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In the neon lit club with flashing lights that lit the stages that were scattered about, Vic was putting the finishing touch on a Heineken.  Vic put the bottle down and wiped his mouth and reached for the burning cigarette that was sitting in the ashtray.  Vic brought the cigarette to his lips and took a deep drag.  He looked over to the bartender and motioned for another Heineken.  As the cigarette hung from Vic's mouth he let the smoke slowly ease out of his mouth as he reached for his cash.  The bartender arrived with his fresh Heineken and took the empty bottle and the twenty Vic held out for her.  Vic watched as she walked away and took another drag on his cigarette.  Vic raised an eyebrow as he thought about her posing naked and beckoning him to take her.  The bartender returned with Vic's change and Vic left her a buck as he gave her a crooked smile.

Vic turned with his new beer and he finally removed the cigarette from his mouth and looked over at one of the stages to see a blonde woman who had several small tattoos.  At the moment Vic watched her straddle a pole and spin about and before he could figure out what she was doing the blonde was upside down and straddling the pole.  Vic raised an eyebrow as he was impressed and took a swallow of his beer.  The blonde proceeded to do several other amazing splits and stretches.  The guys surrounding the stage were laying out cash to get her attention.  The woman crawled about taking the bills and giving each recipient their moneys worth of her body.

Vic moved from the bar that he was standing at and was looking about for the others stages to see who was dancing.  After seeing several other blondes (which seemed to be the norm for the club) Vic saw a redhead dancing in one of the two cages in the club.  Vic moved closer to the cage and reached into his pocket and pulled out a five.  The dancer noticed and wiggled a little closer and positioned her leg over for Vic to put the five in her garter belt.  Vic slid the bill up under her garter belt.  The dancer smiled and mouthed thank you as she tussled Vic's hair. And blew him a kiss.  She the bent over and thrust her surgically enhanced breasts into his face as she held his head close to her she wiggled them on his face.  Vic smiled slightly as she released his head and backed away.

Vic backed away himself and took another swig on his beer and finished his cigarette.  Vic found a seat at the bar closest to the cage the redhead was dancing in.  Vic put the cigarette he just finished in an ashtray and lit another from his half empty pack he had in his pocket.  After he finished lighting the new cigarette Vic slammed his Heineken and put the empty bottle down on the bar.  The bartender moved over and he asked if Vic wanted another.  Vic nodded and took another drag on the cigarette.  As he waited for the beer Vic started to feel the effects of the previous eight beers.  This brought a slight smile to his face as he enjoyed the numbing sensation.

As Vic paid for the beer that the bartender brought him he felt a hand on his shoulder.  Vic's slightly numbed senses went on alert from the touch on his shoulder.  Vic slowly turned to see who was trying to get his attention.  To Vic's surprise it was the redhead dancer that he had tipped what seemed like moments ago.  Yet it has been about ten minutes or two songs and various announcements from the DJ booth.

As Vic fully turned to face the woman her hand slid down from his shoulder and over his chest.  She placed her other hand on his chest and slowly moved her hands in slow circular motions on his chest.  Then she looked into Vic's eyes and asked in a low and seductive voice, "Do you want a lap dance?"

Vic took a moment to let the information sink in.  He realized that his lower body was already saying yes while his brain was still processing the question.  So Vic looked at the woman's face and she was looking back at him with a pleading looking and he said, "Yes".  Not the most original thing to say but at the same time Vic thought she must have heard every line there is known to man.

Vic followed the woman to the back area that was even darker then the main area.  They got to a couch and the woman moved Vic in front and gentle forced him to the couch as she climbed onto of him and sat in his lap.  She looked into his eyes and said, "Its twenty bucks plus tip for each song.  Since we are in the middle of a song I will just wait to start at the next song okay?"

Vic looked back at her and realized he had left his half full beer and cigarette at the bar.  Yet Vic managed to say, "That sounds fine".

The woman giggled and wiggled on his lap causing a stirring in Vic's jeans.  "Well so what's your name?  You can call me Cheri".

Vic smiled slightly and replied, "My name is Vic".  Vic watched the woman's hands on his shoulders then looked back at he woman's face.  "Cheri that is original and fitting," Vic commented.

"Yeah I like the name.  It goes well with the red hair and all," Cheri replied as she smiled at Vic.  "Well to tell you the truth we have been watching you for the last week and a half," Cheri added.

