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Small computer speakers come to life with the sound of Joan Jett singing "Do you wanna touch (yeah) Do you wanna touch".  The speakers go silent again Victor looks up and realizes his friend Erica Burstyn came online.  Suddenly a window popped up and a message appeared

                'You home yet? '

                'No not yet putting the finishing touches to the CD design' Vic wrote back.

                'Cool can't wait for tomorrow.  Atlantic City, Joan it is going to be a blast J' Erica wrote back

                'I am looking forward to seeing you guys letting you checkout my art work and rocking to Joan J' Vic wrote back.  'Got to leave here before some one ask me to work on some project for them.' Vic added.

                'See you tomorrow then' Erica typed.

                'Goodnight' Vic wrote back and logged off AOL instant messenger. 

                Vic notice the time it was nearly ten at night.  He just wanted to go home.  He collected the artwork he had printed and packed up his laptop that he used for home and backup to his computer at work.  He then shut off his desktop computer put all his important paperwork away and locked it up.  He did not need some ass stealing his work.  He saw it happen here on several occasions.  It sucked when some one would steal you work and try to take credit for it.

                Vic headed out of the building carrying his stuff and passing through security for the building.  He felt the state building only appeared like it had security, the guards were useless.  As he left the building he made his way across the parking lot to his Dodge Intrepid.  He chirped the alarm and opened the door and tossed his stuff over to the passenger seat.  He started the car and pulled out.  He made his way to his house in Sayville.

Vic pulled into his driveway and took his stuff in with him.  Every time he got home he was grateful he hit the lottery for a million dollars.  After taxes he had enough to buy the house and furnish it with about twenty grand left over.  So he still had to work but he was doing okay.  He put all his stuff in his office he had set up.  He made his way to the phone to check his messages.  There were three and he pressed play to listen to the first message.

"Hey dude where are you?  It's wet t-shirt night at the Skins Game you got to go.  Call me on my cell".          

Vic clicked to the next message.

"Hey Victor it's Amber.  Why haven't you called we should get together this weekend".

Vic clicked for the last message.

"Hey it's Tony when is youse leaving for Atlantic City?  It aint this weekend I hope I got us hooked with four coke whores.  I got the stuff all I need from you is a place and your brains to entertain them in between banging them.  Give me a call on da cell".

Vic shook his head and thought how the hell did he get mixed up with an idiot like Tony.  Vic erased all the messages and called Tony.  Luckily he got his voice mail.

"Tony I am leaving town now so I will catch up with you on Monday to check on you".  Vic hung up and went into the kitchen.  He opened the fridge and grabbed the milk and poured a large glass.  He chugged it down with out hesitation.  Vic wiped his mouth put the glass in the sink after rinsing it. 

"Time to pack and then get some sleep" Vic muttered to himself.

Vic took all of fifteen minutes packing.  Thatís because it took him ten minutes to find the suite case.  He then jumped in the shower for a quick wash of the grime sweat from the day.  Feeling refreshed and tired he jumped into bed and set his cd alarm clock for seven in the morning.  That would give him plenty of time to drag his ass out of bed and get on the road.

In a house in a location further south from Vic's location (Virginia Beach to be exact).  Four women were also getting ready for bed.  The four women lived in a house just off the ocean.  They were able to get the house from money they earned from their music career and the adult shop they owned and operated.  The best part was that they were able to outfit themselves for their music with clothes they ordered for their store.  The store also catered to all lifestyles and catered to the dancers in the area.  They also had the largest video selection in the Hampton Roads area.  This also enabled them to allure top named porn stars.  This brought in the customers and the money.  They even had a club exclusively for hardcore titles and fetish videos.  The club helped avoid local pornography laws about selling and renting hardcore videos.  They had a lawyer work the details out to circumvent the ridiculous law.  They also won several lawsuits with favorable big money settlement against the city of Virginia Beach, which also helped maintain their lavish lifestyle.

"Hey were my leather pants with the fringe?" screamed Christy.

"You let me borrow them so I was packing them for the weekend" screamed Jenna.

"Okay, maybe I will pack my chaps" Christy shouted out to no one in particular.

Erica and Jenna quietly packed two suite cases a piece.  Christy finished packing one rather large suite case.  Ginger packed one suite also.  The women placed the suite cases by the door so they would not have to lug them in the morning.  The house quieted down as the women moved off to their rooms.

