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In a rather luxurious London flat, there are clothes thrown about but lead a trail down the hall.  Under further inspection they are six complete sets of clothes, five female and one male.  The male's clothes appear to be a fine tailored suit with white silk shirt and cufflinks.  The women's clothes seem to range from custom designed dresses with heels to jeans, halter-top and sneakers.  Also we find several opened and empty bottles of champagne and six glasses that are scattered about the room.  Following the clothes they lead to the main bedroom down a long hall and in the room we see a huge bed and there appears to be a multiple bodies under the covers.

Then with a violent explosion of sound a large stereo appear from behind a rotating wall.  As on cue five women sit up in shock of the loud music.  All immediately start screeching from the music since it is painfully loud.  Yet a hand reaches out and grabs a remote and then there was silence.  The women start scrambling for all their clothing. They could not believe what they did last night but none of them regretted what they did as looked at each other kind of embarrassed kind of still turned on from what happened last night.  They all dress quickly because they all are supposed to be somewhere else.

A head appears from under the covers to reveal the man who belonged to the suit as well as the resident of the flat.  His hair was slightly disheveled and was wearing sunglasses.  He casually sits up and admires the show that is unfolding before him.  As the women finish dressing and make their way over to the bed.

"Do you ever take those things off?" asked the redhead as she place her hands on her waist and shifts her hips slightly in an alluring and seductive manor.

"Only when I have to and that time hasn't come yet," replied the man.

"Well you can a least get your bum out of bed and give me a hug goodbye," demanded the shapely ebony woman as she held out her arms to him.

He moved to the edge of the bed and stood up.  He was completely naked.  He stood just over six feet tall and looked like he was chiseled from stone like the Greek gods.  Yet he had several marks that a god did not have.  Two tattoos, six bullet wounds and a large scare from a knife wound.  He moved forward to the woman who demanded his attention.  He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close and then moved his hands over her ass and kissed her.  He moved the away and smiled.  She blushed and the rest of the girls jockeyed for position for a hug and kiss.  He hugged each one and then escorted them to the door and promised he would call all of them as soon as he could.  They walked out of the apartment waving and blowing kisses towards him.

"Ladies I enjoyed the evening immensely and they said you would never perform together again.  It just needed to be the right venue," smirked the man as he waved to the women as the exited.

"You are a bad boy Stewart and if I had more time I would give you a spanking," replied the girl in jeans and halter-top with an evil smile and a twinkle in her eye.

He smiled and the door finally closed as they finished exiting.  He ran a hand through his hair and headed to the bathroom.  He showered, shaved and dressed in a navy blue Armani suite.  He adjusted his tie and reached into a dresser draw and pulled out his HK VP70 9mm.  He slid it into the shoulder holster.  He checked his look in the mirror and checked the time.  It was 10:30 in the morning. 

He quickly scrawled a note reading:

Dear Mrs. Worthington


Sorry for the mess.  I had an impromptu party last night.  Here is a little something extra for you troubles


Stewart C Coe

He reached into his wallet and counted out a hundred pounds and left it under the note on the dinning room table.  He adjusted his tie once again and headed out the door.  As he closed the door he spoke the word "lock" and several clicking noise were heard and the door was secured with the latest locking system available.  He headed to the elevator, which took him to the basement garage.  He reached into his pocket and grabbed his keys and pressed a button on his car alarm keypad.  A double chirp was heard and his car also started with another press of a button.

He opened the door to his dark blue Lotus Espirit turbo.  He climbed in and shifted the car into first and was on his way out of the garage.  Several minutes later he arrived in front of Her Majesty's Secret Service also known as M.I.6.  He pulled the car into a basement garage going through several security points with retina scans and voice recognition.  He parks in a spot simply with the number 006.  He exits his car and locks it and setting the security alarm as he walks toward an elevator that is voice activated.

After several minutes he arrives in front an office and he walks in.  Inside he sees a woman getting up from a chair in front of a large desk.

"Agent Stewart C. Coe I presume?  My name is Sheri Champagne," she said as she move away from the chair and offered her hand.

"A pleasure to meet you Ms Champagne," replied Stewart as he received her hand and gently grasped it and gave it a slight shake.  He observed her dark curly hair and her very form fitting woman's business suit.  He smiled.

"I was directed to give you this envelope and escort you to M's office," she added as she let go of his hand and handed him the envelope.

"Okay, no problem," said Stewart as he made his way behind the desk and motion for Sheri to sit.  He opens the envelope and pulled out a picture and some newspaper clippings.  He looks at the photo and recognizes the face of Professor Von Hummel.  He reads the clippings and realizes that Von Hummel is posing as Dr. Hummer a leading physician in the treatment of various deadly viruses such as The West Nile virus that is currently plaguing the city of New York.  In the one article it mentions the boarding off of Central Park since over seventeen pigeons were found dead from the West Nile virus.  Stewarts stomach twinge slightly when he remembered the last meeting with the professor.  It was ten years ago when Stewart was new to the agency and was involved in the capture and eventual conviction of Von Hummel.  Stewart remembered the last words that Von Hummel spoke to him they echoed in his brain now as he thought about him.

