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I was pulled into a meeting with my editor and she tells me I am doing some interview with some local Record company execs that started a new record label.  I look at her with this confused look cause what label execs would want to talk to us.  We are just a local Music rag that covers the local scene and occasionally we get to interview a group that plays at Jones beach or the Brookhaven Amphitheater.  Then she told me the name of the label Roomies Records.  I heard something about them the label and how they were trying to get women rockers heard.       Then my editor explained to me that I was spending a weekend with them.  Then I was thinking cool I am going to the Hamptons to hang with the rich and the beautiful.  I was wrong I found out I was going to spend the weekend in Sayville.  Thatís right Sayville a small suburban upper middle class town not the hotbed for the music scene.  I couldn't figure out why anyone would start a record business in Sayville.  It made no sense.  I was soon to find out that these execs don't mind not making sense only getting the music heard.

So I went home, got my things together and drove over to Roomies Records office.  Which was located in a quiet neighborhood, the office itself was a converted two story ranch.  I walked into the front office area and was surprised to see that it was fairly formal yet had the look of most radio stations front offices.  There were pictures of groups and records hanging about.  The receptionist was attractive and quite efficient she immediately announced my arrival and as I waited I read some of the signatures and well wishes.  One that I found peculiar was one from Melissa Etheridge.  It was a platinum version of her Skin cd in a large framed layout with case displayed and a Picture of Melissa.  On her picture she wrote 'Vic Thanks for being there they will never forget Love and Best Wishes Melissa Etheridge".  I would have to ask about that one.  Well as I finished reading the picture and Jenna Jenkins came into the reception area and introduced herself to me.  I was amazed when I saw her and slightly taken back by her stunning looks long blonde hair and pleasant smile.  She then took me on a tour of the office.  The tour was just a walk through of the various rooms they had set up in the converted house.  They had an art department and web site development area as well as the servers to maintain the sites.  I was quite impressed with how they maximized the limited space that a two story ranch gave them.  The one thing is you could tell that they were a small label and almost like a family but they had cutting edge technology to support their operation.  I was wondering though were the studios were located. I had been through the entire house and had not seen anything that even resembled a studio.

Finally Jenna took me out the back of the office and through the back yard which had several places set up so you could relax and take a moment from what ever you were doing.  Then I noticed that we were heading to a building that looked almost as big as the house I had just came out of and behind that I saw another house which I can only assume was the main house.  Jenna waved in the general direction of the studio and told me that work was being done to add three more recording studios inside.  I was amazed by the looks of the building and by the fact that the construction crew seemed to be working and not wasting time.  I made a mental note to find out the name of the construction company just incase I need work done some day.  Well inside the building I found that they had one studio that was totally functional and the other two that I could see from walking by looked fairly similar.  The one that was operational was equipped with the latest in mixing and recording equipment.  It was the top of the line stuff.  Thatís when I was able to meet the rest of the labels execs.

I first saw Erica Burstyn.  She was operating the mixing board.  I was once again taken back by her stunning looks and captivating smile as she turned to see who had just entered the room.  Then I saw Christy Carlton.  She was playing her guitar in the booth.  Her dark brown hair flowed about her head as she played her guitar.  Then in the back was the only male exec. Vic Carmece.  He was watching Christy play as he was rhythmically playing the drums.  Eve though I was a good distance from Vic I could see that there was this look in his eyes that made you think he was a little crazy.  Either that or he was just a big child.

Erica pressed an intercom button and interrupted the jam session and told Christy and Vic that I had arrived.  Christy and Vic then came into the room and I was introduced to everyone.   We talked for several minutes about the article and how we wanted to proceed with the interview.  That took only a few minutes and it seemed like the weekend would be a straight forward weekend and I would get my interview to submit to my paper.

So we decided to head into the main house and start the interview there.  Jenna ordered some pizza and Erica put on some music.  So after the pizza was delivered and everyone had settled into a seat I started the interview:

Sounds:  Let's start this off real simple.  Where did the name for the label come from?

