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The sun crept into the room and Vic fought the urge to get up.  He lay there for another hour listening to the workers on what was his roof and now is going to be his second floor.   The workers have been working on the new addition for sometime and should be done soon.  Vic finally got up and headed to the shower.  He took a quick shower and got out of the bathroom.  He headed to his room and dressed in khakis and a polo shirt.  He also put on some casual black shoes.  Vic then headed to the kitchen.

In the kitchen Christy was drinking a DR Pepper and Vic moved to the fridge and took the milk out.  Vic poured a tall glass as Christy began to talk to him, "The contractors are about to open up the ceiling for the stairs.  They said they would be done at the end of next week."

Vic looked up as he finished taking a long drink of his milk.  "That sounds great and that means we can everything done by St. Patrick's Day.  I have a party to plan.  Tony usually did that but since he is no longer here I get to do the inviting and planning.  God rest his soul."  Vic said as he looked at Christy.

"That sounds great," Christy replied as she watched Vic chug his milk.  The phone began to ring and Christy saw that Vic was not going to answer the phone she picked it up.  "Hello," Christy said.  "Oh Hi Cara, what are you calling here so early in the morning for?"  Christy asked.

Vic looked over at Christy as she was talking to Cara.  Vic's mind was racing trying to place the name with a face.  Then it hit him like a lead pipe.  She was Christy's friend who had a guy living with her who spent a lot a time avoiding her and on the computer.  Vic could sympathize with the guy since she could drive anyone nuts.  Then Vic remembered that the guy landed up blowing his brains out in front of his computer.  He left a not saying something about Cara being a leech that sucked the life out of anyone near her.  Vic was glad she was in Virginia he was here he had his fill of life stealing bitches.

"Okay, I will call you back then.  Yes I will call you tonight.  Goodbye Cara," Christy hung up the phone and looked at Vic.  Vic could tell it was not going to be good.  "Well that was Cara.  She was just let go from her company," Christy paused and looked at Vic to see if he was reacting badly.  "Omega, the company she works for is going under and it seems they are cutting nonessential personal.  She was a victim even though she has 12 years invested in the company," Christy paused again and looked at Vic.  There was no sign either way on his face so she continued, "So next week she wants to come up and look for a job here in New York," Christy said as she looked at Vic.  Now Vic looked stunned but said nothing.  "Well she has sent out numerous resumes and does have two job interviews scheduled during her time here," Christy added.  Vic was still silent.

"Well I guess she can stay here.  I have no problem with it," Vic said as he put his glass in the sink.  Vic stomach tightened an as he headed out of the kitchen.  "I got to go so let Cara know when you can," Vic said as he left the house and headed to his car and drove to work.

Christy sat down and she knew she had to find a way to tell Erica and Jenna who was coming to visit.  Christy dropped her head onto the table and banged it several times.  "I knew I shouldn't have laughed at Cara when I read that Omega stock was plummeting into the toilet.  I should not have told her that the new CEO was hired to intentionally sabotage the company.  I should have seen that this would come and bite me in the ass," Christy groaned with her head on the table.

Christy sat at the table for some time and finally got up.  Jenna and Erica did managed to get up and make it to the kitchen since the noise from the contractors had gotten louder as they opened the ceiling.   Where the stairs are going to be placed.  Christy looked at Jenna and Erica and tried to find the words.  Erica and Jenna saw that Christy looked troubled and they moved towards her.

"What's wrong Christy?" Jenna asked as she placed a hand on Christy's shoulder.

"Well I got some news for you both," Christy started to explain.  Erica and Jenna looked at each other and they new something bad was coming.  "Well, I don't know where to start".  Christy paused and took a deep breath.  "Okay I guess I could start with the fact that Cara is coming to visit here next week."  Jenna and Erica's eyes went wide open.  They looked at each and they knew what was coming next.  "Well actually she has been released from Omega and she is currently looking for a job in New York."  The last line was hard to say for Christy since moving to New York she was free of Cara but now she was weaseling her way back in to her life.

"That sucks!  I must say," Jenna said

"You said it.  I thought we were done seeing her for quite sometime," Erica added.

"I know but I feel bad that she had gotten fired after 12 years working for them but she would not listen when people told her that Omega was going under.  She is just too stubborn to listen," Christy spoke to her friends.