"Hey girls don't forget to set those alarms for seven we have to get an early start" announced Christy.

A collective groan was heard followed by Ginger, Jenna and Erica responding with an" Okay".



The digital numbers on the clock changed from 6:59 to 7:00.  Then cd started spinning and the speakers came to life with thundering guitars and drums followed by a raspy voice.  Vic shifted and moved to get up and move about his apartment.  He turned his alarm off and got himself dressed in a pair of shorts and t-shirt and sneakers. He ate a banana and a large glass of milk.  He grabbed a Ranger hat and his bag jumped in his car.  He checked to make sure he had his computer artwork clothes and concert tickets.  He had them all.  He pulled his car out of the driveway and made his way to the Southern State Parkway.

In Virginia the alarms all went off and not one girl was happy to get up.  All of them were dragging ass and took forever to get themselves going.  After a half hour of moping around Erica got a surge of energy and she tried to motivate her roommates.

"Hey you lazy people we are heading to see Joan.  Lets see some life.  I bet Vic is up and on his way to Atlantic City.  We need to get going" Erica said trying to pump some life into her zombie roommates.

"Shut up bitch it is way to early for that attitude and Vic is a show off anyway" groaned Christy as she drank a cup of coffee to wake her ass up.

Another half hour went by before the girls packed their custom conversion van.  The van is deep purple with huge lettering that said JACE.  Inside the van there are four leather captain chairs and an amazing stereo system.  In the back is all there equipment.  They never unpack their stuff.  So they are traveling with it all.  Erica jumped in the drivers seat. Jenna sat up front in the passenger seat.  Ginger and Christy piled in back.  Now they were on their way. 

In a few minutes they were on 13 heading north over the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.  After driving for two hours they came across a Subway store and pulled in for a sandwich and to stretch. The four women exited the van after Erica found a parking space.  They started walking towards the Subway shop and heads were turning and two cars collided in the parking lot causing one of the car have its horn stuck on.  This is not the first time the girls had this happen.  The more rural areas along 13 do not usually get four women with incredibly long legs with tight shorts and t-shirts walking together in a parking lot heading towards a Subway.  Not to mention that Jenna and Ginger are natural blondes.  Erica has sandy brown hair and Christy is a brunette with a hint of red high lights from the sun.  If that wasn't enough for any guy the girls had several tattoos apiece in rather alluring areas.

Without even turning a head at the sound of the two cars colliding Erica asked "Don't we know some one that worked at Subway?"

"Yeah its what's her name?  I know who you mean but I can't remember her name either" Jenna answered Erica.

Everybody laughed and went into the store.  In a matter of minutes the all had a small sandwich and a drink and were heading back to the van to continue their drive to Atlantic City.  Moments later Erica pulled into a gas station to fill up the van her supplies of starbursts.  Now they were ready to continue the drive.


Pulling off the belt Parkway at the Verrazanno Bridge exit Vic was listening to Howard and laughing his ass off.  Everyone on the show was doing a Jackie impression and making fun about how cheap Jackie is.  This is not a new thing but it never gets old Jackie is good for a cheap bashing at least twice a month.  This time some guy called up and did some work on one of Jackie's homes and Jackie's wife offered the guy a Jokeman prize pack as a tip.  So it was an endless barrage of taunts and lectures from Howard to Jackie and by the time it was all over Vic was crossing the Outerbridge Crossing to get into New Jersey.

He jumped on the Garden State Parkway and headed south towards Atlantic City.  After about twenty minutes Vic's bladder decided it was time to stop.  So Vic pilled of at the next exit found a WaWa and used the restroom and bought an ice cappuccino.  He walked back out to his car and stretched knowing he was probably way ahead of his friends from Virginia. 

Vic's look wasn't as distracting as his friends but he was considered attractive.  He stood just over six foot tall and weighed in at two twenty.  His body was real defined from his weightlifting regime he put himself on mixed in with aerobic exercises.  Just like the girls Vic had a few tattoos, one on each bicep.  The left was the Ranger shield with crossed hockey sticks behind it.  The other arm had a self-designed tribal looking armband.  His ex girlfriend thought it was sexy, she thought everything was sexy that is why she is his ex girlfriend.

