the expressway at his uncle's exit and maneuvered through the streets.  As he neared the house he gunned the engine again and crashed through the large Iron Gate.  Vic sped off towards the house.

Vic slammed on the brakes as he reached the house and quickly placed the car in park and ran to the house.  He noticed several men with guns making there way towards him but there was no clear shot yet.  Vic ran at the door with no guard to his body and was able to bust down the door as he let out a guttural scream.  As he the door lay at his feet in pieces Vic stumbled about and screamed, "Unc were are you.  I can't believe what you did to my friends and me!  Get your ass out here so you can explain what the hell you did!"

Vic's uncle came into view and shouted, "what is up with all the theatrics?"  As he waved the gunman back who by this time were surrounding Vic.

"You know what was going down at my business today your boys set fire to it because we were not paying protection money to you, and in the process they almost killed me and some of my friends," Vic snarled as he starred at his uncle.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, but I see by your wet clothes and the blood on your face it just happened.  I tell you Vic I did not order anyone to burn down your business," Paul Calmisso shot back.  "Johnny gets a towel and a wash cloth in here.  Vic did you recognize the guy that was calling the shots today?"

"Yeah it was that goon I seen here several times.  I think his name Pete something.  He looks like some derelict.  He won't be walking to well for a while since I busted his knee and I think I shattered his nose. So it shouldn't be that hard to find him." Vic said as he received the washcloth and towel.  Vic took a second and wiped his face and used the towel to dry his face.

"Okay I think I know which scumbag you are talking about.  There has been some talk on the street that Pete Salmoni was flexing some muscle and trying to make a name for himself.  Well he made the mistake of hustling my nephew.  This will be taken care of I assure Vic.  We will not interfere with your business again."

"Okay Unc, I will handle everything on my end with the insurance company and getting everything rebuilt," Vic said.  "I am sorry for the mess I made here I was just so sure that you had changed your mind without giving me any notice.  I will call you later in the week and let you know how everything is going.  I got to head back and check on everything," Vic said as he hugged his uncle and then stumbled over the remains of the door as he was walking out of the house.

"No problem I understand, you are just like your father.  Get everything settled and I will wait for your call," Paul answered back.

Vic got back in his car and drove back to the warehouse to see what was happening.  The fire department was gone but the police were still there and were still asking questions.  Vic walked pass all the police and made his way to his office.  He unlocked the door, which automatically locked when the fire started.  He opened the door and he could see that the halon system that was installed in his office worked properly.  As the door opened a vent was turned on to allow the room to clear.  Vic waited impatiently for several minutes then went in disregarding all safety precautions he got the videotape with the guys who started the fire and went out to the police.

After several minutes of seemingly pointless questions with the police Vic turned the videotape over to them and explained what was on it. The police were happy and said some one would be in contact in a couple of days after the suspects were identified.  Vic nodded in agreement then went to check on everyone else.

Everyone was fine and Vic new that it would be a while before the insurance company would act.  So Vic decides to close for the week so he and Josh could assess the damage and see what they would need to do.  Vic set everyone home and told everyone the time off was with pay and he would be in touch with everyone with what was going to happen.  He did assure everyone that there still would be a Dreams Video and Adult Entertainment Center.  This had everyone a bit relieved.

Vic did call his uncle and found out about a story that was going to appear in the papers the next day about alleged arsonists found dead in an abandoned building in Brentwood.  He also told him it seemed they had a drug deal that had gone bad.  Vic laughed and knew they were set up and there was no way that that Pete guy was able to walk his way into a drug deal.

The dance club side was undamaged and was able to be reopened immediately.  Vic had contractors give quotes for the insurance company the videotape did help the insurance company to get off their asses and start the long process of repair.  It was a step in the right direction.  Vic did manage to get everyone to work in some fashion, in one of the businesses he was running.

Several months passed and everything was just getting back to normal Josh and Kaitlyn were on their honeymoon in Australia.  Vic had got the liquor license and had to hire a whole new section of people.  So on this particular evening Vic was sitting at a far corner table. He liked to have a few beers and watch the show. The dancers were amazing.  Then he realized that he had several men dressed in suits standing at his table.

"Can I help you gentleman?" asked Vic in a surprised tone.

"Yes Mr. Gaeta we are from Vivid Studios.  We have seen several of you amateur films and are quite impressed and we want to offer you a deal to make some videos for us with a mix of pros and amateurs," said one of the men.

Vic smiled and started thinking to himself man it is always exciting here.  As he stood up and shook hands.



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