"I knew something like this was going to happen, we were having too much fun joking about Omega's plummet.  What was their motto; 'We are the Solution Company'.  Yeah if the solution is how to take a large company and destroy it and all the lives of the people who work for you," Erica said with a tone of sarcasm. 

"Yeah I knew it was too good to be true.  We can't even escape to New York without being hounded by her," Jenna said.  "How long is she staying for then?"

"Well I guess she will be here a week then go back to Virginia and from there I do not know," Christy responded.

"Oh shit I smell trouble.  This is not going to be good," Erica said as she shook her head in disbelief.

Vic got out of car and looked at the building that he has worked at for sometime and this was going to be his last week.  He was just finishing up a project he started just before Christmas.  That was the only reason he did not quit immediately after finding out he had won the lottery again.   Walking up in to the building and making his way to his desk.

Vic sat down and immediately got to his e-mail and set himself in a work mode.  That did not last to long before he was interrupted and asked asinine questions.  Vic handled everything in stride.  He dispatched each person quickly before they could grate on his nerves.

As he sat at his desk stretching to get the blood flowing again he realized what he had done this morning.  "Holly shit did I just agree to let Cara come stay with me!"  Vic shouted in disbelief.  Everyone in the area looked over at him trying to figure out what he just said.  Vic looked around and saw everyone staring at him and he smiled and waved slight to them all.  Vic then sat in his seat holding his head in his hands.  "What the fuck was I thinking.  She is going to drive us all nuts.  I must be insane," Vic muttered to himself.  "I need to find a therapist that specializes in idiots".

Later that evening Christy did call Cara back and let her know the news that it would be okay for her to come up for the week.  Jenna, Erica and Vic were all sitting around and cringed as they listened to Christy as she talked to Cara.

"It is going to be the longest week of our lives," Erica said.

"Have you forgotten that we have Ranger tickets for that Monday and it is also my first week as a free man," Vic said trying to cheer up everyone. 

"Well that takes care of one night at least.  Oh yeah we have tickets to the Knicks Celtics game on Thursday," Erica added.  "So the week doesn't look that bad after all".

Christy hung up the phone and sat down as if talking to Cara was a chore.  "She went on talking about herself for what seemed like forever.  She hasn't changed at all.  It is mind numbing and draining.  I need a beer," Christy managed to say as she slouched on the couch.  Jenna had gotten up and went into the kitchen and came back with four beers.  Jenna gave one to everyone and Vic turned on the Ranger game as they sat back and watched the game.  Everyone was watching the game and trying not to think about next week.

The week went by way to quickly for everyone here.  The only good thing was that the second floor was coming along much quicker than expected.  Vic left the office on Friday evening knowing he done a good job with the project.  Now he was looking forward of setting up his own graphic arts studio.  The only thing on his mind right now was going home and getting to the train station to get to the Ranger game.  Mario was making his return to MSG for the Penguins. This is going to be a good game Vic thought.

Back at the house Jenna was decked out in Penguin garb.  Vic saw that Jenna got Erica and Christy to jump on the Mario bandwagon.  Vic shook his head and dashed to his room and took off his shirt and put on a mock turtleneck.  Then he pulled on a home Messier jersey.  Vic put on a pair of jeans and boots.  He quickly moved out to the living room where everyone was waiting for him. 

"Lets go we got a train to catch," Vic said as he headed out the door and the girls followed.

"No jacket Vic your gonna freeze?" Christy asked as she locked the door and headed to the car.

"I don't have time to freeze, there is a train to catch," Vic replied as he was climbing in his car.

Everyone was in and Vic pulled out and made great time to Babylon.  They got to the station and made it to the ticket booth and bought tickets to Penn Station.  The train ride was smooth and getting to the Garden was easy.   Vic picked up the tickets at the call window.  They headed in and food was the only thing on Vic's mind.  He got pizza and beer for everyone.  They finally sat down and waited for the little tribute to the return of Mario Lemieux.

The game was a nail biter with both teams having chances to win the game but the goalies made the big saves.  The game ended with a 2-2 tie.  Mario had several shots on goal but only came away with an assist.  While Mark had a goal and an assist for the night.  This was a minor consolation for Vic but he was willing to live with it.  Out side of the garden everyone stood and looked at each other. 