Erica:  Well it was real simple we have been room mates for years so it just seemed to fit, you know Roomies Records.

Sounds:  Okay so that was the easy question.  Now why did you decide to start record label here on Long Island?

Christy:  We have our own little band and we play out in the clubs here on Long Island and we noticed a lot of bands out there with a lot of talent.  Unfortunately it is really hard to get signed to a label.  So we decided to make that a little simpler for them.

Jenna:   Yeah we wanted to get the music out to the people.  So we have made some connections over the past few years and we do have the financial backing of our own and we were able to get associated with a larger label so they help keep us afloat for starters.  Plus we had nothing better to do so we thought we would give it a whirl.

Sounds:  Giving it a whirl?  I hope you have given it a little more thought then that?

Jenna:  Not really.  (Everyone starts to laugh except Vic who seems a little preoccupied with his slice of pizza)

Sounds:  Well I hope it turns out for you.  Vic you seem pretty quiet over there.  Do you have anything to add on why you started a record label?

Vic:  (Vic looks up from his slice and looks surprised then stammers a bit) Well basically we needed the money.  It takes a lot of money to keep them (Vic points to Jenna Erica and Christy) dressed in those fine clothes.  (Vic then gets smacked on the arm by Christy)

Christy:  Don't listen to that ass.

Sounds:  Somehow I did not think he was serious.  So basically it seems that Vic won't help out with this interview.  (Everyone laughs) Okay so now you have a label where did you start looking for talent to sign?

Erica:  That was the easy part we new a lot of bands that we have met and there is always some one playing every night so we just went out and talked to them.  So currently we have six different groups signed.

Jenna:  Yeah and as far as sound goes there isn't one particular sound that we are looking for but we do want to promote women that rock.  Yet we are not limiting ourselves to signing girl groups exclusively.  We do have two all male bands signed to the label.

Christy:  That is right so if you are local with a good sound you will be considered.  One of our scouts might have been out there to see you play already.

Erica:  The really cool thing is that we have so many different sounds coming from the studio that it never gets old.

Sounds:  Well it sounds like you are pretty busy here and with the construction it appears that you are doing okay.  Since you are a fairly new label who is paying for all this that is going on?

Jenna:  That is a pretty straight forward question why don't you ask to see the books.  Maybe you should talk to the accountants. (Jenna glared at me then smiled as she finished talking to show she was only joking with me)

Sounds:  Sorry I wasn't trying to be intrusive just wanted to know if the label is doing okay.  (I put my hands up in mock surrender at this point)

Jenna:  I know, just giving you a hard time.  We are actually doing well.  The bands are local and performing in clubs all around.  We do help them get booked into larger venues when we can.  We have one band that is starting to break in on the national scene.  They are getting to be a n opening act for one of the larger shows touring this winter

Christy:  Also we book time in the studio for the Hit Factory in the city as well as Island Records.  So we have had some unusual people coming through here.  The Hit Factory has been sending us more and more people wanting studio time but we did not have the time so we had to expand.  Hence the construction.

Erica:  Also we did not want to take away studio time from our artists.

Sounds:  So let's see you have six bands signed to your label and the studio is booking time for the Hit Factory and Island Records so it does sound like the label is doing quite well then.  So what roles do you all play in here for your label?

Erica:  Well I produce write and play studio musician at time.  I am also one of talent scouts.

Sounds: Looks like you wear many hats in the company.

Christy:  Well we all do actually.  I am also a producer and studio musician as well as being a talent scout.

Sounds:  Okay

Jenna:  I take care of day to day operations which include overseeing studio time booking as well accounting and personnel.

Sounds:  Is there anything left for Vic to do?

Vic:  There is more then enough.  I take care of the art department as well as the internet division.  So that takes up a good portion of my time. It takes time updating and creating websites.

Sounds:  Yeah I know what you mean our website seems like it is down more then it is up.  Well that is our problem.  So how long have you all known each other?

Erica:  Wow that is a tough one.  I have known Jenna since high school and we met Christy in college.

Christy:  Those were four crazy years.  I can't believe we actually graduated.

