There were high hopes for me early on

hey I was actually cute once

This is a form of child abuse.

My favorite football number

Yes I am sleeping in a box thanks to the Navy

Hey look at my complexion

A bunch of drunks

Susan's 21st birthday

I was a little thirsty

My brother and his wife

Hey I am bleeding cool get me another beer

Waiting for the liberty boat.

Just wasting film

Dig those sideburns

I believe you owe us some money

Shift a little you are crushing my......

I am so cool

Still trying to look cool

Showing off my IQ

It's alittle cold

Once again failing to look cool

Back from a six month cruise

Lost in Haifa

Guess were I am

I am in the picture try and find me

Where am I?

That 'Bath' water is pretty green.

Once again fun with alcohol.

Once again I am showing my lack of class.

Hanging out by my rack during lunch

Watching training films

Dennis getting crazy in Orlando

Relaxing in CIWS control.

Little Italy I love the food

Read the plaque

Jan and Phil

I can't see the games

Anthony and Kristen

Check out the ship in the background

It is actually 15 degrees out


Hey look at me

Cool picture

Another cool picture

I hate pictures

We have not been drinking


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