The late night sounds of the television can be heard in the living room.  Erica is half asleep on the couch as the VCR finishes rewinding a tape of Xena episodes.  Jenna, Christy and Vic had long ago gone to sleep.  Several moans escape Erica's lips.  They started as short quiet moans and gradually became longer and louder.  Her hands start to move across her body.  Moving underneath her cut off Gabrielle t-shirt and down her Knicks boxers.  Erica's legs moved up and down against the couch as she arches her back.  Her hands move from her body down on to the couch cushions as they lock on in a whit knuckle grip.  Her breathing becomes heavier and moans are now mingled with grunting noises.  Erica's head is thrashing from side to side.   Heavy footsteps could be heard coming from the stairs in the hall.  Most likely they are Vic's but Erica's body seems to have a mind of it's own as she continues to moan and thrash about the couch in a sexual frenzy. 

  Vic heard the noise and guessed Erica was watching the Playboy channel.   It wouldn't be the first time he had come downstairs and she was watching the Playboy Channel.   So Vic kept heading down the stairs.  Vic had one hand adjusting his boxers that seemed to creep up in his crotch and with the other hand he was rubbing his eyes as he kept walking towards the kitchen.  As he was passing through the living room Erica seemed to be in the midst of a very intense orgasm.  She did nothing to conceal what was happening or even acknowledged Vic's Presence.  Vic's hand dropped from his crotch and his other hand slid down his face to cover his mouth.  He stared at Erica in shock and confused excitement.  Her back was slightly arched and one leg was over the back of the couch and the other was hanging on the floor.  She still seemed unfazed by Vic's presence.  'Whoa that aint the Playboy channel but I have seen stuff just like it on there' Vic thought to himself as he tilted his head to one side.

"Uh isn't your room good enough for that?" Vic managed in a slightly embarrassed tone as Erica was calming down and her breathing was getting quieter.  There was no response from Erica as she suddenly started breathing heavier again and she started to quiver.  Both of her hands were still gripping the couch and she was moaning louder again.

Vic's eyes popped wide open as Erica was withering about on the couch.  Vic was now caught in the middle of a major dilemma that all guys wish they were in.  Does he stand and watch like one side of him wants to or does he go and get Jenna and Christy because he knows something is really wrong here.  Vic stands there for a second struggling with the choices, and then he makes his decision and starts to walk out of the living room and he heads upstairs to get Jenna.  "I know I am doing the right thing, I know I am doing the right thing," Vic keeps muttering to himself.

Vic stuck his head in Jenna's room and in an easy voice trying not to alarm Jenna he says, "Jenna, Jenna, I need you to get up I think Erica has a problem and you want to got to the living room and check it out".

"What, its three in the morning can't she have a problem later," Jenna replied in a half asleep grumpy tone as she looked at the digital clock near the bed.

"I know but you might want to check this out," Vic said in a pleading tone.

"Okay, I'll be right there," Jenna, said in a disturbed voice.  Vic closed the door and headed downstairs to Christy's room

Vic stuck his head into Christy's room and repeated his smooth voice, "Christy, Christy, I think Erica is having a problem and we need your help".

"Go get Jenna I want to sleep", Christy grunted out as she turned in her bed.

"I already got her up but we need you help out too," Vic said as he remained in a calm voice.

"Okay I'll be right there.  This better be good," Christy replied in a grumpy sleepy tone. 

Vic closed the door and moved to the stairs and waited for Jenna and Christy.  He could still hear Erica going through what sounded like another rock your world orgasm.  Suddenly Vic felt very uncomfortable and cracked his neck by rolling to the left then to the right.  Then finally both Jenna and Christy made their way to Vic.  Both of them looked half asleep and Vic ushered them towards the living room.

As they all reached the living room Erica was still going at it.  There seemed to be no stopping her.  If Jenna and Christy were not awake yet they sure were awake now.  The site of Erica withering about on the couch with her head thrashing to and fro had all three of them just staring in shock.  Vic broke the uncomfortable silence between them when he said, "I haven't seen anything like this since I was in Curacao at the live sex show".   Both girls gave Vic a dirty look.  Vic shrugged his shoulders and had an apologetic look on his face.

"There is something definitely not right here," Jenna said as she moved closer to Erica.

"Yeah she is not touching herself in anyway that should cause her to react like that and she doesn't seemed to realize we are even here," added Christy as she watched Erica.  Erica seemed to be having another orgasm as her backed arched and she bit her lower lip.

Jenna knelt down and grabbed Erica's shoulders.  Erica's eyes opened and they seemed to be glazed as she pleaded, "Help me" in a broken voice.  Jenna wrapped her arms around Erica whose body was quaking then suddenly she went totally limp.  Jenna held on to her and Erica started to curl up and cry.

"It's okay now honey we are here for you.  Everything is going to be okay," Jenna whispered into Erica's ear.  Vic went to the kitchen and got a glass of water for Erica while Christy sat down near Erica and Jenna.  Vic handed the water to Christy and she got Erica to take a sip.

"What was happening to you?" Christy asked.  Vic bit his lower lip so he did not say something stupid.  Even though he had several one liners pop into his head.

"I don't know exactly, but it felt like some one was in control of my body.  It was almost like some was forcing them self on me.  Yet there was no one here," Erica said as she held the water in both hands and trembled.  Jenna still had one arm around her to help steady her.