"Watching me?  I would have guessed that you would have something better to do," Vic replied as he looked at Cheri more seriously.

"Well we are stalking you or anything.  We have noticed that you have been coming in for the last three weeks and you would have a few beers smoke endlessly and never except a lap dance," Cheri told Vic as she stood up.  The next song was starting so she was starting the lap dance.

Vic adjusted himself on the couch as Cheri disrobed for him and started grinding on him and pressing her breasts in his face and tight to his chest.  Vic then managed to say, "Is that so unusual?"

Cheri once again mounted Vic and was grinding his lap and cupping he breasts in her hand and replied, "Not for some really strange looking guy in a trench coat.  You obviously don't fit that profile.  So we all were interested in your story".  Cheri stood up on the couch and started to dance just above Vic's head and continued talking, "We actually had a bet to see which of us would be the first to get you to over here".

"Wow and I just don't mean that because the view is spectacular.  It is mostly for the fact that you would bet on who could get me back here for a lap dance.  It is always a comforting thought to have strippers fighting over you," Vic managed to get out without laughing.

Cheri stepped down and from the couch and rested her breasts on Vic's groin and held her arms out rubbing his chest  "Well to tell you the truth you are one of the better looking guys who has come into this place.  I am curious to hear your story.  Also I just won a cool grand".

As Cheri finished talking the song ended and Vic replied, "I am glad I could be of assistance".

Cheri smiled and picked up her clothes Vic reached into his wallet and pulled out a fifty and handed it to her.  "Thanks," Cheri said as she moved closer to Vic and climbed on top of him again.  "I wasn't lying when I said I wanted to hear your story.  You were my last dance and I am going to leave so if you meet me out back we can go for some coffee or something and talk," Cheri whispered into Vic's ear.  Cheri moved away and Vic just smiled and nodded.  "Give me thirty minutes," Cheri added and smiled then she quickly put on her top and moved to the back dressing room.

Vic took a minute then stood up and proceeded to walk out of the lap dance area to the main bar.  As he stepped into the main bar it seemed like all the dancers were staring at him.  It was rather uncomfortable to say the least.  Vic slowly walked his way to the nearest bar to order a Heineken.  Vic could still feel several dancers looking at him so he lit up another cigarette.  The bartender returned with the Heineken and Vic went to pay for it and the bartender waved him off.

"I have never seen anyone piss off all the girls at the same time before by just getting a lap dance.  So this one is on me," the bartender said with a smile as he raised a bottle of water to salute Vic.  Vic raised his beer and then took a large gulp. 

Vic finally finished his beer and the cigarette he had lit.  Vic then motioned for the bartender and this time he ordered a bottle of water.  After paying for the water Vic quickly drank it done and moved to the restroom to relieve his bladder.  Luckily there was no line so Vic moved to one of the empty urinals to relieve himself.

After washing his hands and exiting the restroom Vic reached into his pocket and pulled out the Altoids tin and opened it.  Vic popped an Altoid into his mouth and placed the closed tin back in his pocket. Vic looked at his watch and saw that almost a half hour had passed and he made his way out of the club.

Outside the club Vic walked over to his car and looked to the rear of the club.  He did not see Cheri so he got in his car and moved to the rear of the club and parked in a spot that he could see the back door.  After a few minutes the rear door opened and Cheri emerged with one of the rather large bouncers escorting her.  Vic stepped out of his car and waved his hand to Cheri.  She had a brief conversation with the bouncer and hugged him as he went back inside.

Cheri quickly moved across the parking lot to Vic's car and got in as Vic got in the driver's side.  As Vic started the car he turned to Cheri and asked, "You sure you don't want to follow me in your car?"  Then Vic added, "I could turn out to be some psycho killer or something".

"Well I don't have a car right now my room mate drops me off and picks me up.  So I called her and told her not to bother to come tonight," Cheri answered as she looked at Vic.  "I was hoping you could drop off later.  Also if you were a psycho killer the bouncer has your plate and we have you on surveillance tapes I told him you were the last lap dance I did so that if needed he could pull it".

"Okay so I guess killing you would be a bad move on my part," Vic joked as he smiled and softly laughed.

"Yes it appears that it would be a big mistake for you to do that," Cheri replied and smiled back at Vic.

Vic turned his attention forward and put the car in drive and let out, "Okay then.  It's off to a dinner for coffee.  I know a place on Vets that is open all night and has decent food".

"Sounds great," Cheri replied as Vic pulled out of the parking space.

