Vic's eyes opened and he stretched his arm across to reach for his watch.  As he picked his watch up and pressed the light button so he could see the time it told him it was three thirty in the morning.  It took a moment for Vic to realize that in an hour he had to be downstairs in the lobby to head to the TV studio.  Vic stretched on the sofa bed and worked out the kinks in his back and neck.  Finally Vic did manage to sit up but he was still not entirely awake.

Vic stood up and wiped the sleep from his eyes and stretched again.  Vic grabbed his shower bag and slowly moves to the bathroom as he scratches himself and adjusts his shorts.  In the bathroom Vic steps into the shower and turns on the water and waits several moments for the water to heat up.  Vic then diverted the water to the showerhead and steps under the hot running water for a few minutes as the water sooths and brings him into reality again.  He felt the energy to make it through the day emerging and waking him.

Vic then finished in the shower and stepped out and cleared a portion of the mirror.  He took out his electric razor to buzz his goatee with the clipper end.  The electric razor cut the bulk away leaving short hair that could easily be cut with a razor.  Which is exactly what Vic did. Vic applied a coating of shaving cream and quickly cut away the facial hair that was left on his face. Vic looked at the mirror as he admired the cleaned shaven face.  It did make him look younger and less evil an intimidating.  Vic could only grin as his hand rubbed the newly exposed skin.

Vic left the bathroom and stood by his suitcase and tried to decide what to wear.  After a moment He had a picked out a black pair of Dockers and a blue three button t-shirt.  Vic also pulled out a pair of boxers.  After a few minutes he was dressed and almost ready to go.  Vic grabbed his wallet and loose change and some cash.  He made one last stop in the bathroom to check his hair and then brushed his teeth.  As he finished with his teeth he checked his clothes to make sure he looked okay. 

Vic looked at his watch and saw it was four twenty five.  Vic headed out of the room but made sure he had a key before he closed the door.  Vic made his way to the elevator and took it to the lobby.  As he made it out to the front door he saw his limo waiting for him.  Vic headed out and met the driver halfway to the limo.

"Mr. Carmece good to see you again," the driver said as he held out his hand.  Vic took his hand and shook it and smiled.

"Well I guess I am ready to go," Vic answered.

The driver ushered Vic to the limo and opened the door for him.  Vic climbed in and adjusted himself in the seat.  Vic then remembered the fridge and looked inside and saw there was bottled water.  Vic took one out and opened it and started to take a sip.

The driver got in the front and started the limo and pulled out and shortly they were on their way.  "Mr. Carmece we will be at the studio in about twenty minutes.  Also I am going to be waiting around to drive you back to the hotel," the driver said as he was driving and looking in the rear view.

"Great, I had no idea what was going to happen after the interview," Vic answered as he tilted the bottle up for another sip.

The look of early morning LA was a lot different then Vic thought.  People were not rushing about like crazy people it was still calm and fairly quiet.  It was eerie that a city was this calm.  It was nothing like New York.  For some reason Vic wished he were back in New York.

The limo pulled in front of the TV studio and the driver moved around to open the door.  Vic climbed out and was immediately ushered into the building.  Vic had no time to think about what was just happening to him.  Vic then was shown into a room and pushed into a chair in front of a large mirror.  A woman started applying make up and some odd looking guy was looking at Vic with one hand on his chin and the other on his waist.

"I don't like his look," the odd man said with a lisp and his hands started to flutter about.  Vic was about to get up and just leave cause this make up and the guy were about too much to handle this early in the morning.  Then the odd guy turned to an assistant and shouted, "Get me a black sports coat size fifty long".  Then the guy looks at Vic and asked in a sarcastic tone, "Am I right?"

"Yeah that is right," Vic muttered.

The make up was done and Vic was told to stand then the assistant arrived with the jacket.  The odd guy grabbed it from his assistant.   Then he moved to Vic and put the jacket on Vic.  Then he ran his hands down the jacket as if he was cleaning it.  Except it was more like he was feeling Vic up. 

"Hey do you mind," Vic said as he looked at the man who tried to look like he was doing nothing wrong at all.

Vic got no real answer but was moved out of the room and into a studio.  There was a huge monitor and it was showing the set of Good Morning America.  It was actually the live uncut feed from New York.  There were people running about and setting up lighting.  Vic was then pushed into a seat and light was set on him.  Vic just looked around and could not believe what was happening.

A woman with a clipboard and headset came up to him.  "Okay Mr. Carmece we are almost set.  The monitor will have Diane Sawyer and occasionally it will have Ted O'Neil," the woman explained.  Then another man came up and had Vic stand and a microphone was placed on his lapel.  Then another man fitted and ear piece for Vic to hear the questions and conversation in New York.  Vic was then told to sit down.  He suddenly could hear Diane Sawyer talking to some one.

Finally Vic heard Diane starting to introduce the story and going through what happened in Jamaica.  Vic shuffled in his seat then Diane mentioned that she had one of the heroes in the Studio with her.  The camera cut to Ted.  Then she states that the other hero was live via satellite from California.   The camera then cut to Vic.  Vic nodded and slightly smiled.

The interview seemed to last a lifetime.  Ted seemed to eat up the attention.  Vic was polite and tried to stay gracious.  Diane was trying to get to what caused them to leave the resort and head up to the mountain's ledge.  Ted got nervous as he shifted in his seat as the camera cut to him and Vic shifted slightly. 

Vic realized that nothing was being said and Diane was waiting for some explanation.  So Vic shifted his shoulder and began to say, "Well Diane we had just arrived in Jamaica and I saw the mountain from the resort and figured that from there we could get a good view of the island.  I had only seen pictures of most of the Island and been by it numerous times while in the Navy.  So I talked Ted into just taking a few hours to see the countryside".

Diane seemed pleased with the answer and moved on to another question, which was about the children.  Ted fielded the question and did a good job Vic thought.  Ted had taken it upon himself to see that the children were returned to their countries and parents if at all possible.  Ted explained all of the details of the children's hardship and you could see the concern on Diane's face.  Luckily Ted did leave out that we actually armed some of the kids.  That would have been bad Vic thought.

Diane wrapped up the interview and the cameras cut away.  Diane stood up and thanked Ted and shook his hand.  Ted seemed gracious as Vic could see him on the monitor.  Then Diane said, "Thank you Vic for coming on it is indeed an honor to have you on the show".

"Thanks," Vic said humbly.

"Hopefully you can go back to your hotel and get some more sleep so you can enjoy yourself out there in California," Diane added.

"I am going to try," Vic said with a smile.

Then the earpiece went silent and the monitor cut off.  Everyone started moving about and Vic stood up and took off the jacket and laid it across the chair he was sitting in.  Vic was then lead out to a lounge area and there was a huge spread of food.  He waited for a few minutes and then grabbed one of the bottles of orange juice.  Vic opened the bottle and looked around and found a seat.  Hopefully he will be out of here soon.

The door to the lounge opened and a woman with a clipboard came in with paperwork.  "Mr. Carmece we need you to sign this.  It is a general release form saying that we are able to use your likeness from this broadcast".  She handed Vic the clipboard and a pen.

"Wasn't I supposed to sign this before the show?" Vic asked as he looked at the paper work.

The woman looked at him and meekly replied, "Yes, I messed up".

Vic signed the paper work and handed the woman the clipboard and the pen.  "I mess up all the time myself," Vic said with a smile as he stood up.  "I would really like to get out of here," Vic added.

The woman smiled and said, "Follow me.  I will get you out and back to your limo that is waiting for you".  The woman led Vic out of the building and to his waiting limo.  She waved to Vic and said, "Enjoy your stay in California and thanks for signing the papers".

The driver saw Vic and had the door opened and waited for Vic to get in.  The sun was rising in the sky and Vic knew by time he got back to the hotel there would be no chance of him getting anymore sleep.  Luckily today was a slow day.  All they had to do was get their tickets from the convention center.

The limo pulled up in front of the hotel and Vic climbed out and gave the driver a tip.  The driver smiled and thanked Vic and told him to have a great stay in California.  Vic headed into the hotel and made his way to the elevator.  Vic got out of the elevator and headed to the room.  As he got to the door he sensed trouble.

Vic hesitantly slides the passkey into the door and opened the door.  He stepped into the room and saw Jenna Erica and Christy sitting in front of the TV watching Good Morning America.  Vic walked in just as his segment finished.

Erica turned and saw Vic and asked, "Could you have looked any more uncomfortable?"

"Yeah the shifting about made me think you were being forced to be there," Christy said as she was giggling.

"The only good thing about your part was when you were actually talking.  You came across genuine," Jenna added.  "Ted looked more comfortable in front of the cameras though".

"Thanks for the input.  That was the first and only TV interview that I am doing," Vic said as he moved into the room and sat in one of the chairs.  "The whole thing was a nightmare.  I still got make up on from the show.  They had some guy put that jacket on me and then he started stroking me like I was his," Vic complained.

"Yeah I was going to ask about that jacket, it didn't look right," Christy said.

"I didn't feel right but they made me wear it," Vic answered.

"Hey that is enough of that crap.  I am putting all of that behind me.  I am here to enjoy the convention and have fun," Vic said as he stretched out and cracked his neck.

"Okay, lets get some breakfast first then," Jenna, suggested.

With that being said Jenna, Erica and Christy went to throw on some clothes.  In a few minutes they were all ready to go.  They headed out of the room and made it down to the lobby.  No one had any real idea which way they were heading but there was some construction being down just up the road.  Also that street looked like it was a fairly main street.  So that is the direction they started walking.

Once they got to the corner they looked left and right.  Everyone was looking for something that looked like a place to get something to eat.  Finally for some reason they headed to there left past the construction and walked down the street.  Not far down the street they found a place called Tiffany's Coffee House.  Erica opened the door and led the way in.

After several minutes everyone was able to get what each of them wanted to eat and drink.  They took a seat at a table and relaxed.  Vic had egg and ham on a bagel.  Erica had a doughnut and coffee and Jenna had the same.  Christy had a fruit juice drink and some thing that was toasted that no one could figure out.  All they knew was that Christy thought it was good so they did not bother trying to figure out what it was.

As they all finished eating Vic stood up to throw all his garbage out.  Jenna then Erica and Christy also dumped their trash and followed Vic as he moved towards the door.  As they stood in front of the coffee house they looked down the street and saw what must be considered the downtown area.

"Hey that is where we have to go later," Erica said as she pointed down the street.  "We got to check out the town and get a feel of what is going on".

"Sounds like a plan but first I think I want to shower first," Christy said as she moved in the direction of the hotel.

"Yeah that is a good idea," Jenna chimed in.

They were now on their way back to the hotel.  The walk was short and the sun was climbing higher in the sky.  It was going to be a gorgeous day.  They made it to the hotel and headed through the lobby and up to the room.  In the room Jenna and Erica headed into their room Christy went to hers and Vic put the pull out bed away.  Then he quickly changed clothes as he heard some one get into the shower.

Vic put on a pair of shorts and his sandals.  He changed his stuff from his pants pockets to his shorts and shouted to no one in particular, "Hey I am going out to the pool area why you guys shower and get ready".

"Okay we will meet you down there when we are done," Jenna shouted back to Vic from the bedroom.

Vic headed out to the pool.  He found a lounge chair and grabbed a towel.  He put the towel over the back and sat down in the sun.  Vic pulled his shirt off and laid back.  In a few minutes Vic had fallen asleep.

"Hey sexy can you help me put sun tan lotion on my back," Erica whispered in a seductive tone in Vic's ear.

"Sure no prob," Vic answered as he slowly sat up with out opening his eyes.  Then his eyes opened and he saw Erica standing there.  Behind her were Jenna and Christy giggling to themselves.

"You are such a strong looking stud," Erica added as she began to laugh.

"You guys are just fucking mean," Vic said as he stood up.  Vic picked up his shirt and was about to put it on when he saw this incredible looking redhead who had been looking at him and his friends.  She smiled and Vic smiled back. 

Christy saw this and moved closer to Vic and blocking his view of the redhead.  "This vacation is about us and not you picking up girls," Christy said as she looked at Vic with a stern look.

"I know but I am just so sexy the woman can't help wanting some Vic in their diet," Vic joked as he put his shirt on.

"You are sick," Erica said.  Christy just shook her head.  Jenna was just smiling shaking her head. 

They moved from the pool area and headed back into the hotel and out of the main entrance.  Out on the street they headed back the way they had come earlier.  They passed Tiffany's and moved further into what was known as Old Towne.  The area was real nice with multiple shops and restaurants.

They spent the rest of the morning and afternoon browsing the stores.  The one store they spent a long time in was an adult clothing store.  Christy, Jenna and Erica went about critiquing the clothes and the setup.  Vic stood there and realized that for the first time he was looking at lingerie and sexy women working there and he was completely miserable.  Hearing his friends rip into the manufacturer and how cheap the garments were was just devastating.  Finally he could not take anymore.

"Hold on one minute, will you!" Vic exploded.  "I am in a store that should be letting my imagination run wild and I should be trying to conceal a woody.  I am also with three very attractive women who should make this even cooler but all I hear is this item is cheap.  I can't believe they sell this.  Look at that mannequin, who dressed her?  It is driving me nuts".  Vic finished his rant and looked at his friends who were looking back at him blankly.

There was silence for a moment.  It seemed like the whole store had gone quiet and was staring at Vic.  Erica then broke the silence by saying, "You need to relax and calm down".

Vic looked at Erica and lowered his head in defeat and shook it slowly.  Christy and Jenna then continued to look at the clothing and Erica followed closely behind.  Vic stood there for a while not moving over to his friends and just waited till they were done and ready to leave.

By the time they had finished walking through Old Towne it was just after five in the evening.   It was late enough for them to go pick up their tickets for the convention.  "Okay it is after five we can get to the convention center and pick up the tickets," Jenna said as she looked at her watch.

"Cool," Vic added.

"Does anyone know where the convention center is?" asked Erica.

"Yeah we passed a sign that pointed to the convention center," Christy said.

"Then we are off.  Lead the way Christy," Vic said.

Christy led the way to the convention center.  They were not to far from the convention center anyway which was nice.  As they neared the building they saw quite a few people who were heading to the same place that they were heading.  They all got in line and waited and watched the people pass by and looked around to see if some one was already in costume even though the convention did not officially start till tomorrow.  No one was in costume on the outside of the convention center.

Christy gave the woman at the counter the information for the tickets and she was handed and envelope and four wrist straps that had to worn to gain access all three days and this afternoon.  Everyone put on there bracelets and went inside.  To the left were several tables that sold a variety of thing from picture swords and clothing.  There were serious collectors here already checking out the merchandise.  Over to the right there were the official replica items for sale.  Also they were selling tickets for autographs of select speakers.

Vic and Erica got in line and bought several tickets.  They picked up Alexandra Tydings, Claire Stansfield, Hudson Leick, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Adrienne Wilkinson.  As they got off line Christy and Jenna were buying swords.  Christy got the Xena battle scared sword and Jenna bought the Callisto sword.

"Hey Erica you better get yourself a set of those," Jenna said as she pointed to the Sais.

Eric moved closer then picked them up and said, "Yep got to get theses".  Erica made the purchased and Vic looked around for anything Joxer but could not find anything other then a signed plaque.

After walking around some more and buying photos for the signatures that they were going to get they managed to leave.  They headed back to the hotel and the sun was starting to set.  The night air was much cooler but nice.  They eventually did make it to the hotel and back to the room.

"Okay who is hungry?" Vic announced as he put down his stuff that he had purchased. 

"I sure am," answered Erica.

"I want a beer," added Christy  "And it better be nice and cold".

"Okay so we are then ready to get some dinner I can assume," Vic said as he sat down and took off his sandals that he was wearing.

"You got it, and everyone says you are slow," joked Jenna.

Vic looked at Jenna who was holding her sword that she purchased earlier and swinging it around.  Suddenly Christy had hers out.  Vic grabbed for a pair of ankle socks and his boat shoes from his clothes pile as he was waiting for the clashing of blades.  He wasn't disappointed cause as her looked up Christy and Jenna clashed swords and they were starting to battle it out.

Erica would not be left out of the fun so she grabbed her Sais and joined in on the ruckus.  The air was now filled with the sounds of metal clanging on metal.  They were laughing and screaming and carrying on like little children.

"Okay playtime is over you better stop it before some one gets hurt," Vic said in a very authoritative voice as he stood up.  Chills went up his spine as he finished talking cause he suddenly realized that he was talking like a real adult and it scared him.  Jenna Erica and Christy all stopped and looked at Vic a little stunned at what they just heard.

"Okay dad," Jenna said as she put her sword down and sulked.  Erica hung her head and walked into her bedroom.  Christy started laughing as she put her sword down. 

After several minutes of ridicule they finally managed to get out of the room and headed to a restaurant they had passed earlier in the day.  It was a short walk and they were seated rather quickly.  Inside the restaurant there were many people who were wearing similar tags as they were wearing.  Christy pointed out many groups of people with the bracelets

"Look at them," Christy pointed to a table over to her right.  Vic looked and Jenna and Erica looked over also.

"Whoa I don't think they saw daylight in ages," Erica commented.  After looking back at her friends.