After about forty-five minutes Erica fell asleep in Jenna's arms on the couch.  Christy was next to fall asleep leaning on Erica.  Vic was sitting on the floor at their feet fell asleep shortly after Erica and Christy.  Jenna was the last one up and just before she dozed off she whispered, "It will all be okay now we are all here for you".

The morning came and Vic picked himself off the floor.  He stretched and cracked his back trying to work out the stiffness he felt.  He looked at the couch and all three of his friends were all tangled up like a human pretzel.  Vic turned his head on the side just to see where one body ended and another started.

"I need to get out of here this is way too much for a morning visual," Vic muttered to himself.  Vic walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge and pulled out the milk.  He went to a cabinet and grabbed his favorite Rangers glass and poured himself some.  Vic gulped the milk down quickly and then poured himself another glass.  Vic put the milk back in the fridge and drank his second glass.

Vic walked out of the kitchen and around to the stairs.  He went upstairs into his room and put the glass of milk down on a magazine that he had been reading.  Vic turned on the radio and Stern's voice filled the room from the speakers that surrounded the room.  Vic looked over at the VCR and saw that it was nearly eight in the morning.  "Got to shower got some client stopping by at nine to get me to design some logo for their web page.  I can't even remember what the fuck it is," Vic muttered to himself as he moved into his bathroom to shower.

After about twenty minutes Vic came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and moved over to his dresser to pick out something he was going to wear today.  As he was picking out his clothes there was a knock at his door.  Vic absently said, "Come in".  The door opened and Christy moved into the room and saw Vic across the room pulling out clothes and trying to match a pair of socks.

"Nice towel.  It is very becoming of you," Christy sarcastically spoke as she stood waiting for Vic to turn around.

"It is from the Martha Stewart collection and blue is a very soothing color for me.  I think it accentuates the blue in my tattoo," Vic shot back in a pleasant tone.  He did not even turn around he bent over and put on a pair of boxers under the towel and for the only second time in his life he was able to complete the task with out the towel dropping off his waist.  Christy looked on as Vic put on his boxers in wonder and just shook her head.

"What time did you get up?" Christy asked.

"About thirty, forty minutes ago I guess," Vic replied.

"You should have waked us up we were all tangled on the couch.  My back is stiff and I got a cramp in my leg now".

"I was going to but you all looked so comfortable there I couldn't think about disturbing you, until I took several pictures first," Vic smiled as he removed the towel to reveal his Rangers boxers. He put on a pair of jeans and sat down to put on some socks.

"Well I am going back downstairs to my room and shower.  Jenna put Erica back to sleep and I think she is going to get some more sleep herself".

"Thatís cool I got a client coming in at nine.  I'll take him into the office directly.  He shouldn't be here to long".

"Okay no prob I am going to shower," Christy said as she closed the door behind her and headed for the stairs.

Vic finished dressing and was listening to Stern rant about some woman claiming to be able to contact the dead.  Vic laughed to himself and checked the time and saw it was nearly twenty to nine.  He picked up his milk and chugged the remains of it.  He then turned off the radio and headed out of his room and went downstairs.

As Vic got downstairs he went to the kitchen and put the glass in the sink.  He then proceeded down the hall to his office.  Vic had two complete systems designed specifically for graphic design software.  Also there are several printers lining the outer walls.  In the center a large desk was placed.  Papers seemed to clutter the desk.  A phone sat in the on the desk blinking telling Vic he had messages waiting fro him already.

Vic sat down and opened the curtains so he could look out at the driveway to see when some one pulled up.  Vic turned on the monitors to the computers.  The SETI screensaver was running on both monitors.  Vic sat down and played back his messages.  All the messages were hang-ups.  Vic then searched his desk for his notes on the meeting with his new client.  Vic found the paper and read his brief note. 'Client wants logo for website. No idea what he wants or the websites name.'  Vic put the paper down and recalled the call. 

It was an odd call and the guy had a reedy voice that could get real annoying Vic thought.  Then Vic recalled the guy was asking questions about what other work Vic had done.  Vic sat for a few minutes and finally the guys name came to him, Ted O'Neil.  Vic looked out the window and saw an old Dodge Dart pull up to the front of the house.  Vic watched a thin man with glasses carrying some paperwork in hand get out of the car.  He proceeded to drop all his papers on the ground and then the door slammed him in the head.  Vic could not help but laugh as the man scramble about collecting his papers and rubbing his head.

Vic made his way from his office to the front door and waited for whom he assumed was Ted to get there.  Vic opened the door and Ted was about to ring the bell and was started by then door opening.  "Morning, Mr. Ted O'Neil I presume," Vic said as he held out his hand.

"Yes, that is me and you must be Vic Carmece," replied Ted in the reedy voice that was some how familiar, as he shook Vic's hand.

"You are correct."  Vic led Ted into the house and down to his office.  In the office Vic motioned for Ted to sit down.  Ted bumped into the chair and almost pushed it back far enough that he nearly missed it when he sat down.  Vic stifled a laugh as he asked Ted about what he wanted from him.

"Well Mr. O'Neil what exactly can I do for you?"

"Wow this is a great office you have it is quite fitting for someone of your talents.  I have seen your work.  The album covers for Jace is great and I saw several presentations you put together for the Department of Transportation," Ted said as he looked about the room marveling at the equipment.