"What do you guys want to do now?" Vic asked as he put his hands in his front pockets.

"Well let's go to the Meow Mix.  We have been there for plenty of Xena nights over the years so lets check it out on a Friday night," Erica said with a devilish grin.

"Yeah that can be quite interesting," Jenna added

"I think that can be fun.  We are going to need some fun since Cara is due up here on Sunday," Christy said.

"Thanks for the buzz kill Christy," Vic joked as he motioned for everyone to follow him through the crowd.  "Lets get a cab and get off the street," Vic said as he was hailing a cab.

They climbed into the cab and told the driver where to go and in ten minutes they made it to the Meow Mix.  Vic paid the driver and gave him a nice tip.  So they headed inside and the bar, which was packed.  There were several people there that they recognized.  After several drinks and talking to many people and saying that they all would be there for Tuesday's Xena night everyone decide one last shot and they would call it a night.  Vic went to the bar and finally got some service. 

"I want four 'Screaming Nazis' please," Vic said to the bartender.  The bartender lined up four shot glasses and poured Yaegermiester in each glass.  Then she topped each one with Rumple Mintz.  Vic carried the drinks back to his friends.  "Okay here take one," Vic said as he held the shots in front of him.

They all grabbed a shot and held it up.  " Here's to making it through the upcoming week and the beginning of a new career for Vic as a Graphic Artist," Christy said

"To the upcoming week and Vic," They all muttered and clinked glasses together and slammed the drink down.  Vic had a big smile on his face and his friends all had they 'what the fuck did I just drink look'.  Vic laughed as he gathered the glasses and put them on the bar.

"Okay lets get going we got to catch a train back to Babylon," Vic said.  Vic got them all moving out of the bar and on to the corner.  He hailed a cab and told the driver Penn Station.  Ten minutes later they were in front of Penn Station.  Vic paid the driver and tipped him.  They all exited the cab and head down to the LIRR ticket booths. 

"Okay I will get the tickets you guys get me a beer for the ride back," Vic said as he looked at his friends.  Vic stood on line and got four tickets to Babylon and the girls bought four beers.  In paper bags for the train ride back.  Vic met the girls in front of the Newsstand that sold the beer and looked at his watch and saw that they should be announcing the track number any second.  He put the beer to his lips when the PA system came to life.

"The 2:40 Train to Babylon will be departing from track number 17.  All passengers heading to Babylon please head to track 17 for your train," echoed the voice over the PA system.  The message was repeated several times as Vic, Jenna Erica and Christy made their way to the train on track 17.

The train ride back was quiet since everyone fell asleep as the train sped along it route.  Making its scheduled stops and finally dropping everyone off at Babylon.  Vic and Jenna got Christy and Erica going towards the car.  It was cold outside and Vic was glad since it woke him right up as the cold air hit him. 

By the time Vic got to the house it was almost 4:30.  Everyone moved toward the house almost like zombies.  They all waited as Vic fumbled with the lock and finally opened the door.  Jenna, Erica, and Christy said their goodnights and headed off to bed as Vic walked over to the phone to check for messages.  The machine had four messages that were new.  Vic pressed the play button and the first message played and it was a telemarketer.  Vic forwarded to the second message, which was the same, and so was the third.  The fourth message was from Cara saying she was coming up Saturday instead of Sunday.  Vic's stomach turned and felt his head begin to pound.  He wasn't quite sure if it was from the alcohol or the news he had just received.  Regardless Vic went to the bathroom and popped two Excedrin's and drank some water then took a piss that seemed to last for five minutes.  He then dragged his ass to his room closed the door and proceeded to get undress and go to sleep.

Just a few hours later as the sun was climbing higher in the sky Vic woke up.  He looked at the clock radio in his room and it was only 8:00.  Vic was not happy and knew he had to get up since his bladder was screaming for relief.  He stood up and felt his head slightly twinge and he grabbed for a pair of shorts that he left out.  He put on the shorts and headed to the bathroom.  He relieved his bladder and then moved to the sink.  He washed his face and hands and put some water in his hair to tame it.  He had a bad case of bed head.