The front door opened and Erica and Jenna poured through giggling and laughing.  Christy was on the couch cradling the phone to one ear and trying to ignore Erica and Jenna but they were too loud to ignore.  So she held her hand over the phone to cover the noise her roommates were making as she shot then a look that would have killed them where they stood.

Erica picked up on the look and looked at Jenna and tried to whisper but it was rather loud since she had been drinking earlier, "Hey we better be quiet or Christy is going to send us to our room".  Jenna just looked at Erica who was trying to be serious and she started laughing and Erica started to laugh even louder.

Christy then growled, "Can you too give me a moment on the phone please".  Jenna pushed Erica towards the kitchen while they were both still laughing.  This did make Christy happier as she returned to her phone conversation.

"Yes I do miss you very," Christy said as she listens to Hudson on the other end. "I know but it feels like six months," replied Christy.  "I know I will see you next weekend.  I just want you around more often," Christy answered in low tone.  "Yes I know your work takes you all over," Christy answered.  "I will," Christy replied.  "I know.  I love you," Christy said as she waited for an answer then hung up the phone.

Christy then stood up and made her way to the kitchen where she could hear her roommates laughing and carrying on still.  As she walked in Christy saw Erica and Jenna sitting at the table laughing.  Jenna was in the midst of saying, "And  his boyfriend," and before she could finish Erica and Jenna were laughing even harder.

"What's so funny?" asked Christy as she looked at Erica and Jenna.

Jenna looked up at Christy and tried to compose her self but let out a few more snort and chuckles before she was able to speak.  Finally she said, "It was Karaoke night at the bar on the Island".  Jenna paused and took a breath and continued, "So we went and Erica sang some songs and various people sang and it was really good.  Then in walks these two guys.  I guess you can call them guys even though they were so flaming it was scary.  Well anyway they come in and everyone takes notes cause they stick out even more so then the rest of the guys in the place.   So we see them looking at the song list and they are having a rather flamboyant discussion over what we can only assume to be what song one of them is going to do," Jenna says as she smiles and looks over at Erica.

"They had the hands going the hip action the head tilt.  They were both major drama queens," Erica interjected as she giggled just thinking about as she mocked their movements.  Christy was starting to smile and waited for Jenna to continue.

"Well they finished discussing the song and they found a seat not to far from us.  It was close enough that we could hear some of the conversation they were having.  Fortunately we could not hear enough to understand what they were talking about but just their tones and word pronunciation was enough to make you piss your pants," Jenna said as she bobbed her head and rolled her eyes.

"They were so bad that they would make that Jack guy from Will and Grace seem straight," Erica added as she nodded her head to accentuate her point.

"No way they could not have been that bad," Christy said as she looked at Jenna then Erica. 

They both nodded their heads and Jenna continued to say, "It gets better".   So Christy sat down and let Jenna continue the story.  "Okay, so a few more people sang then the guy running the Karaoke called out Elvin.  It seemed like everyone turned at looked at the two guys and sure it enough it was one of them.  Well the smaller of the two guys gets up and walks to the stage and takes the mic.  Then he says before the song starts I want to dedicate this song to my life mate Sidney," Jenna stopped and started to laugh.  Erica was busting out laughing.  Christy was shocked that this really happened and was eagerly waiting for Jenna to continue.

"Elvin and Sidney, what a match," Erica blurted out in between laughing and snorting.

"Okay, okay so we got Elvin up there ready to sing," Jenna said as she steadied herself.  "So the music starts and Erica turns to me with her eyes wide open and says to me no he can't be singing that song.  I looked at her and then Elvin started singing and we both just stared at each other in shock and laughter overload," Jenna paused and looked at Christy.

"Well what song was he singing?" demanded Christy.

"He was singing Wind Beneath My Wings," Jenna replied.

"Oh my god he didn't," Christy said in shock.

"Yes he did and he sang it very badly.  His voice cracked all over the place and he couldn't stay in tune.  It was horrible.  To make it worse the place was dead quiet except for him singing.  Nobody wanted to laugh at him yet it was hard to keep it in".

"Yeah I was pinching myself so I wouldn't laugh," Erica added.

"That is funny.  I wish I could have seen that," Christy said as she imagined the scene in her head.

"Wait there is still more," replied Jenna

"Oh yeah," Erica added.