"I will make you pay for the indignity that you have caused me.  You will pay with your life!"

The words were ringing in Stewart's head when another voice broke through "006 are you alright?"

"I am fine," answered Stewart as he came back to reality.

Stewart placed everything back in the envelope and stood up.  "I guess we shouldn't keep the old man waiting lets get going," Stewart added as he moved around his desk and held the door open for Sheri and followed down the hall on their way to M's office.

In front of M's office was the ever vigil and amazing secretary Miss Moneypenney.  The only flaw he could see with her was she was hopelessly in love with 007.  He couldn't figure that out and thought she could do better.  Well she immediately buzzed them into M's office and smiled graciously at them.

"Moneypenney I don't see what you see in James?  He is a bore, you could do so much better." Joked Stewart.  This had become an on going joke between the two ever since Stewart was a witness to her fawning over James and him just casually and politely dismissing her.

"It's none of your business.  Stop prying into my private life," Miss Moneypenney shot back with a look that could kill.  Then she smiled as Sheri and Stewart walked into M's office.

 "006 and agent Champagne" grumbled M as he puffed away on his pipe and shuffled through some files on his desk.  "Take a seat both of you."

Stewart sat not saying anything as he tried to catch a glimpse of what M was looking at.  M was very good at shuffling fast enough not to allow anyone to catch a good look at any paperwork on his desk that he did not want him or her to see.  He did see a file labeled Operation Removal.  This got his curiosity going especially with the paper work he had just looked at.

"006 do you ever take those blasted things off?" grumbled M as he looked at him intently.

"No sir, I haven't seen the need to do so," answered Stewart.

M huffed and started to speak in a low but commanding tone, "006 and agent Champagne, I called you both in here for an assignment that is not your typical assignment".  M stood up and started to pace, Stewart knew in his years in the service this was not a good sign. M continued, "I am not one to send agents out with the intent to assassinate but times change and people change and government policies change.  So now the license to kill is nothing more than the right to kill with no discretion".  M's face was looking worn and tired.  He held the "00" rank with its license to kill with the utmost respect and demanded that of every agent who held the rank.  He also fought hard over the years to keep his men from being government assassins.  M's speech went on, "In this particular case my desires for the agency could not be upheld.  In the most base sense of what I am saying, you are to exterminate a pest from your past," M's hard gaze fell upon Stewart.   Sheri had a shocked look on her face since she had only seen M from a distance and now she was going on a mission to kill a man.

"Well sir I am going to assume that you are referring to Von Hummel but I don't see the connection unless he had devised away to artificially produce the West Nile Virus?" Stewart asked.

"You have got that correct 006.  He has produced the virus and our sources say he is the one behind the West Nile Virus out break in New York.  Also word is you are his first target.  So we devised a cover story for you and agent Champagne.  You are going to New York were you are going to propose and marry.  We have set this plan in motion for over several weeks.  There have been sightings of you to together pictures of both of you in romantic situations.  We tried to cover everything to get Von Hummel to believe you were getting married and coming to New York.  We wanted to deliver you instead of having him make the first move" M sat back down.  And grabbed two plane tickets and handed them over to Stewart and Sheri.

"Well take these and go down to Q Branch.  Your schedules and equipment are waiting for you down there.  006 I have never had the displeasure of giving one of my agents a mission with the only objective was to eliminate the one man.  The World security council feels that this is the only course of action available" M turned his chair and Stewart knew this was his way of saying good luck and you can leave now.

Stewart stood up and offered a hand to Sheri who was in shock off what transpired.  She took Stewarts hand and walked out of the office with Stewart.  The next few minutes were quiet as both went down to the lower levels of M.I.6 to what is known as Q branch.  After passing multiple security checks they made it to the entranceway to Q branch.  Q was waiting for Stewart and Sheri.

"006 and you must be Agent Sheri Champagne," Q said as he held out his hand for Sheri.  "It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Champagne".

"It is a pleasure meeting you," answered Sheri as she accepted Q's hand and shook slightly.

"Well if you follow me I will get you everything you will need to get through the mission".  Q led them into his lab area and you could see numerous tests going on.  Stewart always loved to see the new gadgets that Q and his team were cooking up.  He loved to test the gadgets out in the field and more times then he cared to admit to the saved his life.