Vic finished his drink and tossed the cup in the trash climbed back into his car and took of again.  He was about an hour away from Atlantic City anyway.  So he headed back to the Garden State and started driving like a man possessed.  He weaved in and out of traffic and made it to the Trump Marina in thirty-five minutes.  He was pleased and pulled the car into a spot up front.  He locked up the car and went in to check in.

Vic presented the desk clerk with his driver's license and credit card and got a key to the Executive suite, which was the size of four hotel rooms on the lower floors.  He explained that four women would be checking in shortly looking for his room and asked that they get keys.  Vic went out to his car and moved it around the side and refused the bellhops help but tipped him five bucks anyway.  He grabbed his things and head to the room.

The room was huge and had three separate bedrooms a living room and two huge baths with a Jacuzzi tub in each.  Vic put his suite case down and decided he needed a beer.  He first washed up and combed his hair and put on another shirt so he looked like he belonged in the Executive suite.  He then headed down to the bar down in the lobby.  It was just opening when he arrived.  Then he realized it was only eleven in the morning.  Oh well he thought it is double digits and I am on vacation anyway.  He made his way into the bar and sat down at the bar an ordered a Bass ale. 

He got his drink and something made him turn his head and look at the doorway to the bar.  He saw a man vaguely familiar to him and he was on his cell phone not sounding too happy.  Then Vic clearly heard the man say, "What do you mean the opening act isn't going to make?"

Then he recognized the man as Kenny Laguna, Joan Jett's manager. Vic turned back to the bar and thought to himself as he took a big gulp of his beer, 'thatís going to suck no opening act for Joan'.  Then like a lead pipe smacking into his skull he thought Jace would be perfect.  Vic waited for him to get off the cell phone.  As luck would have it he made his way over to the bar and ordered a bottle of bud.  It was now or never Vic thought.  With any luck the girls did not unpack their stuff and were toting all of it here.

"Mr. Laguna, I am not trying to pry in on your private conversation but did I hear correctly that you do not have an opening act for tonight's concert".

Kenny Laguna turned and looked at Vic trying to get a read on him and replied, "Yeah you heard right.  We will probably get some lounge band to fill in".

"I got a better solution for you.  I got four girls driving up from Virginia who have a band that play the same sort of rock that Joan plays.  It would be almost like when the Donna's opened up for Joan on St. Patrick's Day in Manhattan.  The band has opened up for multiple big name acts in Norfolk and Virginia Beach." Vic was trying his best to sell this idea.

"What's the name of the band kid?"

"They call themselves Jace.  I have a live recording up in my room.  If you can wait here I will get it for you." Vic said with some hesitation.

Kenny Laguna looked at Vic and said, "Okay kid I be here for a few".

Vic saw there was an audio system with a cd player.  He ran up to his room and got one of the cd's he made from recordings he had.  He hurried down to the bar with the cd as he reached the bar he saw Kenny Laguna still at the bar.  Vic moved in and called over the bartender and asked her to play the cd.  She put the cd in.  Vic gave the case to Mr. Laguna as the first song started.

"I did the cover art myself and put the case together," added Vic as Mr. Laguna eyed the cd case.

"They sound good the audio quality is poor though who mixed this?" asked Kenny Laguna

"I know, it came off a cheap audio board and I ripped on a home computer for myself they actually have a studio album as a demo with them.  I did the cover for that one to.  I can get you a copy if you want" Vic said with some hesitation.

"Yeah I would like that.  I like what I here so far.  Let me borrow this cd and I will get back to you in a couple of hours. What room are you staying in room?" asked Kenny Laguna.

"I'm in room 2702" replied Vic

"Oh you're staying in an Executive suite".

"Yeah we are, so I will hearing something in a couple of hours".

"Yeah I will get in touch with you," said Kenny Laguna as he was handed the cd by the bartender and he walked out of the bar.

That turned out good I think, thought Vic.  He ordered another Bass and slammed it done and went up to his room.  Vic went into his room and decided to just wait he turned on the TV and lay down in his bed.



In the van Erica announced, "We made it to Jersey.  Just forty-five minutes to go and we will be there".

The girls cheered at the news as Erica jumped on the Atlantic City highway.  The forty-five minutes went by so fast and they pulled the big van into the hotel parking lot.  The girls pulled out their luggage and four bell hops were fighting over who would carry the luggage.

"Boys be careful with our stuff or you won't get a tip," Jenna remarked as they walked to into the hotel.

"Can I help you?" asked the desk clerk.

