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              It was mid October and Vic was finishing his work for the day and counting the hours till he was on a plane and heading to Virginia for the annual wine festival.  Vic found it amusing every year to see the supposed people of class and taste become common drunks.  One year he recalled seeing a woman hugging a tree and heaving up.  The funny thing was it was only five in the afternoon and she was wearing a nice dress and her husband/boyfriend was wearing a sports coat.  Other times he just saw people who were always uptight letting loose and having fun and sometimes they would make complete Asses out of themselves.  Vic knew he was slightly off but that was okay.

                Finally, Vic packed all his stuff and locked up his desk and headed out of the building for the extended weekend he had planned.  He got in his car and pulled out of the parking lot as he put on his radio and put on a cd that he had gotten from his friends in Virginia.  It was the one he had done the artwork for.  The titled always made him laugh, 'I Have Many Skills'.  It always made him think of the Xena episode where Xena delivered that line. 

                About four songs into the cd Vic pulled his car into the driveway and carried all his stuff into his house.  Vic placed everything on the kitchen table and went to his phone to check the messages.  There were six new messages.  He pressed play and the first three were hang ups then the fourth was Tony saying he was going out to see Moby tonight at Irving Plaza.  The last two were from Jenna and Christy telling Vic to call.  Vic looked at the time and decided to eat first before making a phone call.

                Vic moved to the fridge and looked at what was there and he pulled out some left over Chinese from the night before and pizza from two nights earlier.  He put the pizza and a plate and the Chinese food on another plate and put the pizza in the microwave as he ate the Chinese.  He finished the first plate and then pulled the pizza from the microwave and ate that too.  Vic then opened the fridge and pulled out a Miller Lite and chugged it down as he picked up the phone and hit the speed dial button for the girls.  After three rings Erica picked up the phone.

                "Hello" she said

                "Hey Erica just returning some calls from Christy and Jenna" Vic responded.

                "I can't wait till tomorrow when you get here.  Atlantic City was a good time," Eric said with a smile in her voice.

                "I am looking forward to coming down and relaxing for the weekend at the wine fest" Vic responded.

                "Well Christy and Jenna are not here but I know what they were going to tell you.  They were going to tell you that we are playing Friday at HB's."

                "That is cool.  I love seeing you guys play live it is always a fun show."

                "It is really cool to play there the crowd is fairly crazy."

                "I know, the last time I had some guy trying to pick me up all night.  I did everything to dissuade him from pursuing me.  Luckily I managed to hide from him as Jenna told him I was in the parking lot and heading to the some other bar."

                "I remember that it was all we talked about that night."

                "Yeah a highlight of my life" Vic replied with sarcasm dripping from his words.

                "He was cute and you two would have made a nice couple" Erica was barely able to get it out as she started laughing.

                "Alright I get the picture.  My plane comes in at 11:50 tomorrow.  So hopefully some one will be there to pick me up."

                "Some one will be there to meet you Vic."

                "Cool, well I got to go and pack for tomorrow.  I will see you tomorrow then."

                " I will see you tomorrow.  I can't wait to see you I miss you."

                "I miss you too."

                They both hung up and Vic went into the bathroom and showered.  He dried off and packed his toiletries and moved to his bedroom.  He put on some shorts and a cut off shirt with the Ranger logo on it.  Vic pulled out his suite case and started packing clothes and shoes.  In about fifteen minutes Vic finished packing.  He went to the fridge grabbed another beer then went to the living room and watched Xena that he had taped the previous Saturday.  Vic finished several more beers while he watched Xena. At the end of the show Vic stood up and headed to bed.

                During the night Vic heard his answering machine go off several times with Tony's voice seeing if he could bring some girls over.  Vic rolled over and ignored the phone and fell back to sleep.  The morning came and Vic got up and dressed in a pair of jeans and a mock turtleneck shirt.  He grabbed his suite case and put it by the door and went back to the kitchen.  Vic grabbed a tall glass and poured himself some milk then he opened a cabinet that had boxes of cereal and pop tarts.  He grabs a blueberry pop tart package and opened it and started to eat it and drink his milk.  He finished the pop tarts and one more glass of milk and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and get to the airport.