Jenna:  Yeah I know we were partying all the time and playing gigs all the time.

Erica:  Those were some fun times.

Sounds:  When did you meet Vic then?

Erica:  We met Vic shortly after college.  We were working in this adult shop that we eventually purchased.

Jenna:  Yeah I remembered that day.  (Jenna started to giggle and Christy and Erica started giggling also.  Vic looked at them and glared)

Sounds:  Sounds like a good and embarrassing story.

Erica:  It is definitely amusing to us.

Vic:  It really isn't that good.

Christy:  Let's let the readers decide.

Sounds:  Yeah let's let the readers decide if the story is amusing or not.  So who is going to tell it then?

Erica:  The first should really be told by Vic Then we will break in and add some comments along the way.

Sounds:  Well that sounds fair enough.  Well Vic lets here it

Vic:  (He sneered at his friends then began to tell the story) Well it happened back when I was stationed in Virginia when I was in the Navy.

Sounds:  You were in the Navy?  You do not look like the type that was in the service.

Vic:  Yeah I spent 7years in.  I met some good people but realized it wasn't for me, career wise I mean.  Well any way I was stationed in Virginia and one night a few of us were out drinking at this dive in Norfolk.  When one of the guys announced that there was a women's bar around the corner and thought we should go check it out.  Well we were feeling pretty good and there were no women in the bar we were at so going to a women's bar might be fun.  So we finish our beers and walk around the corner and into the bar.  The first thought that came to my mind was 'Wow women drink in dive bars just like guys cool'.

Jenna:  Yeah back then the bar did not look that good but it improved quite a bit over the years.

Sounds:  Okay

Vic:  Well that is when they hit us up for the ten dollar cover.  I knew it was a deterrent to get us to leave but they did not realize they were dealing with a group of drunken perverted sailors.  Well I am sure they knew we were sailors and we had been drinking.  Well we all paid the cover then ordered some beers.  I noticed an empty table that had a good view of the dance floor and a good view of the pool tables.  So I walked over and sat down.  The view was all that I was looking for.

Sounds:  What do you mean the view was what you were looking for?

Erica:  Yeah what do you mean by that you perv?

Vic: (rolled his eyes and took a deep breath) Have you been to a club and saw some guy or guys just feeling up some girl on the dance floor before?


Sounds:  Yeah it happens all the time here.

Vic:  Well the same thing was happening at the bar except it wasn't a guy and a girl it was two girls.  I did not get to see too much of that being in the Navy.  Let me rephrase that I did not get to see that live.

Erica:  (backhands Vic on the arm) you're still a perv (she says as she laughs).

Vic:  Yeah I know that is why you love me so much (Vic winks at her and nudges Erica).  Well I am watching the show with some of the guys and Bob gets up to play pool.  Let me tell you a little about Bob real quick, he is a short guy with the typical short guy complex.   Well Bob also hates to lose at anything and he has a temper when he drinks.  So right there we have a serious problem ready to uncork.  So now I am watching the dance floor and keeping an eye on Bob.  That is when I notice my two other friends are gone.  I quickly scan the room only to find them talking to two women.  Well at least what they think are women.  Even at my distance I could see the large ankles and protruding Adam's apple on each of them.  The real bad thing is that they were making moves on the women and were succeeding.  That is when I heard the commotion from the pool tables.

Jenna:  Bob bet our friend Stacy who is a pool shark ten bucks on a game of eight ball.  It wasn't much money but when Bob lost you thought he had just lost his life saving and he was mad. 

Erica:  He was accusing Stacy of cheating and threatened her with his pool stick. Yep that is when Cynthia and Nicole stepped in.  They are two female body builder friends of ours.  They are just a little bit bigger then Vic.

Sounds:  (I looked over at Vic and he shrugged) Wow those must be some impressive size women.

Christy:  They are big and extremely intimidating.  Cynthia was about to grab Bob and break him when Vic came out of no where and grabbed Bob.  Cynthia glared at Vic for interfering with her chance to pound some guy. 

