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Special agent Renee Muir is racing about hr apartment trying to get dressed and ready for the evening.  It was her annual get dressed and go celebrate the New Year with her family.  It was the one evening each year Renee dreaded but looked forward to.  The evening would start fine seeing her sister and some other relatives, and then it would be the same conversation with her mother.  When is she going to find a guy and settle down?  When are they going to change your job so you aren't chasing ghosts?  It is extremely frustrating but her mom means well.  She also knows her mom only wants the best for her little girl.  Which was another thing that gave Renee fits cause she wasn't a little girl anymore.  Renee then took a deep breath and continued dressing instead of mentally beating herself about what she expects of her mom.

Just as Renee was about finished the phone rang and Renee looked at it debating if she should even answer it.  It could be her parents asking her to pick something up or it could be the office or even worse it could Be Ted wanting to talk and wish her a Happy New Year.  After several rings curiosity got the better of her so she picked up the phone.  "Hello"

"Muir its Ryan.  I got a question for you about the Ares Cult".

"Ryan it's Sunday.  Not to mention it is New Years Eve.  Take the night off.  Don't you have some where to be?"  Renee said in a questioning tone that bordered on aggravated.

"No I don't have any plans so I was going over some paper work that was bugging me".

"Ryan don't do this it is the holiday weekend I am going to my parents place and I am going to eat and see my relatives and be miserable all night and I am not going to think about any cases".

"Well it is just a quick question".

"No it can wait till Tuesday.  I thought you said the other day that you were going to a party?  I thought you had something planned?"

"No I was planning on doing something but everything fell through.  So if you could just answer this quick question".

"No I am not answering any questions about work," Renee told Ryan in a firm voice.  Renee then continued, " So here is a better idea.  How about you get dressed and I will pick you up in an hour and I take you to my parents so you can suffer along with me at my parents New Years Eve party.  If you're good maybe I will answer your question but don't count on it okay?"

"Sounds fair enough.  I'll be waiting then," Ryan replied in a tone of surrender.

Renee finished getting everything together and called her parents and let them know that she was bringing a friend with her tonight.  Her parents were happy until they found out it was her partner and not a potential husband who could bring them grandchildren.  Renee just ignored her parents and finished talking to them then hung up the phone.   Renee then looked at the clock in her living room and realized she had been on the phone for nearly forty minutes.  Renee grabbed her coat and purse and headed out of her apartment.

In Lucy Ryan's apartment she is busy getting herself together.  Lucy had just finished showering and brushing out her hair.  She picked out that was dressy yet casual.  As Lucy finished dressing she looked at the clock by her bed and saw that Renee should be knocking on her door any second.  Lucy walked out of her bedroom and went to the living room and shut down her laptop that she was working on earlier.

As the computer shut down there was a light knock on the door Lucy could tell it was Renee just by the unobtrusive knock.  Lucy moved towards the door and asked, "Who is it?"

"Ryan it me are you ready?" asked Renee from the other side of the door.

The sound of a dead bolt releasing was heard and Lucy opened the door.  Renee stood there in a stunning Navy Blue pantsuit with a rather revealing top.  Lucy looked at her and smiled.  "Come on in for a minute".

"Muir when are you going to furnish this place?  You barely have any furniture.  How can you call this home?" asked Renee as she walked into Lucy's apartment and looked about the sparse surroundings.

"It is just a place to regroup between assignments.  I am not ready to have a home yet," answered Lucy as she grabbed her keys and turned on the answering machine.  "Well lets go," Lucy said as she looked at Renee.

Renee looked back at Lucy and shook her head, "lets go".  Renee turned and headed to the door and opened it and walked out in to the hall.

"What?  What did I do now?" asked Lucy as she followed Renee.  Lucy locked the door and kept walking towards Renee as she got on the elevator.  Lucy got on the elevator just after Renee and pressed the lobby button.  "So what can I expect at your parents party tonight?" asked Lucy.

Renee looked up at Lucy and replied, "Well, my sister will be there and several relatives and their kids.  It will be fairly calm with a couple of exceptions".

"What will be the exceptions?" Lucy asked as the elevator stopped and the door opened to the lobby.  Renee walked out into the lobby and Lucy followed.