Vic looked concerned at how Ted had access to so much of his work.  "Well I am glad youíre a fan of my work but what can I do for you?"

"Well I need a logo for my website.  The site deals in paranormal investigation.  I want something cutting edge and visually stimulating on multiple levels," Ted replied as he looked at Vic.

"That I can do.  I can have some preliminary ideas for you in a week and that will be seventy five dollars and depending on the idea you choose the price will be set accordingly," Vic said

"That seems fine.  We have a deal then."

"I guess we have a deal."  Vic stuck out his hand to shake and Ted accepted the hand and they smiled.  "Just one question how did you see all of my work.  Last that I knew the Transportation Department did not let its plans out to the public?"

"Well I have some friends that have ways of getting info on people," Ted said casually as if it was common to get information from government computers.  "Also I happened to have seen an FBI file on you.  They are quite interested in you.  It has something to due with you walking into a gunfight.  Some agents said there was a glow about you almost like you were possessed," Ted smiled as he looked around as if something had caught his attention.  Then a beeping noise went off in his pocket.  Ted fumbled with his pocket and almost dropped a small device that was beeping.

Vic was shocked at what he just heard and amazed at the beeping device that Ted held up and waved about the room as if he was trying to pinpoint something.  Then suddenly the beeping stopped.  "What the heck is that thing?" Vic asked.

"Well you seen Ghostbusters right?"

"Yeah I Have".

"Well this thing detects spectral energy and I was getting some hot readings here for a minute.  I think you got some paranormal activity here and it seems that maybe those agents might have been correct," Ted said as he fumbled to put the device away.

"Well to let you in on the incident you have just mentioned, I was not possessed.  I reached a breaking point and snapped.  My best friend died that week.  I was involved in an armed robbery and was shot.  The accident just before the gunfight and the sight of the decapitated driver just caused me to snap.  I was not thinking rationally.  I could have been killed a lot of people could have been killed.  It was just plain luck."  Vic tried to explain but Ted wasn't buying any of it.  Vic realized this and just stopped talking.

"May I suggest you call some people I know?  I can sense some troubles here and they might be able to offer some assistance."  Ted handed Vic a business card.  Vic read the card and it was an FBI agent's card.  It had the FBI logo as well as Special Agent Lucy Ryan's numbers she could be reached at. Vic put the card on his desk and stood up to walk Ted out.

"Don't loose that card I feel you will need that card.  Agent Ryan and her partner Muir can help you and I think you might need some help," Ted said as he let Vic lead him out to the front door.

"Don't worry I won't," Vic said as he opened the door.  "I'll call you in a few days to set up another appointment to show you my ideas for the logo."

"Okay that sounds great.  I am telling you that number will come in handy I am usually not wrong about these things," Ted said as he walked out the door.

Several steps from his car Ted slipped and fell on his ass and all his papers went flying.  Vic was wondering why he was carrying the papers he never showed them to him.  Whatever the reason it looked funny when he fell.  Then he bumped his head on the car door again.  Vic cringed but laughed as he closed the door.

Vic headed to his office and passed Christy in the hall as she came out of her room.  She was dressed and ready for the day.  "Did you see that guy?" Vic asked.

"Yeah and I never seen anyone that clumsy before," Christy replied as she smirked.  "Well I am heading to the studio to practice".

"Okay, I am going to try to come up with something for that guy.  So I'll see you when you finish, unless I get tired and come down to listen to you play".

"Okay, Vic have fun designing the logo then".  Christy walked to the basement, which was fully finished and was acting as the in house studio.  Vic headed to his office.  Down in the basement Christy went to her favorite guitar, a Gibson Les Paul solid black with a white scratch plate.  She put the strap over her head and let the guitar rest at her hip as she looked at the keyboards sitting there.  The images of Ginger playing came flooding back.

Christy stood still letting the images sweep over as tears started to run down her cheeks.  She remembered all the gigs seeing Ginger across the stage playing.  All the times moving the equipment and setting up.  Christy was seeing the times they all spent in the store late nights setting up new merchandise and eating pizza and laughing.  Laughing was a big part of doing anything with Ginger and Christy knew it would be hard to move on as a band and as a team.

  After a few minutes Christy wiped the tears away and move over to her practice amp and plugged in.  It has been awhile since she picked up a guitar so she gently just worked on her finger movements over the frets to loosen up.  Then she just went into changing chords at random just to get loose  and see how bad the guitar was out of tune.  She had developed a good ear for tuning her guitar and was able to get it adjusted in a few minutes.

Christy went into a blues sound just playing what she felt to work out her feelings and hopefully get into playing some of the stuff they had been practicing.  Christy's guitar seemed to weep as she played.  After playing the really sad sounding blues melody Christy snapped into some Joan Jett and went into some Van Halen.  She followed with playing some original stuff that they had been working on.

Up on the second floor Jenna was sitting on the bed as she talked to Erica who was curled up in the fetal position slightly rocking.  "I can't believe what happened.  I was so scared but couldn't stop.  I had no control.  It was as if somebody had taken over my body and was forcing themselves on me," Erica tried to explain.