Vic:  I saw the pool stick start to elevate and I knew there was trouble brewing.  As I quickly worked my way over to Bob I saw Cynthia and Nicole move forward.  That is when I knew Bob was dead unless I saved him and the only thing I could do with out causing a big fight was to put Bob in hammer lock with a choke hold from behind.  Cynthia glared at me and I assured her that I wasn't protecting her but trying to save my friend from an ass beating.  I forked over the ten bucks that Bob lost and started to usher Bob out the door.  I made eye contact with my other two buddies but they wanted to stay.  So I left them.

Sounds:  That doesn't sound embarrassing at all.

Christy:  That is because he did not talk to us only maybe saw us as he was saving his friend.

Jenna:  The funny stuff didn't happen till the following week.

Sounds:  What happened then?

Erica:  Well we were working in the adult shop.  That is when Vic came in.  Jenna recognized him right off.  So she let me and Christy know.  It was only night that Ginger wasn't there.  She was a big part of the clique back then may God rest her soul.  So I went over to him to ask if he need help in finding something.  He seemed a little flustered as I talked to him.

Vic:  Well up until then every place like that, that I have been to have had men working in the shop or really old women.   Not young gorgeous women.  So I was intimidated.

Christy:  We had him shaking in his shoes.  He gets all beat red and shuffles his feet.  It is so cute.

Erica:  We asked him if we could try on outfits for as we rubbed up against him. Then we dropped the hammer on him.

Sounds:  Really?  I can't wait to here this.  (Vic dropped his head as he waited for what the girls were going to say next)

Erica:  I moved in close and rubbed my hand on his thigh and whispered if he liked the same kind of girls that his friends.  I saw his eyes go wide and he looked at me.  Your buddies got really close with those girls the other night.  In fact they were making out with them in the back and they left with them.

Vic:  Okay for the record my buddies told me that they found out that they were guys before anything happened.

Christy:  So you still believe that to be true.

Vic:  It is one of the small things that I want to believe in.  I really don't want to think that my buddies are that stupid.

Christy:  Well I guess you got to believe what you need to believe in.

Erica:  At this point Vic looked horrified so I kept going, telling him, if you go that way I got some one who would like to meet you.  He likes it from behind but you got to give him a reach around.  We can talk about that in your article right?

Sounds:  Yeah we are a free paper so we don't have too many restrictions.  So Vic how did you like this treatment.

Vic:  Yeah I was shocked but managed to stay calm.  Then Jenna and Christy joined in and the torment lasted for ten more minutes before they told me they were in a band and told me to come and see them play.  I was told to leave Bob on the ship though.

Jenna:  We did not want to see Bob get his ass kicked because Cynthia still wanted to beat him.

Sounds:  Wow.  So from that point on you all have been pretty close then?

Erica:  Pretty much.  It took a little time to get close to Vic but now we are a real close knit group.

Jenna:  When you have been through as much as we have, you have to get close.  We all needed to rely on one another at some point.

Christy:  We might even be closer then some families out there.

Vic:  They are like the crazy little sisters you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy though.  (Vic was then elbowed slapped and glared at by his friends)

Sounds:  Well when I first walked in I notice the reception area and saw a odd display.  It was the Melissa Etheridge one.  Can you explain that for me?

Vic:  That one catches everyone's eye since she is a huge artist and all.  Well basically we met on a plane ride to Los Angeles just over a year ago.  She was flying home we were going on a vacation.  She actually recognized me.

Sounds:  She recognized you?

Vic:  Yeah I was in the papers a lot during that time.  I saved a lot of little children in the Caribbean.  So we talked and became friends.  She even played her in our studio one afternoon.

Erica:  She is quite an amazing person.

At that point I had realized it had gotten late.  So turned off the recorder and was shown to the guest room which was a nice room with a rather comfortable bed.  It was a pleasant surprise because every guest room I have ever stayed in before the bed sucked.  It was always one that was on the verge of being tossed but they decided to keep as the guest bed.