                Vic grabbed all his stuff the suite case his computer and made sure he had his tickets for the plane.  Vic jumped into his car and pulled out of his driveway and cruised up the street and he was on his way.  He was jamming to the same cd and when he got to the airport he parked in the extended parking and grabbed all his stuff and made his way to the check in counter.

                The first leg of the flight was uneventful and Vic had an hour layover in Philly so he went to a magazine stand and bought the latest copy of Playboy.  Then Vic stopped at the bookstore and amazingly the Xena book was out 'How The Quest Was Won'.  Vic purchased the book and headed back to the gate and waited for his flight.  Vic noticed some incredibly gorgeous woman sitting in the area waiting for one of the three planes that were due to leave from the gate Vic was at.  Vic hid the Playboy in his computer case and started to read the Xena novel instead and pray she was going to Virginia on his plane.  Vic was now having a conversation with God in his head, "G, I don't ask for much other than the Islander lose every game.  The Rangers win the Stanley cup again and help the Giants defense.  So I am just asking that you let that pretty woman get on my plane and have me sitting next to her".  Vic didn't expect an answer but he was still hoping his prayer would be answered.

                Vic's plane was boarding and the woman gathered her things and made her way to the plane and Vic was psyched.  The first part was answered now all he had to do was board the plane and see what happens.  He walked up the ramp since he liked being one of the last people to board the plane.  He looked down the aisle and saw that he was seated next to the woman and his eyes lit up.  Inside his mind he was doing his happy dance were he was pumping his arm jumping up and down and holding the Stanley Cup in Victory.

                Vic made his way to the seat and made eye contact with the woman and she seemed relieved she wasn't sitting with the fat salesman looking guy that seemed to be sweating profusely even though it was fairly cool outside.  Vic sat down and politely said hello and placed his computer under the seat in front of him and placed his seat belt on.  After the plane got up in the air Vic grabbed his computer and booted up.  Vic opened his latest project he was working on.  Vic did this since it had some amazing 3D images of highways and off ramps.  It was bound to get her attention and start a conversation.

                Vic opened the program and started to add shrubs and trees to barren areas.  He noticed she put down some magazine she was looking at and watching what he was doing.  Vic knew she was watching and he started rotating the screen to get different views of what he had added.  Then she leaned in a bit and Vic knew she was intrigued

                "Excuse me but what program is that?" she asked.

                "Oh it's Bryce a 3D rendering software which helps me show people what the highways should look like when everything is finished" Vic responded.

                "That is some amazing looks.  You design the highways?" she asked.

                "I help, there is a team of people that work that gather the information to get the drawings correct and allow us to get to this point" Vic said in a humble voice hoping to maintain here interest in what he was doing.

                "Wow that is fascinating.  What else do you do with that software?" she said as she looked at Vic.

                "Well I do cover art designs for some friends who have a band."  Vic brought up several displays of what he was doing for his friends.  She was impressed and then they started talking and getting better acquainted.   Vic inside once again was doing his little victory dance and now he was holding the Stanley cup and the Con Smythe Trophy.

                The plane landed and Vic got the woman's name and number.  Bo he thought what a cool name kind of like Bo Derek.  Except this woman had sandy brown hair with gently curved features.  She was great looking though.  As they were exiting the plane Boa told Vic to call her this weekend while he was down here.  Vic smiled and told her no problem when he caught from the corner of his eye blonde hair moving quickly towards him.  He locked on the target and noticed it was Erica charging him.  In one quick motion she leapt at him and he caught her in his arms.  She squeezed him tight and wrapped her legs around his but to help stay in place.

                Vic looked over at Bo and she was not amused and the sight and said "Don't bother calling me I don't need to be another woman in your life."

                "It's not what you think, Bo she is just a friend" Vic pleaded.  As the image in his head that had the Stanley Cup and Con Smythe trophy was now empty handed as Bo was slapping him as she called him a pig.

                She turned and walked away Erica did not budge as she held on tight and Vic gave in and held her tight.  Now Jenna Christy and Ginger made there way over and saw Erica smothering him. 