"Yep as was finishing the song he was crying and no one was really paying attention to Sidney until Sidney came running up to the stage crying his eyes out professing his undying devotion to Elvin.  They were kissing and hugging and carrying on then someone yelled get a room.  The bar then started applauding.  It was so funny," Jenna finished as she started to laugh to herself thinking about Elvin and Sidney.

"What happened next?" asked Christy.

"Elvin and Sidney ran out of the bar.  I guess they were too embarrassed after that," Erica told Christy.

"That is funny," Christy muttered as she shook her head.  Christy stood up and went to the fridge and grabbed a Dr. Pepper.

"Is Vic home?  I bet he would like that story," Jenna asked Christy.

"No he hasn't made it back yet.  He is usually back home by now with a stupid look on his face getting a drink of water and heading for bed without saying a word," Christy responded to Jenna

"He has been in a funk since the break up," Jenna noted.

"Yeah he has been drinking every night and I think he has been smoking too," Erica added as she looked at her roommates.

"You think he has been smoking?" Christy asked.

"Yeah I think so," Erica replied almost grimly.

"That would only mean that he has been hanging out in a strip club with out us.  What a selfish bastard," Jenna said with a mock tone of annoyance.  " I wonder where he is now?"

Sitting in a booth in the corner of the dinner Vic and Cheri are looking at the menus.  Vic looks over quick the food choices quickly and realizes he really isn't hungry at all.  Also it is way to warm still for coffee for him.  So mentally Vic decided on an ice tea and a buttered bagel.  He figured he would need something to sit in his stomach.

Cheri was looking at the menu then looked up to Vic and asked, "What is good here?"

Vic put his menu down and looked over at Cheri and replied, "It is all about the same.  The hardest part is to decide what you are in the mood for.  I usually only eat here after having a few, so everything tastes okay".

Cheri laughed slightly and said, "I know what you mean.  I used to have a favorite place that I used to go to after drinking with my friends.  Now I don't get out too much any more".

"That stinks that you don't get out that often anymore.  All work and no play makes Cheri a dull girl," Vic said in his best psychotic Jack voice.

Cheri smiled and said, "You can call me Vicky," she told Vic.

"Okay Vicky," Vic said with a smile. 

Vicky smiled and slightly blushed hearing Vic use her name.  "Well Vic lets get done to why we are here," Vicky tried to sound business like.

Vic smirked and responded by saying, "Okay so what do you want to know?"

Vicky looked at Vic trying to get a read on him but Vic had a very stone like expression that told her nothing.  "Well you can start with why you have been at the bar every night for the last three weeks".

"I guess that is fair enough," Vic responds as he smirked a bit and the n got a real serious look back on his face.  "Well back in May I met this incredible woman.  She is a beautiful blonde with a great personality and sense of humor.  She is also a very sexual woman which made it that much tougher to break up with her".

"You broke up with a beautiful woman and that is why you are hanging in a strip club?" questioned Vicky.

"Sort of," Vic answered.  "Our relationship started because she saw me as a hero.  Yes I will go into that in a moment just let me finish this".  Vic looked at Vicky who was ready to interrupt but didn't.  So Vic continued, "Well we hit it off and things started working out well.  I didn't mind that we were separated by the entire US.  Well after some time we changed and I wanted more and she was able to give me any sort of commitment and I could give her a commitment that she wanted.  So it was an amicable break up.  I still care for her very much and I have talked to her a few times since we broke up".

"So why are you hanging in strip clubs?" Vicky asked again.

"Well I just need to be looking at topless women to relax and keep my mind off her," Vic responded.

"That is lame.  I was hoping for something better," Vicky said as she looked at Vic trying to see if he was telling the truth.  "Well what is the woman's name?"

"You really want to know that?" Vic asked Vicky.

"Yeah I think I deserve to know if she is real or fiction".

"Okay but you won't believe me when I tell you".

"Why was she a famous actress," Vicky said trying to sound funny.

"Well sort of.  She isn't a household name but she has a huge following among men".  Vicky looked at Vic trying to get some hint of who it might be.  Vic continued, "Her name is Nikki Tyler".

Vicky's mouth dropped wide open and she stared at Vic in disbelief.  "You are telling me you were seeing Nikki Tyler the porn star?" Vicky said not believing what she had just heard.

"Yeah that is what I am saying.  She would have never gave me a second look but like I said she saw me as a hero," Vic explained.

"So what is this hero thing?" asked Vicky.