Well after waking in the morning and going through my morning ritual of taking care of some personal hygiene I made it to the kitchen.  I found Vic and Christy there enjoying breakfast.  Shortly Jenna and Erica did enter the room.  The amazing thing that I noticed was how beautiful all three women looked in the morning.

Well we sat there for a few talking about last night a bit then I was told about what was going to happen today.  There was a band coming in from noon to six this evening so I would get to see them work.  Also I found out that later that night that they had a gig to play.  That is when I found out about their band .Solar Angels.  That was a band I heard of.  A friend told me they were a real cool cover band that made for a good night out.  I had a whole new set of questions now to ask.

By eleven we were all sitting in the studio waiting for the band to show up.  I was able to get some questions in while Christy and Erica were doing some prep work on the board.

Sounds:  Okay so earlier I found out that you all are actually in a band called Solar Angles, are you using your label to promote the band?

Jenna:  No the label was not created to get our music heard but we will put our stuff out there but it will not be a high priority.

Erica:  Yeah we play to have fun.  The band itself is just a party band.  We play covers as well as some of our own written material.  Also we get a chance to see what venues are out there and how we can get our signed bands to play there.

Christy:  It is easy to get our band booked into venues cause of the material we do and that we are three women up front that look hot.  Basically the owners love seeing hot women singing cause it brings in the guys and they drink.  It is all a business so we do a little dealing

Sounds:  Dealing?

Erica:  Yeah we make deals to get our bands heard.  We give and take a bit.  Some places we take less in others we get more since we can bring in a good crowd but it really is about getting the music heard.

Sounds:  Okay I see what you're saying.  Well what exactly is the band that is coming in doing today?

Erica:  Actually today they are planning on playing there new album.  They finished piecing together their album and they wanted to come in and just play it song by song seeing if it works.

Christy:  Sometimes in the studio you can get one sound and you just can't recreate it playing live.  So they want to make sure it sounds the same live.

Sounds:  That is great I have been to too many concerts were the band doesn't sound like their cd and I am not talking about just rearranging a song cause they played way too many times in concert.  I mean they just can't make the guitars sound right because of all the over dubbing.

Erica:  Well that is what they want to avoid and something we don't ever want to do.  Polishing is always fine but when you put too much there you kill the band value when they play live.  That is were the money is.

The band showed up a few minutes early which is refreshing and they were all business.  They had a few people with them that helped quickly set up their equipment.  After twenty minutes they were playing.  Personally I was impressed with the band and their sound was good.  After each song they stopped and critiqued what they did and listened.  So by six that evening everyone was tired but a lot was done and it seemed both the band and the record company were both happy.

Well after the band was gone we all went back to the main house and relaxed.  I took the down time to get my notes together and type some stuff into my laptop.  I did manage to get something eat before we all headed to the bar where they were going to play that night.

The gig was at a local bar in Sayville.  It is a fairly new place and from what I understand Sayville really did not need another bar since it is already over loaded with places to drink.  Well as we arrived the parking lot is half full but it is only 10:00 pm.  The real crowd never shows up till after 11:00 pm anyway.  I watched as they loaded all their stuff into the bar from the rear.  By 11:00 they were all set to go.  I got to meet the sound guy, Paul Kensington.  He also works at Roomies Records.  I found out Paul also does the lights when there is enough room for a light set up.

Well when the band came out from the back I was incredibly surprised to see the Erica Christy and Jenna decked out in very provocative clothes.  Vic was just dressed in some casual clothes but he was hidden behind a drum kit.  They played some spirited sets.  The three girls did a great job of entertaining the crowd of mostly guys.  Erica did most of the singing but Jenna and Christy did a few songs themselves.

Well in the third set there was a show stopping moment.  Vic came out from behind the drum kit and took the mike from Erica.  The crowd got quiet as Vic started to talk, "I know you guys really don't want to see me up here but the girls get tired of singing and want a little break".  Christy was playing something underneath Vic's rant.  "I explained to them that I can't sing and no one wants to see me move.  Well they were insistent (Jenna yelled out hell yeah!).  You see what I mean.  Well I caved but I had one demand.   That was that I pick the song and that would be it or nothing.  Vic waited a moment then said well here it is"

From there Vic went into a classic Henry Rollins song called Liar.  Vic worked the song using his band mates as the woman in the song.  The guys ate it up.  I would have to say if Vic can't sing he picked a song that has nearly no singing in it at all but is very entertaining.  I knew I had to ask about that later.