Vic went to the kitchen to have some breakfast.  He had a bowl of cereal and headed to the living room to watch some TV.  Vic sat down and sat like a zombie as he ate and watched Galaxy Quest for the fourth time.  This is the wonder of satellite.  Over the next several hours Vic was joined by Christy, then Jenna and about noon Erica.  Everyone was sitting down looking barely alive when Vic spoke, "Oh yeah Cara called last night and she would be here today".  Vic's stomach clenched as he finished talking.

As if on cue the doorbell rang.  All heads turned and looked at the door.  Nobody moved they all hoped that if they did not move the person would go away.  Finally Christy got up as the doorbell rang again.  Christy looked through the peephole then looked back at her friends and the look on her face said it all.  Christy opened the door saw Cara standing there with her suit case and garment bag.

"Hey you made it," Christy said as she let Cara in.

"Yeah it was a long drive but I made it.  I can't believe how cold it is here," Cara said as she stepped in.  "Hey everyone how are things going?" Cara asked.

"Not bad," Erica Jenna and Vic seemed to say in unison.

The next several hours were spent listening to Cara talk about here problems and how she never saw the demise of the company or at least the fact that she would be released.  She kept going on about herself and trying to impress everyone with her knowledge of networking and communication systems.  Some how no one was impressed only agreeing with her in hope that she would shut up.

Finally Vic stood up and said, "Who is hungry?"  Jenna Christy and Erica looked at him like he was a savior.

"Yeah I am getting hungry what are we going to do?" Cara asked.

"Well I know a nice place that has good food and a nice atmosphere.  So if we could all get ready I will take us there," Vic said.

Jenna Christy and Erica got up and headed to their rooms to get showered and dressed.  Cara sat on the couch and watched TV.  It took an hour for everyone to get ready.  Vic got everyone to his car.  He could see the seating arrangement was going to be a struggle but they finally got one. Cara sat up front and they all got into the back.  Vic pulled out of the driveway and dove to Montauk Highway and headed east.   Vic pulled into Felice's Bar and Grill in Bayport.

In the restaurant Vic was able to steer the conversation away from Cara and just about general happenings so everyone could enjoy their meals.  The food was good and everyone did have a good time and Vic paid the check.  They headed out and Cara wanted to grab a few beers at a bar.  So Vic drove back to Sayville and drove to a local bar called the LI Sports Bar.

It was a hang out of Vic's.  They went in and Vic ordered drinks and they sat a table near one of the pool tables.   Vic saw several people that he knew and went over to talk to after sitting and drinking some of his beer.  Cara seemed to take the conversation and turn it into what is wrong with me and why can't I find somebody and why is everyone against me.  Vic escaped before his head exploded but he left Erica Jenna and Christy to suffer.

Vic was talking to several of his friends and let him know that the annual St Patrick's Day Party was still going to be happening so Vic wanted them to spread the word.  Then Vic's buddy TJ asked, "Why did he leave a table full of girls to talk to a bunch of guys?"

"Well TJ, Erica Jenna and Christy live with me," Vic said as he pointed out his friends.  "Cara is up visiting and looking for a job".

"Which ones are single they are all gorgeous," TJ asked.  Vic noticed several other guys lean in closer to hear Vic's answer. 

"Okay guys let me tell you the deal here," Vic looked around and saw he had a captive audience.  "Well the brunette over there just recently lost someone very close to her.  So right now I am comforting her so you guys stand clear.  Also the two blondes are dating some rockers."  Vic looked at the guys and then continued, "So that leaves us with the short haired woman with the blonde highlights with the big tits.  Well guys she is single but there is a catch".

"A catch Vic what do you mean by that.  I don't like the way it sounds." TJ said and the other guys grunted and nodded.

"Well guys the last guy she was living with landed up blowing his brains out.  Also it is rumored that she has switched teams," Vic added in a low hushed voice.

"You got to be shitting me Vic," TJ said in a puzzled voice.

"T would I lie to you?"

"Yeah Vic you would and have".

"Well T this time I am not lying to you.  I am just trying to save you from humiliating yourself," Vic said as he looked around at the confused faces.  "Well guys I got to go back and suffer over there so don't forget about the St Patrick's Day party," Vic said as he walked back to the table and sat next to Christy and put an arm around her.  He looked at the guys and saw they were jealous of him.