                "Okay Erica time to let him go and let the rest of us give him a hug" Jenna demanded.  Erica slowly released Vic and the rest of the girls one at a time hugged him and welcomed him back.  They headed for the luggage pick up and he grabbed his one suite case.  They then headed to the van and drove to house.  Everyone was firing questions at Vic and he rattled of answers to what he has been up to and if he was seeing anyone yet and when was he going to come back to stay.  He answered all the questions and said he would only visit never will he live out of New York again.  He loved going to see the Ranger games and going into the city for whatever reason.  In Virginia he would not be able to do that and he loved his job, which was crazy.

                They arrived at the house and Vic put his stuff in the guest room.  Then they took Vic to show him the new look of the store.  It was incredible.  The new look opened up the store and you did not feel all cramped as you walked in.  The products did not jump at you and the tropical color scheme was very soothing.  Vic looked at the outfits and the leather apparel that was towards the back and noticed all the adult novelties.

                "The place is incredible" Vic said.

                "Thanks we put a lot of time in trying to get the right look." Christy responded.

                "With a set up this you could make a killing on Long Island.  You would be in the heart of the east coast music industry and closer to real hockey," Vic said stirring up the constant argument that they kept going every time they got together.  They started it in the van earlier so he did not feel guilty just egging it on.

                "We will not get anywhere with that argument so just drop it Vic" Ginger said in a motherly tone.

                They left the store and went to get some lunch at some restaurant on the beach.  The food was okay but the conversation was crazy and the reaction of everyone when they saw four stunning women with only one guy.  Guys figure he was gay and women were curios.

                Vic managed to pay the bill with out the girls knowing when he walked to the bathroom and handed the waitress his AMEX card.  She came back with the check and everything ready for him to sign.  He jotted his signature on the receipt and the waitress left.  Vic stunned the girls as he out smarted them again by passing off his card to the waitress.

                They left to go back to the house and relax for a while before they had to go and get ready for the night.  The hours quickly passed and they had everything packed for the show.  They climbed in the Van and off they went.  It took about thirty minutes to get to HB's.  It was only eight and they were scheduled to come on at nine for their first set and scheduled to play three sets.  Vic helped move everything in as they set up their stuff.  By eight thirty they were all set up and went over to the bar for a moment to get something to drink and relax before they had to go on.  Vic managed to get a far corner table reserved for himself and few other people that would come later.

                Vic sat down and the girls went on at nine and the place came alive with the thundering guitars and Erica's voice and Jenna pounding the drums.  They stuck with familiar songs that the crowd would know and get into.  The set was great and after their forty-five minute set Erica finished by saying, "We have a new cd out and we will be selling them.  As an added bonus the guy who has been doing all the artwork and developed our logo is sitting in the corner where the cd's will be sold"

                Vic's eye's lit up even though he was already six beers deep; as he heard Erica tell everyone he was the cover artist.  People started lining up to get the new cd and Vic received a lot of complements on the cover.  Also was hit on by several drag queens.  He was now thinking to himself why him.  Why couldn't he attract hot women?  Then he realized where he was and he calmed down and drank another beer as he talked to Christy. 

                "Wow you attract some hot women" Christy joked.

                "Yeah whatever.  Don't you have to go play or something" Vic replied

                She still had a few minutes before they she had to go play.  The girls also found themselves signing cds.  They finally got a break from everything and worked out their second set.  When they got up to play Erica started to speak to the crowd, "Thanks for buying our cd we hope you enjoy it".  Jenna started them off then once again the place erupted in live music.  This set contained some original stuff as well as cover tunes that were a little more obscure.  Vic liked it when they played their own stuff.