"We have all been through a lot recently and maybe this is your bodies way of releasing the pent up emotion.  Normally you write but you haven't done that since before everything has happened.  None of us has even tried to play anything.  We just set up in the basement and its all collecting dust," Jenna said as she brushed hair off of Erica's face.  Then she could hear the faint sound of a guitar playing.  Both Girls smiled.  They new Christy had picked up her guitar and was taking the first step of moving on.

"I know I haven't tried writing anything but it has been hard.  It doesn't feel right anymore," Erica said in a low voice.

"Well with that show you put on I think a part of you is telling you to get into the game of life.  We have been moping around letting Vic make plans and do stuff for us.  It is time for us to get back in the game," Jenna gave Erica a light kiss on her forehead and stood up.  "I am taking a shower and I am going down to play with Christy," Jenna said in a determined voice hoping Erica would follow her lead.

Two hours had gone by and Jenna came down stairs and watched Christy play for a song then climbed behind her drum kit and they both were playing.  Erica soon came down and was all smiles and giggled as she started singing as her friends played.  Erica moved behind the keyboards.  She tentively powered them up and looked at her friends.  They smiled and Erica smiled.  "This ones for Ginger," Erica said as she started the playing the beginning to 'Dancing In The Moonlight', which was Gingers favorite song to play cause most of the time they played it to give Vic a hard time.

Vic came down in the basement with several papers and heard the song and shook his head.  He walked down to the couch that was pushed back against on of the walls.  The song always made Vic laugh cause he always thought of the episode of Xena that it came from.  Vic watched his friends play and they were having fun.  Then suddenly something seemed to enter the room.  Vic looked about as the girls finished and he dismissed it as his imagination.

Vic stood up and applauded and walked over to his friends who stopped playing.  "Hey I finished some rough ideas for my new clients logo," Vic said as he came nearer.  "I also think you all sound pretty good considering you are playing in a basement not designed for sound".

"You're right about the sound it is pretty bad down her but it is a good place to practice.  Well anyway let me see what you got," Christy said as she moved to Vic's right side and looked at the papers.  Vic fanned out the papers as Jenna and Erica moved to Vic's left.  After a few seconds of looking at the pictures Christy commented, "They are unusual.  Very dark and creepy".

"Yeah well this guy was unusual and his site maybe rather odd," Vic replied.  "These are only my first drafts.  I was hoping for a little feed back so I could get a little more direction on which way to go," Vic said as he gathered the papers together.

"Well the second one was the best but you might want to brighten it up a bit.  Maybe if you combined some elements of the first and third it might look good," Jenna said.

"Vic looked at Jenna, oh I think I know what you mean.  I will try that when I go back to work on it," Vic said.  Well I don't want to stop you guys from playing so go ahead and continue unless you guys are done".

"No I think we might have another song left in us," Erica said as her gaze went from Vic to the far corner of the basement.  "I have been meaning to ask you, what are you hiding in the corner under that canvas covering?" Eric asked as she looked back at Vic for his answer.

"Yeah, what have you got there?" chimed in Jenna.

"What are you hiding over there?" Christy demanded.

"Well since you must know I was planning on unveiling when I was ready but for the last several years I have been teaching myself how to play," Vic walked over to the canvas covering and unveiled a new metallic blue Gibson bass with a mid size Marshal practice amp.  "The guitar was my first love as a kid but I have short stubby fingers.  It makes it tuff to play the type of music I like.  So I checked out the bass and it was perfect for my fingers and allowed me another avenue to vent".  His friends came over to check out the bass.

"The bass doesn't look that played," Erica commented.

"Well this isn't the first bass, actually it is my third," Vic responded.  "I haven't played it since just before everyone moved in."  Vic took the bass from Erica and he put the strap over his head.  Then he plugged it in and powered up the amp.  "When I was in need of a laugh I would come done here and play my favorite bass song," Vic started playing and he had a big smile on his face waiting for some one to recognize the song.

"I can't believe you play that song," Erica said as she laughed.

"What song is it?" asked Christy.

"It is from Spinal Tap and it is called 'Big Bottom' and it a song exclusively written for the bass.  Vic kept playing and laughing.

"Yep that is it and it always makes me laugh," Vic laughed then he stopped playing.

"Well what do you know?" asked Jenna

"Well I got all your original stuff down as well as all of Joan's stuff.  Then some Zeppelin, Halen, and a few Ozzy tunes," Vic answered Jenna.

"Okay how about we try 'I Wanna Be your Dog'.  Think you can handle that?" Erica joked as she moved over and picked up a mic and went over to the board and turned it on and made the mic hot.  She nodded to Christy who started the song.

Vic moved his right hand down to start playing when he was tossed back across the room.  The bass shattered and the amp exploded.  Erica passed out and dropped to the floor.  Christy and Jenna did not know which way to go.  Finally Jenna went to Erica and Christy checked over to Vic.

Vic started to move and he slowly tried to stand up.  The remains of the bass fell from his neck.  The body was destroyed and the strings were broke.  Vic was rubbing his midsection and let out a few groans.

"You okay Vic?" asked Christy as she got near.

"Yeah, I think so.  I felt like a linebacker hit me.  Something is definitely something wrong here there is no reason for what just happened and what happened last night," Vic said as he walked with Christy towards Erica.  Vic kept rubbing his midsection.

"Erica are you okay?  Talk to me Erica," Jenna was saying as she was cradling her head and trying to get a response from her.  Slowly Erica's eyes opened as Vic and Christy stood over Jenna.  Erica tried to focus her eyes and make sense of what just happened.