"Well the exceptions will be if my uncle Phil has a few to many before midnight.  Also when my parents corner me and start badgering me about my life.  Then there will be the kids which are always an unknown factor".

"Yeah those are some exceptions.  I think I'm going to stay home then," Lucy turned back to the elevator.

Renee quickly grabbed Lucy and said, "No you don't.  I already told my parents that you were coming and I am not going alone.  So lets get to my car and get moving".  Renee and Lucy walked out of the building and got into Renee's car and they were off.

After about a forty minute drive to a Maryland suburb of DC Renee parked the car across from her parent's house.  Renee looked at the house and saw all the Christmas lights brightening up the house.  She also saw the large tree that stood in the large picture window of the living room.  The tree was decorated and the lights were flashing and seeing this made Renee smile.  Lucy looked at the house and then to Renee.  "Are we going to sit here all night or are we going to go in?" asked Lucy.

Renee seemed to snap out of her momentary lapse from staring at the lights.  "Oh, we are going in.  Sorry I was just admiring the lights while I had the chance".  Renee opened her door and stepped out of her car and grabbed her purse.  Lucy smiled and got out of the car and closed her door.  Renee locked the doors and activated the alarm system and head across the street to the walkway to the front door of her parent's house.

Standing at the front door Renee hesitated and took a deep breath and looked at the door.  "You okay?" asked Lucy as she looked at her friend who seemed very nervous to go inside the house.

Renee turned to Lucy and smiled slightly.  "Yeah I am fine.  Just trying to prepare myself for my parents.  This happens every year," Renee explained.

"I understand," Lucy said trying to sound sympathetic.  "Take as much time as you need.  I am sure no one noticed us walking up to the front of the house," added in a sarcastic tone.

Renee smile turned into a dirty look as Lucy's face turned to a big grin.  "You have to be a smart ass don't you".

"Yeah it helps to pass the time and bridge awkward situations," replied Lucy in a smug tone.  Renee shook her head and opened the door.  Both Renee and Lucy walked into the house and they were greeted with rounds of hellos and cheers and various noises.

"Wow look who finally got here It' Stan and Judy's kid and she brought a date," bellowed a rather large man who then took a long drink.

Renee was cringing then looked up at Lucy and said, "That's uncle Phil and he already had a few to many".

"It's a party.  He is having a good time relax he has done anything that bad," Lucy said as she tried to get Renee to calm down. 

Renee took Lucy around the room and introduced her to everyone.  She finally got around to uncle Phil who was refreshing his drink.  Uncle Phil noticed Renee and gripped her in a bear hug.  Renee seemed to get lost in her uncles arms since her uncle was six foot seven and weighed about three hundred and fifty pounds.  Renee's uncle eventually put her down and Renee was able to breath again.

"Well my favorite niece finally has graced us with her presence.  Where is your date?" uncle Phil said as he was looking about.

"Uncle Phil I don't have a date tonight.  I am here with my partner Lucy Ryan".

"Oh sorry I thought you were here with some long haired freak.  Thank god, your parents would have freaked if you were dating some long haired guy," replied uncle Phil in a loud tone that carried above all the noise in the room.  Lucy held out her hand and uncle Phil turned to her and smiled a big grin and lightly shook her hand.  Lucy was a little amazed that he was able to lightly grasp her hand and shake it since he was slightly inebriated and his hands were huge.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Ryan," Uncle Phil said.

"It is nice to meet you sir", replied Lucy

Renee then got her uncle's attention and they started talking to him.  Lucy watched Renee steer the conversation with her uncle and quieted him down.  It seems that she had done this before.  Lucy smiled cause she had seen Renee do this many times before as she talked to many witnesses to supernatural events.  Lucy wasn't sure if it was the tone of her voice or innocent look in her eyes.  Whatever the reason it worked and Lucy was glad she possessed such an ability.

The time went by and Renee had been cornered by her parents a couple of times.  Lucy also noticed Renee having a few drinks.  Lucy also saw that Renee was getting louder and seemed to become freer and not as uptight.  Lucy mingled among Renee's family answering questions about her job and how she liked working with Renee.

Just before midnight Lucy helped Renee's parents pour several bottles of champagne so everyone would have a glass to toast the New Year.  While the glasses were being handed out Renee snuck up behind Lucy.  Lucy turned around and shocked to see Renee so close.