They spent several hours at the bar.  They played some pool did some shots.  Drank plenty of beer and Vic did tell Erica Jenna and Christy what he told the guys when he went over to talk to them.  They were all laughing and couldn't believe he would do something like that.   Eventually they left the bar and headed home.

Cara got in the car and Vic pulled out of the parking lot.  Cara looked at Vic and he knew something bad was about to happen and his stomach tightened.  "Vic why were your friends looking at me like I was a freak?" Cara asked.

Vic brain went into a scramble and he replied, "Well they are wacked group of guys and they couldn't believe someone that looks like you could be an IT Specialist".

"Oh, I did not know you told them that," Cara replied.

"Yeah they got intimidated by your job and the fact that you could actually think.  They are used to gum snapping bimbos who only know about make up, boob jobs, and shopping," Vic replied.

"Oh, okay.  Thanks I was thinking something was wrong," Cara said.

"No what could be wrong," Vic said as he bit his lip and could not believe he was spewing this shit and she was buying it.  Then Vic pulled into his driveway.  Vic also realized that the back seat was rather quiet and he looked back and saw they were all asleep.  Vic woke them and headed to the door to unlock it and walk in.  Vic checked for messages and there were none.

The Sunday went by with no problems.  Monday Vic Erica Jenna and Christy went to the Ranger game and left Cara at home.  Tuesday They went to Xena Night at the Meow Mix.  Once again Cara did not go.  Wednesday Cara was not feeling well so she went to bed early.  Thursday was the Knicks game.  So the week was near over.  There was only Friday to go.

Friday went by and the weekend started thatís when Cara hit everyone with her request.  "I got you all here to ask you if I could stay another week.  I have few more interviews next week with companies that look very promising".

Vic tried to stay calm and he wanted to say no but all he could say was, "Sure stay as long as you need".  Vic couldn't believe he had said that and his stomach tightened. 

Amazingly the week went by quickly and the second story was finished.  During the weekend Vic escaped to buy a new bedroom set for his new room upstairs.  Vic also picked up five tickets to the Rocky Horror Picture Show play.  He did manage to take Erica Jenna and Christy to see it just after the New Year.  They all enjoyed it and had confetti everywhere.  So Vic figured they could get Cara covered in confetti.  This would be good.  Vic also ordered a limo for the night.   He had some worries about the limo but figured it couldn't happen a second time. 

Saturday evening came and the limo showed up.  Vic went out and paid the driver and let him know what the plan for the night was.    The girls came out of the house and entered the limo.   The ride was smooth no problems.  Vic did hit the free bar mixing drinks and having some fun.  The Limo pulled up in front of the theater.  They all departed the limo and headed in the theater.  Vic handed the usher the tickets and they all went downstairs with the crowd.  Vic pulled Christy aside and told her to come with him to the novelty stand.  Vic bought five Prop Bags and purchased extra confetti.  He also swiped the confetti out of one bag that was meant for Cara.

 The show started and it there was some strange happenings in the audience.  The crowd was going crazy and Vic still couldn't believe Joan Jett in a mini skirt and heels.  It was a vision he thought he would never see.  She looked much better in the leather pants and boots. 

Then it came time for the confetti. Cara was seated in between Christy and Vic.  Then Jenna was on Vic's side and Erica was next to Christy.  Vic broke out his confetti.  Christy Jenna and Erica did the same.  Cara looked through her bag for her confetti and could not find it.  By the time she was about to complain she was getting confetti tossed on her from all directions.  Her hair was covered, she had confetti down her shirt on her facedown her back it was funny.  Cara spent the rest of the play pulling confetti from all parts of her body.  Vic was laughing and she elbowed him several times, which only made him laugh more.

After the play was over Cara stood out on the sidewalk shaking out confetti, which caused everyone to laugh as they spotted the limo.  In the limo Cara still was pulling confetti from down her shirt.  Then Cara let the bad news out, "I have some second and third interviews.  They are scheduled for next week".

"No prob like I said you are welcome to stay as long as it takes," Vic said as his stomach gurgled and made funny noises.  He immediately grabbed for some liquor and made a drink.

They made it home and the only thing that everyone did was head into the house and go to sleep. Vic was now living in his new room upstairs that had his own bathroom.  Erica and Jenna had a room upstairs.  Christy had moved to the main room downstairs that had a bathroom connected to it.  Cara was still sleeping in a spare bedroom.