Q stopped in front of a small cache of items.  "006 here is all we are going to give you for your current assignment.  First we have a new pistol for you.  It is a hybrid pistol we created here in the lab.  We took a standard H&K 11mm pistol and built in a new laser-targeting device. Notice it doesn't increase the size of the gun at all".  Q handed the gun over to Stewart as held the gun and turn on the targeting system and saw the familiar red dot on the ceiling.  "Also 006 we re tooled the clip and handle of the gun so that you can only fire the weapon and reload.  The handle checks for your hand print.  So you won't be able to fire the gun with a glove on.  Also we have on clip of hollow point rounds.  They will pierce any known body armor as well as quarter in steel and six inches of plasteel."

Stewart gathered the gun its holster and clips.  He places a clip in the gun and holstered the weapon and quickly removed his jacket and strapped the new gun under his left arm.  He put on his jacket as Q grabbed another item.

"Now 006 this may look like a normal Palm pilot and under casual scrutiny it acts like one.  In actuality it is a highly sophisticated tracking device.  These two pens are the tracers.  You will be able to track both pens simultaneously.  You will have another unit like this in the car waiting for you in New York.  It is located in a drop down compartment in the ceiling." Q added as he handed the device over to Stewart.

"Now Agent Champagne we have a similar pistol for you and this make up kit.  The lipstick is plastic explosive.  The compact has a chip that is a detonator and is triggered by the compact.  Also under the eyelash applicator is a lock pick".  Q handed everything over to Sheri and she quickly organized everything to carry out.

" Well that is all that I have for you two and I would like to wish you the best of luck and 006 please try to return something when you return," Q remarked as he shot a glare over to Stewart.

"I try every time I go out in the field Q," replied Stewart with a genuine tone and smile.

" I wish you did not have those blasted glasses on so I could see your eyes".

"Well on your way out Ms. Stephenson will have you sign the releases and you will pick up all your schedules".

Stewart lead Sheri out and over to Ms Stephenson's desk.  She had all the paperwork waiting to be signed.  Stewart and Sheri signed all the papers and picked up the schedule.  Stewart gazed at the schedule and saw the hotel was Trump Plaza and they were picking up a car from Hertz and it was a Dodge Intrepid.  Stewart was quite happy with everything.  He shared the info with Sheri and she nodded with approval.  They left Q branch and made plans to for Stewart to meet Sheri at her place in two hours.  So they quickly took leave of each other and headed to there respected residents.  There plane did not leave for five hours but Stewart new they would need to take a crash course in each others likes and dislikes.

In two hours Stewart pulled up in front of Sheri's flat and exited the taxi and retrieved his two bags and garment case.  He lugged all the items up and was buzzed up to Sheri's 4th floor flat.  Stewart was greeted at the door and noticed it was conservatively decorated.  Not many items around to get a read on Seri's personality other than she doesn't decorate.  Stewart put his bags down and Sheri offered him a drink.  He declined and sat down and waited for her to settle down.  He could tell she was nervous.

"Sheri I know this is going to be hard for us both so I guess I should let you in on why this man hates me so much and why we have to go and exterminate him.  Well it was ten years ago when I was just an agent like you.  I was ordered to infiltrate Von Hummel's inner sanctum.  I played the part as an assistant to one of his top scientist.  They were developing new viruses for chemical warfare to the highest bidder.  Von Hummel was in the middle of making a deal with Iran when I blew the whistle after collecting enough evidence to put him away for what I thought was a long time.  They only got him for six years but they revoked his license as a doctor.  I figured his credibility was destroyed.  Well I was wrong.  As they sentenced him and I was a star witness for the prosecution he turned to me and told me I would pay for what I have done and I would pay with my life.  Now it seems he is doing what he was doing before under a new name," Stewart told her as he held her hands in his to steady her.

"I did not know any of this and I guess it is real personal for him," responded Sheri in a low tone.

"Well usually when someone gave me a death threat I would laugh it off.  I laughed that day.  I actually laughed at him as he said those things to me he broke out in a rage and tried to get me but he was immediately restrained.  There was a medical exam and mental exam done to him and it turn out he was teetering on the edge of insanity.  I guess for that moment he snapped but regained his composure.  Well I think I have got you worried enough.  Right now we really need to get to know each other better so we can pull this couple thing off".

Sheri nodded and they easily broke into conversation.  They spent the next hour learning about each other and familiarizing each other with details that couples should know.  They touched and kissed just so it looked natural when they got to New York.  Stewart called for a taxi and then they were of to the Big Apple and for what to exterminate a man who wants Stewart dead. 

The Taxi ride and plane ride were uneventful.  They talked about dreams and aspirations almost like a real couple and it made Stewart feel strange.  He has been with many women but the last time he talked to some one like this it was his aunt who took him in after his parents died.  That was the last woman he ever was truly close to and that was ten years ago.  Ten years ago what a coincidence Stewart thought.