"Well remember the big drug bust and the rescue of orphans back in April?" Vic asked as he looked at Vicky to see if she recalled the incident.

Vicky seemed to try to recall the incident and finally she seemed to recall something.  "Yeah it was two Americans down in Jamaica or something right?"

"Yeah that is pretty much it.  Well I was one of the two guys," Vic calmly told Vicky.

Vicky's eyes lit up and her mouth dropped open and she said, "That was you?"

"Yep that was me.  Right after coming back from Jamaica I was going to California for a convention and we met on the airplane.  The incident was real fresh so people did recognize me for the next several weeks.  So that is how we hooked up.  I also met Melissa Etheridge on that flight but we didn't hook up but that is a whole other story," Vic finished his story.

"That is just amazing," Vicky muttered.  "That hero thing can be a big turn on.  Just knowing that you did that is kind of exciting for me," Vicky said as she had a twinkle in her eye that had not been there earlier.

"Did I mention I also live with three hot women," Vic added as he saw Vicky's expression change to shock then to intrigue.



The digital clock changed from 4:59 to 5:00 AM.  Except in this house the residents were up and moving about.  The man was putting all the luggage by the door and the woman was making last minute checks about the house as she turned out lights in rooms she finished checking.

"Honey you got the tickets," she asked.

"Yes I got everything," the man answered.  The sound of a horn coming from the driveway got the mans attention.  He peered out of the window and saw it was the car service.  "Honey the car is here.  I am bringing the luggage out," he shouted out hoping his wife would hear him.

"Okay I am almost finished," she shouted back from a back room.  Then she saw it again.  It was the same thing for the last two weeks.  A partial apparition that would float about and wave its arms and made some noises that made no sense.  The woman's reaction was the same as it has been.  She would freeze then release an ear piercing scream.  The man just walked back in and he heard his wife and he came running to his wife's side.  By the time he got there the apparition had disappeared.  His wife was sitting on the bed in the room and she was shaking.

"I can't handle this anymore," she sobbed.

The man held his wife and told her, "I have made a call to a friend who got me in touch with two FBI agents that could help us.  I have a meeting with them on the 11th in my office.  It will be okay.  We are going to the Bahamas for the weekend so lets get out of here and for get about what is happening.

At 9:00AM in the FBI offices in DC agent Ryan entered her office area that she shared with her partner who she left downstairs to get them some coffee.  Ryan sat at her desk and checked her voice mail and turned on her computer to check her email.  The voice mail were a bunch of junk reminding her about meetings.  The emails were about the same, nothing important.  Ryan then forced herself to open Microsoft Word to finish a report she had to finish with Renee.

Renee walked into the office area with two cups of coffee from a local vendor downstairs.  "Okay I got your coffee light and sweet," Renee looked about the room and saw it was deserted and then added "just like your woman".  Renee laughed to herself as she closed the distance and handed Lucy her coffee.

"You crack yourself up don't you," Lucy asked as she shook her head and continued to add to the document she had opened.

"Yeah I have to do something to stay positive since we have to show up here on a Saturday.  A beautiful Saturday if I may add.  Yet we have to deliver a report in person.  It doesn't make any sense.  We have pissed off the assistant director in awhile.  He can't be made us about anything right?" Renee rambled on.

"No I don't think we upset him but I hear he is getting a lot of pressure from above about some of the cases we have been dealing with," Lucy answered as she finished typing and hit the enter key with a little flair.  Lucy turned in her chair and move towards the laser printer that was starting to spit out pages of the report.  "This report should be please Sinclair," Lucy said as she started gathering the pages.  Lucy handed a small stack of pages to Renee and told her, "Read it, it is my best work ever".

Renee started to read the report and her head nodded several times and shifted from side to side.  Lucy watched intently and she started to get a little irritated by her partner's head movements as she read the report.  Lucy remained calm and gathered the second copy from the printer.

Renee finished reading the report and looked up at her partner with a serious face and said, "It is not bad.  It captures all the moments and details and conveys our findings".  Renee paused and her hands started to move in front of her in an up and down motion and she looked up towards the ceiling.  Lucy stood there waiting for Renee to continue and then se began to speak again, "It just doesn't bring the events to life.  There is no flash, no character to this.  It needs some color".

Lucy cut Renee off with a stern look and spoke in a low tone, "This is a case report not a story.  It is bad enough that we had to come in today to give him this dam report and you want to make it more colorful".

"I was just trying to help.  Some of these dam reports need something to keep you awake while reading them," Renee retorted.