"What happened?" Erica asked weakly.

"Well Vic got tossed across the room and his bass shattered and amp exploded.  Then you collapsed," Jenna said as she helped Erica sit up.  "Are you okay what happened to you?"

"Well it felt like all my energy was being taken from me and then I collapsed.  I still feel tired," Erica told everyone in a low tone.

Vic looked at Christy and said, "That energy was probably what hit me and destroyed my amp.  I know it sounds crazy but that guy who was here today has got me thinking in a new way.  Especially after seeing his website".

"It can't be that it got to be some odd coincidence.  I am not buying that Erica was able to send her energy across the room and send you flying and then destroy your amp.  This is not the X-files.  We are living in the real world not TV," Christy told Vic as she looked at him. 

"Well do you have a better explanation then?" Vic retorted.

"No I don't but there has to be a logical explanation for all this," Christy explained.

"You might be right," Vic begrudgingly agreed.

Christy, Jenna and Erica headed upstairs.  Vic stayed and cleaned up his bass and the mess the amp made.  Upstairs Erica was sitting on the couch looking a little worn but okay.  Jenna was sitting on the couch with her and she turned on the TV.  Christy went into the kitchen and got some drinks.  She returned with three drinks and they all sat around watching TV waiting for Erica and to snap out of it and Vic to finish up cleaning down stairs.

 The day went by with out any further incident.  Erica seemed to settle down and everyone else was calm but waiting for the next unusual thing to happen.  That night they all went to dinner at small Italian restaurant on Sunrise highway.  They all came back watched some TV then headed to bed to call it a night.

The next morning came and Vic was the first one to come downstairs.  Vic looked about the living room as if he was trying to find something.  "Man that is weird I thought there was something there," Vic muttered to himself.  Vic shook his head and moved into the kitchen looking back over his shoulder not convinced that there wasn't something there.

Vic moved to the fridge and pulled out the milk and moved to the cabinet to get a glass.  Vic poured himself a tall glass of milk and proceeded to gulp it down.  Vic poured another glass and put the milk back in the fridge.  Vic then grabbed a banana and began to peel it.  So Vic had the peeled banana in one hand and the glass of milk in the other. Vic was alternately taking a drink of the milk then taking a bite of the banana.  He did this till he was done with the banana.  Then he chugged the rest of the milk.  Then as he finished the milk he thought he saw something again move across the ceiling.  Vic looked but saw nothing.

Christy came into the kitchen and grabbed a Dr Pepper from the fridge.  She took a napkin and cleaned the top then popped the top and took a sip.  Christy looked about as if she saw something.  She shook her head and took another sip.  "Did you see anything just a second ago?" asked Christy.

"No I did not see anything but I have had the feeling that I have but I have seen nothing," Vic replied.

"Oh okay, well at least I know I am not going crazy," Christy laughed as she took another sip of her soda.

Jenna walked into the kitchen just as the coffee machine started making a fresh pot of coffee.  Vic put his glass in the sink and got out of the way and headed out of the kitchen but said, "Morning Jenna".

"Yeah morning," Jenna mumbled.  Vic exited and was laughing to himself.

"Your up early this morning," Christy commented.

"Yeah well Erica did not sleep well at all last night and kept bugging me," Jenna responded in a very grumpy tone.

"Is she finally sleeping now?" asked Christy.

"Yeah I think so.  I just had enough so I need some coffee," Jenna said as she became more civil as the coffee was almost finished brewing.  Jenna watched intently and got her favorite Penguin mug and put some sugar in the mug and got the milk out.  The coffee finished brewing and she pour her some coffee and added milk.  Christy sat at the table and watched her go through a morning ritual.

"Well I was thinking since we got that huge settlement from the insurance companies and we sold the land that our house sat on for an ungodly amount.  We should do something with it," Christy was saying as Jenna finished getting her coffee together and sitting down across from Christy.

"What do you have in mind?" Jenna asked as she took a sip of her coffee.

"Well Vic has the large backyard that isn't being used really.  I was thinking we could have a studio built in the back.  Just a place where we can practice and record, yesterday was so much fun and I think we all had fun.  That is till Vic was tossed across the room and his bass was shattered," Christy told Jenna.

"Sounds like a good idea.  It was fun playing again.  I did miss it and it just felt right," Jenna replied as she took another sip.  "Well we need to talk with Erica but I am sure she will agree and Vic won't say no.  He is too easy to get to do anything," Jenna said as she chuckled into her mug.

"Yeah your right he is a softy," Christy smiled and finished her soda.

Christy and Jenna got Erica to agree with their plan and Vic collapsed easily.  So for the next several days Vic spent working on his project for Ted O'Neil and the girls were getting permits and designs to get the work done.  When the girls got everything set and found a builder to get what they wanted done set, Vic had three designs to show Ted O'Neil the next day.

The evening came and Vic had two pizzas delivered to the house to celebrate.  Vic was going to meet with his client and the builders were going to start tomorrow.  "Well tomorrow is a big day for all of us.  I am going to meet again with my first client.  Also we break ground on the new studio," Vic said as he passed a slice of pizza to everyone and held one up as a toast.

"Here, here," the girls replied as they took a bite of their slice.