"That still is nothing compared to some of the people I have seen at comic book conventions," Vic commented.  "Now the comic book groupies are real scary".  Vic opened the menu and quickly scanned looking for something that caught his eye.

The waiter stopped at the table and took the drink orders, which were three Corona's, and one Miller Lite.  Erica asked for extra limes.  The water seemed to linger a little too long on Vic's order.  Which seemed to unnerve Vic.

As the waiter moved out of earshot Vic leaned into the table and said, "You know by now I think I would expect the waiters to just assume that I was gay".

"Well you do look like a flamer," Erica said with a huge smile and a hint of sarcasm.

"Yeah your single and live with three woman who you are not sleeping with," Jenna added as she starred at Vic.

"And you took a guy to Hedonism," Christy chimed in.

"You all suck.  I hope they don't have any limes," Vic replied as he looked at his friends with a sour look.

The waiter came back with the drinks and once again lingered around Vic making small talk as he took everyone's order.  As he left after getting all the orders the tormenting began once again.  Vic was once again the brunt of the abuse of his friends but he knew it was all in good fun and he would have his day.

The evening was going along fine.  The food was brought out to the table and everyone had begun to eat.  The meals were real good and everyone was quite impressed.  After several more drinks and no one having dessert, the check had arrived.  Vic grabbed the check before anyone could get it.  Vic quickly double the tax and on the check and pulled out enough cash to cover the check and tip.

When the waiter arrived to pick up the check Vic told him that no change was expected.  Everyone stood up and moved out of the restaurant.  As they all stepped out into the cool night air it was very refreshing everyone took a moment and just looked about.  The street was bustling wit people moving about and music could be heard coming from all around.

Vic yawned and stretched.  "Hey I am going to head back to the room.  I am burnt from the GMA thing this morning," Vic commented.

"Okay, we are going to find some trouble to get into then," Erica replied.

"Cool.  Just don't get arrested, cause I am not going to bail you out tonight," Vic said as he laughed.

"Okay girls where are we going to then?" asked Christy.

"Lets head over to that bar it looks like there is something going on," Jenna said as she pointed to the bar.

"Okay I will see you later then," Vic said as he turned and headed back towards the hotel.  Vic waved and his friends waved back.

Jenna led the way down the street to the bar.  As they went to enter they were immediately carded.  They then made it passed the doorman and moved inside.  Christy pointed to a table in the far corner that was still empty even though the place seemed to be filling up.

Moments after sitting down a waitress came over and took their drink orders.  Christy, Jenna and Erica ordered Coronas with extra lime. The waitress left and headed to bar to fill the order.  Erica noticed the DJ equipment then noticed the Karaoke equipment.  Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. 

Eric pointed to the equipment and said, "Look over there".

Christy and Jenna quickly realized what she was pointing at.  "Oh Vic is going to miss out on you singing tonight," Jenna said in a sarcastic tone.

"Yeah especially after you had a few too many and you are singing," Christy added as she smiled at Erica.

"Shut up.  I haven't had too much to drink," Erica protested.

"Not yet," Jenna immediately added as Erica stopped talking.  Christy could only laugh cause she knew Jenna was right.

The waitress brought the beers and the extra limes were in a paper cup.  Erica and Jenna immediately grabbed the limes and started putting extra limes in their beer while Christy paid the waitress.  Then Christy added a few extra limes to her beer.

Vic got back to the hotel room and used his key to get in.  As he stepped into the room he noticed the flashing red light of the phone.  Vic noticed how bright it was and it reminded him of a neon light in a bar.  Vic moved into the room and turned on some lights as he made his way to the phone.  Vic looked at the phone and read the directions on retrieving messages.  Vic picked up the phone and punched the sequence of numbers and pound sign and asterisk.  The message played and Vic smiled.  He replayed the message and wrote down the number.

Vic looked at the clock that sat near the phone and said to himself, "its nine her so east coast time would be midnight.  That might be a little late".  Vic seemed to struggle with the decision to call or not to call.  Finally he picked up the phone and made the call.

The phone rang three times and Vic was about to hang up when he heard a voice on the other end say hello.  "Hey it's me.  I got your message and I wasn't sure if you would be up but I obviously called anyway," Vic said as he listened to what was being said to him.  "Yeah I know I looked pretty bad today but I am not used to being on National TV".  Vic paused again as he was listening and bobbing his head.  "Right.  Exactly.  Yes.  That is great," Vic answered several questions and was smiling.  "Okay, I will have it all set.

In the bar after several more rounds Erica was up on stage singing.  She was belting out a classic AC DC tune 'You Shook Me All Night Long'.  As she finished the bar went crazy.  There were definitely quite a few people in the bar that were going to the convention and they were cheering the loudest.  As Erica made her way back to Christy and Jenna, she caught a glimpse of Karl Urban at the bar with two women hanging all over him.

Erica muttered more to herself then anyone, "Go Cupid".

Back at the table Christy and Jenna had another round of drinks lined up as well as some shots that were sent over by some guys.  Erica saw the drinks and the shots and slowly sat down.

"Who bought the shots?" asked Erica.

"Some guys over there," Jenna pointed almost randomly not caring who had bought the shots.

"Yeah they also bought the round of beers," Christy added as she smiled and started to giggle.

"Well we can't let the shots go to waste so lets drink them," Erica said as she picked up a shot and held it up.  "To the final season of a Xena.  The show that has touched many lives and may it touch many more," Eric proposed as they clanked glasses. 

They slammed the shots and banged the shot glasses to the table.  Erica had a wicked look in her eye and leaned across the table pulled Jenna close as she kissed her.  Jenna was a little shocked but quickly loosened up and went along with Erica.

"Get a room will you," Christy said jokingly.  "Oh wait we already have one," Christy then added as she tried to ignore her friends making out.  Then Christy looked out across the bar and saw several men getting real interested in the show.  Luckily Erica and Jenna broke their kiss and each sat back in their chairs.

"I thought I was going to have to throw some cold water on you two if you didn't break it up," Christy commented as she took a swig of her beer.

Several more singers had performed and Erica's name was called again.  Erica was a little stunned since she hadn't signed up for another song.  "I didn't put my name in for another song," Erica said as she looked at her friends with a confused look on her face.

"We know," Christy said with a smile.

"We signed you up for another song," Jenna added as she stood up to get Erica moving to the stage area. 

Jenna was pushing Erica to the stage and the bar was cheering.  The crowd still remembered her last song and was eagerly awaiting another song.  Erica got to the stage and was starting to feed off the energy from the crowd.  The DJ looked at Erica and smiled, as he was cueing up the tape.

"You sure you want this song?" the DJ asked as he looked at Erica with a confused look.

"I don't even know what song I am going to sing.  My friends over there set me up," Erica replied as she pointed out her friends.  Jenna and Christy waved back with huge grins on their faces waiting for Erica to start.

"You got some good friends there," the DJ said with a smile.  "You are singing 'Crazy'".

"'Crazy'?  The song by Patsy Cline?" Erica asked with a look of horror on her face.

"No, the one by Britney," The DJ replied as he gave Erica look like she was insane.

"Shit, I am going to get even with them," Erica muttered as the DJ handed her the mike and began the count down.

The music started and the crowd died down not recognizing the song at first.  Then Erica started to sing and everyone recognized the song.  They were still in shock that she was singing the song.  The really bad thing was that Erica knew the words and wasn't using the teleprompter.

Erica being the ever-consummate performer and master manipulator of a crowd realized she needed to do something quick or it was going to get real quiet and maybe ugly.  Also Erica knew this was the perfect opportunity to get back at Christy and Jenna for putting her in this position.  So Erica took full advantage of the wireless mike.  She headed out in to the audience and played up to the crowd. 

Christy and Jenna saw her moving off the stage and looked at each other.  At that moment they knew that their plan had just backfired and they were about to get a taste of humiliation.  Before Christy and Jenna could get up and run for the ladies room Erica was tableside and all eyes were on them as Erica sang.

Erica continued to sing as she started to grind up against Jenna.  Then she shifted to Christy and did the same thing.  The crowd was cheering and laughing.  Erica continued to sing and with her free hand she ran it through Jenna hair as she came closer and began to grind on her again.  Christy looked on in shook and horror.  Erica did the same to Christy.  The crowd was going nuts.  Then the song ended and the cheers continued.

Erica moved away from Christy and Jenna and headed back to the stage area to get rid of the mike.  Christy and Jenna both looked at each other and pointed to each other's hair.  "Shit your hair is all fucked up," they said in unison.

Christy and Jenna's hair was all over the place and frizzy.  They had the 'I just had incredible sex hair' happening.  There was nothing to do but laugh cause they knew they were beaten at their own game.  Erica smiled at them from across the bar and waved to them as she handed the DJ the mike.

Vic's eyes opened as he looked across to the clock on a table across the room.  It was seven in the morning.  Vic rolled over and stretched on the pull out bed.  A smile crept across his lips as he realized he did not have to get up and rush to an airport or meet with some agent for questioning.  He could actually lay back and relax.

Vic lying there relaxing lasted all of five minutes before he had to get up and run to the bathroom.  As Vic finished in the bathroom and fixed his hair, which was all over the place, Vic went over to his bag and picked out some work out clothes.  In a matter of a few minutes Vic was dressed and heading out of the room to go work out. He had taken his Walkman and his key and a few bucks just incase.

It was nearly nine in the morning and Vic opened the door to the room and walked inside.  He was laughing at what Howard was talking about on his show.  As he stepped in to the room Vic took off his Walkman and looked about and listened.  There was no sound coming from any part of the suite.  Vic assumed his friends were still sleeping.  Vic headed to the bathroom and undressed and jumped into the shower to wash off the sweat from the gym.  The water felt good as it washed away the sweat and soothed his tired muscles.

After a few moments of the water washing over him Vic heard a knock on the door.  "Yo," Vic shouted over the sound of the running water.

"You hungry?" Christy shouted from the other side of the door.

"You bet.  Give me a minute and I will be right out," Vic answered as he quickened his pace in the shower.

Vic finished and turned off the water and dried off.  He wrapped a towel around his waist and prayed his friends were in their rooms getting dressed or something.  He was wrong; they were all sitting on the pull out bed watching TV.

"Whoa look at the stud traipsing around like a tease," Erica said in sultry yet mocking tone.

Christy turned to look at Vic who was moving to get his clothes as quickly as he could.  Vic made the mistake of bending over and Jenna shouted out, "Yeah bend over.  Show us that but".

Vic stood up and looked over at his friends giving them a blank look as he grabbed all his clothes and moved back to the bathroom.  Vic quickly put on everything he had brought in and adjusted everything and stepped back out of the bathroom.

Christy Jenna and Erica were no longer watching TV on the pull out.  They had left for their rooms to get dressed.  Vic was putting on his shoes when they all appeared from the bedrooms looking at him with a 'aren't you ready yet look'.

"Hey I got to tie my shoes here.  Give me a break," Vic responded to the looks.

"Yeah what ever.  Lets go downstairs to the hotel restaurant," Erica said as she headed for the door.  Christy and Jenna followed.  Vic stood up and walked towards the door following his friends.

Down in the restaurant there was not much of a crowd.  They were seated quickly at a nice table away from the door.  After several moments the waitress came over to get the drink orders.  The waitress got the orders and headed to the kitchen. 

"Well what is the plan for today," Vic asked.

Christy pulled out a convention schedule she had in her pocket.  "Well let us see what is happening," Christy said as she looked at the schedule.  "Well everything starts at 1:30, but I am sure the doors will open earlier so they can get people in and the stands will be able to sell there items".

"Sounds good," Jenna said.

"Yeah we can get there at about one and check out what is going on and get our seats and wait and see how everything goes from there," Erica suggested.

"Sounds like we got a plan then," Vic said as the waitress brought the drinks that they had ordered.

Christy put away the schedule and the waitress took their orders.  Breakfast went by and discussed who was going to be there and what they all expected to happen.  Everyone was extremely excited and eagerly awaited for the opening of the convention.

The bill came and Vic signed it off to the room and penned in a good tip for the waitress who did a good job getting everything for them.  They all left the restaurant and went back up to the room.  It was near 10:30 when they got back to the room and Christy Jenna and Erica headed to the bedrooms to get ready to take showers.  Vic sat down on the couch and realized that while they were gone the room was cleaned.  'Wow' Vic thought to himself.  

Vic turned on the TV and waited for his friends to finish.  There was nothing on TV and Vic channel surfed for most of the time while waiting.  Christy was the first to get done in the shower and she joined Vic.  Jenna was the next to finish.  She came out and joined Christy and Vic as they continued to watch TV and wait.  Eventually Erica finished and she came out to and joined her friends as they sat and waited for time to pass.

Christy looked over at the clock on the table and was relieved to see that it was almost ten to one.  Sitting around was getting a little boring and everyone was kind of on edge to get to the convention and see what was going to happen.  Christy stood up and got everyone up and moving to get out of the room and on their way.

In a matter of moment they were out in front of the hotel and looking about just enjoying the sun and the breeze.  The California afternoon was quite warm but dry and there was a breeze that made it all feel so good.  After soaking in the sun and the breeze for a moment Erica started the group moving to the convention center.

The walk was a short one and there were plenty of other conventioneers walking to the event.  Some looked like everyday people others looked like people who had locked themselves in a closet with nothing more then their computer and TV and finally they got out in the sun. 

"There are some freaks here," Vic commented to Christy.  Christy looked at Vic with a smile and shook her head.  "Yet they aren't as bad as some of the people I ran into at this comic book convention I went to at Hofstra, back a few years ago.  They were really scary.  I was almost ashamed to say I was a comic reader and I wanted to run and hide," Vic finished.

"You went to a comic convention?"  Erica said with as she looked at Vic.  Vic noticed the questioning look on her face that told him that she couldn't actually believe he would go to something like that.

"You are a loser," Jenna chimed in.  Vic turned his head to Jenna as Erica Christy and Jenna began to laugh.

"Thanks for the support you guys," Vic said with a huge amount of sarcasm in his voice.

By the time they all settled down they had made it to the convention center.  There was a long line of people who had to check in and get there tickets still.  Christy reached into her bag and pulled out everyone's pass for the day, which was nothing more then a color sticker with their seat assignment written on it with a Sharpee. 

As Christy, Jenna, Erica and Vic placed their stickers on their shirts they mad their way down the stairs.  As they entered they entered the convention center the sites of people dressed like the characters from Xena and Hercules were scattered amongst the crowd of people milling about. 

Vic lead his friends to the left side of the convention center to see if there were any new tables selling something they had not seen before.   There was another room that was opened in the back selling older stuff at incredible cheap prices.  Except it was actually some stuff no one else wanted hence the incredible low prices.

After milling about for sometime and getting something to drink and snack, Christy, Jenna, Erica and Vic made their way to find their seats.  They were not to bad.  They were on the right side of center stage about halfway back in the auditorium.  Jenna pulled out the schedule as they sat down and some videos were playing.

"This is the selected videos time.  I have no idea what the hell that means but that is what we are watching now," Jenna said.

"These are the music videos from the internet," Erica chimed in as they were playing a Calisto music video.

The room was fairly quiet as each video played.  Then as each one finished the crowd applauded and soon another one started.  There were some stinkers and the fans did not hesitate to let their feelings be known.

"Oh who actually took the time to make an Eli video?" Vic leaned over to Christy and asked.

"I don't know but they wasted their time," Christy replied.

"I was happy that they killed him off finally," Vic said as he sat up again and watched the video.

The videos ended and out on stage stepped Sharon Delaney.  She was the giving a brief speech about what was going on and how they got this convention together.  Vic sat there just bobbing his head hoping she would stop talking soon cause he could care less about what she had to say.  Finally she finished and introduced the next segment, which was a video salute to Salmoneus, Robert Trebor.

The video showed highlights of Robert Trebor in his many appearances in Hercules and the occasional Xena episodes.  The video finished and Rob stepped out to the front of the stage and began to address the crowd.  He went on talking about how got involved in the shows and how much he enjoyed working on with the casts of both shows.  He then went on to hock a book that he had written. 

Vic was loosing interest fast and looked over to his friends who were having a conversation.  Vic shook his head and prayed it would all be over soon.  Unfortunately the question had just started and they were worse then listening to him talk about himself.  Looking around the auditorium many people were shifting in their seats seemingly just trying to get through this first speaker.

Finally he was finished and the crowd applauded.  They applause were probably more for the fact that he was no longer talking then for how great of a guest he was.  Sharon Delaney came back out and thanked Rob for coming and being a part of the convention.

"I want those last 45 minutes of my life back," Erica said as she leaned over to Jenna. 

"Sorry you lost them right along with the rest of us," Jenna replied with a smirk on her face.

Just as Jenna finished making her comment the video salute to Calisto, Hudson Leick started.  The crowd went silent and they all seemed top watch intently.  The video salute was amazing.  It captured so many great Calisto moments from her Xena and Hercules appearances.  As the video ended Sharon introduce Hudson Leick.

Hudson moved out to center stage.  She was wearing a red vinyl like dress that clung to her like saran wrap.  Everyone in the room was captivated by her presence.  Vic looked over at his friends and saw them watching every move she made.  Vic turned his attention back to Hudson who was parading around the stage.  Showing off her dress.