After binding the report and filing the second copy and finishing their coffee agent Muir and Ryan headed to Assistant Director Sinclair office.  His secretary wasn't in since it was Saturday and most Federal employees don't work weekends.  The door to Sinclair's office was open and he saw agent Muir and Ryan and he waved them in.

Ryan led the way and Muir closed the door behind her as she entered the room.  Sinclair motioned for them to have a seat.  Ryan handed him the report before she sat down.  Sinclair briefly thumbed through it.  He placed the folder down on his desk and turned his gaze to Ryan then Muir.  Muir shifted uncomfortably in her chair as she could sense that they were going to get stuck doing some really bad assignment.  Ryan just met Sinclair's gaze almost daring him to speak.

Finally Sinclair did start to say, "Agents Muir and Ryan, I did not call you in today just for this report.  I called you in because some upper brass has a personal request for you two.  It seems a Colonel Branson has some unwanted visitors as he calls it and he wants it gone".

"That seems like a job for an exterminator more then the FBI," Muir interjected.

"Yes if it were a visitor of that nature you would be right agent Muir but this visitor is more up your alley then an exterminators," Sinclair said as he looked at Muir with a stern glare to remind her not to interrupt while he was talking.  "In this envelope I have a set of keys to his house and codes to disable the alarm system.  Colonel Branson and his wife are out of town till Monday evening.  They will not be coming to the house upon their return though.  You will meet with Colonel Branson on Tuesday the 11th in his office.  The information is all in the envelope.  One last thing the local security force for the neighborhood has been made aware of the FBI presence at the Colonels house for the weekend.  Any Questions?" Sinclair looked at his two agents and waited for one of them to speak up.

Ryan was the first to break the silence.  "So basically you want us to check out his place and search for any supernatural activity and eliminate it?" Ryan asked.

"Yes that is pretty much what it boils down to," Sinclair responded.

"So where do we check out our sub atomic particle accelerators?" Muir asked with a smile.

Sinclair looked at Muir but said nothing.  Muir's smile disappeared and then Sinclair said, "If there is nothing else you are dismissed".

Ryan and Muir stood up and walked out of Sinclair's office.  As they turned a corner away from Sinclair's office Lucy said, "Subatomic particle accelerator that was funny".

"Sinclair didn't think so.  He needs a sense of humor," Renee said as she shook her head.



Jenna entered the kitchen barely awake an on pure instinct she started the coffee maker that she had set up last night before going to bed.  Jenna moved to the table and sat in a chair and crossed her arms and laid her head on them and waited for the coffee.  Christy walked into the kitchen and saw Jenna with her head down on the table and she laughed to herself.

"You alive over there?" asked Christy as she moves to the fridge and took out the milk.

"Shut up you're disturbing my beauty sleep," groaned Jenna as she slightly lifted her head to check the coffee.  "Come giving beverage brew," Jenna groaned again.

Christy laughed and she poured some milk in a glass she got from the cabinet.  "Do you know what time Vic got in last night?  I did not hear him get in," Christy asked then took a drink from her glass.

Jenna did not move but muttered, "I don't know I was out before he got home".

The sound of the front door opening and then closing followed by the sound of whistling got Christy's attention as well as Jenna's.  Christy looked at Jenna and then Vic came barging into the kitchen still whistling.  Vic stopped in his tracks as he saw Jenna (who is half asleep and squinting) and Christy staring at him.  Vic's head moved back and forth from Christy and Jenna as he asked, "What?"

Christy moved closer to Vic and inspected him.  "You were wearing that when you left last night".   Vic looked at Christy as she continued to move closer then she sniffed him.  "You smell of smoke and perfume," Christy accused Vic as she stepped back away from him.  "What have you been up to young man?" Christy demanded in her authority voice.  Jenna seemed to perk up and her eyes opened more.

Vic put his hands up in front of him and said, "Whoa, last I checked I was an adult and I didn't have to answer to anyone".

"Well there you go thinking again.  That is going to keep getting you in trouble.  Don't you realize you live with three women.  That means you have to answer to us when ever we demand it," Christy explained as she crossed her arms in front of her chest and put on her determined face. 

Jenna added a yeah and realized her coffee was done and that was more important them interrogating Vic for the moment.  While Jenna made her coffee Christy grabbed Vic and sat him down in a chair and she moved about him looking at him like she was a cop interviewing a witness.