The plane landed and the couple got off the plane and breezed through customs.  Especially since they were led through the airport. They must have made through in record time.  At the hertz rental desk they were immediately whisked over to their car. 

"Mr. Coe here is your car," the agent said as she opened the door.  "Here is the tracker and here are another two pens as back up.  Other than that the car is company standard equipped".

"Thanks a lot you have been a big help," Stewart said as he handed the agent twenty-dollar tip and smiled.  He always tipped the agents who did these thankless jobs when he could.  He new they were the backbone to all of there missions.

Stewart and Sheri both got in the car and drove off the lot.  Stewart left Kennedy airport and head along the Belt Parkway towards Manhattan.  Once again they fell easily into a conversation as if they had know each other for a lifetime.  Stewart found himself talking about things that he hasn't told anyone before.   Stewart explained that he holds dual citizenship.  He is obvious an Englishman and an American.  His parents were born in England, London to be exact.  They lived in New York and were theater agents.  They lived primarily in New York but had a small Cottage outside London.  Stewart was born here in New York and spent half his life here until his parents were killed by a freak stage accident.  Stewarts parents were checking out the scenery for a new play one of their stars were in when the entire lighting rig came down destroying the set the Coe's and the producer and director.

He also told Sheri of his life with his single aunt and how growing up in England was and spending summers in the 'Colonies' as his aunt called it.  He quickly breezed over his trough his schooling and college and eventually how he became an agent.  Stewart was amazed with how Sheri intently listened and smiled and commented as he told his stories.  He was definitely feeling strange.  He also knew the feelings would be put aside when the time came for him to do his job.

Well the couple checked in to the Trump Plaza.  They were staying in one of the Presidential suites.  The room was a large luxury apartment minus the kitchen.  There was a huge living room area that led into the hug bedroom with a fireplace and Jacuzzi.  The bathroom had a huge bath and a sauna attached.  It was amazing.  The couple settled in and Sheri broke the silence and commented on the room.  Stewart nodded in agreement

Stewart went into one of his bags and pulled out a device known as the bug tracker.  He deftly palmed the item as not to arouse suspicion in case there were any hidden video cameras.  The bug tracker also picked up hidden video camera signals, so he powered it on it went to work.  The bug tracker had lit up like a Christmas tree.  Stewart smiled and went into his bag again and pulled out eight small metallic items and began placing them through out the suite.  As he placed the last one he pressed a button on the bug tracker and a low and quick electronic hiss came from all the objects Stewart placed about the suite.  Sheri looked at Stewart confused.  He just put a finger to his lips to keep her quiet.

"I am exhausted from the flight and the day.  We should call it a day and start fresh in the morning," Stewart remarked as he was using the bug tracker to locate each bug and destroy it.

Sheri smiled and replied, "I know it has been a long day, I am feeling tired also".

"Okay lets get unpacked and we can get some sleep," Stewart remarked as he finished destroying the last bug.  "Sheri start unpacking whoever bugged this place is probably going crazy right now I have the video jammed and I destroyed all there listening devices but in a minute the video cameras will be coming back online.  So they will be able to see but not here us.  So in a minute I am going to fake a back injury to prevent them from seeing that our relationship is a cover.  They are probably thinking we should be having sex.  So with the back injury that should by us time and make Von Hummel happy to see me in pain and unable to perform on my proposal weekend."

Sheri started unpacking as well as Stewart when another quick electronic hissing noise was heard.  Stewart looked over at Sheri and smiled.  Sheri knew that they were live now.  Stewart and Sheri continued unpacking when Stewart lift on of his cases awkwardly and dropped it as he grabbed at his lower back. Sheri came over and placed her hand and Stewart winced and moaned. 

Sheri guided him over to the bed and laid him down.  He kicked off his shoes and waited for Sheri to come to bed.  Sheri went into the bathroom and looked back at Stewart.

"Its clean in there," Stewart shouted to Sheri.

She smiled and changed it a silk pajama outfit.  She walked into the bedroom and turned off the lights.  Sheri climbed into bed and gave Stewart a kiss on the cheek.  "Thank you for thinking of everything," Sheri whispered to Stewart.

"It is just starting don't thank me yet.  It is going to get real messy before this is all over," Stewart whispered back.

Sheri lay down on her side with a hand on Stewart's chest to play up the couple angle.  Sheri found it hard to sleep as Stewarts word rang in her ears.  Finally sleep did come but it wasn't restful since she was rolling around like crazy.




In the old stone fort built by the Dutch when they occupied the island of Manhattan, There are eight video monitors showing different views of a large suite.  Suddenly the screens are filled with static and the audio feed is failing.  Two men that are watching the screams panic and one makes a picks up the phone and makes a call explaining what is happening with the surveillance cameras and the sound.