Hudson said a few things that seemed to come from left field then she mentioned that she was auctioning off her dress like she has done at all of her convention appearances.  The money would go directly to the James Ellis foundation.  Jenna reached for her bag that she was carrying with her camera and other personal stuff and rifled through looking for her checkbook.  Vic at the other end reach around to his back pocket and pulled out his checkbook and held it up for Jenna to see.  Then he kissed it and winked at Jenna who was now furious cause she couldn't find her checkbook, which was most likely still with her luggage.  Christy and Erica didn't make it easier for her as they taunted her about leaving her checkbook in the hotel room.

"Who wants it," Hudson said in a sexy voice as the crowd cheered.  "I mean the dress not what's in it.  Well you might get some dead skin cells though," Hudson joked as she walked around the stage.

The bidding started and was immediately up to five hundred dollars in a blink of an eye then some short guy yelled out five thousand dollars.  Jenna was furious and glared at Vic who was sitting there not doing anything just looking on.

"You better buy that dress or I am going to kill you," Jenna grunted as she leaned over Erica and Christy in an attempt to grab Vic.

Vic smiled and stood up and upped the bid to six thousand.  The man who had just bid five grand glared over at Vic and he went to seven.  The bidding war started.  Suddenly the air was filled with pure testosterone and male dominance (which is quite hard considering the crowd).  When the air cleared and the bidding was over Vic was the victor and was thirty two thousand dollars poorer. 

Hudson then invited Vic to the stage to take a bow and so she could personally congratulate him.  Vic made his way up the aisle to the stage and made a quick jump step and was on the stage.  Hudson moved over to Vic and hugged him and said, "So did you by this dress for yourself?" Hudson looked at Vic as she waited for him to answer.

"Well no, cause we aren't the same size but my friend would have killed me if I didn't get the winning bid.  She is a huge fan of yours," Vic said in an even tone as he pointed out towards his friends.

"Well who is this friend? Is she your wife, girlfriend, mistress, or slave?  Who is she," Hudson asked.

"None of the above actually.  She is one of my roommates though," Vic responded.

"She is a roommate and your dishing out thirty two thousand dollars for a roommate.  I got to meet her," Hudson grabbed Vic's hand and led him off the stage down the stairs and back down the aisle from which he came.  

The audience looked on with wonder as Hudson moved down the aisle dragging Vic behind her.  Photos were being taken as she finally stopped.  "Okay where is she," Hudson demanded.

"She is right over there," Vic pointed to Jenna.  Jenna tried to hide in her seat pretending it wasn't her they were looking for.  Erica and Christy were pointing at her to embarrass her even more.

"Look she is all embarrassed.  Don't be embarrassed we aren't here to humiliate you.  I just want to know how you can get a guy to spend thirty two thousand dollars and you are only his roommate," Hudson said as she looked down the aisle at Jenna.

"Oh and the two girls pointing at her are also my roommates," Vic added.  Erica and Christy looked at Vic in disbelief that he just ratted them out.

Hudson looked at Christy and Erica and the back at Vic.  "You live with three women?" asked a stunned Hudson.

"Yes I do," Vic answered evenly.

"You are a glutton for punishment," Hudson responded as she waved to Jenna Erica and Christy.  "You totally use him and keep him brainwashed right?" Hudson said as she winked at them.  "I admire you all for doing that too," Hudson said as she headed back to the stage with Vic in tow.

As they got to the stage she thanked Vic again for purchasing the dress and gave him another hug.  "Oh before they take you in the back and shake you down for the money what is your name and where you are from so the audience will know who to ask if they want to move in with you".

Vic smiled and answered in a low and slightly embarrassed tone, "Vic Carmece and I am from Long Island".  There was a flicker of recognition in Hudson's eyes as Vic said his name and where he was from. 

Vic was then escorted to the back and was immediately hit up for the check for the thirty two thousand.  Vic wrote the check out to the James Ellis foundation.  Then he filled out some other paper work as the he could hear the convention noises and Hudson talking.

Back in the convention area Hudson was going on with here stories about her time doing Xena.  Christy Erica and Jenna sat intently listening to everything that she said.  The even waited patiently as she did her scream for the audience.  Then Hudson answered questions and then came through the crowd tossing Hershey Kisses.  It was a spectacular appearance.  The crowd loved it.

Vic made it back to his seat for Hudson running about and caught a few Kisses.  Jenna and Erica were fighting over a few that hit the ground.  Christy looked on in utter disbelief as her two friends almost started wrestling in their seats.

"Hey you two don't make me have to hit you," Christy said in her stern parental tone.  Jenna and Erica looked over at Christy and realized that they were making Asses out of themselves and stopped.

"It her fault she started it," Erica whined.

"My fault?  Those were clearly in my area and I was picking them up as you trounced on me," Jenna retorted.

"What am I here with two kids?  They are chocolates.  They have no value except they taste good," Christy sternly said as she looked from Jenna to Erica. 

"Yeah but they were touched by the goddess," Jenna meekly responded.  Then Erica and Jenna broke out laughing and Christy turned away shaking her head.

Hudson finally left and the lights came up and Sharon Delaney was addressing the crowd.  People were stretching and talking not paying much attention at all to what Sharon was saying.  Jenna broke out the schedule she had and looked at it to see what was coming up next.

"We got till 4:10 before Karl Urban comes on so anyone want to go get something to eat and drink?" asked Jenna.

Erica looked at her watched and agreed and so did Christy.  They stood up and looked at Vic.  "Well are you coming?" asked Christy.

"No, I am good.  I am going to stay and watch the next guests," Vic said as he eased back in his chair trying to get comfortable.

"Suit yourself.  We will be right back then," Christy said as she moved out of the row of seats.

Erica led her friends out to the back area that had a concession stand that sold beer pretzels hot dogs and bottled water.  There was a slight line but it went fairly quick and Erica Christy and Jenna got some water and pretzels and headed outside for some air and some sunlight.

As they exited the building the sun was out and the sky was clear.  Erica led her friends to the top of the stairs that led to street level.  One by one they each found a spot to sit on the concrete stairway.

"Can you believe Hudson?  She is just amazing," Jenna said.  Then she took a sip of her water.

"I know.  That was awesome," Erica chimed in as she was smiling and seemed to reflect on what she saw.

"I can't believe the bidding war for the dress.  That was funny," Christy said as she raised her water to take a sip.

"He was lucky he won that other wise I would have killed him," Jenna stated firmly.  I am going to get the dress placed in a frame with a photo of her in it.  I think it will look really cool," Jenna added.

"Yeah it should look really cool," Christy said as she bobbed her head in agreement.

"I am just surprised that Vic didn't freeze up and act like a complete moron up there," Erica said as she giggled.

"Yeah he actually handled himself rather well there may be hope for him yet," Jenna added as she smiled then took another sip of her water.

As they sat there people kept entering and leaving the convention center.  Most people seemed rather nondescript, but every now and then there was an individual that was scary.  One such person was the short guy dressed like Xena.  Erica and Christy noticed him immediately and pointed him out to Jenna.  They sat there watching him talk to fans that wanted their picture taken with him.

"What is up with that?" asked Christy with a confused look on her face.

"I have no idea.  It is scary though," replied Jenna.  Erica just looked on and shook her head.

"Hey what time is it?" asked Christy.

"It is almost five after four," replied Jenna.  "Whoa we better get back in it is almost time for Karl Urban".

"Yeah and I bet Vic is getting worried we are going to miss Cupid," Erica laughed as she stood up and finished her water.

Jenna stood up and so did Christy.  They headed down the stairs and back into the convention center.  As they walked in they showed the people watching the entrance their bracelets and continued back towards the auditorium.

As they entered the Auditorium the video salute to Karl Urban was starting.  They got to the seats to find Vic gone.  He must have all the stuff they had left for him to watch they hoped since there was nothing in the row at their seat. 

As they finally sat down and were watching the end of the video salute Vic appeared at the end of the row with all of bags in his two hands.  Vic slid down the row as quickly as he could to get to his seat.  He got to his seat and sat down and passed the bags he was carrying back to his friends.

"Where did you go?" asked Christy.

"I got pulled backstage," Vic replied nonchalantly as he watched Karl urban take the stage.

"What do you mean you got pulled backstage?" Erica asked in low but questioning tone.

Vic looked over at Erica with a blank look that he had perfected recently.  "Hudson recognized my name and I was then given tickets to the charity breakfast and Saturday's cabarets and we get a moment with Lucy and Renee when they are signing other auctioned items on Sunday," Vic answered as he looked at his friends.  His expression didn't change one bit as he told them the news but his friends had shocked looks on their faces.

"I can't believe we are going to meet Lucy and Renee," Erica squealed in excitement.  Then the expression on her face changed to one of horror that’s when Vic got a huge grin on his face.  "I can't believe we are going to meet Lucy and Renee," Erica repeated.  Except this time her voice was lower and there was no excitement only the look of horror.

"That’s right we get to meet them on Sunday," Vic said with a big smile on his face.  Christy and Jenna realized what Vic said and they looked at each other quietly

Vic sat there and watched Karl ramble on and answer questions then run about handing out posters for some movie he did with the woman who played Ephiny.   Vic looked over at his friends occasionally who were extremely quiet.  They seemed preoccupied with meeting Lucy and Renee on Sunday.

Karl finished and received a round of applause from the crowd.  Sharon Delaney then introduced the next video salute to Bruce Campbell.  Erica seemed to come out of her quiet spell when she heard Bruce's name.

The video salute ended and Bruce was introduced.  He came out of the back and immediately got everyone to stand up and take an oath to purchase his new book.  It was rather funny and everyone was laughing.  Erica was snapping pictures like crazy.  Bruce talked some about the book then went into a question and answer session as he darted around the stage.  Before you knew it he was on stage for almost an hour and it was time for him to go.

Bruce left the stage to thunderous applauds and cheers Erica seemed to lead the crowd as she stood up shouting and clapping.  Christy and Jenna looked at each other and shrank in their chairs Vic just laughed. 

The lights came on and Jenna shifted in her chair and Erica did sit down.  Jenna pulled out the schedule and said, "Okay they are going to show Herc bloopers and a Xena ep".

"I Think it is time to get out of here then," Christy said.

"You got it," Vic added.

Everyone picked up their stuff and stood up.  Vic led the way out of the row of seats and down the aisle to the back so they could exit.  They got out of the auditorium and then out of the convention center.  Then they were headed back to the hotel.

As they got to the room Erica immediately started whining about meeting Lucy and Renee on Sunday.

"We can't meet Lucy and Renee on Sunday," Erica groaned as she dropped on the couch.

"Yes we can and yes we will," Vic said sternly.  "This may be our only chance to ever meet them and I don't care how embarrassed you are going to feel we are going".  Vic glared at Erica intently.  Erica nodded her head in agreement.

"Okay now that you have settled that Vic, what are we doing for dinner?" asked Jenna.

"I have no idea.  Anything you want," Vic said leaving the last statement open to the group.  Vic waited for a suggestion.

Finally Christy answered, "There is a cool restaurant down toward the other end of Old Towne".

"Sounds good to me," Vic answered.

"Okay," Jenna added.

Everyone looked at Erica who was still on the couch sulking from being told she was going to have to see Renee and Lucy on Sunday.  "Yeah that sounds fine," Erica finally added.

"Okay lets wash up put on some clothes for the night and then we will be on the way," Vic said trying to motivate his friends.

Just over an hour later everyone was ready to go.  So they headed out of the room and out of the hotel.  The headed up the street then made a left and headed towards Old Towne.  Once again the town was alive.  People were moving to and fro and the restaurants were filling up with the evening dinner crowds.  Christy pointed out the restaurant and they head in.

With in moments of stepping inside a waitress seated them at a table towards the back.  Everyone was looking at the menus when the waiter came over to the table.  Vic looked up and saw the waiter looking at him and then Vic looked across the table at his friends with a slightly pained look.  Christy, Jenna, and Erica looked back at Vic and smiled.  They knew dinner was going to be amusing.

They were right Vic spent most of the meal fending off advances from the waiter.  Christy and Jenna kept egging on the waiter giving him a glimmer of hope that he had a chance with Vic.  This seemed to frustrate Vic even more.

Just as they finished eating Vic got up and headed to the bathroom.  As Vic was standing at the urinal thinking about his friends who were probably conspiring with the waiter.  Then he realized that he had a number in his pocket.  Vic finished gave it a shake and zipped up his pants.  He went to the sink washed his hands.  As Vic looked in the mirror he pulled his wallet out and pulled out the number that was on a piece of paper.  He looked at the number then for a moment then looked in the mirror.

At the table the check came and the waiter was looking for Vic.  He put the check down where Vic was sitting and smiled.  "I'll be back to get the check when you are ready," the waiter said.

"Okay," Christy said as the waiter lingered for a minute.

"Wow that guy wanted Vic bad," Erica said as she snickered.

"Yeah it was funny though," Jenna added.

Then Vic walked up to the table as Christy was looking at the check.  Vic had a smile on his face, which confused Erica as she looked at him.  Vic sat down and was still smiling.  Christy and Jenna noticed the smile and looked at Vic trying to figure out why he was smiling.

"What happened in the bathroom?" asked Erica.

"Nothing happened in the bathroom," Vic answered.

"Then what is up with that smile?" Erica questioned.

"Oh I just made a call to Nikki," Vic said as his face lit up.

"You actually called her.  You stud," Christy said as she patted him on the shoulder.

"Wow you actually had the nerve to call a porn star for a date.  You definitely have brass balls," Jenna said as she was smiling.

Vic looked at his friends and the smile slowly left his face as the reality of what he had just done sunk in.  "Yeah I called a porn star for a date," Vic muttered, more to himself then anyone else.  Then a little voice in the back of his head said, 'Yeah you called a porn star'.  The smile slightly returned and there was an evil gleam in his eye.

"You have got problems," Erica said as she smacked Vic on the arm with the back of her hand.

Vic laughed and he looked and Erica and replied, "I know but you love me anyway".  Erica smacked him again but Vic continued to laugh.

"Well where are we going tonight?" asked Christy as she ignored Vic and Erica.

"Why don't we go to the same place we went last night?  We can see what they got going on tonight," Jenna answered as she looked over at Erica who smacked Vic again.

"Sounds good to me.  Lets pay the bill and get out of here," Christy said.

"Vic, pass me the bill.  I will get it," Jenna asked.

Vic stopped laughing and picked up the bill and looked at and reached into his pocket and peeled off some twenties and closed the bill folder.  "All taken care of," Vic said as he looked at Jenna. 

Jenna sat there looking at Vic and shaking her head.  The waiter noticed Vic was back and came over to the table and Vic gave him the bill folder and told him there would be no change.  The waiter smiled and seemed to want to say something to Vic as Vic stood up and smiled politely.  Vic noticed the waiter slightly drop his head and turn and walk away.

Christy moved behind Vic and whispered, "You totally crushed him".

"Excuse me but he assumed I was something that I am not.  So it will be better this way," Vic said in a smug and sarcastic whisper.  Christy laughed and gave Vic a push.

They headed out of the restaurant and down the street and to the bar that Christy Jenna and Erica went to last night.  As they approached the bar there was a line to get in but it was short and moving.  The bouncers checking id were holding up the line.  Christy led the way to the end of the line and they waited their turn to get in.

After several minutes they got to the front and showed their ids and got in.  Amazingly the cover charge was cheap.  Vic chalked it up to being the west coast and it being a quiet town.  Inside they found the bar was getting full.  They did manage to find an area in a corner.  The waitress came quickly and took their drink orders before they could even settle in.

After several drinks and pointing out several strange patrons Vic headed over to the restrooms.  Christy followed closely behind since she needed to use the restroom also.  Also Vic had a knack of moving through a crowd rather easily with his size.  As the approached the restrooms that were located down a hall away from the main area Vic saw a pay phone.  Christy waited online to use the women's room.  Vic walked right in to the men's room, which was only partially full with guys that were starting to get drunk.  The night was fairly young have these guys would be wasted soon Vic thought as he cozies up to a urinal to relieve himself. 

Vic finished and moved over to wash his hands and then grab some paper towels to dry them.  Vic then exited the restroom and saw Christy just getting into the women's room.  Vic laughed to himself and then looked at the phone.  Vic moved to the phone and deposited some change and pulled out the hotel lobby number he had on a card.  Vic then asked if there were any messages for him and the operator took a second and replied no.  Vic was a little disappointed.

"Excuse me sir but there is a call coming into the switchboard for your room would you like me to route it to now?" asked the operator.

"You can do that?" Vic asked in amazement.

"Yes sir," the operator replied with a slight giggle.

"Cool patch me through and thanks," Vic said.

"No problem sir," the operator said as she patched the call through to Vic.

Vic heard a clicking noise and assumed that call was connected.  "Hello," Vic said in a questioning tone hoping the music in the background wasn't to loud.

"Hello Vic, are you having a party in your room?" asked the female voice on the other end.

"No.  I am actually in some bar in Old Towne Pasadena.  I just happened to call to check my messages and you called and the operator put your call through to me here," Vic explained as he hoped this was Nikki on the other end.

"What timing.  I got your page and I finally got home."  Vic pumped his arm once in a triumphant gesture since it was Nikki calling him.  Vic listened to Nikki as she continued to talk, "It was a long day.  I had a photo shoot today and it just took forever.  The rolling blackouts were killing us today.  What do you have planned tomorrow?" Nikki finally asked.