"Yes we are with Vic Carmece," responded Erica as the girls gathered around the desk.

"Oh you must be the girls he is waiting for.  Just a second let me get you some keys," said the desk clerk as he coded four keys for the women.

The bellboys narrowed down to only two and they had the luggage on a cart and were heading towards the elevator after being told the room number.  After a few minutes they were entering the room and were amazed with the size of the room.  Vic got up and as soon as the girls seen him they charged and knocked him down and piled on him.  The bellboys looked on with jealousy in their eyes and waited for a tip.  After a minute and some begging Vic got up and gave the bellboys ten bucks apiece and closed the door behind them.

                "Well ladies I have some possibly incredible news for you," Vic said as he got the girls attention.  Just as he was going to continue what he was saying when there was a knock on the door.  Vic went over to the door and there was another bellboy with the cd and he had a message from Kenny Laguna.

                "Mr. Laguna would like Jace to open for Joan tonight.  He is willing to give them twenty five hundred dollars for tonight and there might be a possible recording deal with Blackheart records if he likes what he hears", the bellboy relayed.

                "Hold on a second," Vic said to the bellboy.  Vic moved back to his friends and said, "I have booked you for a gig tonight".  The girl's faces dropped and their eyes showed hate and the potential for violence.  Then Vic continued his news, "You are opening for Joan Jett"

                The girls went from depressed to ecstatic.  They were jumping up and down and shouting and saying how glad they were for not unloading their stuff.  Vic moved back to the bellboy and said tell Mr. Laguna that we will.  The bellboy left and Vic closed the door.   The girls were still bouncing around and could not believe they were going to open up for Joan in several hours.

                "Oh there is on thing I did not mention you are also getting twenty five hundred for the gig, and there is a chance to get on Blackhearts records," Vic told them as he prepared to get mobbed again and he did.  The girls charged him again sending them all to the floor once again as the thanked him.  After several minutes everyone got up and the phone was ringing.  Vic went over and answered the phone and said, "Hello"

                " Got the message you agreed and I wanted to let you know backstage passes are waiting for you all at the front desk and about five this evening you can get your gear in and set up for a sound check.  The house has a fair system probably better than what you are used to plugging into so you wont need any boards or amps.  So I will see you later then," Kenny Laguna said.

                "Okay we will be there and thank you," replied Vic.

                Vic put the receiver down and relayed the news to his friends and they were still excited with the notion of opening for Joan.  Since she is one of their main inspirations for getting into music.  Then as quickly as the excitement started a dark cloud seemed to roll in and change the mood of the room.

                "Holy shit what are we going to wear!" exclaimed Erica.  This sent the girls into a frenzy that Vic backed away from in shock.  He saw the girls tear into their suite cases and tried to match outfits up and get some sort of idea.  After what seemed like an eternity all four girls stopped sorting matching and seemed to give up.

"Ladies I think I solved our problem.  We wear what we were going to wear for the concert tonight.  We should fit right in," Jenna said as grabbed her outfit for the night. All the girls followed suite and the dark cloud moved out as quickly as it appeared.  Now all they had to do was wait for five that afternoon.


Time seemed to fly by because it was now five and Erica went to move the van around back to the loading area so they could get their equipment out of the van.  Vic helped unload the stuff on to pushcarts and they wheeled everything into the back stage area were they saw roadies setting up equipment and lighting and getting things set for tonight.  Vic was the only one standing around looking like an ass staring in amazement at what was happening.  He has never been back stage at this time before a concert before and he was taking in all the prep work that was being done.  He was so wrapped up in watching everything he did not notice Kenny Laguna standing in front of him.

"Vic great to see they made it.  I will get one of the guys to show you were to plug everything in," said Kenny Laguna as he held out his hand.

Vic shook himself back into reality and shook his hand and replied, "You don't want to show me the girls do their own set ups so have the guy show them.  I do the artwork and carry the heavy stuff when I am around Erica runs the band handles the bookings".

"Sorry I assumed you were the manager since you got them this gig".

"No I just happened to be there and I couldn't pass up the chance to let them play.  Otherwise we would have been out front somewhere trying to get some space in the pit."

Kenny Laguna smiled and Vic handed him the demo copy of the cd he had promised earlier.  Kenny walked off after thanking Vic and got one of the guys to help the girls.  He then walked over to the girls and Vic made his way there also.  They both met at were the girls were unpacking their stuff.