In moments a man most would consider harmless entered the room.  He was wearing a simple lab coat over a simple white dress shirt and dress pants.  His hair was thinning and blond which gave him a very high forehead.  He wore small round glasses and walked like a man who had a purpose.  The two men who were watching and listening seemed to be very aware of the presence of the man and nervous that he may just snap at anytime. 

"Sir everything was working perfectly.  They entered the room looked around and started to unpack then the video just went then the bugs failed so now we have no audio or video he may be on to us Sir," reported the man who had made the phone call.  When suddenly the video came back on.  All three men watched intently to see if they could detect if any thing had gone wrong.  The couple seemed to go about their unpacking when the man grabbed at his back and appeared to be in pain.  He laid down on the bed and the woman went into the bathroom the only area that wasn't monitored due to lack of time to set up a camera in there.  The woman came back into the room and climbed into bed and the light went out.  One man pressed several buttons and the cameras now were seeing the room as if it was lit up with daylight.  They employed lens developed by the military to spot rounds with video at night.

"It seems that Mr. Coe is not on to us I think he just took normal precautions that any agent would.  They are all hyper paranoid about being spied upon anyway.  If he knew we were watching he would be tormenting me and the video would have been permanently disabled as well," the man in the lab said in a low tone.  "I will have a lip reader here by morning.  Keep watching for any changes".  The man walked out of the room and muttered, "At least he threw out his back the bastard".

The men continued to watch the screens when one remarked, "Does he ever take those sunglasses off?"

The morning came and Stewart moved slowly out of the bed to keep the façade of a bad back.  He moved into the bathroom and showered and shaved.  He went about his normal routines and dressed in casual slacks and polo shirt.  He noticed that Sheri was still sleeping so he left the bedroom and moved out to the living room area.  Stewart moved to the phone and made several phone calls to confirm plans he had set the day before while he was getting ready to leave for this assignment.

There was a knock at the door and Stewart slowly got up and went to the door. He peered out through the peephole.  It was room service like he expected since that was the first call he had made.  Stewart opened the door and the attendant wheeled in the food cart.

"Where would you like me to serve breakfast sir?" asked the attendant.

"Just leave it right here I will take care of everything." Replied Stewart as he reached into hi pocket and peeled of a twenty-dollar bill from his billfold and handed it to the attendant who was exiting the door.

Stewart rolled the tray into the bedroom and Sheri started to stir.  She sat up, as she smelled the food cart get nearer and smiled.  Stewart uncovered the two meals and brought a tray over to Sheri and gave her a light kiss on the forehead for the cameras but a strange sensation came swept over him and the fear that this was going to be a long day was now planted in the back of his mind.

Stewart and Sheri ate breakfast and made small talk about nothing.  The guys watching must have been going insane listening to the idle chatter.  Sheri showered and dressed for the day.  Stewart put on a sports coat to complete his outfit and cover his shoulder holster.  Sheri wore the woman's version of the holster under her suite jacket.  They were ready for the day and left the suite with the do not disturb sign on the door.  Also they stopped at the desk and asked to not let anyone in their suite to clean or any other reason.

They pretty much went as Stewart had anticipated; he was dragged about the city looking at clothes and jewelry.  They only stopped for a quick lunch at the Fashion Café were there was a large crowd and cameras were clicking and flashes flashing.  It turned out that Elle McPherson was debuting some new clothing line.  Stewart steered Sheri clear of that mob knowing full well if Elle saw him she would wonder why he was still alive.  Especially since she was informed by the British government that he had died in a plane crash over the Atlantic four years ago.

The rest of the day was going smoothly.  Stewart and Sheri were laughing and having fun like a couple in love.  This was starting to scare Stewart because it was like an accident that you could not avoid.  Stewart knew he could not afford to get emotionally attached right now since he would have to kill a man.  Even though it is has been said that it is the best thing for world security.  Something did not sit well with that knowledge.  There was something missing and Stewart felt it would not be long before something happened.

Stewart finally took control of their little adventure an got to the hotel were they dropped off the clothes that Sheri purchased.  Stewart also picked up an envelope that was waiting for him at the concierge's desk and they were off again getting a cab heading to their next destination.

"The Madison Square," Stewart told the cabbie.

" What's going on there?" asked Sheri as the cab pulled into traffic causing several horns to sound and curses shouted.

"Only the greatest sport in the world," replied Stewart.

                "They play football indoors in America?" asked Sheri.  This caused Stewart to laugh since he assumed that Sheri knew what sports were played at Madison Square Garden.

