Society Excepting Xena Fan Fiction such as 'Raven' except the author hasn't updated in nearly 2 months there for we must hunt her down and kill her.


The following was a Message sent to Carrie Vollmer in hopes to rectify a problem.


Ms. Vollmer

As president of S.E.X (Society Excepting Xena fan fiction such as 'Raven' which is not regularly updated so we must hunt down the other and kill her) I am hear to inform you that you have two days to comply to our demands. Our demands are as follows:

   1 Update your story immediately.

    2 Regularly update the story more frequently or post explanations on why you are falling behind.

    3 We want a formal apology for making us wait nearly 2 months for an update.

 If these demands are not met we will be forced to take swift action which could be fatal if not crippling. So I suggest complying to our demands a within the outlined time frame.


Stephen J Russo


Karen Guaspari

 Vice President


If you are interested in joining the movement please contact me .  Thank you for caring.




































This is not a threat of any kind.  Carrie is a friend and it is meant as a joke.  So if anyone reads this and does not find the humor in it I am sorry.  Then again get a life and lighten up.