"Well during the day I am going to be at the convention with my friends and then I have no plans later," Vic said casually trying not to sound to anxious.  Except his heart was racing and he could feel sweat building on his forehead.

"Oh okay.  I got a video shoot tomorrow night and it is a close set.  The director is a stickler for who is allowed on his set when he is filming," Nikki said with some annoyance in her voice.  Vic could tell she was not too happy with the director or his rules.  Otherwise I would ask you to tag along for that," Nikki said in a sexy voice. 

Vic's heart stopped for a second then started as he answered, "Bummer".

"Well we can get together on Sunday cause some of my girlfriends have tickets for Sunday.  They are also planning on entering the costume competition.  They asked me to go so I am going as Aphrodite," Nikki said in a mischievous voice.

Vic stared into space for a moment thinking of Nikki Tyler dressed as Aphrodite.  "I can not wait to see that," Vic managed to say. 

Then the call was interrupted by the electronic voice asking for more change for the phone call.  Vic ended the call with a promise to call her Sunday.  Nikki agreed to be near a phone waiting for his page.  Vic hung up the phone then adjusted his pants and turned around.

Vic turned and was shocked to see Christy standing there staring at him.  "What?" Vic asked trying to regain his composure.

"Who were you talking to?" demanded Christy.

"What is this the Spanish Inquisition?" Vic asked looking at Christy like he had done nothing wrong.

"It was Nikki wasn't it," Christy said as she stared into Vic's eyes trying to make him nervous and crack.

"Maybe what difference does it make," Vic said staring back at Christy as he tried to maintain the upper hand.

"Ahhh!  So it was Nikki and you are going to call her on Sunday.  Well you better not have forgotten that we are going to meet Lucy and Renee on Sunday and we have the brunch to go to," Christy reminded Vic.

Vic had forgotten all about that and was trying to figure a way to make everything work out in his head.  "No I didn't forget everything is still on, there is no problem," Vic lied to Christy.

Christy could tell he was thinking about something but wasn't quite sure what it was.  Vic led Christy back to the area that Jenna and Erica were standing drinking.  As soon as Christy got close enough she started to tell Erica and Jenna that Vic had called Nikki.  Vic shook his head and looked for the waitress.  It was going to be a long night.

The morning sun was lighting up the living room area that was Vic's bedroom.  Vic slowly opened his eyes and slowly sat up.  The beer from the night before left a bad taste in his mouth as his senses returned to him.  Vic slowly dropped his feet off the side of the pull out bed and sat on the edge.  He wiped the sleep from his eyes.

After a few moments Vic listened to see if he could hear if anyone else was awake.  The place was silent except for the AC running.  Vic looked at the clock that was across the room and realized it was only twenty after eight.  "No one is going to be up for awhile," Vic muttered to himself as he stood up slowly feeling his back crack.

Vic stretched and moved over to his bag of clothes and pulled out his swim trunks and went to the bathroom.  Once in the bathroom Vic changed into his swim trunks and got a look at his hair that was standing up in all kinds of weird directions.  So Vic turned on the water and washed his face and wet his hair so it wasn't sticking up.  He walked back over to his clothes and grabbed a Rangers t-shirt and his sandals.  Vic grabbed his room key, wallet and Walkman that he had packed away and headed for the door.

Christy stretched in the king size bed and fought the need to get up and go to the bathroom.  Her bladder had been screaming for the last two hours and finally she was going to give in and get up.  Christy moved to the edge of the bed and grabbed some clothes to through on as she stood up on the floor.  At that moment she realized that her head was starting to pound from the beer and shots from last night.   Christy took a deep breath and put on her clothes and walked out to the bathroom.  Christy looked over at the pull out and realized Vic wasn't there.  Christy moved to the bathroom and it was open and so she knew Vic wasn't there.

Christy moved into the bathroom and immediately forgot about Vic as she sat on the toilet to relieve herself.  Christy felt the pressure in her bladder ease but she wished her head would stop pounding.  As she finished and flushed she moved to the sink to wash up.  Christy looked at her eyes, which were not bloodshot, which was a good thing.  Christy then washed her hands and dried them off and ran her hands through her hair to get it to settle down.  After a moment she gave up knowing only a ball cap would help right now or a shower.

Christy stepped out of the bathroom and the front door opened and it was Vic.  Christy noticed he looked fresh like he had showered and ate.  "Did you bring anything back for us?" Christy asked as she looked at Vic who was looking at Christy who was slightly squinting from the sun.

"No, I was at the pool for the last two hours relaxing and swimming," Vic replied as he moved into the room and put his Walkman down and sat on one the recliners.

"The pool is already open?" Christy asked looking at the clock, which said it, was nearly ten thirty.

"Yep.  It has been open since eight actually.  The water is great and there are quite a few people down there that are tagged just like us," Vic replied as he held up his left arm showing off his wristband.

"Okay so you haven't eaten yet?" Christy asked.

"No not yet.  I was going to wait for everyone else to get up," Vic replied as he turned on the TV.  The hockey game was starting.

Christy moved over to the bedroom door of Erica and Jenna and slowly opened it.  Christy peered in and saw Jenna moving about slowly.  "Hey good morning," Christy said quietly.

"Morning, did the game start yet?" Jenna asked.

"I think Vic just turned it on out there," Christy replied.

"Cool," Jenna said as she moved toward Christy and then out the door.

Christy got out of the way of Jenna as she moved out of the bedroom.  Erica moved so Christy asked, "Erica you hungry?"

Erica grunted and replied, "Yeah".

"Well what do you want then?" asked Christy.

"Whatever Jenna is getting," Erica whined as she turned over and pulled the covers over her head.

Christy moved out of the bedroom and saw Jenna and Vic looking at the menu for room service.  Christy moved over and was looking at them waiting for a chance to look at the menu as she sat on the pull out. Finally Vic handed her the menu and she quickly made her decision.

Vic picked up the phone and ordered the food that everyone wanted and hung up as he watched the game.  In about twenty minutes there was a knock on the door.  Christy answered the door and a waiter rolled in the food and handed Christy the bill.  Christy signed it and left a tip for the waiter.  The waiter left the room and Vic and Jenna were already getting their food as Christy moved back to the cart.  Erica managed to emerge from the bedroom.

By the end of the game everyone had showered and dressed.  The Penguins managed to lose which did not make Jenna to happy but she wasn't going to let that dampen her spirits.  Everyone had everything for the day and they were ready to head out.  They left the hotel and they were on their way to the convention center.

They got there just as the line was starting to get long for Bruce Campbell and Karl Urban's autograph.  Erica and Vic moved into the line as Jenna and Christy went to take their seats to watch the Adrienne Wilkinson and William Gregory Lee video salute.

As Vic and Eric stood on the line for Bruce's autograph they could hear the video being played.  The line was moving right along since Creation limited the amount of signatures you could get and taking photos with the guest were not allowed.

Eventually it was Erica's turn and she moved up to Bruce who smiled and said hello.  Bruce was not prepared for the verbal onslaught that was to follow.  Erica started gushing on and on about how much she loved him and was a big fan.  Erica was naming obscure scenes and from the Evil Dead movies.  Vic stood there looking at Bruce who sat quietly in shock and amazement that Erica was rambling.

"Okay breathe," Bruce said as he interrupted Erica's rant.  "What is your name?" Bruce said slowly so she could collect herself and answer him. 

Erica stood there for a moment not saying anything and Bruce was looking up at her waiting for an answer.  "Erica, Her name is Erica," Vic said as he moved behind Erica and told Bruce her name.  Vic had placed his hands on Erica's shoulders and he could feel her tremble.

"Is she with you?" Bruce questioned Vic.

"I know her and I don't mean in the biblical sense but unfortunately we are kind of here together," Vic explained.

"Oh okay some one else has to take care of the emotional issues then," Bruce joked as he signed Erica's photo.

"Yes some one else does and thankfully so," Vic said as Bruce handed Erica her photo.  Erica smiled and Bruce signed Vic's after Vic told Bruce his name.

Vic guided Erica out of the area and she came around and started to relax.  Vic headed to their seats as Adrienne and William were taking questions from the audience.

As Vic sat down he leaned over to Christy and asked, "What did we miss?"

"Not much they have been answering questions and it seems the same people are asking the same question from yesterday," Christy said.

"Okay," Vic replied as he continued to listen to Adrienne and William answer questions.

When Adrienne and William finished they received a huge round of applause as they exited the stage.  Then Sharon Delaney came out and thanked Adrienne and William for coming and then she introduced the next video salute and it was for Tim Omundson.  Vic looked at his friends who had the same look Vic had and they all stood up and walked out.  As they reached the front of the convention center Jenna checked the schedule.

"Okay Tim is scheduled to talk till 2:40 then they are going to show a Xena episode.  Then there is a selected genre movie preview.  Which is then followed by a charity auction," Jenna said as she was reading it from the paper she was holding.

"Charity auction I want to be here for that.  I heard at the pool this morning there is a Joxer prop sword being auctioned off.  I got to have that," Vic said as he interrupted Jenna.  Christy and Erica looked at Vic like he was crazy.

"Did you here what you just said?" asked Erica

"Yeah I know I have gone insane but I want the sword and nothing will stop me from possessing it," Vic replied and broke into a sinister laugh like he had truly gone insane.  Jenna Erica and Christy giggled and shook their heads as Vic finished laughing.

Jenna then continued with the schedule.  "Okay Claire comes on right after the auction followed by Alexandra and then for Vic Ted finishes off the day." Jenna finished saying.  Vic ignored the dig that Jenna gave him.

"Okay so we know that we have to be back here for the Charity auction.  So I say I need a beer and I need to look at women in skimpy outfits, other then the three of you," Vic replied as he realized for the first time today that his friends were dressed in very revealing shorts and belly shirts.  Vic shook his head to clear his thoughts and said, "Lets go to Hooters".

Everyone followed in line and they were off.  In a few minutes they were standing out in front of Hooters.  Vic stopped and looked in and took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. A smile appeared on Vic's lips as he opened the door for his friends as they walked in.  A cute blonde noticed Christy Jenna Erica and Vic entering and told them to sit anywhere.  Christy picked a table to sit at since she wasn't too fond of stools.

Amazingly lunch and beer at Hooters was incredibly disappointing.  The waitress came and went as quick as possible not lingering about like she did at other tables with only men.  Vic looked about disillusioned and soaked his disappointment in beer.  Christy Jenna and Erica were just going on about the convention so far.  Vic continued drinking and watch the time drag on.

Finally it was 3:40 and Vic paid the bill.  He couldn't believe how many beers they had.  Vic led his friends back to the conventions center.  Once there they immediately took their seats and waited only minutes before the auction started.

The beginning of the auction started with a script signed by Hudson Leick.  It quickly went for just over a hundred dollars.  Then several other items were auctioned off.  Vic was getting antsy sitting there.  Christy looked over at Vic who was looking wired and annoyed.  Then finally they were auctioning off Joxer's helm.  Vic's eyes lit up.

The bidding started and amazingly it went for two hundred and fifty bucks.  Vic had won it and wrote out a check quickly cause the next item was the sword.  Vic did manage to win that auction also for seven hundred dollars.  Which he wrote out another check for.  Vic then finally got back to his seat with the helm and the sword and he couldn't stop playing with them.  The helm actually fit quite well and Christy Jenna and Erica laughed at him.

Finally the last item up for bid was another prop. It is the new chakram that will be personally autographed by Lucy Lawless.  Christy's eyes lit up.  Erica could see that she was determined to get the chakram regardless of the price.  Christy watched as the bidding started and shortly it was up to 25,000.  Vic looked over at Christy and her eyes were shifting between the two people that seemed to be in a bidding war for the chakram.

The price was up to 32,000 and the man running the auction was getting ready to end the auction when Christy stood up and said, "33,000".  The crowd looked back towards Christy.  Christy was paying no attention to the crowd.  Christy was looking at the woman who had bid 32,000 dollars.  The woman was looking back and she upped her bid to 34.  Christy calmly raised it to 35.

This started the bidding war between Christy and the woman up front.  Christy did not crack she quickly up the bid every time the woman up front raised the bid.  Finally the woman upfront broke down and Christy got the chakram for 56,000 dollars.  The crowd cheered for the price that Christy was paying.  Christy then went to the back and was quickly signing forms and writing a check for 28,000 dollars for one charity and a 28,000-dollar check to another. 

"Okay Ms. Carlton, you get to meet Lucy tomorrow as she signs the chakram," the woman who was taking the checks said.

"That’s cool, I am supposed to meet her tomorrow anyway," Christy replied.

"You are?" asked the woman.

"Yes, I am with Vic Carmece," Christy answered.  The woman recognized the name as she looked at Christy.

"Oh yes.  He does have several names that are with him.  He is a real nice guy and funny," The woman said as she smiled at Christy.  "So when you come back to see Lucy and Renee we will get her to sign the chakram".

"Thanks," Christy replied.  Christy was then escorted out front and they were starting the Video salute for Claire Stansfield.

Christy sat down and watched the rest of the video.  Christy then nudged Vic who turned to look and see what Christy wanted.  "The girl back there said you were nice and funny," Christy said in a low voice to Vic.  "Are you trying to pick up every available woman in this place?" Christy finished with a slight giggle in her voice.

"No, I was just being me.  You know complete idiot, no life having guy from New York living with three women," Vic answered as he smiled.  Christy gave him a dirty look and hit Vic on the arm.  Vic smiled and continued to watch the rest of the video.

The video ended and Claire Stansfield came out after being introduced.  She was amazed by the amount of people that were here and she gushed for several moments.  Then she jumped over to the charity auction thanking everyone for being so generous.  Then Claire called out for the person who had bought the chakram.  Claire wanted to personally thank the person who bought that item.

Erica quickly started to push Christy out of her chair Jenna then helped as Vic watched.

"C'mon get up she is calling for you," Erica said urging Christy up.

"Yeah get your ass up girl you are being requested up at the stage," Jenna added.  Vic just pointed to the stage and smiled as Christy stood up.

Finally Christy made her way up to the stage and Erica followed behind with her camera.  Erica stopped in front of the stage and waited to take a picture of Claire and Christy.  As Christy got close she realized how tall Claire was.  She was as tall as Vic maybe even taller with the heels she was wearing.  Claire then grabbed hold of Christy and brought her out to center stage.  Erica was going crazy with the camera snapping photos.

"Who's that your personal photographer?' asked Claire as she pointed to Erica.

"No she is one of my roommates," answered Christy as she waved to Erica and smiled.  Christy wasn't one to grab the spotlight she left that to Erica but when it was on she knew how to work it.  Christy stood there smiling well aware that just behind her was the huge video screen that had her and Claire standing together.  Claire had her arm around Christy and the shot on the video screen was amazing cause Christy was in short shorts and a small top showing off her ample cleavage.  Claire was in tight Capri type pants and a very revealing shirt and heels.  It looked like any minute that they were going to get naked and have sex on the stage.

"Well I am truly amazed that you bought the chakram for 56,000 dollars.  I just had to thank you personally," Claire said as she looked at Christy.  Christy looked back and Claire moved in close and kissed Christy full on the lips sending the crowd into a near frenzy of sexual frustration.  Erica was snapping away with the camera.

Back at the seats Jenna looked at Vic and Vic looked at Jenna with their mouth wide open.  They were in total shock and couldn't believe what was happening.  They turned back to continue to watch the kiss as Claire broke away and smiled. Christy smiled and looked out to the crowd.  The cameraman got a great shot of Claire and Christy just before Christy left the stage.

Erica moved to the side of the stage as Claire escorted Christy to the side and continued to thank her.

"I can't wait to see what is going to happen tonight at the XXX revue if this is what you do at the convention," Christy said as she was stepping down off the stage.  Claire smiled and laughed

"You will just have to wait and see," Claire responded.

Once back in their seats Erica and Christy Jenna and Vic watched the rest of Claire walking about answering questions but it all seemed a blur.  Even the next two guests were just seemed to blaze by.  Alexandra Tydings and Ted Raimi couldn't top the kiss.  They were good in their own rights but Christy kissing Claire was amazing.

When Ted finished the lights in the auditorium went on and Vic said, "I am hungry lets get out of here".  Vic did not wait for a reply he just led the way out of the auditorium and then the convention center.  Vic turned to see if his friends were behind but they were caught behind some people.  That is when he saw this young girl with a Joxer Gabrielle badge.  Vic had heard of the Joxer Gabby romance group during his travels through the Xenaverse on the net.  Vic sat down on a step to wait for his friends as he was looking at the girl.

Oddly several older women then surrounded the girl, they seemed to be berating her and one reached out a turned over her badge she was wearing.  Vic stood up to go and help the girl but he was to late.  Jenna Erica and Christy had stepped in.  Even though the other woman out numbered his friends they had more then enough attitude to handle themselves.

Vic sat down on the steps behind him and watched the drama unfold.  He could see Erica unleashing a verbal assault on the women and Christy stood next to the girl and turned her badge back over.  Jenna just stood there glaring at the women daring them to make a move.  The older women backed down and moved away.  Vic sat there smiling as he watched his friends comfort the little girl.