                Vic sat and had several more beers and made a couple of trips to the bathroom since the beer he had already drunk wanted to leave the body.  There was no real men's room since there were not that many men who frequented this bar so he was sharing and waiting in line with a lot of women.  He found himself in a deep conversation with a woman named Carol who told him he did some amazing artwork on the cd.  She had all the Jace cds and the artwork kept getting better.  He was grateful and then it got weird she now was asking him why her girlfriend was cheating on her.  Vic got uncomfortable and tried to be vague with his answers.  Then she dropped the bomb when she told him it might be some guy.  Vic just wanted to runaway but he was so close to the bathroom and his bladder was full.  She grabbed his arm and started crying as she put her face into his arm.  Vic did not know what to do so he tried to comfort her.  Then she was the first in line and the bathroom was open and miraculously she realized that and stumbled towards the bathroom.  The other bathroom was free moments later and Vic moved in and relieved himself as quickly as he could and washed his hands.  He moved out of the bathroom he was clear she was nowhere in sight.

                Back at the table Vic waited as his friends finished the second set.  The women who arrived late now were coming over to purchase the cd.  It seemed they sold almost all the cds they had brought with them.  They were signing cds again at this break and still giving Vic a hard time and one of their friends had seen what happened on the line to the bathroom.  So they had new ammo to use against him.  Vic felt helpless and could only take the abuse.

                During the third set Vic cut out the beer and stayed away from the bathroom and just sat and relaxed.  He figured there wasn't anyway he could get into any more trouble.  He was wrong.  During the set Erica started something that Vic wished he she hadn't.  Erica addressed the crowd before the next song, "Well we don't always play this song but it is one of our friend Vic's favorites so we thought we would play it.  Ginger started the song on Keyboards and Vic's eyes bulged out of his head when he realized what song it was.  Erica started singing talking to the crowd, "Everybody clap your hands and feel the rhythm and all you ladies in the back come get Vic and dance with him and you know which ladies I am talking to".  Then she went into the song.

                Vic wanted to run but he was in a corner that had no escape and he could see the drag Queens making their way quickly over to him.  Mentally he was defeated and physically he let himself be dragged out on the dance floor.  Instead of dancing he found himself fending off wandering hands that were groping him.  He gave Erica a dirty look and all she could do was smile as she was singing.  At the end of the song she thanked all the drag queens for the assist and they all applauded and tried to get another feel on Vic.

                At the end of the set Erica came over to Vic and hugged him and he couldn't stay mad.  He helped break down the equipment and load up the van.  The rest of the cds sold after they finished breaking everything down.  Before they new it they the lights came on meaning it was last call and everyone scrambled for the last drink. 

                Christy gathered everyone up for the goodbyes so they could get on the road and get home since they had to go to the Wine Festival tomorrow.  Twenty minutes later and they were on the road and another twenty-five minute later they were pulling up to a Taco Bell drive thru.  They ordered way too much food Vic thought.  As they got home and broke into the food it seemed to go in mere seconds.  Vic made his way to the guest room and went to sleep.

                The morning came and Vic headed to the kitchen and started the coffee and went around to wake everyone up.  Vic returned to the kitchen and started cutting up cheese for the Wine fest.  Then he heard the girls making their way towards the kitchen.  Vic broke out the eggs and frying pan.  He started making eggs to for everyone and nuked some bacon in one of those microwave trays for bacon.   In about fifteen minutes everyone was eating. 

                Ginger was doing the dishes Vic finished cutting the cheese and everyone else was starting to shower.  By eleven thirty everyone was finished showering and ready to go.  Vic was wearing jeans and a black long sleeve shirt and sneakers.  He topped his look off with a black New York Rangers hat.  The girls were dress in jeans and nice shirts.  They all had some kind of jacket on since it was slightly chilly but the sun was out.

                They took the van and drove to downtown Norfolk.  They parked in one of the parking garage and walked out to the area and got in line to pick up their glasses and get their table assignment.  The glasses seemed to get cheesier every year and the old lady who put on Vic's wristband put it on to tight and Vic tried to stretch it as much as possible with out breaking it.  They had a table that was real close to Ch‚teau Morrisette.  It has always been of favorite of theirs every year.