                "No, and in the States they call it soccer.  That is not what we are going to see anyway.  What we are going to see tonight is the New York Rangers pummel the New York islanders.   I was raised in the Garden practically.  That is until I moved England with my aunt.  My father caught the bug as he called it and was a devoted Ranger fan so we had season tickets and he would take me to all the games.  I was addicted.  Now I just follow the games from box scores on the Internet and when ever I can.  So in the envelope are two luxury box passes.  We will be waited on and watch a good game," Stewart smiled and put his arm around Sheri's shoulder and gently pulled her close.   She did not resist she leaned her head on his chest.  His heart started racing luckily the cab pulled up to the front of the Garden.  Stewart gave the cabbie a twenty and told him to keep the change.

                As Stewart and Sheri made their way into the Garden the hair on the back of Stewart's neck started to rise.  This always signaled danger.  Stewart casually looked around and noticed several guys who had tailed them at some point in the day.  So they are going to make there move here he thought to himself. Well all he could do was be ready.

                As they settled into the luxury box a waitress came in and took their drink order.  Stewart ordered a Molson and Sheri asked for a Seven and Seven.  Stewart looked at her and smiled.  Sheri looked at Stewart and motioned for him to come close to her.  He moved close and Sheri moved in and Whispered into his ear and cupped her hand over her mouth at the same time and said, "It is going down her tonight isn't it".

                Stewart smiled and simply replied, "Yes".

                So she knew Stewart was glad that she was able to pick up on everything that had gone on all day.  Now all they could do was wait. Stewart was curious how they would get them out of here without anyone noticing anything was wrong.

                The drinks came just as the first period started.  The game pace was fast and furious with a lot of hits and scoring chances for the Rangers.  The Rangers did capitalize on two chances in the first period and simply dominated the fist period.  As the players left the ice Jumbotron flashed a message;

Sheri will you marry me?



A waitress had come into the luxury box and Sheri read the message.  She blushed and tears started streaming down her face and she was able to able to blurt a barely coherent yes.  The next message on the Jumbotron was;

She said yes

The crowd cheered as the message was shown.  The PA system was playing some music and everything went back to normal between period routines.

                Sheri did move to Stewart and was hugging and kissing him trying to straighten herself when suddenly Stewart felt a slight pinprick.  The next thought he had was oh that’s how he plans on getting us out of here.

                Stewart slowly opened his eyes and was amazed he was still wearing his sunglasses but quickly realized they must have been removed for a time because the left side of his face and around his eye was throbbing.  His ribs felt battered but he did not think any were broken.  Other than feeling light headed he thought he was doing fairly well.  Then he realized he was chained to a wall and a rather large blond man was drawing back to deliver a punch to the gut.  With a crushing force the large man's fist connected with Stewart's stomach and pain surged through his body.  He was awake now.

                "That is enough Lex I believe he is awake now," Von Hummel said as the blond man moved away.  Stewart recognized Von Hummel and watched him move closer to Stewart.  "Well Mr. Coe we meet again but this time I am the judge jury and executioner.  To make this a little fairer much like my trial I am prepared to set a trial up for you.  With a few changes there will be no attorneys, no jury, no pleadings of any type.  You will need to get from here, the south end of Central Park, to the old fort on the north west part of the park.  You will have fifteen minutes to get there which is the amount of time it would take an average couple to walk there.  Except you will have to pass several check points.  All you have to do is grab the flag at each checkpoint simple enough.  All your moves will be monitored and aired for the world security council to see.  The sun will be coming up shortly so we will begin then.  If by some miracle you actually make it to the fort you will have to save your fiancée.  She has not been harmed yet but will die.  She will die just as you fail.  So do you have any Questions?" Von Hummel sneered

                "Yeah I got one question for you did the Rangers win last night I missed the last two periods?" asked Stewart as he fought the urge to get sick.

                "You mock me till the end I will laugh last you BASTARD!" growled Von Hummel as he backhanded Stewart across the face.  Blood oozed from Stewarts mouth from the hit.  Von Hummel turned and walked towards a jeep that was waiting to take him to the fort.  Lex followed closely behind him.  " Oh one more thing those manacles are electronic and are waiting for a signal from me to release you.  So don't worry about no one being around to free you when your trial starts'" Von Hummel added a just as climbed into the jeep and it pulled away.

                The jeep pulled up in front of the stone fort, which was designed after a castle in Europe.  Von Hummel quickly jumped out and moved into the fort and made his way down into a lower level that had a make shift television set.  Von Hummel moved in front of the cameras and grabbed a remote.

                "Gentlemen if you would please lets get this party rolling," Von Hummel announced as he put an earpiece in.

                "We are just about to connect up with the satellite.  Okay I got a countdown in 5..4..3..2..1."

                The light came on the main camera.  Von Hummel started to speak, "Gentlemen of the World Security Council.  You all know who I am since some of want me dead and others want my secrets.  I would like you to know that I have disposed of twenty seven agents from various governments trying to get my secrets before the British finish the job.  That’s right I know Stewart C Coe was sent here to kill me.  That information came courtesy of Ms. Champagne.  What I have planned today is the death of Mr. Coe and all of you will watch as he dies.  Then you will bow to my will when this is all over I will make my demands clear to you.  Right now enjoy the drama I have set up for you."