Vic walked over to his friends and he smiled at the little girl.  She cautiously smiled back.  "What happened?" Vic asked.

The little girl looked at Vic and meekly explained, "They didn't like my badge".

"They probably won't bother you now," Vic replied.

"Who are you here with?" asked Erica.  Just as she finished the question the little girl waved to what looked like a slightly older version of her.

"My sister," the girl explained as her sister and her friends came over.

"Everything all right?" asked the older girl.

"Yeah everything is fine.  We just ran some women off that were giving her a hard time about her badge," Erica replied as she looked at the older girl.

"Thanks," said the older girl as she moved to her sister.

"No prob," Vic replied as the girls walked away.  Jenna Erica and Christy then all looked at Vic giving him a dirty look.  The sisters walked away.

"What are you doing you did nothing and you say no prob like you took care of the whole thing," Erica said as she snapped at Vic.

"What I didn't mean anything by it.  I am sorry," Vic said as he raised his hands and shrugged his shoulder. 

"Lets get some food," Jenna said trying to interrupt Erica and Vic.

"Yeah that is a good idea," Christy added.  "Lets go to the restaurant in the hotel so we can go right to the room and get ready for this evening.

"That is a good idea," Erica said as she looked over at Christy and nodded her head.

They all headed to the hotel and into the restaurant.  The dinners that they had were excellent and they were able to get up the room quickly so they could prepare for the show tonight.  By nine fifteen they were heading out of the room.

They arrived at the convention center and walked to the auditorium.  The crowd was being let in and Vic saw the woman who he had talked to the day before about all the free stuff they were getting.  Vic led his friends to her and Vic said, "Hello".

"Oh, Mr. Carmece you made it.  I was waiting for you and your guests to arrive," The woman said as she motioned for them to follow her.

Vic simply replied, "Cool", as he followed the woman into the auditorium.

The woman kept walking towards the front and Vic was wondering when they would stop.  People were watching as Vic and his friends passed by.  Vic could hear Erica, Jenna and Christy talking amongst them as they kept getting closer and closer.  Finally just off to the left of the stage in the VIP section the woman stopped and pointed to the four empty seats.  Vic looked at the seats and then to the stage and if they were any closer they would have been sitting on the stage.

Just after nine thirty the show started and Claire and Alexandra took the stage.  Everyone was anxious to see what they were going to do.  They were dressed in very tight fitting female tuxes.  They both looked incredibly sexy.  They them began to read excerpt of fan fiction and acted out the segments.  Vic began to squirm in his seat as he started to feel a bit uncomfortable by the very erotic presentation.  The climax so to speak of he XXX revue was the Kiss that Claire and Alexandra engaged in.  It was full on the lips open mouth and lasted for what seemed like days.

Vic sat there like a zombie just staring at the stage totally in awe of what was happening.  Jenna gave Vic an elbow to wake him from his dazed state.  Vic shook his head and straightened up.  Vic looked about as he saw Christy and Erica looking at him and laughing slightly.

"Act like you've seen two women kiss before will you, you are embarrassing us," Jenna said.

Vic had seen lots of women kiss before but there was something mesmerizing about those two women kissing.  Vic couldn't explain why it was so erotic and mesmerizing but it was.  Vic did pull himself together and Alex and Claire were taking their bows and the applause was incredible.

The musical numbers by the men were mixed with humor and were nearly forgettable.  Then it became scary.  Ted had been singing with Tim, they had been doing a medley of songs.  Then Ted started talking to the crowd.  It seemed off the cuff.  "Just before the show was talking with Sharon and she mention that we have a special guest here tonight.  No its not Lucy or Renee," Ted quickly added as he sensed the crowds anticipating Lucy or Renee.  "Actually it is not even some one from the Xena or Hercules," Ted continued.  Vic's face went pale.  "He is actually some one who did something truly special to help children," Ted continued, as the crowd was quiet.

"Well let me bring him up here," Ted said as he moved towards the side of the stage Vic was on.  "Lets hear it for Vic Carmece," the crowd was slow to respond but gained momentum, as it seemed people started to recognize the name.  Erica Jenna and Christy immediately started pushing Vic up.  Vic was slow to get up but did. 

Ted was giving the crowd some background of what Vic was involved in and the fans seemed to appreciate what Vic had done.  Vic made it on the stage and Ted and Tim flanked him.

"Well here he is," Ted said as he presented Vic to the crowd.  Vic smiled and waved to the crowd that had quieted down.

"You are a pretty big guy," Tim said as he looked at Vic.  Vic just shrugged.  "You aren't going to get in the dress you purchased the other day," Tim joked.

Vic smiled and looked at Tim, "No I wasn't planning on it".

"Just checking cause I would hate to see you ruin that dress," Tim added.

"Well Vic I want to thank you for what you did.  That story is amazing.  I did happen to catch your interview on Good Morning America.  Well you enjoying the show?"

"Yeah I am heaving a good time,' Vic answered.  Then from behind Claire and Alex snuck up and started to rub Vic on the shoulders and chest.  Vic's eyes went wide and the large screen video picked it up real well.  Ted and Tim backed away as Claire and Alex took over.

"Wow Alex he has got a good build on him," Claire said in her sexy voice.

"You are so right Claire," Alex seemed to purr in response to Claire's statement.  Slowly Claire and Alex had Vic's shirt unbuttoned and hanging at his waist.  Vic was now standing in his guinea t-shirt and with his shirt still tucked in his pants and hanging.

"Wow look at these arms.  Hey that is a nice tattoo Claire said as she was stroking his arm.

"Yeah this one is nice too," Alex responded.  Claire was looking at Vic's Ranger tat and Alex was looking at his tribal tat.

"Okay ladies before you strip him naked I think it is time to ask him one more question," Ted interrupted.  Claire and Alex just stood on either side of Vic.  Claire was as tall as Vic and Alex was much shorter.  "Okay Vic we are going to do one more song for the night and we would like you pick the last song," Ted asked Vic.

Vic looked a little shocked still as Claire held a mic for him to answer.  "Well, Ever since Lyre, Lyre episode my friends that I am with always performed Dancing in the Moonlight to torment me at their gigs.  So I would like you to do that song and have my friends help with the back up," Vic answered.

"Sounds good to me," Ted said as he turned to the crowd.  "What do think, are you all ready for a little dancing in the moonlight," asked Ted in his Jace voice.

The crowd cheered and Erica Christy and Jenna came up to the stage and were standing in the back with Vic who still hadn't pulled up his shirt.  The music started and suddenly Vic was laughing.  Ted was singing and everyone else singing backup.  The song went of with out a hitch and the crowd responded tremendously.

The show had ended and Ted, Claire, Alex and Tim were thanking Vic, Erica, Christy and Jenna for helping out.  Sharon had the Creation photographer taken pictures for the website.  Erica was eating up the attention.

"I would like to get some photos with you," Vic asked.  Everyone seemed to agree.  "No I would like to wait till tomorrow though," Vic added.

Everyone nodded in agreement and Ted asked, "Why tomorrow?"

"You'll see," Vic answered.

Erica led the way out and was just gushing about everything that had happened.  Christy added on when Erica took a breath.  Jenna and Vic just walked back to the hotel quietly as they listened to Erica and Christy.

The morning came and Vic forced himself to get up and get dressed.  Vic put on shorts and a t-shirt and got his wallet and key to the room.  He headed out of the room and down to the lobby.  Suddenly Vic realized it was only six in the morning.  Vic talked to the concierge and got a ride to the nearest 7Eleven.  Vic had the driver wait and Vic purchased one of those cell phones in a box and bought some time for it.  So on the ride back Vic set up the phone.

As Vic got back to the room it was nearly seven.  Vic jumped into the shower.   As Vic got out of the shower and dried off and walked out of the bathroom Erica greeted him.

"Your up early," Vic said.

"Today is a big day got to get ready," Erica responded as she moved into the bathroom.

"Cool," Vic said as he moved over to his bag with his clothes.  Vic pulled out a pair of pants and dress socks.  Vic then got a nice t-shirt and started to dress.  After Vic was finished putting on his shoes he stood up and looked over to his box that he had brought from New York.   Vic moved to the box and picked it up and placed it on the fold out bed.  Vic looked at the box as it sat on the bed.  Vic took a deep breath and opened it.  A big smile came across his face.

In Christy room she picked up her box and sat it on the bed.  Christy opened her box and a big smile appeared across her lips.  A similar scene was happening in Jenna's room.  Jenna moved out of her room and met Christy as she left her room and they moved over to the living room where Vic was standing.

"Did you open yours?" asked Jenna as she looked at Vic.

"Yeah, how about you guys?" vie asked.

Jenna looked at Christy and Christy looked back at her and they knew the answer and responded together, "Yeah".

"It is amazing," Jenna replied as she moved over to Vic and looked into Vic's box.  "Wow that looks good," Jenna commented as she moved her hand in Vic's box.

The shower stopped and Jenna moved to the bathroom and shouted, "Get out here we opened the boxes".

The door opened and Erica was wrapped in a towel and replied, "You opened them already".

"Yeah and they are awesome," replied Jenna.  "Now go open yours," Jenna ordered.

Erica moved out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and grabbed her box and put it on the bed.  Jenna, Christy and Vic made their way into the room and watched Erica open the box.  Erica's eyes lit up as she looked down at the contents in the box.  Erica looked up at her friends and she had a huge smile.  Erica then grabbed the top and bottom of the replica Gabrielle costume and held it up to her body and she started to squeal and jump around.  Well the towel broke loose and fell to the floor as she hugged the costume across her breast and crotch as stopped jumping and tried to hide.

Vic and Christy were laughing as they left the room.  Jenna closed the door and showed Erica her Callisto costume.  They sat and laughed about the costumes and what just happened.

Well by a quarter to ten they were all heading out of the room, dressed in regular clothes.  They made their way to out of the hotel.  As they walked Vic used his new phone to leave a page for Nikki.  At the beep he left a short message and the number to the phone.  Vic hung up and realized they were at the convention center.  Vic played with the phone and placed the phone on vibrate.

In the auditorium they made their way to the area of the charity breakfast.  Vic found that they were seated in the back with several fans that seemed a little to caught up in with the show.  Over the next hour Vic was looking at his friends trying to get their attention as he pleaded with his eyes to get out of here.  Finally by eleven thirty things slowed down and the last item had been auctioned off.  Vic got his friends motivated and they were out of there quickly.

Back in the hotel room everyone quickly went to their boxes and started dressing in their respective costumes.  In a few minutes everyone was dressed in their costumes.  Vic couldn't understand why Ted complained about the weight of the costume it was rather light.  Vic picked up the sword and placed it in the sheath that came with it.  Then he grabbed the helm and placed it on his head.  What a fit he thought.  Vic moved to the mirror and looked at his reflection and laughed.

Christy then emerged from her room all decked out as Xena.  Christy had combed her hair combed down like Xena's hair.  Christy looked amazing.  The costume was almost an exact match the only difference was the breastplates size.   Christy was much more endowed then Lucy Lawless.  Vic then realized that all his friends were much larger then all their counter parts.  Jenna and Erica then emerged from their room and he could only mange one word, "Wow".

"I guess he likes the costumes," Erica said as she was nearly busting out of her top.

"Yeah they are amazing," Jenna said as she ran her hands down the sleek black leather of her Calisto costume.   I just got to fix my hair and I will be set," Jenna said.

Jenna moved to the bathroom. And began to fix her hair Erica checked her hair in another mirror in the room.  Then she placed the Sais she had purchased the other day in their respective places.  Jenna placed her sword in place after she finished with her hair.  Christy was busy playing with her sword near the door.

There was a knock at the door Vic looked at the door and smiled then Vic heard his cell phone humming Christy answered the door and her mouth dropped wide open and as she looked at who was knocking.

"Hey if I knew it was a costume party I would have dressed up," Hudson said in a sly and sarcastic voice.  Christy immediately moved over to hug Hudson with the sword still in her hand.  "Wow I have never hugged anyone with a sword in my back Hudson remarked.

Christy released Hudson and smiled.  Christy turned and looked at Vic and said, "You planned this didn't you?"

"Not entirely by myself," Vic smiled as he stopped talking on the cell phone.

"Hey Hudson great to see you again," Erica called out   Hudson smiled and waved.

Erica and Jenna watched Vic as he was talking on the cell phone and moving about with a big goofy grin on his face.  Suddenly Vic realized he was being watched and glared over at Erica and Jenna.  That is when he realized it was next to impossible to look intimidating in this costume cause Erica and Jenna started laughing hysterically at him.

"I got to go Nikki, I am being laughed at here.  I can't wait to see you.  Oh I cut the goatee off so look for a goofy looking guy with a New York Ranger tattoo on his left arm and a tribal tattoo on the right," Vic explained as he said his good-bye and hung up the phone.

"Okay we got to get moving we got autographs to get," Vic said trying to get his friends going and stop laughing at how ridiculous he looked.  "Hudson you coming there is a general admin ticket waiting for you," Vic added as he looked over to Hudson.

"No I have been traveling all night and I am beat.  I just want to lie down and relax for a bit and meditate," Hudson replied.

"Hey go lay down in my room," Christy suggested as she picked up Hudson's luggage and brought it to her room.  "We will put up the do not disturb sign so you are not bothered," Christy replied as she hugged Hudson again.  "It is so good to see you," Christy said as she held on to Hudson.

"It is good to be with you.  I have missed being near you and feeling your touch," Hudson said as she kissed Christy.

"Hey lets go!" Vic shouts from the other room.

"You better go before Vic explodes," Hudson said as she looked into Christy's eyes, as they held each other.

"Yeah, I guess you are right. I will see you later then," Christy said as she turned away and headed out of the bedroom.  Christy took one last gaze at Hudson as she left the bedroom.

Erica grabbed her bag of photo's Vic had his and Jenna and Christy picked up everything else they needed.  They were ready to go.  They headed out the door and Christy put the do not disturb sign on the door and closed the door as she stepped out.

The walk over to the convention center was odd since many people were staring.  Erica Jenna and Christy walked on like it was nothing.  They seemed unaffected by the stares and catcalls from various women.  Vic felt very uncomfortable since He towered over his friends especially with the helmet he was wearing.  Also by the fact that he was a guy dressed as Joxer.

"Hey do I look as stupid as I am feeling right now?" Vic asked his friends.

"Erica Turned around and walked backwards not even breaking stride and replied, "Yes.  Maybe even more," Erica added as she turned around again and kept walking.  Jenna and Christy laughed

They reached the convention center and Erica stopped everyone.  "Okay I want a picture of all of us in front of the convention center sign," Erica said as she motioned for her friends to move to the sign.  Erica looked around and saw this woman with black vinyl pants and a tattoo that was a scroll that read 'Bard' on her left arm.  Some how she felt like she knew this person.  Then she noticed that the woman was with three other people, two women and a guy.  Erica looked back at her friends then over to the people she had just noticed and a chill went up and down her spine. 

Erica approached the woman and asked, " Can you do me a huge favor and take a picture of me and my friends?"

The woman turned and looked at Erica.  A big smile came across her face and she said, "Sure no prob.  Wow that is a great costume.  It is the best one I have seen all weekend".  Then the woman noticed Erica's friends.  "Those are all amazing costumes.  Everyone looks great but your friend dressed, as Joxer is way to big for Joxer.  He is way to define and he has got a tan.  He might have been better as Ares," Erica commented.

"Yeah but he is a Joxer fan.  Go figure," Erica added as she handed the camera to the woman.  "Oh my name is Erica nice to meet you," Erica said as she pointed out some features on the camera.

"Nice to meet you.  I am Carrie," Carrie replied.  "I know what you mean Steve back there is a big Joxer fan also," Carrie added.  Erica and Carrie looked at each other and started laughing as they realized they both knew a crazy guy who was Joxer fan.

Erica moved over to her friends and got them ready for the picture.  Carrie took several pictures of Erica and her friends as Erica moved them around after each shot.  Then Erica had everyone stand for solo pictures.  Carrie and her friends watched the ongoing show.  It was almost comical since they could see two women dressed up and the guy was getting annoyed with all the photos being taken.

Finally the photos were done Erica thanked Carrie for helping and they parted company.   Erica looked at her friends who seemed a little perturbed and she said, "Lets go we got autographs to get".

Vic looked to Christy, then Christy looked to Jenna and they all shook their heads simultaneously and smiled.  "You put on that outfit and you have become more like Gabrielle and it is scary," Christy commented.

"I can just imagine if Gabs had a camera what hell Xena's life would have been," Vic added.

"Yeah, Xena stand over there the light is better.  Oh Joxer move back your blocking the temple," Jenna said putting in her two cents.

Erica looked at her friends baffled and meekly replied, "I am not that bad".

Jenna moved over to Erica and put her arm around her to comfort her.  "No you are not that bad we just need to get out of the sun in these costumes.  Otherwise we might have to separate your body from that pretty little head of yours," Jenna said with a wicked smiled that crept across her lips.  Erica was just silent as they headed down the stairs in to the convention center.