                They started off slowly just tasting a little bit at a time.  Then they split up to cover more space.  Vic headed over to the cigar stand and purchased 10 brandy soaked Cuban seed cigars (the tobacco seeds are from Cuba but grown in another Caribbean nation).  Vic picked up a bottle of wine that he can never remember the name that goes great with pizza.  Vic headed back to the table and runs into many people that he hasn't seen in a while and people that he wish he had not seen at all.  He greeted everyone and talked to him or her.  he opened his wine and started drinking and puffing away on his cigar.

                Finally he was alone and he watched the people.  As they were sitting drinking and talking.  He noticed some women getting a little frisky and some women were getting slutty which was cool.  He noticed a lot of guys trying to act cool cause they had money and those guys were the one that made Vic sick.  Most were merely backstabbing assholes.   Well Vic finished his bottle and the girls made it to the table and Vic could tell they were all getting pretty lit up.

                Then Vic saw trouble there were four guys eyeing the girls.  Vic could tell they were sailors and knew it was only a matter of time before they would make a move.  The girls were totally oblivious to the upcoming problem.  Vic just sat back and waited for the train wreck.  It did not take long for them to realize Vic was one man and there was four women with out rings.  Even though Vic was a big guy they probably felt they could take him if he gave them any problems.  Then they made their move.

                Each guy went over to a different girl and put their arm around their back and rested on the chair.  Each of his friends immediately looked at Vic.  Vic did not budge or change his expression he just lit up another cigar.  The guys also looked at him to see if he was going to challenge when he did nothing they assumed he was giving them the okay to hit on them.  The girls all gave him a slight dirty look.

                The guys were trying to get their rap going but the girls acted indifferent to them.  Then Erica had a gleam in her eye and Christy saw it.  Jenna picked up on the vibe Erica was sending and Ginger was also getting a clue from Christy who gave her a look.  "Well you guys are sure cute but we like to do things together.  If you now what I mean" Erica said in a seductive voice.  The guys looked at each other thinking they hooked up with some freaks.  "We like to have wild group sex and we like it when the guys get friendly with each other" Erica coyly added.  The guys looked a little confused but Vic knew what was going to happen and kept himself from laughing.

                "What she is trying to say we like to watch you guys get each other ready to satisfy us as we get our motors running" Christy said as she looked at each guy.  Then they realized what she was getting at they weren't going to let that stop them and they looked at each other and they all agreed since they figured once they got them to there place they could just score with each girl and not worry about having any sexual contact with each other.

                "Well we heard that before and have disappointed one to many time so we need to see if you are free enough sexually" Jenna added.  "Why don't you guys kiss each other for us we want to see some tongue action with that kiss" Jenna continued.  "You know like this" Jenna said as she gave Erica a big wet kiss with tongue.

                Vic shifted in his seat slightly at the sight and the guys stood up and backed away then the biggest guy looked at Vic and called him a fag, which immediately got Vic riled up.  He stood up and looked at the guy and the sailor made his way over to Vic and Vic met him half way. 

                "Your nothing but a fag loser" spat the sailor in an attempt to make himself feel better since he failed with the girls.  His friends looked on but seemed to want to go and not cause any problems 

                "Well it is going to suck when you I kick your ass in front of your friends" Vic said in a low even tone.  Then a punch was thrown from the sailor and Vic dodged with no problem and followed it with a left to the bridge of his nose.  A loud crack was heard and blood started flowing as he dropped.  Vic moved back to his seat and sat down the sailors gathered up his friend and moved away as they saw police as they were patrolling the crowd.

                As if nothing happened Erica gabs some cheese and asks, "Who's going to taste some more wine with me?"

                Everyone stands up and takes off with their glasses.  They spent the rest of the afternoon testing wine and the girls were feeling good and Vic was prepping himself to drive by not drinking just going along with them.  At five they call for the end of the tasting.  Everyone did buy some bottles at the end for later that night.  Since they always hosted a get together in the evening of the wine fest. 

                Vic got everyone back to the van and he drove back to the house and got everyone moving since the wine was making people slightly sluggish.  After some coffee everyone was moving and around they started prepping for the party this evening.  Vic prepped the music as he selected 50 cds to play in the 50 CD player.  He mixed the sounds that ranged for an edgy sound to light soothing sounds and he placed all the Xena cds in the player also. 