"Okay Vic where did you go last night and are you just getting in now?" Christy demanded.

Vic looked up and smiled and then looked over to Jenna who was pouring milk in her coffee.  "Well I am just getting is that okay?"

"No, that is not okay.  We were up all night worried about you.  You didn't call we were worried," Christy said in a very stern and scolding tone.

Vic rolled his eyes and replied, "Please you're killing me with the drama.  You need to get out more".

"I get out plenty if you must know," Christy pouted.

Vic stood up and hugged Christy, "Thanks for caring though".

"Yeah but where were you last night," Christy asked again.

Vic hugged her tighter and said, "I was out at a strip club and then I met some one and we talked all night and part of the morning".

"You went to a strip club with out us you suck," Jenna added as she heard where Vic had gone last night.

"So I take it this woman isn't a blonde otherwise you would have nailed her and been back long ago," added as she looked over to Jenna with a 'I gotcha' look.  Jenna gave Christy the finger as she drank some more of her coffee.

The door to the kitchen opened and in shuffled Erica.  She stopped just inside and looked at the scene that was unfolding in front of her.  Jenna was cradling a cup of coffee and Vic was holding Christy.  "Okay what did I miss here".



Lucy and Renee got to Colonel Branson's home and made their way in.  Lucy turned the alarm off and they began a systematic search of the residence looking for any signs of supernatural activity.  The house seemed normal and after several hours of going over every inch of it there was no signs of any activity.

"I think we are going to need some help with this," Lucy said as she met up with Renee in the living room.

"I don't like the sound of that," Renee answered.

"I think we need to give her a call"

"No can't we call Ted instead he has those fancy gizmos that can detect this stuff?" Renee pleaded cause she knew who Lucy wanted to call.

"We can't count on Ted getting here in time," Lucy told Renee as she looked at Renee trying to be sympathetic.  "She is in town and would get the job done quickly and get rid of what ever is here," Lucy added as she closed the distance between her and Renee.  Lucy wrapped her arms around her partner and held her.

Images of the last several months flashed in Lucy's mind's eye.  The images made her feel warm and complete they were all of her and Renee just being together sharing moments.  Just like this one Lucy did not want to let it go and Renee held on as if it meant the same to her.  Lucy turned her head slightly and whispered into Renee's ear, "I know how much you dislike her but she is the best shot we got".

Renee moved her head to respond, "I know".  Renee clung tighter to her friend partner and lover.


That evening Lucy and Renee were sitting in a local Italian Pizza/Restaurant.  They were waiting for their pizza as well as a guest.  Lucy was drinking a beer and Renee was drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade.  Lucy's eyes turned away from Renee and focused in on the person entering the front door.  Hudson had just arrived.  Her short cropped blonde hair and the flowing dress made her look like a modern day witch.  Hudson seemed to float into the room and all eyes turned to follow her as she spotted Lucy and Renee.

"She is here isn't she?" asked Renee.  Lucy just nodded slightly.  Renee tensed up and was afraid to turn and look.  Hudson closed the gap to the table and gracefully she slid into the chair next to Renee knowing all to well how upsetting it would be for Renee. 

"Hello Ryan," Hudson said in a low tone and she turned to face Renee and finished saying, "Hello Renee".  Hudson winked and smiled. 

Renee was ready to jump out of her skin or strangle Hudson she couldn't decide what to do first.  So she took a breath and replied, "Hello Hudson".

Lucy watched Renee's action and was rather pleased that Renee was getting better with dealing with Hudson.  Normally Renee would have freaked and been nearly yelling at Hudson for what she just did.  So Lucy smirked and began to fill Hudson in on the case they were working.

By the time they were all finished eating and the check was paid for Lucy had filled Hudson in on the case, as they understood it so far.  Hudson agreed to help and would follow them back to the house to check it out.  Lucy and Renee agreed and they left the restaurant and got in their cars.  Lucy drove Renee and waited for Hudson to follow in her rental.

Upon entering the house Hudson felt some residual energy.  "There has been several apparition appearances but none of them are of the haunting variety.  Hudson walked about the house and Lucy and Renee followed.  Hudson said nothing she just continued to move about the house faster.  It seemed she was trying to catch something that was eluding her.

Finally she came to a stop and dropped her head down.  Lucy and Renee just watched her and waited for her to speak.  Hudson remained silent and slowly raised her head and rubbed her eyes.  As she let her arms drop she looked at Lucy and Renee, as they seem anxious for some answers.  Hudson shook her head.