Christy and Vic followed behind them.  Christy was slightly ahead of Vic so she started down the stairs first.  Vic stopped at the top of steps and looked down and he smiled.  Vic then looked up into the sky and took a deep breath and went to take his first step down and with out looking.  This turned out to be a big mistake because his sword had swung around and caught his leg causing it not go exactly where he wanted it.  By the time he realized the dilemma he had put himself in it was to late his body had gone forward and the only thing he could hope for was that he didn't kill himself.

Something inside Christy told her to sidestep to the right.  Christy quickly moved to the right and she watched and heard Vic crashing down the steps past her.  Christy just shook her head and looked around.  No one had moved to help Vic up since she guessed they thought it was all a planned fall.  Vic looked a little stunned but seemed okay.

Christy finished walking down the steps and moved past Vic without a glance and said in a calm voice, "Lets go idiot".

Vic looked at her and then he opened his mouth to respond but nothing came out.  Vic picked himself up and adjusted his armor and fixed his helmet.  Vic then adjusted the sword so he wouldn't trip over it again.  Vic then rushed into the convention center to catch up with his friends.

They all met in the auditorium and moved towards the annex.  People were staring and taking pictures.  It was odd as Vic noticed the flashes going off.  Finally they headed into the annex and stood online to get all the autographs from Hudson, Claire, Ted, Alexandra, and Adrienne.

The line was getting long and the guest signers have not arrived yet.  Erica was bouncing about in anticipation.  Vic was looking about almost nervously and constantly adjusting the helm and armor.  Christy looked very calm as she looked about the crowd.  Jenna seemed unaffected by the crowd and just waiting for the line to start moving.  Then Jenna spotted Ted Claire Alex Adrienne and Tim being led to the front area that was being set up for the signings.  Then Hudson followed with her little group of people.

"They are here," Jenna pointed over to the guest walking in.

Christy turned her head and smiled. Vic moved about trying to get a better look at Claire's ass.  Erica seemed ready to explode with excitement.  "Calm down Erica we will get the up there," Christy said trying to calm her down.

"I am calm.  I just can't wait though," Erica replied.

"Wow what a nice ass," Vic muttered.  Then he realized he might have said it a little too loud.  As he looked at his friends who seemed to be looking at him slightly confused about what he was talking about.  Vic quickly covered his tracks by saying, "I was just checking out Claire's ass.  I couldn't see Alex's cause Ted was in the way".

Finally the line did start to move and seemed to move fairly quickly.  Then the Creation crew split the line.  All the people who were just getting Hudson's autograph were put in another line altogether.  There was a huge amount of people that were getting only Hudson's autograph.  So Vic Christy Erica and Jenna moved up much quicker.

Finally they moved up to get in Adrienne's line.  As Christy, Jenna, Erica and Vic had Adrienne sign a photo she looked at each of them and she seemed amazed by the costumes. "Wow those are amazing costumes," Adrienne managed to say as she looked at the four friends as they stood there as she finished signing Vic's photo.

"Thanks," Christy replied with a slight smile.  Vic managed a grin and realized he must look real stupid smiling dressed as Joxer.  So he turned away to leave and headed to the next line. 

The next line that they tickets for was Ted's line.  They skipped right past Tim's line who had no one in it.  The Ted line had a few people waiting but he was signing the photos fairly quickly.  Christy was the first to get her photo signed.  Ted looked up at her and smiled then he recognized her from last nights Cabaret.  "Wow that is some costume.  You definitely fill it out much better then Lucy," Ted meekly said.  Ted then peered past Christy and saw Jenna and Erica smiling at him.  Then his eyes grew wide as he saw the familiar helmet.  Ted stood up and looked and saw Vic who awkwardly smiled and waved.

Ted sat back down and shook his head and smiled.  "I guess this is why Vic wanted to wait till today for pictures," Ted said as he signed Christy's picture.

"Yeah this is it," Christy said with a smile as she took her picture from Ted. 

Jenna and Erica got their pictures signed and Ted told them they looked great in their costumes.  Then Vic stood up and handed Ted the picture.  Ted sat back and looked up at Vic.  "If I looked half that good in that I would have never been cast," Ted joked.  Alex looked over as she heard Ted.

Alex's eyes lit up as she saw Vic.  "Wow Ted you never looked that good in the armor," Alex joked.  "Maybe it's the tan," Alex added as another zinger.

Ted looked over at Alex and gave her an evil glare.  Alex only laughed as she saw the look.  Ted just turned and smiled.  "Where did you get the costume?" Ted asked as he signed Vic's photo.

"Well I ordered the armor and leather from this replica place on the net.  Then I managed to be the winning bidder on the helmet and sword at one of the charity auctions.  So this is your sword and helmet you wore," Vic told Ted.

"That is great.  It is good to know everyone wearing that helmet looks goofy but you carry the armor rather well," Ted answered as he handed Vic the picture he just signed.  " I am looking forward to the pictures now, so I will see you back stage later," Ted added.

Vic took the picture and said, "Thanks and I will see you later," Vic responded as he moved to his friends and got in line for Alex.

Alex's line was shorter then Ted but went slower.  Christy looked over at Vic picture of Ted and asked what Ted wrote.  "I think he just put his name on it," Vic answered.

"No, I think he wrote something on yours," Christy said.

Vic looked at the picture of Joxer who was surrounded by the women of the brothel.  The inscription that Ted put on the photo read 'You Look much better In the Armor Then Me' then it had Ted's autograph beneath it.  "Wow that is cool," Vic said as he held it up for his friends to read.

Erica was the first to get Alex's autograph.  "Great to see you again," Alex said as she took the picture from Erica.  "I forgot your name," Alex said looking up at Erica.

"Erica," Erica said.

"I just have to tell you that your costume is amazing.  Renee would be jealous.  I can't wait till she sees you later it is going to funny," Alex said as she signed the picture.

"Yeah I can't wait it should be funny but I am glad to see all of you.  I am a huge fan of the show and Aphrodite was a big part in the some of my favorite episodes," Erica gushed.

"Thanks," Alex said as she handed the photo to Erica.

Erica moved to the side as Jenna moved up and Alex talked with Jenna for a few moments as she signed her photo.  Then Christy was next and she talked with Alex for a moment.  Then Vic moved up and handed Alex the photo he had of her as Aphrodite.

"This is my favorite picture of the ones they are selling," Alex said as she started to sign the photo.

"Yeah it is one of mine also," Vic managed as he remembered her touch from the night before.

"I never thought anyone could make that look cool," Alex said as she gestured with her hand towards Vic.  "All of Ted's stunt doubles were scrawny just like Ted and it looked ridiculous on them," Alex added as she held up the photo to Vic and she smiled.

"Well," Vic stammered.  "I guess I am just lucky," Vic finished as he smiled sheepishly.

"You are way too modest.  I will see you later for the photos we promised," Alex added.  Vic just smiled and nodded his head.

"I guess I am just lucky," Erica mocked Vic as he moved closer to her.

"Shut up and get in line," Vic said as he looked down at Erica.  Erica just smiled and laughed.

The next line they got in was for Claire.  She was the last in the row of signers.  Hudson was moved to away due to the amount of people that were getting her signature.  Claire's line was empty and Christy stepped up to Claire as Claire watched her.

"Wow that is an amazing costume," Claire said

"Thanks," Christy said.

Claire looked past Christy and saw Jenna and Erica and Vic.  "Oh you are with Vic," Claire asked.

"Yeah we were onstage with you last night," Christy said.

"Oh okay now I recognize you.  That was fun last night," Claire said with a smile.

"Yeah it was a great show," Christy added.

Then from behind the fenced off area some shouted out for a picture of Claire and Xena.  Claire looked out to the area and saw a woman waving with a camera.  Then Claire looked to Christy and asked, "Would you mind posing for a picture for them".

"No not at all," Christy said as she moved over to Claire who was standing up.

Claire stood next to Christy and put her arm around her.  They posed for a few shots and multiple cameras started flashing.  Finally Claire sat back down and signed Christy's picture.  Claire wrote 'Xena's Bitch Alti' then she signed her name below.

Erica moved up after Christy was finished.  Claire smiled at Erica.  "That is another amazing costume," Claire said.

"Thanks, Erica said.  "I love Alti.  She is just pure evil.  I can't wait to see what you do in the up coming episodes," Erica added.

"I don't think you will be disappointed.  You get to see some more of the character.  It was a great time filming the episodes," Claire said as she finished signing Erica's picture.

Erica took the photo from Claire and moved aside and Jenna stopped up to Claire and handed her the Alti photo to Claire.  "I must say you guys look terrific.  I can't wait till Lucy and Renee see you guys dressed up later today it is going to be good.  Lucy loves to see the fans dressed up," Claire said as signed Jenna. 

"I am looking forward to that," Jenna said with a smile.  "I am looking forward to seeing Hudson also dressed like this," Jenna added.

"Hudson is going to love it," Claire added as she smiled and handed the picture to Jenna.

Vic was the last to step up to Claire.  He made a move to get closer to the table when he realized something was wrong.  Vic swung his head around to look at his friends and then over to Claire and everything he looked at seemed to move in slow motion.  Vic new he was falling and there was nothing he could do.  The crashing of the armor on the cement floor was loud and the noise he made as he hit the floor was a sound that didn't seem possible from a human.

Claire jumped from her seat and moved over to Vic.  "You okay?" Claire asked as she knelt next to Vic who was starting to sit up.

"Yeah I am fine it is only my pride that is hurt," Vic said in a low tone as he looked at Claire.  Claire helped Vic stand and she dusted him off.  Vic looked beyond Claire and could see his friends laughing at him.  "I am sorry but there is something about this costume that has got me tripping all over myself," Vic offered as an excuse.

"And I thought it was Ted's amazing ability to do prat falls," Claire said with a smile as she sat back down to sign Vic photo.  "Hopefully you will make it through the day without killing yourself so we can get those pictures for you," Claire said as she finished signing the photo and handed it back to Vic.

Now Vic, Christy, Jenna and Erica were off to wait in line for Hudson.  This line was fairly long.  Actually there was two lines one for the people getting Hudson's autograph only and the other line which they stood on for people who got some else's autograph first.  The lines were alternating and Vic was forced to the first to get her autograph in the line they were in.

As Vic's turn came he stepped up to Hudson who was sitting on the table at the time.  Vic moved closer and was caught off guard by her smile and beauty.  Vic just moved closer not saying anything.

"Hey Vic, how does the dress fit," Hudson joked as she recognized Vic from the other day.

"A little tight across the hips," Vic managed to get out.

"That is a great costume.  You definitely fill it out better then Ted," Hudson added.  Hudson looked behind Vic and saw Christy Jenna and Erica.  "Are those your friends?" Hudson asked.

Vic turned and looked and replied;" Yes that’s them".

Hudson then motioned with her hand for Christy Jenna and Erica to step up.  They hesitated for a moment and Hudson looked at them and yelled, "Get over here now".  Jenna Erica and Christy moved quickly over to Hudson and stood next to Vic.

"You all look real good," Hudson said as she stood up and walked by each of them as if she were inspecting them.  Hudson paused in front of Jenna who is slightly taller then Hudson but not as thin but Jenna has no problem making men drool when she is so inclined.  "You certainly fill out the top of the costume much better then I did," Hudson commented as she looked at Jenna protruding chest.

"Well you work with what you got," Jenna replied to Hudson's comment.

"You certainly got a lot to work with," Hudson replied.  "Well let me sign those pictures for you," Hudson said as she started signing Vic's picture.  Then she signed Erica's and Christy's.  Jenna handed Hudson the picture of Livia that Adrienne signed earlier.

"Can you sign that 'Who's your daddy' then sign underneath?" Jenna asked as Hudson looked at her.

Hudson's eyes lit up and she smiled.  Hudson quickly signed the picture exactly the way Jenna had asked.  Then instead of handing it back Hudson grabbed Jenna's hand and marched her over to Adrienne who was still signing pictures for fans.

Vic Christy and Erica followed behind and Erica had the camera out taking pictures of Hudson dragging Jenna across the annex.  As they reach Adrienne, Hudson held out the picture for Adrienne to read.  Adrienne was stunned to see Hudson holding a picture of Livia in front of her and then she started to laugh as she finished reading the inscription.

"Who's your daddy?" Hudson asked in a deep tone.  "C'mon who's your daddy?" Hudson repeated.  Then Hudson had Adrienne stand and Erica took a picture of the three of them with the photo.  It was definitely a priceless moment.

Hudson started back to her table as she waved to fans that were calling out to her to stop for pictures.  Hudson then said to Vic, "I will catch you all later back stage for photos from what I understand".

"Great can't wait.  Thanks," Vic said.

Erica led the way out of the annex.  She led the way to the seats just in time to catch the last bit of Tsianina Joelson's turn at talking to the audience.  As they sat down Tsianina was flexing for the crowd as the crowd broke out into huge applause.  It was weird and Vic looked at Christy as they tried to understand what was going on.

Tsianina finished and she left the stage to a good amount of applause.  There was an announcement for the costume contest sign up.  Vic looked at Christy and said, "We got time to go enter let's wait till after the next auction then we can go sign up". 

Christy looked at Vic and said,  "There is another auction?"

"Yep, I just looked at the woman's schedule next to me.  There is another auction then Xena's mom and Rob Field.  That is all before Lucy and Renee," Vic finished saying to Christy.

Christy nodded in agreement and leaned over to tell Erica and Jenna the plan.  They both agreed with the plan and looked over at Vic and nodded.  They then sat back and waited for the first item to be auctioned off.  It shouldn't be long before they start Vic thought as he sat and shifted in his costume while he watched the stage.

The auction did begin quickly.  The first several items were small and went quickly for fairly small prices.  Then the next item up for auction was a prop chakram actually used during filming of several episodes.  Erica turned towards Christy and said, "I want that".

Christy looked at the chakram that was being held and then looked back at Erica.  "Go get it," Christy told Erica.

Erica smiled and immediately entered the bidding for the Chackram.  The bidding wasn't as crazy as the previous day.  Erica stayed the course and was the winner of the chakram paying only 16,000 dollars.  Erica was brought back behind the stage where she wrote a check for the chakram and was told she would be able to pick it up later when Lucy would be signing it.  Erica just smiled as she heard the news.

Back at the seats Christy Jenna and Vic sat and watched to see what items were next.  There were just scripts from the last episodes and call sheets and from various episodes.  No one was willing to bid on any of the items so they just sat and watched others bid on the items as they waited for Erica to make it back from making her purchase.

Erica made her way back to her seat.  As Erica sat down it the last item was being bid on and several people were furiously bidding trying to get the script of the last episode.  Vic just shook his head as he turned to Christy.  "Hey lets get out of here and sign up for costume competition," Vic said to Christy.

Christy nodded her head and leaned over to Jenna and Erica and told them, "Lets go sign up for the costume competition".

They all started to gather their stuff and moved out of the aisle and headed to the registration desk that was out in front of the convention center.  Vic made one quick stop and bought a bottle of water from the concession stand.   Then they all headed to the front of the convention center and to the registration desk.

As they were moving to the desk there was a line of people dressed up like various charters from the show.  There were plenty of Xena's and Gabrielle's.  The only cool thing was that not everyone was wearing the same costume since there were so many different costumes that Xena and Gabrielle had worn over the six-year run of the show.

Erica led the way to the end of the line.  Vic was looking around to see if he saw Nikki but he did not see her.  The line was moving fairly quickly as entrants signed in.  As Vic and Erica stepped up to the table Vic saw the same girl he had dealt with several times during the weekend.  She smiled and moved over to the table where Vic was getting ready to sign in.

"Ah, Vic I have some bad news for you,' the girl meekly said.

Vic looked at her with a slightly concerned look then asked, "What's wrong?"

"Well since you have been sort of a special guest we can not allow you and your friends to enter the costume competition," the girl added as she expected Vic to explode.

Vic dropped his head and shook it and started to laugh slightly.  "That is only fitting.  I dress like Joxer for no reason," Vic muttered as he stepped away from the table.

Christy Jenna and Erica looked shock.  "We can't participate either?" asked Erica.

"No I am afraid not," the girl replied.

"Man that sucks.  I was looking good," Erica muttered in disappointment.

Vic moved away from the line and Erica Jenna and Christy followed.  The girl began to say to Vic, "I do have some good news though.  After Lucy and Renee's appearance you will be escorted backstage for the promised meeting.  Also you will be able to get the signed items that you have purchased".

"Well at least there is some positives after all this," Vic said.  The girl smiled and turned away and headed back into the convention center.

"Whoa look at those women who just got on the line," Erica said as she casually pointed to the end of the line.  Christy Jenna and Vic all looked at the women Erica had pointed out.

""Wow the blonde dressed as Aphrodite is Nikki," Vic said with a big smile on his face.  Nikki was wearing what seemed like next to nothing and it was amazing.  The brunette that stood next to Nikki who looked familiar but Vic couldn’t remember the name was dressed as Alti.  Then the last woman with Nikki was dressed like Livia.  Vic knew he was staring but couldn't help.

Nikki spotted Vic as he was staring and nearly drooling and she waved to him.  Vic waved back and moved past his friends and said, "Excuse me ladies but another requires the attention of Vic the mighty".  Jenna stuck out her foot and tried to trip Vic but amazingly he was able to keep his footing.