"Excuse me guys I would like you to meet Kenny Laguna," Vic said to get all there attention.  "Mr. Laguna this is Erica Burstyn, that is Christy Carlton, that is Ginger Landers, and The last one is Jenna Jenkins" Vic said as he pointed each girl out and they shook Kenny's hand and saying hi.

"Well ladies your friend here pitched your band as a replacement for the opening acts tonight since an unforeseen plane problem and storms out west are causing the opening act to miss this appearance.  So I listened to a sampling of your work and I liked what I hard so if tonight goes okay we might be able to work out some sort of recording deal.  So get set up and if you need to you have an hour and a half to get your set ready for tonight.  You have roughly thirty-five minutes to play tonight so get your play list together and you go on at 10:05 tonight.  Any questions?" Kenny smiled and looked to see if the girls had any questions and they did not so he turned and walked away. 

The roadies helped with were to put everything as Vic moved stuff around to speed things up.  Erica wrote up a play list and the time came up to about thirty minutes and when they stopped between songs and she said something it would come out to thirty-five minutes. 

After the equipment was set they played a couple of song s just to get used to the sound of the room and a feel for the stage.  They had some room to move about which made the extremely energetic Erica happy.  When she is onstage she is like Taz you never know what will happen next.  Thatís what makes it fun though. 

By the time they finished and put up their stuff Joan Jett was walking in with Thommy Price into the back area and went to the dressing room area.  The same roadie who helped set up pointed out a door to the left side of the stage. He told them the door that he was pointing to was there dressing room for the night.  So they all walked over and checked out the dressing room.  It was very plain but clean.  There are a few tables and chairs a dozen roses were sitting on one of the tables.  Also there are stalls to hang clothes and mirrors to check you look.  In the back was a restroom with a shower and it was clean also. Everyone was shocked by how clean it is.  Ginger went over to the flowers and pulled the card to see whom they were from.

The card read "Thanks for filling in your live stuff sounds good, see you tonight.  Joan". Ginger passed the card around and now they were pumped.  Joan listened to there live recording and she liked it.  After a moment they settled down and Vic got them to agree to get something to eat and get their clothes and get ready for tonight.  So they all filed out of the dressing room and head out of the venue area pass security. 

Everyone but Vic grabbed a light meal in the restaurant he had soup salad and had grilled chicken and steamed vegetable mix.  The girls stared at him like he was a freak and he ignored them and continued to eat.  He capped dinner of with an espresso. 

"How can you eat like that?" asked Ginger

"It's easy I don't have to perform I just have to stand around and look cool," answered Vic as he sipped his espresso.

"You bum", Christy hissed and then smiled'

Vic finished his espresso and got everyone moving towards the room to pick up their clothes for the night.  Vic took a quick shower and put on a pair of jeans work boots and a black t-shirt with several pictures of Joxer The Mighty on it.  With the caption 'Fool for Love".  Vic designed the shirt himself and had a buddy do the silk screening for him.  He capped his look with a Ranger hat.  The girls were waiting impatiently for him. 

They made it down to the artist entrance and passed security and headed for the dressing room.  As they reached the dressing room and Vic stopped at the entrance and said, "Jenna do you have your cell phone with you?"    Jenna pulled the phone out and showed it to Vic.  "Okay call me when you all are finished dressing".

"You afraid to see a woman naked" quipped Christy.

"Not at all just don't want to see you four naked since I think of you like you are my sisters and seeing my sister naked is wrong" Vic shot back.

"Your just a wussy thatís all can't handle seeing real women nude Jenna joked as they filed into the dressing room and Ginger closed the door.

Vic turned and thought to himself that he would love to see them all naked parading around in front of him while he was drinking a beer.  After all he is a guy and thatís what all guys want.  So he walked away from the dressing room lost in thought.  He looked out at the stage and saw the roadies doing more checks. Vic helped set up all the equipment for the girls and realized it was ten to ten when he was all done.  His cell phone rang and he answered it.  Jenna told him they were done dressing,

He made his way to the dressing room and there was a local radio DJ getting some info about the girls so she could introduce them when it was time.  Then Vic noticed what the girls were wearing.  He was stunned and getting turned on at the same time.  Quickly he tried to change his thought to Mimi in a bikini.  That helped immensely.  He took another look and was calm.  Erica was wearing jeans that were faded and torn and her ass was pretty much hanging out and you could see the black thong.  She also had a Xena t-shirt that was cut to show a little belly and a leather jacket and boots.  Christy was wearing chaps with a black lace thong gogo boots and black leather vest that barely contained here naturally large breasts.  Jenna was wearing black leather pants boots and a cut up black Calisto t-shirt.  Jenna Had her long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and had a Penguins hat on.  Ginger was wearing a black skintight dress with black Doc Martens.