After all the gear was packed away and Paul had left to get home, we were sitting in a corner of the bar having a few beers.  I started the interview again.

Sounds:  Well I have to say you sound great and work the crowd well.  You seem like your band could be a huge commercial hit.

Erica:  Maybe but we are enjoying ourselves doing what we are doing.  I can't imagine having to go on the road play almost every night.  I am just too spoiled.

Christy:  If we can get more of our bands out for the public to hear then we are doing what we want.

Jenna:  Just because we aren't playing the music that doesn't mean we aren't part of what is being done.  We put a little but of ourselves in every part of the process.  So it means a little more for us.

Vic:  It does, I never had a desire to be a rock star but I do enjoy the creative end of the business.

Erica:  Sometimes writing with some one that you don't know brings out some really cool stuff that you did not even think you would write.

Christy:  Yeah sometimes you work out something new by accident.  Also sometimes we can show them fundamentals that make things easier.  Some of these artists are self taught so we are teachers as well.

Vic:  Yeah except me.  I try to watch the drummers to see if I can pick up something new.  I am trying to learn as I go.  Jenna has helped me out tremendously.

Sounds:  Jenna has been teaching you to play the drums?

Vic:  Yeah I used to play the bass for the band before we changed over to what you see.  So I took over the drums and we renamed ourselves and this is what you got.

Erica:  We were going by the name 'Solan'.  Our sound was the same though.

Christy:  We were playing a gig when Vic's brother showed up.  Vic's brother rarely gets out since he has three kids that are four, two and one.  Well anyway he showed up for the show and in-between sets he mentioned that it would be cool if the three of the girls were out front and Vic was hidden in the back.

Jenna:  We kind of laughed at the idea but after several weeks we decided it might be a good idea.

Christy:  It took Vic about two months just to get a hang of the drums and another two to get him up to speed with the songs.

Erica:  Yeah Jenna was a bass natural though.  She was up to speed in a month and ready to learn new stuff and was experimenting all the time.

Vic:  Yeah but part of the problem was figuring out how I was supposed to set up the drums.  We were trying to teach me to play right handed when I am actually even more messed up.  I am a lefty with my feet and righty with my hands.  So after we figured that out, things started to get better but it still took some time.  I am still learning everyday.

Sounds:  Well it seems that everything is coming along fine.

Christy:  Then after we played our first gig we decided that we needed a new name since we have a new look.  Every time we changed the group dynamic we changed our name so this was another change so we needed a new name.

Jenna:  This was a lot harder then we thought.  The last name changes were fairly easy but we spent a few weeks deciding what we would call ourselves.

Erica:  We must have had at least fifty suggestions and ideas not one of them worked.  Actually they all sucked.

Vic:  Then my brother shows up with my nephews cause we were going to watch them for the afternoon while my brother and his wife get some shopping done.

Erica:  Yeah those kids are the cutest little guys you have ever seen.

Vic:  Well Carmine, the oldest of the three got into my cd collection and picked out a cd and handed it to me.  He then said four, play four.  So I did and it was Judas Priest and the song became the name of our band Solar Angles.

Christy:  Yeah it was funny but the name sounded right. 


Well the night came to an end. I helped load all the equipment into the van and we headed back to the house.  Even though it was nearly four in the morning I still had a few more questions but I waited till we were all back in the house before posing them to them.

Sounds:  Well I had a question that I have been meaning to ask since I heard Vic's rendition of 'Liar' earlier this evening.

Erica:  I was wondering when you would get to that.  We are always asked why we let him do that song especially when we play some alternative bars.

Sounds:  I bet that goes over real well in some of those bars.