Vic turned around to give her a look and said, "Hah you can't get me".  Vic turned around to keep walking but did not see the woman who had bent over behind him to pick up some papers she had dropped.  Vic landed up flipping over the woman and landing up on his back on the concrete looking up at the sky.  Everyone who had seen it was laughing hysterically.  Vic sat up and saw Nikki laughing and all he could do was laugh to himself.

The woman who Vic had tripped over was asking if he was okay.  Vic nodded and that he was fine.  He smiled and asked the woman if she was fine.  She said she was fine and Vic stood up.

“Hey that was amazing.  Can you do it again I need to get it on film,” Erica shouted.

“Shut up,” Vic muttered

“Go get her Vic the mighty,” Jenna added as she tried not to laugh anymore.  Christy was just shaking her head.

Vic managed to stand and he straightened himself out and fixed his helm and adjusted the sword.  He moved towards Nikki again who was still laughing with her friends.  As Vic got close enough Nikki said, “Wow you sure know how to dazzle a woman”. Nikki had one hand on her hip and cocked her head slightly and she was looking even sexier then a moment ago.

Vic suddenly got nervous and suddenly found himself adjusting his collar on the costume, as it had gotten tight.  Vic realized he must look real stupid and stopped and tried to look casual but knew it was next to impossible to look cool dressed the way he was.  So Vic took off the helmet and ran a hand through his hair to straighten it out.  In that one movement Vic’s look completely changed.  Vic didn’t realize what was happening but Nikki and her friends looked at Vic intently as if something was wrong.

“What?” Vic asked looking at Nikki then her fiends.

“Put the Helmet back on for a sec,” Nikki said in a slow but deliberate tone as she looked at Vic.  Her friends also were looking at Vic in the same manner.  Vic looked at them slightly confused and he put the helmet back on.  He noticed their eyes get wide and Nikki’s mouth made an ‘O’ shape.  “Okay now take the helmet off again,” Nikki told Vic.  Vic still slightly confused took the helmet off and ran his hand through his hair again.

Nikki and her friends smiled and nodded and looked at each other and they looked like they were in agreement about something. “I can’t believe it but that helmet totally changes you.  I mean you look capable and strong and somewhat intimidating with it on but you also look goofy and clumsy.  With out the helmet you really look real good,” Nikki, said as she moved over to Vic and started to get close and move her hand beneath the armor and across his chest.  Vic smiled as he felt her touch.

“There is a huge change in your appearance without the helmet,” said the friend dressed as Livia.

“That’s good.  I guess.  I have been doing things like falling all over today that normally doesn’t happen to me at all.  That was the third time today I wiped out like that,” Vic tried to explain.  Nikki just moved him backwards slightly so they would keep the line moving.

“So did you enter the costume contest,” asked the friend dressed as Alti.

“No my friends,” Vic pointed over to Erica Jenna and Christy, “were disqualified from the contest due to the fact that we are considered special guest.  It is all from my adventure the other week,” Vic finished in a disappointed voice. 

“That is terrible,” Nikki, said you could have won best male costume,” Nikki almost purred as her hand was still under Vic’s armor.  “Oh let me introduce you to my friends Victoria and Jasmine.  They are in the industry and they are a couple,” Nikki added.

“Okay,” Vic said a little confused as he thought he just received way too much information.

“It is nice to meet you,” Jasmine said. Vic shook her hand and mad a mental note Jasmine is dressed like Alti.  Then Victoria greeted Vic with a smile and a handshake and Vic categorized her as being dressed like Livia.

“It is nice to meet you both,” Vic said after shaking both of their hands.

“Nikki said you were cute and we couldn’t believe what you did.  I had read about it in the LA Times.  It was truly amazing,” Jasmine said as she smiled at Vic.

“You have no idea how amazing it was that none of us were killed,” Vic said shaking his head and smiling as he thought about all that happened in a brief memory flash.

The line was still moving and Nikki kept Vic moving backwards.  “Your friends costumes are great," Nikki said looking over Vic’s shoulder.  Jasmine and Victoria took a look past Vic.

“They are great," Jasmine said.

"Yeah they are attracting some attention," Victoria said as she pointed towards Vic's friends.

Vic turned around and looked at his friends who were posing for pictures with other convention goers as well as mugging for pictures for others.  Vic shook his head and smiled.  "That's what they do," Vic said.  "They love the attention," Vic added.  "You know given half a chance they would be running naked through the fountain," Vic said, as he actually thought about his friends running naked and frolicking in the water.

"Yeah I bet," Nikki replied as she saw Vic drifting off.  "Excuse me Vic come back to reality".

"Oh sorry just thinking about something stupid," Vic lied.

"Oh sure," Nikki replied as she looked at Vic, with a grin as she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight.

Finally Nikki and her friends made it to the front of the line and started to sign in.  Vic broke away from Nikki and headed back to his friends.  Christy Jenna and Erica were still mugging for pictures so Vic just watched as his friends were having fun. 

After a few more minutes Vic saw his friends break away from the people who had been taking pictures. Vic looked back to Nikki who was still signing in with her friends.  So Vic moved over to Erica Christy and Jenna and smiled.

"What's up with that goofy smile?" asked Erica as she was looking at Vic a little concerned.

"Huh," Vic managed as a reply.

"You look like you had hit the lottery for the third time," Christy added as she was looking at Vic's smile.

Vic looked at his friends and cocked an eyebrow and said, "Am I the only one who seen that an amazing looking woman was all over me back there?"  Vic looked at his friends and waited for an answer.

"Who couldn't see that," Jenna answered in a sarcastic tone.  "It just looks wrong for Aphrodite to be all over Joxer," Jenna then added as she smiled and shook her head.

"I think it is just wrong to think of me with a woman who looks like that," Vic said as he looked back at Nikki who was at the registration table waiting for her friend Victoria to finish signing in.

"No it's not hard to believe.  You're a good-looking guy and you got a lot of money.  That equals very sexy," Christy joked.

"Thanks.  That is an ego booster," Vic said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes at Christy.

"Looks like Aphrodite, Livia and Alti are coming our way," Jenna said as she motioned with her head.  Vic turned around and saw Nikki closing in and smiling.

Vic watched her walk and was almost hypnotized by her swaying hips and pink saffron moving about just covering her skimpy bikini.  Then seeing Jasmine and Victoria flanking her dressed as Alti and Livia just brought out a whole new set of twisted ideas.

Nikki stopped in front of Vic and smiled.  Vic was silent just looking at Nikki.  Erica took the opportunity to break the silence.  "Hi, I'm Erica and this is Jenna and that is Christy," Erica said as he introduced her friends. 

Nikki smiled and exchanged pleasantries and introduced her friends, "This is my friends Jasmine and Victoria".

Everyone spent some more time shaking hands and saying hello and Vic just stood there holding his helmet trying to stay cool cause he realized he should have introduced everyone.  When everyone stopped Vic caught the glare that Erica shot him for not introducing them.  Vic shrugged it off and suggest lets move back inside”.

“Sounds good,” Christy agreed.

“Yeah lets go inside,” Victoria added.

So the larger group headed in to the convention center.  People were looking and pointing as they moved into through the doors and down the stairs.  Looking at the group it appeared that Joxer and Aphrodite were at the center and Xena, Gabrielle Callisto Alti and Livia surrounded them.  It was an odd site and Carrie who was walking by noticed the group and pointed them out to her friends.

At the bottom of the steps they all stopped and waited for some one to take charge and point out a direction to go left or right.  Then Christy took the initiative and asked, “Did you want to see some of the items the vendors were selling before going into the auditorium?”

Vic looked at Nikki and then Nikki looked to her friends and they looked at each other and there seemed to be something being exchanged between the three of them.  Erica looked at Jenna with a confused look as Nikki Victoria and Jasmine were looking at each other not saying anything at all.

The looks stopped and Jasmine said, “Lets see what the vendors got”.

“Okay,” Christy said as she led the group to the left.  “There are more vendors on this side of the convention center”.

“So Nikki said you are all from New York,” Jasmine said trying to start up a conversation.

“Well that is where we are living now but we are from Virginia,” Erica answered.

“Well that is a big change,” Jasmine said sounding a little amazed.

“Yeah, it was a big move but well worth it in my opinion,” Erica answered Jasmine.  “We all live together,” Erica added.

“That must be a pain with all four of you living together?” Jasmine asked.  “I have problem sharing my place with Victoria at times,” Jasmine said as she giggled.

Erica smiled and replied, “Yeah it can be a pain at times but overall it is worth it.  We are like one big family.  We have been through a lot together and it has brought us together even closer then some families will ever be”.

“Wow that sounds great.  So none of you are involved with Vic I take it.  Well since Nikki is all over him,” Jasmine said as she point to Vic and Nikki.  Erica looked over to see Nikki who seemed to be trying to become one with Vic.  It was almost a disturbing site.

Jasmine and Victoria took the lead as they started to hit the vendor area.  Jenna Christy and Erica followed closely behind Jasmine and Victoria.  Nikki and Vic slowly walked through and looked about.  Nikki spotted the little theater and saw that they had a side auction going on.  Nikki dragged Vic into the theater and they sat down in the rear of the theater.

“Were did Vic and Nikki go,” Jenna said with a mischievous look as she looked around the vendor area.

“ I don’t know,” Erica said looking about with a concerned look on her face.

“He will be all right he is a big boy,” Christy said as moved behind Jenna and Erica.

“I bet they are doing it,” Jenna added as she let out a slight chuckle.  Erica just looked at Jenna with an odd look on her face, as she couldn’t believe what Jenna had just said.

“It’s Vic we are talking about,” Christy said calmly shaking her head.

Victoria and Jasmine were on line buying pictures.  Christy Jenna and Erica waited at the exit for them to finish their purchase then the moved over to the t-shirts and jackets.  Jasmine and Victoria seemed to be in a buying frenzy.  They purchased numerous pictures several shirts and then a good number of scripts.  Erica found herself caught up in it as well as Victoria and Jasmine got Erica talking about various episodes and scenes.

“What time is it?” asked Christy.

It is almost time four.  We better get the kids and get back to the auditorium,” Jenna replied as she looked over to where Erica Jasmine and Victoria were buying more stuff.

“Yeah you round up Erica Jasmine and Victoria and I will see if I can find Vic,” Christy told Jenna.

“Sounds good.  I will meet you at the seats then?” Jenna asked.

“Yeah that sounds good,” Christy agreed.

So Jenna moved over to Erica Jasmine and Victoria.  Christy headed back to the first section of the vending area.  That was the last place she had saw Vic and Nikki.  She hoped going back she might happen across them.  As luck would have it Christy looked into the theater as she was starting to pass and there they were sitting in the back row.  Vic had his arm around Nikki as her head rested on his shoulder.  For some reason it looked wrong.

Christy moved into the theater and walked up behind Vic and Nikki.  Vic and Nikki did not move and Christy could hear Vic telling Nikki some of the crazy things that had been going on in his life over the last several months.  Christy shook her head and moved in closer and placed her hands on Nikki and Vic’s shoulders simultaneously. 

“Hey you two we better get to the seats before Lucy and Renee come on,” Christy said as she bent down so her head was directly behind Vic and Nikki’s.

Vic shifted and Nikki jumped when Christy started talking.  “Okay we will be right there,” Vic said with a slanted smile.  Christy stood up and smiled and walked away.  Vic watched as she walked away and there was something different yet familiar with the way she walked.  Vic shook his head and turned his attention back to Nikki.

“Wow I can’t believe she scared the shit out of me,” Nikki said with a surprised look on her face.  Vic held her tighter and Nikki snuggled a little closer and she smiled.  “There is something different in the way you hold me from the way other men have held me,” Nikki said as she let her head rest on Vic’s armored chest.

“Well it could be the costume I am wearing that makes it feel odd,” Vic replied.

“ No I mean being next to you like this is different.  It feels good.  I don’t want to leave.  Does that make any sense?” Nikki asked as she held onto Vic.

“I think I know what you mean.  I feel real comfortable here with you.  Especially since I am dressed like Joxer I think that is saying and awful lot,” Vic smiled and looked down at Nikki.  “Hey we better get going,” We don’t want to miss Lucy and Renee”.

Nikki and Vic stood up and Vic put on the helmet that he had in his hand for a while.  Nikki looked at him with a concerned look on her face.  Vic looked at Nikki as he tried to figure out what was wrong.  Nikki broke the silence, “You need to take that helmet off.  It totally changes your appearance and makes you look really goofy”.  Nikki smiled as she looked at Vic.

“Goofy,” Vic said as he puffed out his chest and flexed.  Nikki started to giggle.  “I am Joxer the Mighty.  Master of,” Vic said as he turned around swiftly to show Nikki he was in complete control.  Well Vic’s sword swung out and caught a chair and stopped Vic and sent him falling to the floor once again.  The helmet moved over his eyes as he shook his head in disbelief as he finished what he was saying, “looking like a dumb ass”.

Nikki moved over to Vic and helped him stand up and they moved out of the little theater.  Vic took off the helmet and held it in his hand.  Vic put his other arm around Nikki as they kept walking back towards the auditorium.

As Vic and Nikki made it back to the auditorium Vic noticed the woman with the clipboard.  Vic smiled and she moved towards him and Nikki.  “Mr. Carmece I have been looking for you.  I saw your friends come in and take their seats.  By the way they do have great costumes if I hadn’t mentioned it earlier.  Well Sharon Delaney would like you have a seat in the VIP section.  Actually there is two seats available,” the woman rambled and waited for Vic to answer.

“Cool.  I guess you can lead the way to them,” Vic said trying to remain calm.  Vic looked at Nikki and shrugged his shoulders as they followed the woman up to the front and to the left of the stage.  They moved passed a lot of people making their way to their own seats.  The video salute to Lucy and Renee was about to start.  Vic and Nikki got to the seats and sat down.  The woman handed Vic two badges that said VIP 7 and VIP 8.  Vic placed his on his left shoulder and Nikki placed her right thigh.  Vic watched Nikki place the sticker on her thigh and was immediately turned on and he shifted in his seat.

“I will be back to get you after Lucy and Renee are done so you can get backstage,” the woman told Vic.

“What about the my three other friends who are supposed to meet Lucy and Renee also?” Vic asked, as he looked a little concerned.  He knew if he got back stage and they did not his life would be over.

“Someone is assigned to get them backstage also,” The woman answered Vic and she smiled and left.

Vic leaned over to Nikki and whispered, “You have no idea how much shit I would catch if they didn’t get backstage after I told them they were going backstage”.

“Yeah, I could imagine.  I bet Erica would lead the charge to hang you,” Nikki whispered back.

The video started and applauds filled the auditorium.  The video showed in a four-minute segment the relationship of Xena and Gabrielle.  It was amazing and as it ended the applause erupted.  Sharon Delaney came out and introduced Renee to the crowd.  Renee came out from the back and was starting to show that she was definitely pregnant.  Sharon moved off the stage and started narrating and moving the conversation in a general direction by asking some questions of Renee.

Sharon steered the conversation to a song that was going to be used in the musical episode that never came to be.  So with a little coaxing Sharon got Renee to start the song, which was a Donna Summers tune, called ‘Last Dance’.  Renee sounded pretty good then all of a sudden Lucy emerged from backstage and she joined Renee.  They sang the song as a duet.  It was amazing to see them singing and having fun.

“Nikki you see that outfit Lucy is wearing,” Vic whispered to Nikki.  Nikki nodded and watched Lucy and Renee as they were moving about and singing.  “Well that is what she wore while filming her bit in Spiderman,” Vic finished whispering to Nikki.

Well the song ended and Sharon took over and was moderating the question and answer session.  The questions were all over the place.  Most were asking about Lucy and Renee’s time working together.  They never mentioned how the series would end but there were rumors starting.

Lucy and Renee were on stage for almost two hours and it seemed like only a few minutes had gone by.  Sharon had Lucy and Renee do the song again.  It was just as good the second time as the first.  As they finished Rob Tapert ran onstage and kissed Lucy and Renee and put an arm around both of them.  The rest of the cast came on stage and thanked the audience for coming.  The crowd was standing and cheering.  It was an amazing moment.

Christy pressed stop on the video camera and smiled at Erica and Jenna.  “I got it all,” Christy said as she turned the power off and started clapping herself. 

“I hope Vic got to see some of this,” Erica said as she looked around to see if she could see Vic.

“I am sure Vic saw some of it,” Jenna added.  “He wouldn’t miss Lucy and Renee.  Also he has got to get us backstage or he will die,” Jenna finished with an evil grin.  Erica looked at Jenna and laughed.

“You are scarring me,” Erica said as the clapping stopped.  Jenna just laughed and sat down.

The lights came on and people started to shuffle about.  A woman came to the end of the row and got Jenna’s attention and said, “ I am here to bring you to the back”.  Jenna nodded and got Erica and Christy to grab their stuff and follow her.

As they cleared the row of chairs they followed the woman with the Creation badge.  The woman then handed Erica Jenna and Christy VIP badges to put on.   As they continued to the back Jenna Erica and Christy all put on their new badges.

Just as they reached the backstage area Erica questioned, “Where is Vic?”

“I don’t know but I am sure he is back here some where,” Christy answered Erica’s question.

“Vic’s a big boy he will get back here especially since he is the reason we are here,” Jenna added matter a factly.

“I guess your right,” Erica said reluctantly as she looked about for Vic.