The week kept going by and Vic prepared for the St Patrick's Day party.  Cara went to interviews everyday.  Finally it was Friday and Vic had made big plans this year.  He had a huge tent and heaters for the backyard he had table and chairs and several six-foot heroes.  There was also a mini bar and a keg of beer next to it.  Also there was a DJ spinning records for the night. 

At about nine people started showing up.  The food had been laid out Vic had the heaters going an signs were posted in the front of the house directing people to the back.  Erica broke out the Karaoke machine that she had gotten for Christmas last year.  The DJ hooked it up so at any point through the night some brave soul could sing.

Erica did the honors of being the first to sing.  She did a great job with 'Only Happy When it Rains'.  It was early and no one else was willing to step up so the DJ played some more tunes to get the party started.  He did mention that if anyone wanted to sing.

During the night he saw several guys talking to Cara.  Some of the guys were the guys from the bar the other week.  Vic tried to stay clear of the blast zone.  Vic saw Christy talking with several neighbors and friends she has made since she has been here.  Erica was entertaining a group of people in another corner of the tent and Jenna was mixing drinks for people.  Vic went over to Jenna and asked for a 7 and 7. 

"How is everything going Jenna," Vic asked.

"Not bad the place is starting to fill up.  Christy has got her little group and Erica is entertaining her group of people.  This is going to be interesting night," Jenna said as she made a few more drinks for other people.

"I think your right Jen, this is going to be fun," Vic replied. 

"Oh no Cara is heading this way Vic and she doesn't look to happy," Jenna said to warn Vic.  Vic turned and saw Cara making her way towards him.

Vic watched Cara walk his way and he could tell she had a few drinks and could be a little tipsy.  This was not going to be good Vic thought to himself.  He looked at Jenna and she smiled and chuckled cause she knew he was going to get an ear full. 

"Vic I got a question for you," Cara said in a slightly slurred voice.  "Did you tell your friends I was looking to do a threesome with their girlfriends?"

Vic looked at Jenna and smiled cause he realized he had dodged a big one.  "No Cara I did not say that at all.  They must think since you are smart you must be open to all kinds of kinky sex like in that show 'The Street'.  Half of these guys believe everything on TV," Vic said in a calm voice.

"Oh, you have some stupid friends then," Cara mumbled.

"Yeah they ain't to bright thatís why I hang with them.  They make me look good though," Vic replied. 

"Well I got something to tell you.  I was waiting for a good time tonight to let you know that I got hired with a new company," Cara said as she tried to focus on Vic she seemed to get even more inebriated as she continued to talk.  "Yes I am working for Payne Weber."

Vic turned to Jenna and pointed to his empty glass and had a pleading look on his face.  Jenna quickly made him a strong 7 and 7.  Vic got the drink and took a big swig as Cara started to speak again.

"Well the good news is the location of the job," Cara said.  Vic was cringing as he waited for the news.  "The job is in Norfolk".  Vic looked at Jenna then back at Cara.  A huge smile came across his face as he chugged his drink down.

"You took the job in Norfolk?" Vic said in astonishment.  His face lit up and Jenna was looking real happy too.

"Yeah, they were looking for a IT person in Norfolk and the head IT manager hired me here to work in Norfolk.  I am glad that I am not moving here.  The commute into the city sucks and I was doing it just to go to an interview," Cara said.  "Plus it is way to cold here".

"I am glad your staying in Virginia.  You will like it much better there then if you had to live in the city," Vic said as he hugged Cara.  Then Vic high fived Jenna in celebration of the news that Cara just told them.

The rest of the party went smoothly even though Erica decided to sing after every song later in the evening.  At about 1:00 am the crowd thinned out.  Cara passed out earlier and Vic put her to sleep.  Now they found themselves sitting at a table.  The DJ was packing his stuff up to leave.

"Well ladies we made it through another trial," Vic said.

"I am sure glad she is going back.  I was getting tired of hearing her stories about how stuff wrong for her.  She didn't hear us complaining and I think we had a good reason to bitch," Erica said with a disgruntled tone.

"Yeah we are all tired of it," Christy said.

"Well it is just about over.  So as a final gesture, I think we should dip her hand in warm water," Vic said with an evil grin.



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