They finished a pie and a half and they all sat in the living room watching TV feeling full and starting to feel tired.  Jenna and Christy both started looking around as they saw something.  They both stopped and had confused looks on their faces.  Erica and Vic were engrossed in the movie that they did not notice what Jenna and Christy were doing.

Christy stood up and said, "Well I am going to bed and read for awhile".  Christy hugged Jenna and then moved over to Erica and she went to wrap her arms around her When Erica's head turned towards Christy in a quick jerky motion. Then Christy went flying across the room.  Christy luckily landed on a small couch.  Jenna looked at Erica in amazement.  Vic looked over at Christy as she was trying to make sense of what just happened.

"Holy Shit!  That was insane something freaky just happened," Christy exclaimed.

"Oh it happens to you and it is freaky, it happens to me and it is a coincidence," Vic said in a sarcastic voice.

Erica slumped back where she sat on the couch.  Jenna turned towards Christy and Vic.  "Her eye's changed colors just as you went across the room Christy," Jenna said.  Jenna went to touch Erica and she felt like someone smacked her across the face.  Erica's eyes were closed so she could not see if they changed again.  Suddenly cds went flying across the room at Vic and Jenna. Then as suddenly as it started the cds stopped flying at them.

"Holy shit!  What the hell is happening here?" screamed Vic as he looked around.

"I don't know but I am convinced something is wrong," Christy said as she moved towards Erica who looked like she was out on the couch.

Vic started looking about the room as if he saw something moving across the ceiling.  "I keep seeing something moving around towards the ceiling.  It is getting real annoying and frustrating," Vic said as he moved to Erica.  "Christy how is your mid section.  Did it feel like some one drilled you with a big hit?"

"It felt like I was speared by a cornerback.  Luckily I was loose enough and did not tighten up otherwise I would have really been hurt.  It is just a little hard to breath right now but I will be okay," Christy told Vic as she had one hand rubbing her midsection.

Jenna was able to finally touch Erica with out being hit across the face and tried to get Erica to come around.  Erica opened her eyes and they looked glazed like she had been drinking.  Then she made several attempts to speak.  Finally she was able to find the strength to speak, "Something took control and used me to toss Christy".  Erica seemed to get a little more strength and continued, "Then it caused the cds to fly and whatever it was it hit Jenna.  The weird thing is it seems to know me".

"Well if it knows you it doesn't like us it seems," Christy added.

"Jenna your face is red from what I assume is the smack to your face," Vic said as he looked at her face.

"Yeah it almost looks like a hand mark," Christy added.

"It did feel like a slap but it did not feel like a hand.  At least any hand I ever felt before," Jenna said in a low tone as her brow crunched as she rubbed her cheek. 

"Well tomorrow I am going to call that special agent Ryan and see if she could help us some how.  My client seemed pretty sure she could help some how," Vic said as he stood up and looked about the room. He was looking for any glimpse of what he thought he had been seeing.  He gave up after a few minutes and started picking up the cds that had been tossed across the room.

The morning light crept into Vic's room.  He had been lying in bed for about an hour.  Vic climbed out of his bed and walked to the bathroom.  Vic washed his face and looked in the mirror and for a second he thought he saw a face behind him.  He quickly turned but there was nothing there.  He shook his head and dried off his hands and face.  Vic put on a pair of shorts and headed downstairs.

Vic walked into the kitchen and Christy was already there drinking a Dr Pepper.  "What are you doing up?" Vic asked as he opened the fridge and grabbed the orange juice.

"I couldn't sleep.  I think I was out for maybe two hours other than that I was tossing and turning," Christy responded looking tired as she took a sip from her soda.

"I was able to get some sleep but I have been up for the last hour or so.  It looks like it is going to be some endless nights with little or no sleep," commented Vic as he poured himself a glass of OJ and sat down across from Christy.

"Unfortunately I think you may be right," sighed Christy as she finished her soda and looked at Vic hoping he had some answer.  Vic looked back at her and could tell she was concerned and tried to offer some comfort with a smirk.  "Nothing bothers you does it Vic?" Christy asked as she tried to read his facial expressions.

"Actually this scares the piss out off me.  I don't have a clue what to do.  First I find Erica on the couch having multiple orgasms for no apparent reason.  Then I get flung across the room by some invisible force.  Then you get tossed across the room.  CD's get tossed at me.  Yeah it bothers me but I got to keep moving on.  I guess I hide it well.  It is more of an unconscious thing more than me trying to be strong for everyone here," Vic explained to Christy.

Christy smiled and shook her head, "You hide it well.  I would have guessed you did not have time to even be bothered with everything that was going on with the way you look".  Vic smiled and laughed.

Vic finished his juice and stood up.  "Well I am going to shower cause the builders should be here shortly," Vic said.  Vic put the glass in the sink and put the juice away.  He left the kitchen and headed upstairs.  Vic passed Jenna on the stairs and she looked very tired and Vic could tell she did not sleep well at all so he just left her alone.  He got to the top of the stairs and went into his room and closed the door.

Vic turned the water off in the shower and shook off some of the water and reached out beyond the shower curtain to grab his towel.  Vic quickly dried off a bit and opened the shower curtain.  Before it could register in his head Eric jumped at him using one of his ties to choke out his life.  Vic dropped his towel and staggered out of the bathroom with Erica on his back trying to tighten the tie around his neck.