"Hey I just wanted to be with when the ball drops," Renee slurred slightly.

"Okay, here is a glass of champagne," Lucy said as smiled and handed the glass of champagne to Renee.  They moved closer to the large TV in the living room.  Noisemakers and confetti was being passed out to everyone.  The clock on the TV read that there was thirty seconds to the New Year.  As they found their place the final count down started.  Everyone was counting down.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" and the crowd went crazy the noisemakers were going and the confetti was flying.

While the house was in total chaos with noisemakers and screams and people hugging each other, Lucy and Renee seemed to be in their own little world.  "Well Muir welcome to the New Year.  May all your dreams come true," Lucy said as she held up her glass as she made her toast. 

Renee smiled and held her glass to Lucy's and replied, "May everything you dream of come true Ryan".  They smiled and drank their champagne as confetti fell all over them.  There moment was abruptly interrupted as Renee's parents moved in to hug their daughter followed by Renee's sister and several other relatives. At about one in the morning things settled down and people were starting to leave.

Renee took this as her opportunity to leave also.  Renee managed to say goodbye to everyone and it only took about fifteen minutes.  She grabbed a bottle of champagne and handed her keys over to Lucy.  "You have to drive, I am a little to drunk to drive," slurred Renee as she smiled at Lucy.

"Are you sure you need that bottle?" asked Lucy as she pointed to the unopened champagne bottle.

"Of course I need this.  It is my payment for the torment my parents put me through tonight," Renee managed to say clearly.  Lucy smiled as she ushered Renee towards the door.  They both waved goodbye to everyone that was left at the party and stepped out into the night air.

The car ride to Renee's apartment building and walked her into the building.  As they made it to Renee's place, Renee opened unlocked the door.  She stepped in and motioned for Lucy to come in.  Renee headed into the kitchen area and opened the bottle of champagne.  "You got to have some of this with me".  Renee got out two champagne glasses from her cupboard.  Renee managed to pour two glasses as Lucy walked over to her.

"You know we never really talk".

"We talk all the time," replied Lucy trying to avoid where this conversation was going.

"No I mean we never really talk about us," Renee had her hands going as she tried to explain what she was thinking.  Lucy was just looking at her as she picked up her glass of champagne.  "You know we never talk about how we feel whatever is happening in our lives outside of work".

Lucy looked at Renee who looked a little frustrated trying to express herself.  "Well most of my life is the job.  The only part that isn't the job is the times I am reading working out or sleeping," Lucy explained.

"Don't you do anything?  Have you seen anyone?  No ones life can be that bad," Renee said as she took a sip of the champagne.  Then she took a bigger swig followed by finishing the glass.

"Well, no I am not seeing anyone at the moment and I haven't for sometime.  I just don't have the time right now for a relationship," Lucy tried to explain.

"Well I have been on several dates but none of them had panned out".  Renee looked depressed and poured herself another glass of champagne.  "None of them seemed to be right for me.  Do you know what I mean?" asked Renee.

"Yeah I know what you mean.  It is not easy to find some one in our line of work".  Lucy finished her glass and Renee poured another for Lucy. 

They kept drinking and talking until Renee poured the last two glasses of champagne.  Renee looked up at Lucy and held the empty bottle upside down to show Lucy it was empty.  "Looks like we are all out".

"Yeah but that is okay it is late and you might want get some sleep," Lucy answered.

Renee looked back at Lucy and her eyes were glazed over and she started to giggle.  "Sleep, I'm not tired.  I can break open a bottle of wine and we can keep on talking," Renee slurred as she took a sip from her glass.

"No we don't need anymore wine.  You need to take two aspirin and drink some water and get some sleep," Lucy said as she moved around to stop Renee from getting another bottle of wine.  Renee just sat down on a stool and finished her champagne.  So Lucy got a glass of water and some aspirin for Renee.

"Here take these and drink this," Lucy said as she gave Renee the aspirin and the water.