                The camera switched from a shot of Von Hummel to a shot of Stewart still chained to the wall.  Suddenly the locks opened and Stewart fell to his knees.  Von Hummel's voice rang out in the early morning air " You have fifteen minutes Mr. Coe starting now".

                On the screen that the world Security Council was watching had a timer graphic.  The council watched as Stewart got up and walked over to a table on the table was a piece of paper, which Stewart picked up.  Also there was round object that Stewart put in his pocket.  The then saw Stewart start to run.   Another graphic appeared on the screen it showed a diagram of Central Park and there were several yellow marks.  Von Hummel's voice was then heard and he explained the test and what the marks meant.  The Security Council seemed stunned muttering was heard about the room cell phone calls were being made.  The British council member made a call and all he said was, "Coe is in," he hung up and watched the screen.

                Stewart was running not worrying about being watched.  He was fairly familiar with the first checkpoint but was not prepared for what he saw.  Stewart saw the flag but also saw four gunmen on a platform tower.  They had Binoculars and two had high-powered rifles and the other two had Uzi's.  This was not going to be easy but they had not seen Stewart yet but they would be able to make him in just a minute.  Stewart put his head done and just headed straight for the flag.

                As he ran head long into the sights of the gunman they spotted him.  The Uzi toting gunman started spraying the area.  Stewart was able to get the flag as bullets sprayed the ground around him. The guys with high-powered rifles aimed to shoot when they realized he was charging the platform.  In seconds Stewart rammed one of the legs of the tower and was able to cause it to topple.  The gunman fell and one of the Uzi gunmen shot the other three as they fell.  Stewart quickly attacked the one gunman moving.  He punched him on the side of his face and blood sprayed out of the mouth of the gunman as he crumpled.  Stewart grabbed the Uzi and some clips.  He quickly pulled the paper out of pocket and looked at it and saw the direction of the next checkpoint.  He started running and checked the timer he picked up.  Two minutes so far not to bad.

                In the fort Von Hummel was screaming' "Look at the incompetence of the idiots.  They all better not be that pathetic.  I better see him dead."  Von Hummel screamed to everyone in the room.  The large video screen changed cameras as they tracked Stewart's progress.  They watched as Stewart made his way and neared the checkpoint.  There was another tower and with two gunmen with high-powered rifles and there was two gunmen with Uzi's.  Stewart blazed into the open and fired in the direction of the Uzi carrying gunman.  Both men dropped and Stewart zigzagged and laid spray fire to disrupt the men in the tower. He grabbed the flag and continued to head out.  Von Hummel was cursing again as he watched Stewart make it to some cover. 

                "He should not make it pass the next checkpoint.  Since he will have to go through the Zoo," growled Von Hummel.

                Stewart looked at his map as he made it to some cover and saw it was in the Zoo.  He also noticed there were two more after thus one.  He started running and came upon some guards who opened fire on Stewart.  One bullet grazed his arm as he opened fire and killed both gunmen.  As Stewart grabbed some more ammo he notice the graze was a little worse than he though but he had no time to take care of it now.  He kept running.  He made it to the Zoo and started in slowly expecting a trap at any minute.  Then he heard a shot ring pass his head as he ducked from a fly coming at him.  He kept running and more shots rang out.  Then as he made it closer to were the checkpoint flag the gunshots stopped.  Stewart got nervous.  He realized he was in the lion's area.  He saw the flag and heard the gates close.  Stewart grabbed at the timer in his pocket and realized he had nine minutes left.

                Stewart thought to himself he doesn't have time for this.  He ran for the flag and saw the three lions come into view.  He grabbed the flag and sensed the lions smelled the blood in the air since it was flowing pretty well.  This is going to look bad he thought he saw the closest way out that would put him in line for his next checkpoint.  The only problem was the lion was in the way and Stewart was afraid of that.  He took a deep breath and charged the lion.  The lion stopped and bared his teeth.  Stewart opened fired on the lion and cut him wide open with the endless stream of bullets.  As he closed in the lion dropped and the other two lions charged over but did not chase Stewart they mauled the fallen lion. Stewart shook his head and climbed the fence.  He looked back and shook his head but he knew it was either he or the lions, even though they were just innocent animals.