Vic managed to work a few fingers under the tie but he knew there was only one chance to escape with his life. His lungs were starting to burn and his face was turning red.  Vic released his hand from underneath the tie and grabbed Erica's legs.  He then he slammed her into the wall with all the strength he had left.  It was enough to loosen the tie enough for Vic to get some air but Erica tightened the tie around his neck once again.  Vic staggered forward and then immediately rammed Erica against the wall again.  Vic was able to get another breath and Erica took a little longer before she was able to tighten the tie again.  Vic moved forward and slammed Erica against the wall again.  This time Vic felt the tie fall from his neck and he slid down the wall keeping Erica behind him and kept her pinned.

Vic's door flew open and Christy and Jenna saw Vic sitting naked on the floor with Erica pinned behind him.  Vic looked up and saw the girls looking at him with a shocked look on their faces.  "We are into some kinky sex okay," Vic said trying to remain calm and he stood up.  Erica slumped forward and blood was flowing from her nose.  Vic looked at her and said, "She attacked me with my tie and tried to strangle me".

Jenna knelt down by Erica and looked at her eyes and she was out.  "Looks like you knocked her out," Jenna said.  "It doesn't look like her nose is broke just bleeding," Jenna said as she felt Erica's nose then checked her head for any bumps.  Vic quickly grabbed some shorts and a shirt.  Christy knelt next to Erica and picked up the tie.  She looked over at Vic whose neck was still red from being strangled.

"I guess I caused her to bang her head on the wall.  All I wanted was to make her let go, I was afraid and I just reacted," Vic offered as an excuse for what happened a few minutes earlier.

"No one is blaming you Vic.  It is obvious that something was going wrong especially when you look at your neck," Jenna told him trying to ease him.

"I know but I am so much bigger that it could have been so much worse".

"Yeah it could have been worse for you too".

"Okay," Vic shook his head.

Erica started to move and come around.  Everyone just looked on not knowing what to expect.  Erica's eyes opened slowly and she spoke softly, "Where am I?"

Everyone looked at each other and Jenna spoke, "Your in Vic's room".

"What am I doing here? How did I get here?" Erica said in a groggy voice.

A slight pause as Jenna looked at Erica to see if there were any signs of Erica lying.  Jenna then started to tell Erica what had happened.  Erica was dazed as she held her head.  She could not believe any of what had happened.  It sounded crazy but she was sitting on the floor in Vic's room her hands did hurt like she was pulling on something very hard.  Also her head was pounding and there was the blood trickling out of her nose.

"What do we do now?" asked Vic as he ran a hand trough his hair and letting out a long breath.

"I guess we have to watch Erica and hopefully that agents number you got can help," Christy said in a voice that sounded tired and frustrated and concerned all at the same time.

"Yeah I am going to call now and leave a message hopefully we will hear from her quickly," Vic said as he moved out of the room.  Jenna and Christy got Erica up and moved her downstairs to the living room.  Erica was moving okay but Christy and Jenna were apprehensive as she walked down the stairs and sat down on the couch.

Vic picked up the card and looked at the name and the phone number.  Lucy Ryan, Vic read over and over as he dialed the number.  The phone rang four times and then he was switched over to voice mail.  The message by Special agent Ryan was simple and to the point but Vic could here the seriousness in her voice as well as the slight edge that was intriguing.  The beep sounded and Vic began to leave his message, "Hello my name is Vic Carmece, you don't know me but I was given your name and number to contact you about a problem I have.  Ted O'Neil said you could be able to help. Once again my name is Vic Carmece and I hope you can call back as soon as possible it is important," Vic ended the message with his number and hung up the phone.  Vic let out a deep breath and looked out his window.  It is going to be a long day.

As Vic looked out his window what seemed like an invasion force of trucks and some heavy machinery pulled up to the front of the house.  Vic realized it was the builders and headed to the front door to talk to the builder who they had decided on.  Vic spent several minutes talking to the builder as the moved everything into the back yard and got set up.  By the time Vic was finished talking with the builder all the equipment was in place and multiple signs were posted out front as well as notices and permits.  Vic shook his head in amazement and walked back into the house.

"They move pretty fast don't they," Jenna said as she was looking out one of the windows.

"Yeah it is real shocking to see builders work so fast it is scary," Vic replied as he kept walking to the kitchen.   In the kitchen he opened the fridge and pulled out the lone bottle of Manhattan Special and twisted of the cap.  Vic then proceeded to chug the coffee soda.  Thatís when he realized he had gone outside with no shoes on and his feet were really cold.  He brought the near empty bottle down from his mouth and headed out of the kitchen and back up to his room.

In his room he wiped off his feet put on some socks and went and changed into some clothes for the day instead of shorts.  His client Ted O'Neil was due shortly.  Vic picked out some casual business attire and made sure he was wearing shoes this time.

In the living room Erica was sitting on the couch watching ESPN for last nights hockey scores as Jenna went and made some more coffee.  Christy was watching the construction guys move about like ants doing tasks almost mindlessly.  Then another car pulled up and Christy recognized the driver as Vic's client who was incredibly clumsy.

Vic came lumbering down the stairs and Christy called out to him, "Hey Vic your client is here and he is getting out of his car.  He dropped his bag he was carrying. Oooohh, he smacked his head on the car door".

