Hey how are you doing?

Not bad. What is going on with you?

Well I wonít be able to get away Friday to hook up with you.

That sucks.  I was kind of looking forward to Friday.

Me too.  So what are you doing now?

Not much just pirating DVDs.

Sounds a little illegal.

Yeah but it kills time and is a cool source for some extra cash.

Well I hope you are going to spend some of it on me.

I wonít be able to Friday since you canít break free.

I am sorry about that but hopefully next time.

Sure next time should be fun.  So what are you doing now?

Well I am actually home alone right but I am sure I wonít be for long.  I am also working on a speech I have to give next week.  I have to explain what my division does for a new group of investors.

Okay, you sound busy then.

Yeah but I was hoping for a break.

Oh so it is one of those calls huhÖ.

Yeah it is one of those calls.

Okay, I know what you need then.

What do I need?

You need to lose control so I am going to take you to your kitchen.

The kitchen?

Yes the kitchen.  I am going to lead you to the kitchen table and place your ass against the table.  Then I am going to position myself with my left thigh spreading your legs slowly. Now I am also slowly working my hands up the side of you thighs and up your body slowly.  I am also looking into your eyes watching you as my hands and thigh are still moving about.  I can see in your eyes that you are responding to my touch and I can see the longing look for more as I start to caress your ample breast through your shirt and bra.  I can now feel you start grind slowly on my thigh.  I see your lips part and a slight moan passes through your lips.

Ohhh yes that is so good.


I slowly place my lips on yours and press my body even closer towards yours as we kiss.  I can feel your hands grasp me tightly as I feel your hungry mouth trying to devour me but I pull back and place you arms at your sides.


I give you a slight grin and a slight wicked smile and I just know your heart is racing.  I move in close again but immediately drop downwards so my face is level with your exposed Belly button.  I light kiss around your belly as I undo your pants and work them down past your shapely hips and thighs.

Yeah that is good

As your pants bunch around your knees I stop pushing them down.  I can feel the confusion in you mixed with excitement as you try to guess what I am going to do next. I can feel your hands on top of my head as you try to guide me further down but you can not move my head in the direction you want.  I am in control here.  My hands gently rub your ass as I plant kisses on your sheer panties that are barely hiding your well trimmed bush.

Stop teasing me.

Finally I drift between the narrow gap between your legs caused by you pants that are bunched at your knees.  I can sense you wanting my touch so I only give you a slight touch as my nose makes light contact with your lips through your panties.

Give me more please.

I know you want more because you try to grind yourself onto my face.  I quickly move my face away and tightly grab your hips and move you back against the table. I look up at your eyes with a stern look and I can tell you want more but you will have to wait until I am ready to give it to you.

Címon give me more.

With my hands still firmly grasping your hips I move my face in between your thighs but far enough below your expectant lips.  You try to move down but my grip gets tighter as I force you to straighten up.  I then lightly blow on you and you start to quiver from the new sensation on your covered genitals.  Just when you think you can take no more I lightly drag my tongue over the length of your slit.  I can hear moan for more and I do it again but slower and this time I let my tongue linger just above your hooded clit.  I quickly make my tongue flick about as you moan a little louder.

Oh please lick me, stop teasing me.

As you start to try to wiggle your hips I move my tongue away again but instead denying you my touch I place my nose against your panty covered clit and start to rub you with my nose.  I can feel your body respond so I flick my tongue over your slit and you start to really gyrate your hips on my face as your panties start to get moist from my tongue and your juices that are starting to flow.

I am getting so wet.  I wish you were here.

I move my face from between your thigh and with one clean motion I rip your panties off your body.


I quickly get to my feet and forcibly kiss you as I hold you tightly to me.  I can feel your heart racing as our tongues intertwine and I know what I must do now.

What are you going to do now?

I move away but just enough so I can turn you around so you are facing the table now. I move in close again so my crotch in rubbing against your beautiful ass and my hands start to caress your still covered breasts.  I then start to lightly kiss your neck and drag my lips lightly up and down you smooth skin of your neck.  I feel your body respond to all the sensations you are receiving and you can feel my excitement as it presses up against your ass.

Oh my god I want you now!

Not yet youíre not ready yet.

I am sooo ready.

No you are not.  I release you breast from my hold and move my lips from your neck.  I then force you to bend over forward over the table.  You try to spread your legs but realize that your pants are still around your knees so you try to wriggle free but I stop you.  You then feel me going down to my knees again as my hands run down slowly over your back.  Then my hands find their place on your ass cheeks as they start to rub and knead your cheeks rhythmically.