Vic:  Yeah the first time we did the song was down in Norfolk.  We went down there to visit some friends and we booked a gig to have some fun.  So we were jamming and had the audience rocking.  So during the second set we were going to debut the new song.  I was a bit nervous.

Christy:  Nervous, you ready to run out of there before you had to do the song. (Christy began to laugh)

Vic:  Yeah thanks for your support. (Vic directed the comment to Christy).  Well Erica finished what ever song we were doing then she began to intro the new song.  I made my way from behind the drum kit and I felt like everyone was staring at me.  I wasn't sure I could go through with it. I did manage to do the song and boy did it bomb.

Jenna:  Bomb is an understatement.  I was waiting for some one to jump onstage and tackle Vic.

Erica:  We learned that before the song we need to ease the audience into the song so it goes over rather well now no matter where we play it.  Plus with the little theatrical stuff we added the song is rather entertaining.

Sounds:  Is there any other song that you do or did that has caused as many problems as 'Liar'?

Erica:  Lets see I would have to say when we used to do 'Touch Myself' that always starts a near riot.

Jenna:  It did not matter which type of club we played it at either.  So we don't do that song to often any more.

Christy: Yeah that is about the only other song that caused any problems.


We finally called it a night and I made my way to my room and slept in.  When I did manage to drag my but out of my room after shower I found everyone already awake some what busy.  I realized that it was early afternoon and I missed all of the morning.  I was curious to see how they spent a Sunday at home.


Sounds:  Well it is Sunday and how do you all usually spend your Sundays?

Erica:  Well on a typical Sunday we are usually busy taking care of the left over business from the week.

Christy:  We sit around and have an informal meeting I guess you would say.  We keep each other informed on what each of us has been working on and what has been done and what will be done in the near future.

Jenna:  We can't always bee there for everything that is going on but we do share what we have been doing.  Sometimes we just sit around joke about the week.  Other times we are looking over schedules making big decisions on the way we want to proceed.

Erica:  Quite a few big decisions have been made as we sat here drinking coffee and talking.  It is kind of nice to hang out in sweats and talk business.

Vic:  I don't want you to think we sit here and decide the fates of bands and the lives of people in a frivolous matter.  We do take each band serious and give them the utmost respect and treat them as if they were the most important band in the world.

Sounds:  Have you had to cut any bands from the label yet?

Erica:  Thankfully no and I hope we never have to.  That would be too tough.

Christy:  Our goal is to get them heard and get them a better deal with a bigger label.  I am sure we will have a few bands that will be with us for their entire careers but that is fine too.

Jenna:  Do you remember that one band we almost signed?

Vic:  That female punk band.

Jenna:  Yeah.  I remember going to meet them for a meeting with Erica.  We were going to offer them a deal.  It was mid afternoon or so and when we got to their place cause they wanted us to meet with them there.  So we get to the apartment and the lead singer opens the door she looks like she just dragged herself out of bed.  The guitarist is snorting coke off a small mirror and the drummer is shooting up in the corner.  I look at Erica and she looks back at me and we just bolted.

Erica:  If we would have signed them I would have been going crazy.  They would have been a band we would have had to drop.

Sounds:  Is that band still together?

Jenna:  Yeah they are still together but they have been banned from numerous clubs due to their habits.

Sounds:  That is pretty sad.  Well so what is planned for today?

Christy:  Well you did miss the meeting we have and the only thing left for the day is getting ready for Vic's brother and his wife and kids.

Erica:  Yep it is our Sunday to make dinner so they will be over at about four this afternoon.  This is in just a few hours from now so we have get everything going.


Well my weekend experience was quite enjoyable.  I was expecting to meet several people that were not very approachable and stiff.  I was surprised; they were genuine and down to earth.  They truly care about their jobs and the people they work with.  I have never met anyone in the record industry like them and I hope they make it.  I know this sounds like one big ass kissing fluff piece bought by a record label.  Well I have to tell you it isn't.  There is a lot of talent here on Long Island and Roomies Records is out there listening and trying to get the music out there heard.  I know I for one will be looking forward to hearing bands that have been signed by Roomies Records.  I know they will have a something for us to hear.


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