                By nine people started showing up.  Vic started the shuffle on the music.  People were mingling and hanging in front of the music and dancing.  It was turning out to be a good party.  Vic was moving in and out of the crowds.  It seemed like each girl had her own group of hanger ons.  

                At one in the morning the people started to thin out and only the hard core partiers were still around eating the munchies and finishing up the last of the wine.  As the wine was gone the hard-core people made their way out.  Vic helped clean up and they finally got everything together and called it a night.

                The morning came and everyone did not want to move but it was late morning and they always went to Shoney's breakfast buffet on Sunday when Vic came down and it was football season.  It was just tradition.

                Everyone managed to through some clothes on and get into the van head out to Shoney's.  The breakfast buffet was especially good this time Vic noticed.  He ate like a pig and the girls kind of just picked at fruit.  Vic looked at them as he went back for the fourth time and he saw that they looked pretty hung over.  So he knew it was going to be a quiet day watching football.

                Back at the house everyone managed to shower and dress.  Vic was wearing a Sehorn Jersey and jeans.  The girls were wearing various jerseys also.  Christy was wearing a redskins jersey and Ginger was wearing a Browns jersey.  Jenna and Erica both had on Giants jerseys also.  The girls watched quietly as the games progressed and Vic kept watching the scores, as they appeared to keep up with his football pools.

                At halftime Christy straightened herself up and announced, "The games suck lets go back to the Wine Fest and get some more wine for tonight and sample some more.  Vic is not leaving till eleven something anyway".  Everyone just looked at Christy as if she had been blasphemous and would soon be struck down by lightning for offending the football gods.

                Vic broke the silence by standing up and saying, "Lets go, but we can't change clothes".  That put the girls into a slight panic since everyone was pretty much dressed down.  It a few minutes with tucking and tying the jerseys off at mid waist the girls were ready to go.   They completed their outfits with leather jackets.  Vic saw the looked like little tramps with the leather jackets the tight jeans and boots.  Maybe he should have let them change clothes.  They jumped into the van and cruised to downtown Norfolk.

                They pulled the van into a parking garage and headed for the main gate to get a glass and a wristband.  Vic told the lady not to tight but she did not listen.  So for the next few minutes as they walked into the wine tasting area Vic was stretching out the wristband.  As they arrived at the area they veered left and started tasting and making choices of which bottles to purchase.

                Vic broke away from his friends for a minute to take a piss break.  As he made his arrived at the portable urinals that Vic always hated.  He saw the woman from the plane.  What was her name he thought and it came to him like a flash of bright light.  Unfortunately for Vic the bright light was real and attached to a large camera.  Also there was a man with a microphone saying something and put the mic in Vic's face.  He saw the large number ten on the microphone handle and remembered channel ten was 'WAVY TV 10'.

                Vic finally spoke as he saw the guy start to panic slightly as if Vic was camera shy,  "Look we are standing in a line here to use the facilities provided we do not want to answer questions.  We do not even want to stand in line.  So take you camera and shove up your ass cause this type of expose will never get you up to a large network job".

                The crowd cheered and the reporter and camera crew left and Vic turned his attention back to Bo whose name he remembered when he was interrupted.  He caught sight of her and saw she was just entering the 'shitter' as he recalled calling back in the day.   There are two guys in front of Vic so he felt confident he could get out before her.

                Christy and Erica started making purchases and Jenna and Ginger were being used like pack mules holding everything.  "Where is Vic he should be back soon so we can pawn all this carrying on him thatís why we brought him right" joked Jenna.  Ginger laughed as she looked for Vic but saw two guys heading their way.

                "We got incoming.  Two guys that have that look like we need help" Ginger whispered to Jenna.  With in seconds they were standing next to them.

                "Ladies you look like you could use some help," said the first guy.  Who was dressed in a sports coat polo shirt dress pants and penny loafers.  He also had a gaudy gold necklace and a thick gold bracelet with matching gold pinky ring.  His partner was dressed almost identically except the color scheme was slightly different.

                "I think you two guys need to keep moving" Jenna remarked as her face went cold.