Renee swallowed the aspirin and drank the water.  "Thanks for caring.  I guess I should get some sleep," Renee stood up and almost fell.  Lucy quickly caught her and set Renee upright again.  Renee laughed and smiled as she turned to face Lucy.  "Wow I can't even stand.  I guess I better lay down".  Renee headed to her bedroom.  Lucy followed right behind her just incase Renee decided to take a nosedive to the floor again.

Once Renee reached her bedroom she started to disrobe.  Lucy looked on a little stunned as Renee's clothes dropped to the floor and Renee stepped into the bathroom connected to the bedroom.  Renee came out of the bathroom in a pair of shorts and a Calisto t-shirt.  Renee then stumbled to Lucy and tripped and flung her arms out and Lucy caught her.  Renee looked up and awkwardly smiled.  Lucy helped Renee up to her feet and guided her to her bed.

"Thanks again for catching me.  I guess I shouldn't have drank so much," slurred Renee as Lucy guided her to her bed.  Renee plopped down on the bed and Lucy sat down next her.  "I know it's late so you can sleep here".

"Thanks, I am getting tired".

Renee leaned into Lucy and spoke, "Did you ever want to do something so bad but were afraid of the consequences?"  Lucy looked at Renee a little confused at what she just said and could tell by the look of Renee's eyes she was not all together there.  Then suddenly Renee threw her arms around Lucy's neck.  Lucy tried to resist when Renee lips met Lucy's lips.  Lucy's eyes went wide open but she could not pull away she just relaxed and went along with the kiss.  She realized that she was starting to enjoy it.  The kiss was electrifying and breath taking all at the same time.  Then as quickly as it started it was over.  Renee's arms released their hold on Lucy and Renee fell backwards and she was out cold.

Lucy regained her composure and felt strange as she looked at Renee who was beginning to snore.  Lucy stood up and put picked up Renee's legs and put them on the bed and put the covers over her.  Lucy grabbed a pillow and a spare blanket and made her way over to the couch in the living room.  She placed the pillow on the couch and sat down and curled up and tried to sleep.

Sleep did not come easily for Lucy her whole world just got turned upside down with one kiss.  She had always dreamed that it would but never expected it to happen like this.  Looking back on it now she knew now that there was some chemistry between them but she never expected this.  Lucy always felt they would be friends no matter what happened but now where do they go from here.  Finally sleep did come but it was haunted by dreams of Renee.

Lucy woke up at about nine and walked over to the bedroom to see if Renee was awake.  Renee was spread across her bed tangled in the covers.  Lucy smiled and went to the bathroom to wash her face and see how bloodshot her eyes are.  After pulling her long black hair into a ponytail she splashed some cold water on her face.  Lucy looked into the mirror and saw her eyes were not to bad and she had some pillow marks on her face.  Lucy shook her head and splashed some more water on her face then turned off the water.  She grabbed a towel and dried off her face.

Lucy walked out of the bathroom and walked in to the kitchen area.  She opened the fridge and looked for seltzer water, cranberry juice and lemon juice.  Renee had the cranberry juice and lemon juice.  Lucy closed the fridge and picked up her coat and keys to Renee's car.  Lucy put on her coat and shoes and headed out of the apartment.  She locked the door and head down to the lobby and then to the car.

In the car Lucy drove to an Ukrops grocery store nearby.  Lucy knew the store would be open till noon.  Inside Lucy went to the beverage section and picked a two-liter bottle of seltzer water and another bottle of cranberry juice.  Lucy paid for the items and headed to the car and then back to the apartment.

Lucy walked into the apartment and into the kitchen.  She put the new bottle of cranberry juice in the fridge and took out the older bottle and the lemon juice.  Lucy then took out two glasses from the cupboard.  Lucy then filled one glass halfway with the seltzer and then poured in some cranberry juice then topped with some lemon juice.  She gently stirred the drink with a spoon she got from the drain board.  Lucy then picked up the drink and took a sip.  "That will kill the cotton mouth and get me going again," Lucy mumbled to herself.

Lucy took another long sip and she heard movement from Renee's bedroom.  Then she heard a crash and a string of curses being screamed Renee.  Then she heard Renee complain about her head.  Lucy quickly made another drink.  This time it was for Renee.

Lucy waited in the kitchen as she heard the toilet flush and Renee lumber out of her bedroom.  Renee immediately covers her eyes as she emerged from her bedroom.  The morning light was too much for her as she groaned and moved towards the kitchen.