"Okay when he makes it to the door send him into the office please.  Oh and thanks for the play by play," Vic replied as he headed into his office and got all the paper work together.

Christy was still watching and could not believe that this guy hasn't killed himself yet.  He did make it to the house with out dropping anything, banging his head or falling over anything.  As he rang the bell Christy had moved over to answer the door.  As she opened the door she saw Vic's client bumbling with a small gadget that seemed to be flashing like crazy and humming.  It seemed to have a life of its own as it popped out of his grasp and he could not get a hold of it.  It almost looked like a crazy juggling act.  Christy followed the item and grabbed the device with one hand.  She looked at the device as she handed it to him and as she did it stopped buzzing and flashing.

"Thanks for the assist.  I almost had it," Ted said in a slightly embarrassed tone.  "My name is Ted O'Neil and I am here to see Mr. Carmece," he added.  Ted looked at the device curiously and then put it away.

"Yes, Vic is expecting you so if you follow me I will take you to his office," Christy said with a smile.

Ted stepped into the house and nearly tripped as he looked into the living room.  Erica was sitting on the couch still watching TV.  Jenna walked into the living room with a cup of coffee.  Ted's eyes were darting between all the girls as he followed Christy.  Jenna saw him looking her way and she smiled and Ted walked into the corner of the wall at the hall entrance.  Ted gave a weak smile and a slight wave as Jenna tried not to laugh.

Ted made it to Vic's office and walked in.  Vic greeted Ted and asked him to have a seat.  Ted managed to sit down with no problem.  Suddenly the little device went off and buzzed crazily.  Ted pulled it out of his pocket and looked at the small display.  "You have some hot readings here Vic," Ted said as he stood up.  Ted started walking out of the office holding the device in front of him like he was tracking something.  "Vic follow me, I want to see if I can pinpoint the source of the energy source.  Did you call agent Ryan?" Ted kept walking and was heading back into the living room.  The device Ted held was flashing faster the closer they got to the living room.

As they walked in the living room the light stopped flashing and stopped buzzing.  Ted and Vic saw why.   "Well the new dťcor is quite lovely," commented Ted as he saw CDs flying about pelting Christy and Jenna anytime they tried to move near Erica.  Vic looked at Ted and his facial expression was one of hopeless despair with a touch of confusion as he turned to look at Erica.

Erica Noticed Ted and Vic at that moment and she lunged towards them letting out a horrid scream.  Erica caught Ted and Vic by surprise as she knocked Ted down and was choking Vic.  As her hands clenched his neck she began to scream at him, "It is all your fault I am dead!  Now I am going to make you dead too!"  Then suddenly her voiced changed to pleading tone, "Help me Vic I can't control her".

Vic was stunned and was loosing consciousness.  When suddenly Erica eyes rolled back and she dropped helplessly down on Vic who was barely awake.  Vic was able to breath again as he saw Christy and Jenna pull Erica off him.  Ted was starting to get up.  Vic slowly got up and rubbed his neck and mumbled in a low voice, "Choked twice in one day what could go wrong now?" Vic managed in a strained voice.

Ted looked at Vic kind of confused by what he just said and asked, "Second time today you were choked?"

"Yeah she wrapped a necktie around my neck earlier this morning," Vic said as he finally gotten all the way to his feet.  The phone rang in his office and he instinctively moved quickly to answer it.  Ted looked at Erica who had Jenna and Christy holding her on the couch then he looked down the hall at the direction Vic went.  Ted had a confused look and did not seem to know which way to go.

"Vic said you know some one that could help us?" Jenna asked Ted.

Ted looked at Jenna and found himself staring at her and was able to shake himself out of it and answered her question.  "Yeah agent Ryan and her partner have been able to help in case dealing with hauntings," Ted said as he tried not to stare any longer.  Instead he awkwardly smiled and said, "I am going to talk to Vic".  Ted turned and nearly tripped as he walked down the hall towards Vic.

Vic got to the phone and picked it up.  "Hello this is Vic Carmece can I help you?" Vic spoke into the phone trying to sound calm.

"Yes this is special agent Ryan you called earlier and I was a little interested in which friend gave you my number," questioned agent Ryan.

"It was Ted O'Neil.  He came to me to get a logo done for his site and had some device that was beeping and flashing and he said we had some sort of ghost here," Vic explained as he did not really believe what he was saying but he continued.  "Well I did not really believe him but over the last week some strange things started happening.  Then this morning my room mate tried to choke me with my tie and then just moments ago she tried again".  Ted walked into the office and Vic saw him.  "Mr. O'Neil just witnessed the latest attack.  I will put you on with him".   Vic handed the phone to Ted and quietly said, "It's agent Ryan".

Ted took the phone and in a cheerful voice began talking, "Ryan glad you called.  We have got some serious readings here.  I also witnessed psychokinetic activity.  It is truly amazing then the girl tried to kill her roommate.  Screaming something about it was his fault she was dead.  Also if you run Carmece's name through the files you will find some interesting stuff that some of your fellow agents claimed to have seen".  Ted nodded his head and added a few, "ahuh".  Then he said, "You need to grab Muir and get up here as quick as you can".

Ted hung up the phone after saying goodbye and he looked at Vic.  "Well we need to wait and hold down the fort.  You might want to get those workers out of your back yard till we get everything settled".  Vic looked at Ted and nodded.



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