                "Come on we are just trying to start a friendly conversation here" the second guy replied.  "We're two lonely guys looking for some fun and you two look like you need to have some fun since your just standing here with all that wine and not doing anything"

                Christy and Erica were getting more bottles of wine. They now had bought another twelve bottles and were carrying back to where they had left Jenna and Ginger when they bumped into some friends that had returned from yesterday also.  The thing about these friends they were body builders who say they never used male hormones to help stimulate muscle growth.  Plus both girls were six foot two.  So they are awesome figures and very intimidating.  Vic had fallen Victim to them once and nearly was crushed in a bear hug by Cynthia who was slightly bigger then Nicole.

                Jenna and Ginger decided to play it cool and drink the wine the guys had and figured they would be saved by Vic or Christy and Erica.  So they were not worried.  The guys kept the lines going and the wine kept flowing.  Jenna noticed Erica And Christy and they had Cynthia and Nicole with them so she smiled an evil smile.  Ginger then noticed what Jenna had spotted and new these guys would be leaving soon so she got another refill before the guys were run off.

                As Gingers glass was filled and she pulled away from the guys Nicole and Cynthia place a hand on each guys shoulder.  "Excuse me fellows but you are with our dates," Cynthia said in a slightly disturbed tone.    

                The guys turned towards their heads towards the girls who placed there hands on their shoulders and the first guy said with out even looking whose hand it was, "remove that hand before I break it."  Then it registered that it was a woman a very large woman.  Then he felt the pain as she squeezed his shoulder in response to what he said.

                "I don't think you will be breaking anything today," Cynthia growled as she caused the guys knees to buckle and was driving him down.  Nicole locked on at the same time and her guy was doing the same thing.  The girls watched the painful expressions the guys had.

                "I guess you should have listened when I told you to keep moving," spoke in a sympathetic voice.  "I think they learned their lesson Cynthia and Nicole".  The grips were released and they guys stood up straight and rubbing their shoulders.

                Vic stepped out of 'the shitter' and looked over towards the one Bo stepped into and the door opened and Bo stepped out.  Vic made his way over to her as she walked back towards the wine tasting.  He finally caught up with Bo and managed to speak to get her attention,  "Hi, I would like to explain about Friday if you would let me".

                "What's to explain you get off a plane and a gorgeous woman that doesn't look anything like you, so I know she isn't your sister attaches herself to you.  Then three other women who are as equally as good looking come up next and still none of them look like you so I am guessing they are not related either," Bo responded coldly.  "So I guess you are one of those guys that date woman and can't let them go.  I do not need to be apart of that."

                "Whoa you got it all wrong.  I never dated any of those women.  They are my friends and Erica is a tad over affectionate but I do not date woman and collect them like they are property.  I am not good looking enough to do that and I don't have that kind of money." Vic answered back trying to interject some humor.  "They are great to be around and if it wasn't for them I would never come down to Virginia".

                "I know what you mean I only come hear to visit my friends as well.  They are waiting for me somewhere back at one of the tables.  I can't even remember which table so I was going t walk back over there and look for them." Bo said as she warmed up to Vic.

                "Well my friends are around somewhere over there too.  So I guess we can walk over together then?" Vic asked.

                As Vic and Bo walked and talked Vic saw a sight he saw before and knew it was going to be a problem.  "Bo you see those two large women crushing those guys well thatís my friends," Vic said with some hesitation.  Bo looked at him a little stunned.  "The bigger girl is Cynthia and the other girl is Nicole.  I do not know the guys they are crushing but the other four girls are from left to right Ginger, Jenna, Erica and Christy.  Also when we get up closer and they realize I am near Cynthia will grab me and put me in a bear hug.  So don't get upset with what I will do to get out I figured out the escape from the hug.  It will catch her off guard and she will never expect it."

                "Okay I won't be upset but you have some strange friends Vic," Bo replied a bit confused.