As Renee neared Lucy held out the drink she made to Renee and said, "Here drink this it will take the bad taste out of your mouth and make you feel a little better".

Renee got to the counter and took the drink from Lucy.  "Thanks," Renee said as she was squinting and holding her head.  Renee took a sip and asked, "What is this?"

"It's a little something I learned to make in college to help get rid of the bad taste in your mouth.  It also helps with the hangover," Lucy answered as she watched Renee drink the concoction.

"What's in it I taste cranberry?" asked Renee.

"It is real simple cranberry juice, seltzer and some lemon juice.  Your mouth should be clearing up already,"

Renee with her eyes still closed took a second to check to see if her mouth was clear.  "Yeah you are right my mouth is clear and the bad taste is gone," moaned Renee.  "Now I just need some aspirin and some answers about last night," Renee asked as she groaned about the throbbing in her head. 

Lucy eyes once again went wide and was wondering what Renee wanted to know.  "What do you want to know?" asked Lucy tentively.

"Well I remember leaving my parents and I remember getting her.  I also remember opening a bottle of champagne and drinking it".  Lucy held up the empty bottle as Renee looked over at her.  "After that I can not remember anything," Renee moaned as she tried to focus on Lucy as she waited for some answers.

Lucy took a moment then started to answer Renee, "Well we finished off the champagne and you wanted to drink another bottle of wine.  I put a stop to that and got you to drink some water and take some aspirin.  Then from there I walked you to your bedroom.  You changed into what you are wearing now and you went to your bed," Lucy paused to see if Renee remembered anything as she was telling Renee the events of the night.  Renee showed no sign that she remembered anything that Lucy was saying so Lucy continued, "Then as you sat on your bed you passed out.  I put you under the covers and I took a pillow and an extra blanket and slept on your couch".

Renee tried to remember any part of what happened and she couldn't.  "I can not believe I can not remember any of that.  That is real scary," Renee managed in a tired voice.  She finished the drink and Lucy gave her some aspirin, which she immediately swallowed.  "I am sorry I got so drunk that I couldn't get you home.  My parents were giving me the business and I just had a few to take an edge of.  I guess I need to slow up on the amount.  I am not my uncle Phil.  I bet he is feeling fine and getting ready for college football," Renee took a deep breath and smiled.

"Don't worry about it.  I'll get home it is no hurry".  Lucy trying to change the subject so Renee doesn't dwell on last night asked, "Now about the Ares Cult".

"No! No questions about work.  I am sorry but Ii don't want to think about the job right now," Renee sternly proclaimed.  Lucy smiled and laughed slightly.  She looked at Renee and she had some feelings that started to stir up again.  Renee just smiled as she noticed Lucy looking at her.

Several weeks have gone by since the New Years Eve incident.  Lucy never got the answer to her Ares Cult question but that was put on the back burner since they were now on an assignment.  They were in some small town on route thirteen on the Virginia, Maryland Peninsula.  The case involved several people turning up dead with the two witnesses are claiming that ghosts had killed the victims.  Lucy and Renee had been investigating and doing research about the area for four days and they seemed no closer then the day they arrived.

"Ryan I can't seem to understand why you are still insisting there is some connection to all the victims.  We can not even prove that any of them knew any of the other victims," Muir argued.

"This is a small community they had to know each other in some capacity.  This isn't the type of area that would normally have a serial killer, which is what this is appearing to be if we cannot make a connection with all of these victims," Lucy shot back at Renee.

"So what are you suggesting we do now?"

"I am not sure but we have to find a connection so we can end this".

Lucy and Renee were at the police station looking over records to see if any of the victims had any relatives that may have had some connection.  They seemed to be reaching for straws when the sheriff had come into the room.

"Agents Ryan and Muir, I got a man you might want to question in the other room," the sheriff said in a low tone.

"Who is he?" asked Lucy as she stood up.

"His name is John Gershon.  We found him running out of a field he was cut up pretty bad had a lot of the same marks as the previous victims.  He is pretty scared and wants to confess about being involved in something called the Ares Cult".

Lucy's eye opened wide and Renee looked on intently as Lucy spoke, "He said Ares Cult?"