                Stewart kept running and made it towards the ball fields.  There were several jeeps waiting for him.  He kept running and the jeeps started for him.  Stewart kept running forward then stopped and opened fire on one jeep.   Stewart killed the driver and he crashed into the jeep to the left stopping both jeeps.   There were two jeeps still running and they swerved to avoid the pile up. Stewart opened fire on the driver who was alive and killed him.  Stewart arrived at the jeep after avoiding the other jeeps and a few gunshots from the drivers. Stewart stood up in the jeep after pushing the dead body out of the jeep.  He opened fire on the other jeeps.  He cleared them away for the moment, which allowed him to unlock the jeep from the other after the crash.  He started towards the next checkpoint as the other jeeps pursued.  Stewart found six grenades in a box on the passenger seat.  He took one and pulled the pin and tossed it back towards the jeeps that were following.  The grenade exploded under the first jeep and the jeep exploded and the second jeep crashed into the debris.

                Stewart knew he was going to make it now, especially since he saw the external power generator.  Stewart gunned the jeep and was closing in on the power generator. There was nothing in his way he was getting nervous.

                In the fort Von Hummel was screaming and could not figure out where Stewart was heading.

                "God dam it were is that son of a bitch heading.  How come we do not have any cameras there!"? Von Hummel shouted

                An explosion was heard and all the power went out. Von Hummel was screaming like a lunatic.  Where is the power, where is the back up generator.  Suddenly power was restored.   Then there was a huge crash as the fort shook.  As gunshots rang out with screams of men dieing, Von Hummel headed towards Sheri and Lex was near by to protect him.

                The camera man was shooting the whole scene and from the what he saw a man with blood flowing from one arm toting an Uzi wearing sunglasses burst in and opened fire as he moved into the make shift studio.  Von Hummel was screaming and his big goon bodyguard moved into intercept the crazed man.  Then in a rage the man screamed and cut the bodyguard open as his fired and emptied the clip in him.  Then he threw the gun down ran down towards Von Hummel.

                Stewart was in a rage and ran towards Von Hummel and leapt over Lex.  He was closing in when Von Hummel stepped back and a clear wall slammed down between Stewart and him.

                "Well Mr. Coe you seemed to have made it pass all my obstacles and you may have saved your fiancée.  You will not be able to save New York.  All I have to do is push this button and the West Nile Virus will be let loose with a swarm of mosquitoes.  I may not have my revenge the way that I intended but I will win," snarled von Hummel.

                Stewart noticed that on the table near him were his gun and all the rest of the stuff.  Stewart calmly moved towards the table and picked up his gun as Von Hummel spewed his venomous ranting.  He clicked the safety off and pointed it in Von Hummel's direction.

                "What do you intend to do with that my foolish friend," Von Hummel laughed.  A single shot rang out.  Von Hummel dropped like a sand bag as blood spilled from his head.

                Stewart put the gun down and grabbed Sheri's make up kit and pulled out her eyelash applicator.  He opened it and used the lock picker to release her.  Sheri fell into Stewart's arms and cried.  She held onto Stewart and told him what had happened to her while he was locked up outside.

"Its Okay you are safe now.  It is all over now," Stewart whispered into her ear and held her tightly.

Sirens were heard and screeching tires as cops came charging in along with what looked like the FBI.  Stewart and Sheri were escorted out and were whisked away.

Several days later back in M.I.6 offices Stewart and Sheri were being debriefed by M.

"Well 006 and Ms. Champagne the assignment was a much bigger success then we had hoped for.  We had documented proof of his dealings with several small countries that were financing him with money.  All parties are being eradicated or apprehended.  I am sorry we had to put you through that but we needed to find out why all those agents were missing and who was supplying Von Hummel with cash.  We found out all we needed.  Also the Security Council was impressed with your performance but a little dismayed when you killed that lion," M spoke in an even tone.

"I did what I had to I am not trying to impress PETA," Stewart quipped.

"Well 006 I am not concerned with your jokes.  I just want to say good job and you have the next two weeks off that goes for you to Ms. Champagne.  When you return Ms. Champagne you are to report to the Minister of Security for your new assignment.  That is all, have a good day" M said as he packed his pipe and lit it and turned his chair to face the rear wall.

Stewart and Sheri left M's office. They breezed through Miss Moneypenney's office.  Stewart did not even make a remark to her. 

"Sheri I want to talk to you, if you have a minute," Stewart asked as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

Sheri turned and said "Yes Stewart".

"I have to tell you I have fallen for you in the last few days and I would like to keep seeing you if that is okay with you?" asked Stewart as he removed his sunglasses and gazed into her eyes.

"I would like that a lot I would love to spend more time with you," Sheri responded as she hugged him.

Stewart held her close and started telling her, "I have never felt this way about a woman ever.  Its like I shut that side of me down along time ago, but now it seems to have awakened.  It seems that in the last few days I have changed.  It seems that the last ten years I have been alive but not living now that I have met you I am a whole person".

"Excuse me you two but this is neither the place or time to be carrying on like that," said a man standing nearby.

Stewart looked up placed his sunglasses back on and replied, "Sorry James I never had the flair for ending a story quite like you".



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