"This is what you were going to wear to the concert tonight?" asked the Vic who was slightly shocked.

The DJ left and was smiling as she walked by Vic.  "I take it she is family then" Vic asked.

"You got it," answered Jenna.

"I would have never guessed but she was smiling like the cat who just swallowed the canary" Vic said as he moved into the dressing room.  "Well everything is set out there. Erica you are center, Christy is off to your left and Ginger is to your right.  Jenna you are picking up the rear as usual.   Jenna laughed and sat down in a chair to wait out he last few minutes they had.

There was a knock on the dressing room door and a roadie a roadie shout, "You guys are on in five".

Everyone stood up and the room was silent.  The girls circled and held hands.  Erica spoke  "Well ladies this is the chance we've been waiting for lets give them a show.  Ready 1 2 3 " Erica said.

Then they all screamed in unison "JACE!"

They head toward the stage and they heard the DJ saying, "We have a special treat for you tonight an unsigned band from Virginia Beach so lets give a big Atlantic City welcome to Jace".

The crowd clapped lightly at first and when they got a look at the girls the cheering got louder.  They grabbed their instrument and broke right into their first song.  The crowd was getting into their music as they went straight into the second song as they finished the first one.  Vic made his way from the side of the stage and weaseled his way to the front of the stage he made it there by the third song.  Erica was moving about the stage with her bass guitar when she wasn't singing.  At the end of the third song Erica finally addressed the crowd.

"Wow Atlantic City you are making us feel real welcomed here tonight".  The crowd cheered and Erica continued, "Well on this next song Christy is going to take over the vocal duty.  The song is called Floating Away".  Christy struck the first chord and the band fell into place and Christy started singing. 

Vic was jamming with the crowd and it seemed like it was all women except for him.  He started feeling hands on his but and on his back.  By the fifth song the hands seemed to be rubbing him.  Vic noticed that all the women were groping each other in what appears to be a large orgy.  Clothes were not being removed but thought it was only a mater of time. By the sixth song, which Ginger sung he was being groped in the front by a cute redhead and brunette.  He was enjoying this very much and was glad he moved into the audience instead of staying on the side of the stage.  Just as they started the intro for the last song the crowd was doing some serious groping and kissing.  Vic thought his head was going to explode from the sensory overload he was receiving. 

Erica was addressing the crowd and started saying, " I see a lot of people having fun out there, and this song really gets the feet going but first let me introduce you to the band.  On my left playing lead guitar and vocals is Christy Carlton".  The crowd cheered Vic screamed in support.  "On my right playing rhythm and keyboards as well as vocals is Ginger Landers".  The crowd cheered and Vic screamed again.  "Right behind us here we have on drums and vocals we have Jenna Jenkins".  The crowd cheered and Vic was screaming.  "I am Erica Burstyn playing bass an vocals and together we are," the crowd cheered and Vic was screaming like a lunatic. 

All four girls screamed "JACE!"

Ginger steered the intro right into the start and Erica started singing " Everyone why don't you through up your hands and feel the rhythm".

The crowd went crazy as the bodies swayed in unison to the music.  Vic was feeling good when suddenly the hand that was groping the front now worked its way down his pants and had a firm grip on his wedding tackle.  His eyes opened as wide as they could as he look down and the redhead was the guilty party and smiled up at him and kept playing the skin flute with enthusiasm.  The music was playing and Vic was loosing himself in the moment when he thought he heard something unusual.  Then he got a tingling sensation up and down his spine and closed his eyes and moaned.

His eyes sprung open as he heard, "Get the fuck up!" screamed by Fred Durst of Limp Bizcut in their version of the song called 'Faith'.  Thatís when he realized that it was all a dream.  Jace was not opening for Joan.  There was no chance of a record contract.  He hadn't been in a crowd of hot women groping him as he watched his friends play.  He then sat up and a look of horror crossed his face.  He slowly removed the covers from his body and thought in disgust, 'It was a dream all right a wet one'.



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