"Yeah that is what he said," answered the sheriff.

"Well we definitely want to talk to John Gershon then".  Lucy and Renee followed the sheriff to the other room.

As Lucy and Renee walked into the other room where John Gershon was being held they saw middle aged man who had several cuts about him.  They seemed just like the other victims except he was alive and he had his head attached still.  The other victims were all decapitated.  The man looked up and Lucy and Renee and looked relieved.

"I want to confess to being involved with the Ares Cult!  I help transport the drugs and money down route thirteen," cried out the man.  Renee looked at Lucy and Lucy returned the look and Renee knew she had to try to calm this guy down so they could get some answers.

"Okay so you were involved in the Cult," Renee said quietly and in a calm voice.  "You weren't forced to confess any of this were you?" Renee asked as she lightly put a hand on the man who began to cry into his hands as he sat in a chair.  "It's okay, just relax" Renee urged.

"It's not okay they are all dead cause they did not listen!  They all had a chance just like me," cried the John.

"What do you mean they all had a chance just like you?" asked Lucy from across the room.

The man looked up at Lucy trails of tears were streaked down his face along with dried blood.  He began to speak; "It caught me and beat me down marking like he was marked.  Then when I thought he was going to finish me he told me I could either confess our die like all the rest of my kind.  I could only imagine he meant the rest of the cult that was turning up dead missing their heads.  He also told me if I didn't confess I wouldn't be given another chance".

Lucy looked at Renee with that I think we might have found our straw to solve this whole case.  "Are you the last one left?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah I am the last one," John said in a low tone. 

"What did this person look like who threaten your life?" asked Lucy as she moved closer and took a seat near John Gershon.  Renee also sat done on the other side of him.  The sheriff stood back in shock to what he was hearing.

"Well he wasn't exactly a man," Gershon explained as Lucy looked on with a questioning look.  "He was, I guess you would call him a ghost.  He was dressed in a tuxedo but his head wasn't exactly attached to his body.  It looked like it had been severed off".

"Is there anything else you can tell us about the ghost?" asked Renee.

"Well I guess he was white.  The only way I could tell that was by his hair style," added John as he looked at Lucy and Renee with confusion in his eyes.  "Am I going to be safe now?" Jon asked in a pleading tone.

"If the ghost keeps his word you should be safe.  You will be kept here till the Federal Marshalls can come and pick you up," Lucy added as she stood up.  Renee also stood up and patted John on the shoulder.

"Sheriff he is all yours till the Marshalls can get here to transport him to a federal holding facility".

"Okay agent Ryan.  That sounds real crazy though about a ghost doing all the killings," the sheriff said as they walked out of the room.

"I feel pretty confident that may be the end of the killings.  Either Jon Gershon killed all those people out of guilt for his crimes or there is some ghost with its head cut off singling out members of the Ares cult," Lucy told the sheriff.

"You don't believe in ghost now do you sheriff?" asked Renee

"No I don't believe in ghosts agent Muir," answered the sheriff.

"I bet this guy is fairly new to the community say two maybe three years," Lucy commented.

"Yeah thatís about right he moved in with most of the other victims," the sheriff answered slowly as he saw where agent Ryan was going.

"So no one really knew any of them and now they are turning up dead in a series of mysterious deaths.  A few witnesses claim a ghost has done it.  When most likely it was John Gershon all along who flipped and killed everyone he was involved in the cult with," Lucy gave as the explanation.  Renee looked on calmly waiting for the sheriff to agree with Lucy.

"That makes a whole lot more sense then a ghost killing people," replied the sheriff

"It sure does," Lucy agreed.  "If you need us we will be here at the motel till the morning.  We will take care of the arrangements for John Gershon.  Just keep an eye on him".  The sheriff nodded and Lucy and Renee left the sheriffs office.

Back at the motel Renee call for the Federal Marshalls to pick up John Gershon and made several other calls checking in back the Bureau.  Lucy was accessing documentation on the Ares Cult arrest.  Lucy accessed a list of all that had died there that night.  After several minutes a list of names came across her screen.  After several minutes Lucy was able to find the name that may be the person she was looking for.  Antonio Maneates, a Long Island limo driver.  He was killed during the accident presumably at the moment he was decapitated.