 Now you feel my hand spread your cheeks.  You are wide open to me and I move in and take full advantage of the situation. You then feel my mouth as it makes contact with your lips and I feel you quiver on contact.  I starting moving my tongue in and out of you and I can taste your sweetness.

Oh tell me how I taste

You taste as sweet as honey as I greedily lap up your juices.  I move my hands from your cheeks.  My right hand and arm move between your legs and my palm rests on your little bush as my thumb searches and finds your clit.  I start to gently rub it and I can feel that it is quit swollen already and a little wet with your own juices.

Oh my.

Now I move from your pussy for a moment to allow my left hands thumb to enter you.  I start thrusting my thumb in and out of you slowly at first.  Then I start to increase the speed of my thrust as well as the depth that it is entering you.  I can feel you getting wetter and wetter.

Oh you are making me so wet.

I give you one last deep thrust with my left thumb as my right still rubs your clit.  I start to rotate my left thumb in circular motion as I slowly withdraw my thumb. I move back in with my mouth and kiss and lick around your hot pussy.

Please I canít take anymore.

There is more because I start to stand up and I hold you down on the table with my left hand.  You can here my pants drop to the floor and you can sense by my movement that my boxers are dropping too.  You try to move but I put more pressure with my left hand to hold you in place.  Suddenly you feel the tip of my cock make contact with your skin and you quiver.

Put it in me please.

With my right hand I hold my cock and rub the head along your waiting lips then over your pulsing clit.  You try to impale yourself on it but I prevent you from feeling it enter your pussy.  After several more passes I finally enter you with one deep thrust and I hear you groan with satisfaction.

Yes I can feel you finally.

Yes and I can feel you as my cock slides in and out of your pussy.  My left hand is now on your ass and the thumb is rubbing your anus.  My right hand is on your right hip helping me thrust deep into you.  You start gyrating like a wild animal as you start to scream.  I can feel your pussy tighten around me as you start to cum.

Oh yessssss I am cummmmming!!!  I canít believe how you are making me feel!!!  OOOOHHHH donít stop!!!

I continue to slide my cock in and out slowly as you lay nearly limp on the table trying to recover.  I can also feel how wet you have become.  I slowly withdraw my cock much to your protests.  I remove my left hand from your anus and use both hands to spread your ass cheeks again.  I then just start sliding my cock in-between your cheeks until I feel you start to slowly move your ass with my thrusts.

I want to see you cum for me.

I grab you by your waist and stand you back up and then turn you around so we are facing me once again.  Immediately I can feel you grab for my cock as you start to stroke it rather aggressively.  I use both my hands to caress your face as we kiss again.  I then move my attention to your shirt which I help you remove.  Then we undo your bra.  I immediately start to show your nipples the attention they deserve as they seem to become even stiffer then they already were.  While I am doing this you continue to stroke my cock in hand.

I can almost feel it pulsing in my hand.

I start to lick between your breasts leaving a lot of saliva behind. So they are quite wet between them.  Then I remove your hand from my cock and I work it between your legs and back into your still extremely moist pussy.  I slowly stroke it into you several times.  You start to moan louder as you hold on to me tightly and we kiss.  I can feel my cock inside your wet pussy and I know it is ready for what I have planned next.

Oh what are you going to do next?

I pull my cock out of you and I hear my cock make a popping sound as it is released.  I then guide you down to your knees where you look up at me waiting for what I am going to do to you next.  I move my self close as you see my hard cock bounce before your eyes.  I then bend my knees so I can place my cock between your breasts.  The touch of your skin on my cock is almost electrifying.  I start to thrust it up and down as I hold your breasts around my cock.

Oh yes I want to see you cum for me.

I keep working my cock in-between your breast and I can feel myself getting ready to cum.  I see you looking at me waiting for me to cum as I see you playing with yourself.  Then you spit on my cock to give it just a little more lubrication as I continue to titty fuck you.

Come on cum for me.

Oh yeah I can feel my cock getting harder, as my cock is rubbing between your breasts.  Then with one final stroke I start to unload me cum.  It starts to shoot up your neck with two long streams.  You move back and grasp my cock with your right hand as you start to jerk it and aim my cum so it starts to cover your breasts.  After several long strokes my cock stops twitching and it stops shooting cum from the tip, you place it in your mouth just to suck what is left in it out.

Oh my god I am cummmming again!!!  OOOOOHHHH yeahhhhh!

Wow that was great.  I got a nice mess to clean up now.

Yeah I have to shower now, thanks.  Oh no! I got to go some one just got home.  I will talk to you later, bye.




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