                As they got closer the two guys left very quickly.  Jenna saw Vic and waved.  Vic waved back and as they got even closer Cynthia grabbed Vic and put him in a bear hug that had him wincing and you could see the muscles in Cynthia's arms bulge. Luckily Vic's arms were free and he placed a hand on either side of her face and planted a lip lock on Cynthia.  She was so shocked by the move that she released Vic and he dropped to one knee trying to catch his breath.

                Erica took the initiative to introduce everyone since Vic was getting air back in his lungs.  "Hi I am Erica and this is Jenna, Ginger, Christy, thatís Nicole and Cynthia was the recipient of the kiss," Erica said as she reached out a hand and shook Bo's and pointed to everyone else.  They all shook hand and said hello to each other.  "You must be the woman from the airport that Vic mentioned," Erica added.

                "Yes, yes I am and I am sorry for the way I acted there.  I assumed the worse but Vic explained everything. Oh and my name is Bo," replied Bo as Vic stood up and cracked his back.

                "Vic told you everything," Erica said as she drew out each word.  Vic felt his face turn pale and knew she was about to embarrass him.  "Did he tell you he likes to go to gay bars and dance with drag queens?" Erica asked Bo.

                Vic was in shock and could not believe his friends were selling him down the river.  The picture in his head was of him repeatedly smacking his face and saying "DOHH!"  He was doomed and Bo looked at him like he was crazy and that he should never talk to her again.  Then his friends started laughing and the tension that had instantly flared up between and Bo was easing away.

                "I am joking Bo, Vic is one of the coolest guys I have had the pleasure knowing," Erica said

                Bo looked over at Erica and smiled. "You had me there I was believing you when you said he likes dancing with drag queens because it seems so out of character and no offense you do not seem like the kind of friends that Vic would keep," Bo said as she got closer to Vic and gave him a squeeze.

                Vic walked with Bo to find her friends and invite them to his friends place for some drinks and pizza.  They said they would try to make it.  Bo gave Vic a hug and said she would see him later.  He told her he would hold her to that.

                Back at the house Vic showered and put on some more clean clothes.  He was notorious for packing more clothes than he would need and in this case it turned out to be good.   Opened a beer and the girls were just walking around laughing at him and saying things like "Vic has got a girlfriend" or "Vic is in love".  He was wishing he were back in New York so all he would here was one guy saying that to him and not four women.

                About nine that night Bo and a few of her friends showed up and they mingled with a few people that are friends of Christy, Erica, Jenna and Ginger.  The night was going well Vic found out Bo lived in Manhattan and was looking to move out to the Island soon.  They also found out they had the same flight out tomorrow.  Things were looking good for Vic.

                By the time he felt right to move in for a kiss the sun was peering up over the ocean.  He did not let that stop him and they kissed a long lingering kiss.  As their lips finally parted his brain did kick in. The sun was coming up.  Vic's eyes opened wide and looked at his watch Bo was still in feeling the effects of the kiss as Vic looked at his watch and saw it was ten after seven.

                "Bo I just realized it is after seven in the morning," Vic said calmly as not to scare her.  Bo's eye went wide open and she realized that she had a plane to catch and still had to pack they both got up and ran back to the house.  No one was up. Bo's friends were gone.  Vic grabbed the van keys and drove Bo to her friend's house.  He walked her to the door and gave her another kiss and said, "See you in a few".

                "Okay I will see you at the airport".

                Vic got back in the Van and headed back to the house.  Once there he packed all his dirty clothes and the rest of his stuff and showered.  When he was finished everyone else was up and getting ready.  Everyone was quiet and this was the part he hated.  No one wanted to say goodbye.  The ride to the airport was quiet and he checked his stuff on and was looking for Bo and he did not see her so they walked to the gate and it was nearly boarding time so he was saying goodbye and Erica once again jumped up and held on tight.  Vic hugged her back and she released him. 

                 Thatís when Bo showed up her friends waving goodbye as she walked up to Vic and hugged him.  She looked tired and he knew he must have looked tired also cause he felt like he was dragging ass.  Vic waved to his friends and he walked up the ramp to the plane with Bo the flight was very empty so they managed to sit next to each other and they fell asleep leaning on each other as the plane flew towards Philly.


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