"Muir I think we got something here," Lucy called out to Renee

"What do you have Ryan?" asked Renee as she walked over to Lucy and placed her hands on her shoulders and began massaging Lucy's shoulders.

Lucy felt a little tense at first but relaxed as Renee's had eased the tension in her shoulders.  Lucy's eyes began to close when she realized that she was enjoying Renee's touch a little too much.  Lucy cleared her throat and straightened herself in the chair a told Renee about Antonio Maneates.

"You really think he might be the ghost?" asked Renee as she took her hands away from Lucy's shoulders and moved around to face Lucy.

"Well he fits the description that John Gershon gave us.  He was wearing a tux at the time of his death and he was decapitated," Lucy responded as she missed the feel of Renee's hands on her shoulders.  I think we might want to schedule a little trip to Long Island.

Two days later outside the house of Vanessa Maneates agent Ryan and Muir knocked on the door.  A woman answered the door and Lucy introduced herself and partner, "I am special agent Lucy Ryan and this is special agent Renee Muir.  We are from the FBI and we would like to ask you a few questions if you are Vanessa Maneates".

"I am Vanessa.  Please come in," Mrs. Maneates ushered her guests in  "What do you want to ask me about?" asked Mrs. Maneates as she offered agent Ryan and Muir a seat in the living room.

"Well Mrs. Maneates we are here to ask you about your late husband," said Lucy

"What do you want to know?  I thought the government was not going to bother us especially after paying us off not to press charges and to keep quiet," responded Mrs. Maneates.

Lucy looked at Renee when she heard that the government paid her to be quiet about the accident.  "Well Mrs. Maneates we wanted to ask you if your husband try to contact you from beyond".  Lucy and Renee both saw Mrs. Maneates become visually shaken by the question.  "Is there a problem Mrs. Maneates?"

"No there is no problem," answered Mrs. Maneates.  There was a long pause then Mrs. Maneates said you might want to talk to my late husband mother.  She has claimed to have spoken to her son.  I hope she is not in trouble she really is a harmless old woman," Mrs. Maneates quietly said.

"Thank you Mrs. Maneates," Lucy said as she stood up.

After several minutes Lucy and Renee had the address to Antonio's mothers house.  They said good-bye and assured Mrs. Maneates that they were not going to arrest or harass Antonio's mother.  They left in their rental car and headed to the next destination.   They arrived at the door and knocked

The door opened slowly and Lucy and Renee saw an old woman glaring up at them, "What do you want?" the woman said in a thick Greek accent.

"We are special agents Lucy Ryan and Renee Muir from the FBI." Lucy said as they stood in front of the partially opened door.

"Yeah but what do you want?" the woman demanded.

"Are you Antonio Maneates mother?" asked Lucy as Renee stood and watched the woman.

"Yeah that is me, what can I do for you".

"Well we would like to ask you a few questions about your son," Lucy said in a calm low voice.

The woman looked at both women and opened the door and motioned for them to come in.  She led them to her living room and told them to have a seat and asked if they wanted anything to drink.  Renee and Lucy declined on the drink and the old woman sat down. 

Lucy looked around the place and it was decorated in the old world style and several items that dealt with Greek mythology and black magic.  Lucy broke the momentary silence by asking, "Mrs. Maneates have you had any communications with your son since he past".  Lucy waited for a backlash of screaming but it never came.

Mrs. Maneates calmly responded, "Yes, I have spoken to my son several times since his passing".

Lucy looked at Renee and then back to Mrs. Maneates.  Then she said, "I last talked to him the other night.  He told me he finished getting back at the men involved in his death".

Lucy looked stunned and asked, "He said he was done getting all the men involved in his death?"

"Yes when he died I was able to contact his spirit and bring him back to get his revenge on the ones who caused his death," said Mrs. Maneates. 

After about an hour of talking to Mrs. Maneates they found out that she performed some ritual that enabled her to capture the spirit before it could leave to its next destination.  It was Mrs. Maneates he demanded that her son to avenge his death and it appears he had done that and he moved on.  Lucy and Renee left and they were not sure if they could truly accept the explanation they were given or not.