The backstage area was fairly hectic people rushing about.  Wires were strewn about and a lot of the boxes for all the lighting were stacked up here.  After winding about for a bit the woman came to a door that had a sign that read ‘guest area’.  She opened the door and inside this huge room there were a lot of people walking about eating and drinking.  There were tables of food and drinks.  Also there were couches and seats set up around the room.

That is when Erica saw Vic.  He was talking with Ted Raimi and Alexandra Tydings.  Erica looked at Jenna and Christy and then she looked back at Vic cause standing with Vic was Nikki and she was clinging to him.

“What is she doing here?” Erica asked as she pointed to Vic and Erica

“She was with Vic so they probably didn’t want to separate them,” Christy said casually.

“What do you care anyway?  You don’t own him,” Jenna added.

“I know but I thought it would only be us back here,” Erica said, in a low tone that had a hint resentment and jealousy.

Jenna looked at Erica who was still looking towards Vic with a scowl on her face.  “Relax there, lets go mingle before you worry yourself to death,” Jenna said as she shook her head. 

Christy moved towards Vic and Ted immediately noticed her and turned to greet her.  “Hello,” Ted managed to say with a big smile.  Eric and Jenna were just behind Christy and Ted extended the hello to hem as well.  Vic smiled at his friends and introduced them to Alex and Ted.

“Wow, I still can’t believe your costumes,” Alex said as she looked over Jenna Erica and Christy.  “They are amazing.  I must say if Joxer looked that good I am sure Aphrodite would have been all over him too,” Alex said in a coy tone as she took a jab at Ted.

“Hey, I was supposed to look goofy and incompetent,” Ted quickly retorted with a grin.

“It is the helmet,” Vic replied.  “Every time I have had that dam thing on I took a fall today,” Vic added.

“Yeah you should have seen him plunge down the concrete steps in the front of the convention center,” Erica interjected.  There was a little laughing amongst them.

“Vic just took a fall in the little theater just before Lucy and Renee came on,” Nikki said as she gave Vic a squeeze.

“That’s why I am not wearing right now,” Vic said as he tilted his head and slightly shrugged his shoulders.

“Wow that is terrible.  I hated that dam helmet myself but it they wouldn’t let me get rid of it,” Ted explained.

Claire walked up behind Alex and with Claire were Adrienne and Hudson.  “Hey stop monopolizing all the time with them,” Claire said with a huge smile

“We were just waiting for everyone to get here for the pictures we promised Vic,” Ted replied.

“Well lets get the pictures out of the way so we can relax and talk a bit,” Hudson said getting everyone moving.

After several minutes of deciding where to pose for the pictures they picked a corner of the room and got the cameras together.  That is when they realized they had no one to take the pictures.  Then out of nowhere it seemed Lucy and Renee appeared.

“Looks like you need some one to snap the pictures,” Lucy said in her Kiwi accent.

“We sure do,” Hudson replied.  “Looks like no one planed ahead”.

Lucy picked up a camera and looked at it for a moment then handed one to Renee who was standing next to her watching.  “Here make yourself useful won’t you,” Lucy said as she started to aim the camera she had in her hand.  Renee smiled and took aim with the camera that she had and snapped two pictures.

Erica then took over and started placing people and had Lucy and Renee snapping pictures like they were working for her.  Vic Christy and Jenna looked at Erica in amazement at what she was doing.  Lucy and Renee seemed to be having fun taking the pictures and everyone else was laughing as they mugged for the pictures.

Finally Erica got Claire and Alex to take the camera so Erica Jenna Christy and Vic could get a picture with Renee and Lucy.  Several more pictures were taken and finally Erica was done bossing everyone about.

“Well now that we are through with the pictures I would like to know who has been bossing me around,” Lucy joked.

Vic smiled and stepped up.  “I am Vic Carmece, I guess they may have told you who I am since it was creation who let me and my friends back here,” Vic began to explain.

“You’re the guy who rescued all those kids the other week,” Lucy said as her face lit up.

“That was you?” Renee asked

“Yeah that was me.  Also this is Nikki Tyler”.  Vic motioned to Nikki who was standing next to him.  “Over there dressed as Xena is Christy Carlton”.  Vic pointed to Christy and she smiled and Lucy looked at her and her eyes went wide open

“Wow she is rather healthy,” Lucy commented as she adjusted her top.

Vic smirked and continued the introductions.  “Next her dressed as Gabrielle is Erica Burstyn,” Vic pointed to Erica.  Erica smiled and Lucy elbowed Renee slightly

“Oh yeah yours are getting there,” Lucy joked.

“And last but not least is Jenna Jenkins dressed as Callisto,” Vic pointed Jenna.  Jenna looked over to Lucy and Renee and smiled.

“Wow ladies you definitely fill out those costumes,” Lucy commented.

“They look great,” Renee added.  “And if Joxer looked that good I am sure it would have been hard for Gabby to resist”.

“If Joxer looked that good Gabby wouldn’t had a chance Joxer would have been with Xena,” Lucy joked.  Vic actually started to blush.  Lucy noticed his color change and moved closer and said and look he is starting to blush”.

“Hey I am standing right here you know,” Ted exclaimed.

“Yeah we know Ted,” Lucy said in a joking manner and a smile.  Everyone started to laugh.

The next several minutes everyone was just talking and getting to know each other and it seemed like they had been around each other for some time.  It just felt so easy.  Vic took a second to just look around and enjoy the moment.

“Hey what are you thinking about?” asked Nikki as she looked at Vic who had a smile on his face and seemed a hundred miles away.

“I am just basking in the moment,” Vic said with a smile.

Sharon Delaney broke up the group to get Lucy and Renee to start signing all the auctioned items.  Luckily Erica and Christy bought some of it.  Lucy signed the chakrams and sword.  Ted did sign the helmet and sword for Vic as well.

Before they knew it was almost seven.  The costume contest was over.  Nikki realized what time it was and let Vic know that she had to find her friends.  Vic smiled and they agreed to meet out front in a half hour.  Nikki gave Vic a quick kiss on the check and left.  Vic found himself watching her walk away.

“Hey killer she is a find,” Claire said as she moved over to Vic and placed a hand on his armored shoulder.

“Yeah and she likes me that is odd,” Vic said as he turned to face Claire as he smiled.

“Why wouldn’t she you are a good-looking guy.  You care about people, which is obvious by what you have done and you seem like a decent guy,” Claire said as she smiled back at Vic.

“I try but don’t let everyone know that,” Vic told Claire.  Claire just shook her head and continued to smile.

Everyone started to say their goodbyes and started to get going.  Vic made sure he got a hug from each of the women cause who knew if he would ever get a chance to do this again.  Erica did cling to Renee for a bit to long and Christy and Jenna had to get her to separate from Renee. Erica did better with everyone else though. 

As they finished and waved good-bye Jenna Christy and Vic started giving Erica shit about cling to Renee.

“I thought we were going to need the Jaws of Life to separate you from Renee,” Christy said as she smiled.

"I was ready to break out the hose and spray you down," Jenna remarked as she began to laugh.

"It was pretty bad.  You know she is pregnant.  You were probably crushing the kid," Vic joked.

"You all suck," Erica, said in her mock angered tone.  Which only made everyone laugh.

As they reached the front of the Convention Center Nikki was standing there talking with her friends.  They seemed to be having an animated discussion.  Vic looked concerned with the volume but was quickly relieved as he noticed Nikki Jasmine and Victoria were smiling and laughing.

"Looks like some one won the costume contest," Christy said as she pointed to the trophy Jasmine was holding.

"Cool, at least it is some one that looks as good as we do," Erica said sounding a little relieved.

"It would have sucked if it was a really bad costume that won," Jenna added. 

Vic nodded to his friends as they discussed the contest. Vic moved up behind Nikki and placed his arms around Nikki.  Nikki turned her head as she felt the arms encompass her.  She smiled and let herself melt into Vic's arms.

"Hey Vic look what I won," Jasmine said as she held up the trophy.

"That is great," Vic replied.

"I also got five hundred dollars also for winning," Jasmine added.

"I got two fifty for second," Victoria said sounding less enthused then Jasmine.

"It two fifty that you didn't have before," Vic told her.

"Yeah I guess," Victoria smiled.

Christy Jenna and Erica looked on and Jasmine handed the trophy over to Erica to take a look.  It was a basic trophy with a gold plated guy holding up a wreath.  On the bottom was the plate that read: 'Pasadena 2001 Best Female Adult Costume'.

"Not bad it looks real good," Erica said as she passed the trophy around.  Everyone took a minute to look at it.

"Well it is getting late and I am getting hungry so here is a suggestion.  I walk Nikki Jasmine and Victoria to their car.  Jenna Erica and Christy head back to the hotel and I will meet you there.  Then we can plan our night from there," Vic suggested.

"Christy shook her head and looked at Nikki and then at Vic.  Vic had his normal I am oblivious to what is happening in front of my own face look.  "Here is a better plan, we will walk back to the hotel," Christy said as she pointed to herself Jenna and Erica.  "Then you take Nikki Jasmine and Victoria back to their car and we will see you tomorrow," Christy finished.  Nikki squeezed Vic as Christy finished talking.  Vic just looked confused.

"I thought we could all go out to dinner?" Vic questioned.

"Nikki can I take Vic over there for a second?" Christy asked as she pointed to a spot about thirty feet away.  Nikki nodded and smiled and released Vic.  Christy moved over to him and dragged him over to where she had pointed.

"Whoa what is up with the dragging here," Vic asked as he was finally standing still.

"Do you realize that you are dressed like Joxer?" Christy looked at Vic sternly waiting for a response.

"Yeah," Vic replied meekly and slightly confused.

"The rest of us are also dressed in costumes and we would all like to get out of them and shower and relax a bit.  Now that could take a couple of hours.  Are you following me?" Christy explained

"I guess," Vic answered.

Christy just shook her head and rolled her eyes.  "Just go home with Nikki.  We will see you in the morning," Christy said as she sound almost exhausted.

"Okay," Vic said in a low voice as he looked at Christy.  "I guess I can be real stupid at times," Vic added as he smiled.

"You sure can but your heart is in the right place," Christy smiled and put her arm around Vic as they walked back to the group.

"What was all that about?" Erica asked.

"Christy was smacking some sense into Vic," Jenna said as she looked over to Nikki.  Nikki looked over at Jenna and they shared a smile.

"I don't get it," Erica confessed.

"You'll get it as soon as we get back to the room," Jenna replied.  Nikki Jasmine and Victoria laughed and Erica was even more confused.

As Christy and Vic made it back Christy looked about and said, "Okay lets get going".

Just as if they all broke from a huddle in football the group split.  Erica Jenna and Christy heading back towards the hotel. Vic Nikki Jasmine and Victoria heading towards the parking garage behind the Convention Center.

As Christy unlocked the door to the hotel room she pulled the do not disturb sign off the doorknob.  Walking into the living room area Christy saw that the bed was put away and Hudson was sitting facing the door with her eyes closed.   Christy smiled as she saw Hudson open her eyes and look at her.  Erica quickly pushed past Christy who stopped moving into the room. 

Jenna moved in and headed to her bedroom.  Erica had made her way to the bathroom.  Hudson stood up and moved towards Christy.  Christy moved towards Hudson and met her halfway across the room.

"I have missed you," Christy said as wrapped her arms around Hudson and held her tight.

"I have missed you too," Hudson said softly as she returned the embrace.

"How about you help get out of this," Christy said coyly into Hudson's ear.

Hudson looked at Christy and smiled a wicked grin and said, "Well lets see what we can do".  Hudson and Christy headed towards Christy's bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Erica came out of the bathroom and looked about the room living room area and no one was around.  "Where did everyone go?" Erica said more to herself then anyone else.  Jenna stepped out of their bedroom and motioned for Erica to come over.  Erica looked over at Jenna and walked over to her.  As Erica got into reach of Jenna, Jenna reached out and grabbed her and dragged her into the bedroom.

Erica quickly was in the bedroom and Jenna closed the door.  Jenna looked at Erica with a crazed look in her eyes.  A shot of fear followed by excitement over came Erica.  Jenna quickly was on Erica before she could even think of moving.  The next thing Erica realized was she was laying on her back and Jenna was quickly tying her down to the bed.  Erica was helpless as Jenna sat across her stomach then rolled to her left leg and tied it to the bed.  Erica was about to flail about to break free but Jenna was too quick.  Jenna grabbed Erica's right leg and quickly tied it to the bed.  Erica was stretched across the bed looking up at Jenna who was admiring her handy work.

"Look what we got here poor little Gabby bound and helpless," Jenna said in a slow and unnerving tone.  Erica realized that Jenna was playing out a Gabby Callisto fantasy.  Erica's body tingled uncontrollably as she was anticipating the next move.

"Oh you have these cute little stick pins," Jenna said doing her best Callisto imitation.  Jenna pulled the Sais from Erica's legs and held them and looked at them.   "Lets see what I can do with theses".  Jenna looked at Erica and dropped one Sai and ran the point of across Erica's chest.  Erica jerked at the touch of the point to her flesh.  Jenna Laughed and kept the point pressing against her and dragged across her exposed flesh.

Jenna then climbed on the bed and poised her body over Erica and placed her face just above Erica's.  Jenna's left hand was on the bed holding her up as both legs straddled Erica's body.  "Well I don't think your precious Xena is going to save you this time," Jenna whispered looking right into Erica's eyes as the blade ran down Erica's cheek.  Erica was quaking and could not speak.  "Ahhh can't speak.  You poor little girl, well that’s okay cause I don't want to hear talk.  I want to hear you scream," Jenna said as she ran her tongue across Erica's lips then dragged her tongue lightly down the center of Erica's body.

Jenna worked her way down Erica.  Erica squirmed as Jenna moved further down.  Then as Jenna reached Erica's stomach she stopped.  Erica looked at Jenna trying to figure out what she was going to do next.  Jenna smiled wickedly and ran the Sai down the same path her tongue had just traveled.  Erica tilted her head back as she was enjoying what she was feeling.

Suddenly there was a new sensation and it was even more intense and Erica arched her back and screamed.

As the door closed to Christy's room Hudson helped Christy remove the breastplate.  Then the armbands kneepad and boots came off.  Christy looked relieved to be getting out of all the armor.  "I think you need a good rub down," Hudson said in a low tone as she looked at Christy.

"I sure could," Christy agreed as she started to unzip the last bit of the costume.  Hudson grabbed her bag and got out some oils that she brought and then headed to the bathroom and grabbed some towels.  By the time she got back Christy was stepping out of the leather costume.  Hudson put the towel s across the end of the bed.

"Okay lie down on the towels," Hudson ordered.  Christy smiled and quickly placed herself on the towels with her bare bottom facing the ceiling.  Hudson removed her clothes as Christy watched.  Christy loved the sleekness of Hudson's body.

Hudson applied some oil to the small Of Christy's back and started rubbing it in slowly at first then with a little more force to work the muscles and rub the oil into the skin.  Hudson worked up from the small of the back to the shoulders occasionally adding more oil.  Christy felt the warm touch of Hudson and the power of her hands, as they seemed to wash away the tension and fatigue she was feeling.

Hudson then straddled Christy and used the leverage she had gained to work the shoulders and the area between Christy's shoulder blades.  Christy felt Hudson now sitting across the small of her back and Hudson's feet resting up against Christy's thighs.  Christy felt herself drifting away as Hudson continued the massage.

Hudson applied some more oil to Christy's back and just slowly caressed it into Christy's skin.  Hudson covered Christy's entire back then she laid herself on top of Christy and gently stroked Christy's arms.  Hudson then lightly began to kiss Christy's neck all the time she kept lightly stroking Christy's arms.  Christy gently moaned.

A scream form Erica and Jenna's room interrupted the moment.  Christy quickly turned as if something was wrong.  Hudson was partially tossed off her and onto the bed as she reached out for Christy.  "It's all right.  I think we can top that though," Hudson said as she moved herself closer to Christy and gave her a long and passionate kiss.

As they broke the kiss Christy looked at Hudson and whispered, "If we can't we will sure have fun trying".

Several hours later Vic is lying in a large bed looking up at the ceiling.  Vic left arm is holding Nikki close to him as Nikki has her head resting on his chest and her left hand is aimlessly drawing circles on it.  Vic breaks the silence by saying, "I can't believe you made me keep the armor on while we had sex".

Nikki looked up at him with an evil grin. "Yeah tell me you didn't love it," Nikki asked.

"That’s not the point.  I just can't believe I did that," Vic added as he hugged Nikki closer to him.  "I have to admit at first I was scared to be with you.  Who you are does affect people.  I just said to myself that you are just a living-breathing woman who has feelings and reacts like everyone else when touched and caressed and kissed," Vic said as he looked into Nikki's eyes.

Nikki crawled up on top of Vic and kissed him.  "You make me feel special.  They way you hold me and touch me.  It is different then any other man that I have been with," Nikki whispered in Vic's ear.

"Well I do live with three women it has to affect me some how," Vic whispered back in a joking tone.  Nikki laughed and kissed him again.

Nikki broke the kiss and looked into Vic's eyes and smiled and said in mischievous tone, "Looks like some hasn't had enough".  Vic laughed and drew Nikki back to him and continued to kiss her.