"There is nothing here.  What ever the apparition is it is directed at the Branson's.  Most likely it is something that has a message for one of them or both of them," Hudson told Lucy and Renee.

"Okay," Lucy sounded dejected.  "Well we have to meet with Colonel Branson on Tuesday I would like you to come along maybe you can get a better idea of what is happening then and we can explain what has happened," Lucy explained to Hudson.  Hudson nodded and Renee looked up at Lucy and nodded also.


Vic finally came to after sleeping for several hours.  It was already dark out as Vic looked out the window in his room.  Vic looked over to his clock and it read 7:22PM.  Vic was amazed that his roommates let him sleep this long.  He would have expected them to drag his ass out of bed after he got a couple of hours sleep.

Vic got up from his bed and stumbled to his bathroom.  He turned on the shower and took off his t-shirt and shorts he was wearing when he slept.  Vic climbed into the shower and let the water wake him.  As he washed himself there was something wrong.  For some reason Vic felt like he needed to be somewhere else.  As he was rinsing off he realized that he had promised to practice tonight.

Thatís when he heard the door to his bathroom open and Erica's voice yelling at him, "Vic hurry your sleepy ass up we are waiting for you".

"Yeah I will be there in a few so close the door so I can get out of here," Vic yelled back as he turned off the water in the shower.  He heard Erica close the door so Vic reached out and grabbed a towel and quickly dried off.

Ten minutes later Vic had dried off and changed and was in the studio behind the house.  Vic saw everyone was already to play and had been for a bit as he picked up his bass.

"You still look like hell," Christy commented as Vic strapped the bass over his shoulder.

"Thanks I do feel a little better then that though," Vic responded with a smile.

"So when are you going to call Vicky, you stud," Erica said with a big smile as she let the last part linger.  Christy and Jenna started laughing and whistling and making other rude and obnoxious comments that Vic found funny but embarrassing all at the same time.

"Look at that he is blushing.  He must like this one," Erica joked.

"Yeah he does.  Especially since she is a redhead," Christy added.

"All right that's enough.  Give me a break on this.   Also to answer the calling question, I am supposed to call her on Monday some time after 1 PM.  She should be home by then she has a job interview.  She might be giving up her stripping job," Vic told his friends.


The clock on the wall in the kitchen struck 1:00PM Vic was finishing a slice of pizza.  Erica came running into the kitchen.  She immediately stared at Vic and waited for him to acknowledge her.  Vic wiped his mouth and took a drink of his Manhattan Special coffee soda and looked right at Erica who seemed to be about to burst.

Vic then slowly asked, "Can I help you?"

Erica burst out and said, "Did you call yet?"

"No it just turned one," Vic answered.

"So call her now," Erica demanded as she looked at Vic like he was insane.

Vic stood and places a hand on Erica's shoulder and said, "Okay, but you have to relax first".  Vic smiled at Erica who made a face at like she wanted to kill him.  Vic moved out of the kitchen and then down the hall to his office.  Erica was close behind waiting for him to call

In the office Vic picked up his phone and pulled the number for Vicky out of his pocket.  Then Vic chased Erica out of the room.  Erica was not to happy but left begrudgingly.  Vic dialed the number and waited for Vicky to answer.  The phone was answered on the third ring and Vicky's voice was heard on the other end saying hello.

"Hello Vicky.  How did the job interview go?" Vic asked.

" Real well," Vicky answered, as she sounded excited,  "I have another interview tomorrow at 9:30 in the city tomorrow now.  It is down in the trade center.  The marketing company has its main offices there," Vicky continued to say.

"That is great.  So what are you doing tonight?" Vic asked.

"Well Dominick called and asked if I could cover for one of the girls for an early shift.  I said it was okay so I am busy tonight," Vicky replied as she sounded a little upset that she wasn't going to be able to spend time with Vic.  "How about tomorrow after the interview you meet me in the city for lunch?" Vicky then added.

Vic listened and said, "That sounds great tomorrow it is.  When you are done with the interview give me a call on my cell phone and we will meet up in the city".

"That sounds like a plan," Vicky shot back.

Vic gave Vicky his cell phone number and they said their goodbyes and he hung up the phone.  Vic looked at his calendar on his desk and circle the 11th and wrote lunch with Vicky.  Vic leaned back in his chair and thought at least September is turning out to be a good month.



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