Back in the Renee's hotel room she was getting ready to take a shower and call it a night.  The day was a little strange.  She can't believe they are still some how involved looking into the Ares Cult related cases.  Renee found herself thinking about Lucy.  It was strange as she stepped into the shower and all she could think about was Lucy.  Renee quickly showered and climbed into her bed. 

Renee picked up her journal and made her entry for the day trying to rationalize the events of the day.  Renee did not mention how she was now just thinking about Lucy.  Renee put the journal down and turned off the lights.  It wasn't long before Renee was asleep and dreaming of Lucy.

Several more weeks passed and both women were becoming more familiar with each other.  They both had invaded personal space with some touching that would be for a couple that was dating.  On this particular morning Lucy arrived at the office first.  Lucy picked up her coffee cup and went and got a cup of coffee.  When she returned to her desk Renee was still not in.  Lucy then checked her messages the first was from Renee who was stopping off at the armory to get her weapon inspected.  The next message was from Vic Carmece.  Lucy listened to the message and took note of the phone number and name.  Then she realized she seen that name before some where before.

Lucy immediately did a search in the FBI database.  The name turned up two locations.  One was a mention in the Ares Cult arrest and the second was his own file that was created for him.  Lucy checked the Ares Cult file for the mention of Vic Carmece.  She found it and was stunned to find that Antonio Maneates was his limo driver.  Then Lucy found that several agents who had been with the agency for many years noted in their findings that they saw a glow about Vic Carmece as he walked into view and stiffed armed the man.

 The personal file had several photos and other statistical data.  Then it went into the Ares cult incident and also contained an incident about a stalker that was on a killing rampage and eventually was killed herself in Vic Carmece's home on Long Island.

Now Vic Carmece was calling her about a problem and a friend of hers gave him her number.  Then Renee came into the office.  She looked upset as she dropped her laptop on her desk.  Renee took off her coat as Lucy watched her.  "What's wrong Muir?" Lucy asked as she looked up from her screen.

"Those idiots at the armory can't do anything right.  They take my weapon in and all they had to do was a quick inspection.  Instead they break the firing pin.  Don't ask me how they managed that.  Now they have to have me fill out three different forms about the weapon.  Then I have to fill out three more forms so they can issue me a replacement weapon.  Then on top of all that I have to fill more forms for the clips.  I can't believe any of has any weapons and I am even more surprised once I got mine I didn't use it on them," Renee ranted as she paced about the office.

Lucy was smiling and laughing slightly.  "Well I got some news for you".

"I can't handle anymore bad news right now," Renee protested.

"It's not bad.  It is more stunning then anything".

"Okay what is it".

"Well we might be heading up to Long Island to investigate some disturbances.   Except the disturbances are at a Victor Carmece's residence," Lucy said waiting for a reaction from Renee.

Renee looked at Lucy and said, "What's so stunning about that Ryan?"

"Well the stunning part is that Victor Carmece was the man who was responsible for allowing the FBI agents to make the arrest of the Ares Cult.  He was the man he the agents on the scene said was glowing," Lucy added and saw Renee's look turn to shock.

"Are we ever going to escape this Ares Cult crap.  It is getting a little old," Renee said in a defeated tone.

"It doesn't seem like we will ever be through with it," answered Lucy.  "I have to give him a call to confirm what is going on there to make sure if we need to head over there".  Lucy picked up the phone and dialed the number she had written done earlier.  Lucy introduced herself and listened to Vic's story and was interested in what was happening.  Then she started talking to Ted who was the friend who gave Vic the number. 

"Okay Ted keep everything together.  Don't let anyone leave.  We got to get a few things done here" Lucy said.  "Yes Ted I will grab Muir and get down there as quick as I can.  Okay goodbye Ted we will talk to you shortly," Lucy hung up the phone.

"What is going on with Ted?" asked Renee as she finally sat down in her chair.

"Well Ted has got some hot readings on some ghosts and one of Victor Carmece's roommates apparently is being partially possessed and trying to kill Victor".

"You got to be kidding me right?"

"No I am afraid not and Ted was a witness to one of the attacks.  So I think we might want to check this out and I think we might want to bring Hudson with us," Lucy said.

"It's bad enough we have to see Ted but now you want Hudson to come along with us," complained Renee.

"Yeah I think we might need her for this one," Lucy replied.



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